Should we give our Children National Identity or Religious Identity is Sufficient?

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Dear brothers, aka Assam Aleikum, I'm greatly honored today that I got an opportunity, directly asking you a question. Although Till now I am only watching your DVDs, and I'm a great fan of your topics. My question is directly related to the topic that is educating our children. My question is that in a proper Muslim education system, should any importance be given in teaching our children about the national identity, or emphasis should be only in religious identity? Don't you think that by not teaching our children about their own country's history, how it was formed, and how we got freedom from the colonial powers, they will lack essential knowledge about history of their paternal

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roots. And how I is that is your school, which have students from all parts of the world, you are coping with this side of education? Are you teaching only Islamic history? Or are equipping their minds with ample knowledge about their own respective countries as well? Thank you. The question that in an ideal Islamic school, should we even teach about the country about the national activity or national history about the freedom fight? And how are we coping is, as far as the general answer is concerned, that in an Islamic school, we should even talk about the country, there's no problem at all. We can talk about the laws of the country, we can talk the rules and regulations of the

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country but but we have to realize that number one, our allegiance goes to Allah subhanho wa Taala we should not go against the country unless the law of the country goes against Allah subhanaw taala if the law of the country does not go against Allah subhanaw taala we have to follow each and every law of the country. As far as India is concerned, I am aware that there is not a single rule in the Constitution of India, which forces any Muslim to do any haram activity. Neither does it prohibit you from doing anything which is for, for example, the Indian government doesn't say that drinking alcohol is

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optional. So they don't force you to do anything with the Haram. Neither do they prohibit you to do something, which is for Salah is allowed, in fact, they have a separate Muslim personal law. So, I would say that among the non Muslim countries in the world, I would put India to be among the top one of the best countries that Muslim can live. I may disagree with certain policy. So I say I am a very good Muslim, as well as a very good practicing Indian. But if any law of any country whether it be India, whether it be UK, USA, Singapore, if it contradicts with the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala our allegiance to Allah Samantha's Mo, because he is our Creator, he has given her life our

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country has been beneficial to us may have given us certain things job etc. But nothing compared to our Creator, Allah subhanho wa Taala. So allegiance to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if they don't contradict, we have to follow all the rules and regulations. If certain rules and regulation contradict that particular thing we need not follow. So we have to teach our children to be good citizens also, what's wrong, you should be good Muslim. So you should follow the rules and regulations as long as it doesn't contradict Islam. As far as history is concerned, of course, what we do that we see to it, sometimes some history which is not relevant, we don't teach. So then it

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says liberty, we teach a story which is required. In our school, Islamic international school, we have children who are actually British Nationals, but they have parents, parents also British, maybe the grandparents are Indian, the origin is Indian. So we have to learn from USA, from UK, from Saudi from other parts of the world, but basically all our Indian origin, all of them so you can call them Indians, I can call them many of foreigners. But But, but we have selected the world history. We have option of taking Indian history or world history, the world is TV felt has got more scope for us for doing Dawa. It talks about the lifestyle of masala Salah Mambo Jesus Christ peace be upon him

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about Moses peace be upon so two in one. So we select the world, we have two options, militia and ministry involves the part of India also comes. So what is required we teach and as far as the government is concerned of that country, we should be very bold. What is that we have to agree? We can't say because it's a non Muslim government. I'm against it for what if the policy is against the policy of Allah be against it? If it's for we have to agree. Even if the enemy's no problem. We have to be bold. That's what Allah says in Surah Surah chapter 17 was a demon vocal battle in Karnataka, when to dissolve again fossil fossil perishes for falso is basnett Amanda Parrish, so we should see

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to it that in educating we have to give them in the world as to what's happening in the world, so that when they go out, they should be aware, but something which is

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may not be relevant, like something that taught which we feel will not be useful for them. They will never required in the full life. So that portion we delete. Hope that answers the question. Thank you very much