If You’re NOT Thankful to Your Parents, You’re NOT Thankful to Allah

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AI: Summary © The Bible is a source of information and source of information for those interested in understanding its significance. It discusses various verses and themes related to religion, money, and parenting, including personal behavior, financial aid, and the use of clothing. The speaker also touches on topics like personal behavior, the use of animals as carriers, and managing one's finances. The segment ends with a mention of a person seen as a janitor and a "slap in the face" by the speaker. The transcript also touches on the importance of giving money to those in need and avoiding giving it to anyone who is not helping them.
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I said I'm on a cold I happen to love it a Catherine SR Salem is where you're from, and we'll get started shortly inshallah Tada. It will get started shortly in sha Allah

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and yes, that atoms are where you're from.

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And we'll get started shortly in sha Allah Tala

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and send us if you tune in tell us your riddle soon, so people have a chance to answer

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Nimra arguments RAM I'm doing good. Hello, I'm Callie Ali.

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Because I'm Phrygian India like Muslim Sophia Donald Wallach Muslim

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Zara in Pakistan widecombe Asana, London Tasneem in London while ACHEMA CERAM loading in Bangladesh or like Messina.

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semina in London or likoma CERAM.

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New here

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in Maryland, Arlington Assam new here was Sephardic Muslim was saying in Kashmir erotic myself Sylvia Arctic. Mr.

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Silvia, you're coming to visionair this year.

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Zaha Radhika Messina. Somebody from Brooklyn

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was in Brooklyn. Massoud in Brooklyn Ramadan mubarak.

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Who may end in the UK while he comes to them I should jello like Mr. Ram How are you doing today? Chef Alec mustard. I'm good. Simon munchie Alec Messiah matar salah the MAS hello from Perth. What time is it in Perth right now? It would be 910 11 Will one hungry? Deena in Oregon notic missing out the right man Alima Sadam in Glasgow Habiba. I'm doing well, just like

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there's a bear welcome for tuning in May mourner in Holland. I like Mr. Lamb. I'm a Rizvi in Virginia.

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Like Mr.

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Azada please reply my question tonight. What is your question tonight? Dina

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Hallett da UEFA Euro goddess?

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Yes. Ro Sonic massamba It's 1am in Perth, Asia in Toronto Alikum Assam wanneer at inch in Nigeria artic Muslim

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so we are not this year my daughters have been similar for a few years. Java

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numr I still remember the squirrel attack from one of your relevant videos last year it was after Ramadan the squirrel attack David in Italy while ACHEMA Sam Gaussian in the Arctic Muslim Zara said please must reply to my question today. Charla posted when I'm asking questions, like just pop it up. Keep posting.

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Rama in Dubai or ACHEMA, salaam, Seema. Hey, it is the top of the hour we will begin.

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Take one

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Santa Monica ramen delay that occurred to Tara we truffles Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was so happy Manuel and my bad. So today the verses that we're speaking about are those verses in Surah 20 sat in the first sorry in the fifth Jews of the Quran surah Nisa, this is verse 36. And 37 Allah subhanaw taala says in these verses out of the beloved ministry upon our regime,

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why Buddha law how Allah duszniki gooby shyy Orban Awani Dania son didn't go down well yet

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again, while my son King he wanted to just he didn't want to join Obi Wan floorhead was so heavy Bill Jim be wilderness Obi Wan Malakut a man will come in hola hola your him boomin kanimozhi

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Sephora leadin I adore her Luna moon and NASA been both work to Mona

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home long folding. Wow. That didn't didn't get off eating

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So these verses the certainly sat verses 36 and 37. Allah subhanaw taala. First I wanted to speak about

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stingy stinginess. In the second verse, Allah subhanaw taala says elvina pollun Those who are stingy and be an are miserly, but when I got them

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More into learning about these verses. It's actually really interesting the verse that comes before it, the verses that come after the whole connection between the verses is really beautiful. And so I decided hey, let's talk about all of it inshallah Tada.

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So Allah Subhana Allah says wobbu The Lucha wala to Sheikh will be share worship Allah worship your Lord why would Allah worship Allah Allah to show you we che and do not associate any partners with Allah will be the wily Danny Santa and with and treat your parents with goodness. So this combination of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. And training parents good we see comes in the Quran in many locations. And as one of the companions said that there are these, you know, two things they come together if you're not thankful to Allah, sorry, if you're not thankful to your parents, then you're not thankful to Allah, they go they're combined together. So Allah subhanaw taala says,

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combines that worship mean be dutiful and be good to your parents. But here Allah subhana Dona mentions a whole list of people that we should do send towards that we should do send towards and San is doing good taking care of them. Now look at look at this list, and I want you to ask yourself this question.

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Do you take good care of the people in this list? Do you take care of these people in the list? Let's see. And I'll go one by one and you tell and you think to yourself, obviously you don't have to post it but do you take good care and even includes financial includes financials we're gonna see about stinginess of the next verse speaks about stinginess. So we're talking about even financial aid and taking care of these people financially, giving gifts and so on. Number one is parents. Okay, so think about it. Think about your parents, maybe they're alive, maybe they passed away. Next one is your relatives, a lot of times we think about, hey, I'll take care of my parents, but my

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relatives, I don't know about them so much, we don't necessarily take care of them. The third one that Allah subhanaw taala mentions in this verse is orphans, and are handled, I think, orphans. When we think look at fundraisers around the world and stuff. There's good focus on orphans. So I would say, Hey, we got some good marks on orphans. Number four is the needy and by good care, we're talking about good care. We're talking about financially, we're talking about taking care of them doesn't mean that you become their their caregiver, but we'll be led in Santa you're doing this and towards these people. You're doing good towards them. So the needy, are you doing good to the needy?

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Yeah, the next one, and now it starts getting a little tricky. The next one, Allah subhanaw Donna says was Jedi then kotoba, the neighbor that is near to you. So think about your neighbors right now. And I know sometimes in Western worlds or wherever you are in the world we've gotten not everybody hears from the Western world, but when in Western countries, it's really like people don't have good relationships with neighbors, everybody kind of keeps to themselves. And Allah subhanaw taala says, to do a send to your neighbors that are near to you

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the next category and ask yourself Do I do good to my neighbors that are near to me? And that might be more than just you know, taking care of them financially maybe I'm good to them. You know, I keep my area clean because it's a communal place, or I keep the noise low because I care about my neighbors and stuff like that. So maybe sand towards them is more than just, you know, something financial. What is Jared Hill quarterback was Jared juubi was Sahibi Bill Jambi what Mississippi? Allah's pannacotta then says the neighbor that is further away from you. This is interesting, I thought about this a neighbor that's further away from me. Maybe they're not in my part of the city,

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maybe they're not close to me, but they're on the other side of town. Sometimes we live in areas in in our cities that are you know, wealthy areas or something and then there's another part of town, they're not necessarily our neighbors, but they're they are our job. They are our neighbors, not specific. And so Allah subhanaw taala says the neighbor further away, do we do a send to them as well?

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Was Jerry little quarterback and the companion at your side? Companion at your side? could be things like your colleagues, people that are nearby to you. They're in close proximity to you. They're not necessarily your neighbor, but they're close to you. Do you do it? Send to them your colleagues at work your colleagues in school and people that you pass by and maybe there's a janitor that you pass by? Are you doing it send to them? The companion at your side? What needs to be done and the traveler? The traveler, somebody's coming from out of town.

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Do you have some you know is there a part of your SN that goes towards those people that are out of town taking care of them? Well my medica day medical

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and those whom your right hand

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possesses Allah subhanaw taala then finishes the verse, and then we get to the point that I that I'm looking for here Allah subhanaw taala says in Allah Allah your Haribo, Allah does not love, okay? That's very intense. Allah does not love these people who are these people that Allah subhanaw taala does not love that we want to stay away from them in Allah Allah your head Bowman, Ghana mokdad fora, Allah subhanaw taala does not love those who are more than for hor McDowell is a person who walks with conceit. So this is a person that might have their nose up, they're looking away, they're not looking at people. For example, I see this

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I'll tell you like personal when people wear certain clothes, I mean, in in, in countries around the world, when you wear certain clothes, you become like you're invisible. I don't want to mention countries, I don't want to mention what kind of clothes and stuff like that. But when you wear certain clothes from a certain country, and it's not normal, I don't wear these kinds of clothes, those that I'm talking about. But when I do I become invent, invisible. And there are people in society that that we don't pay attention to, and we may walk beside them, maybe we just don't see them. Or maybe May Allah forgive us, we're walking with conceit, that oh, they're not from my

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people, or whatever, or they're not indifferent. And people, for whoever people show off with things like

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lineage, so I'm from this thing, or I'm from nationalities, such and such, or they might show off with skin color, I'm from the skin color or that color. And for some reason, there's a there's a tendency to lean towards certain colors, and then they get higher or somebody might show up because of wealth. Other clothes are so clean, and they smell so good. So then they're conceivable to others. Another thing is position in society. We've seen in some cultures they have caste systems are looking down upon a person. I remember somebody commenting, they went from one country I won't mention the country but I'll mention where they went to. They went to Canada yeah Canada, and this

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person commented and they said in Canada just because somebody is the janitor doesn't mean you can treat them badly. And he was very shocked by this because in his home country, if somebody was in a certain occupation, they were in a in a hierarchical hierarchical position and they would be looked down upon whereas in Canada if you're the janitor and you treat a janitor badly janitor a slap in the face

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figuratively in hola hola your hippo as and Wahida says also education degree so in some cultures, people are concede maybe being conceivable to somebody else based on their education. Allah does not love those people in Allah Allah your Hibou men can Hamilton and for Hora so to walk around concede fully and conceivable I thought How do you walk concede fully. And I thought of you know, sometimes sports stars I won't mention any sports stars when they walk into the ring or they walk into their thing. They walk with conceit now maybe there may be just joking but to actually walk around with that kind of like some people might call it swagger but Allah subhanaw taala actually doesn't love

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that in Allah Allah hippo when Kanima then and for hora. So the person who walks around with this conceit and boastfulness, Allah doesn't love them. And then Allah subhanaw taala describes them, and Lavina alone, that these are the those who are stingy. Now, if you look at the verse before, when we were speaking about the sun and Allah subhanaw taala says, Why would Allah will be well, he didn't, then gives a whole list of people to do SN towards and we're talking financially. We're talking financially doing this and towards neighbors that are near neighbors that are far companions that are near to us, and so on. People are traveling less Python is saying, Send, and then Allah subhanaw

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taala describes these people who don't He does not love as being stingy

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and living alone, they're stingy. But Allah subhanaw taala also says that another level of what Allah dislikes and living alone, were more on a NASA bubble, that Allah subhanaw taala says they are stingy. And they encourage other people to be stingy. They're stingy. And they encourage other people to be stingy. So this would be for example, when Allah forgive us. Sometimes there might be a fundraiser, for example, in Ramadan, there's lots of fundraisers and then somebody might say something like, You know what I'm not giving and I encourage, you know, like, maybe they're chatting at the shoes section or whatever. That's not happening now. But they're chit chatting at the suits

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and they're like, I would encourage you don't give to these people go give to somebody else.

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or just spend it Alina, hello, don't spend and don't spend on others sorry, don't spend and encourage other people not to spend, they're stingy and they advise other people to be stingy or more Western salmonid calm, I saw your Salam there. I mentioned you under the old videos, the other videos the other day, I'm gonna put your warrant on when I was talking about

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I live in air balloon, Wyatt Marone in Nashville bar. So they're stingy. And they advise other people to be stingy. And the buyer, the person who is stingy, whenever they give something they feel as if and may Allah protect us. And you want to think about this, when you give something, do you feel like you have lost this thing, like it's gone forever. That's the

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That's the attitude and the feeling of the person who's stingy, they feel like hey, if I don't give this thing, then I'm going to be noble, and I'm going to be so big. And when they give these things to other people, then they feel like they've lost it. May Allah forgive us, may Allah protect us that that's the attitude of the stingy person. And the believer wants the opposite. That in fact, if you want something and you want it forever, you want it to always be yours, then give it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, at the beginning of this Ramadan, actually, even before Ramadan, I had this, you know, there was some people that got laid off.

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they're not they're not my employees, they just, I would consider them based on what we're seeing here was

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the neighbors that are further away, that's what I would, I would define them as neighbors that are further away, and they got laid off, and they're not going to have work. And I decided to pay their salary there, they get paid less. But I said, I'm going to pay like multiple people, I'm going to pay their salary. And then I kind of freaked out, I'm like, am I going to be able to handle paying their salary. And then I thought to myself, subhanAllah, they need help whoever is in the assistance, ALLAH SubhanA Donna is in their assistance. So I said, I will give and I made the promise. And I went and I, I made that intention. And subhanAllah. That same evening money that was

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owed to me was I got a message that it's being sent to me that same evening, after I'd made that intention, actually, it was like one hour later, from the time I made the intention. And the money that was being sent to me was 20 times was 20, times the amount that I had made the intention to give for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Actually, I think it might actually have been like, that was 20 times. So I think to myself, Man, I should have made an intention to give more. And I keep reminding myself about this, that as you are.

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As you are

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seeing people this economic wave, it's going to hit Next. Now Hamdulillah, the COVID virus is kind of like, toned down a little bit more or less pentile to protect us. But the next wave is people going to be coming back and seeing that there's no job for them, their business that was shut down has now gone bankrupt, and then it's going to be a cascading effect, they don't have money to pay for something else. And so at that end, we have to really look at maybe I don't have too much, but if we all start sharing at this time, inshallah Tada, we can get through this together. And this idea reminds us of that of all these people, the parents, the relatives, the orphans, the needy,

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your near neighbor, your neighbors that are far away from you, your companions by your side, like your colleagues and travelers and such that we started thinking that hey, from all these categories I want in my me Zan, on the day of judgment that I took care of

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all these people

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we also want to learn that

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sorry, Lavinia, Allah subhanaw taala says Alladhina Polonia manana NASA bilbrook work to Mona MetalMan, long and fondly, and they hide that which Allah subhanaw taala gave them from His bounty and this thing now there are historical

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tip seers of this, but the idea is general and even people that have wealth or they have a certain preferred skin tone, or they have a certain class or lineage in society, all of that is from Allah subhanaw taala. And so that hide the fact that it came from Allah subhanaw Donnas, they hide the fact that it came from ALLAH, if they understood that it came from ALLAH SubhanA data, then really they should be thankful and they should respond to that. You know what the wealth that I have? Allah gave it to me, you know, this job that I have Allah Spano God protected me and I have a job after COVID and and the health that I have Allah subhanaw taala is the one that gave me my health rather

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than being considered conceivable and treating people bad. They should actually

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have the opposite effect that she with humility that all of these gifts are from Allah subhanaw taala. And that's why I'm sharing with you.

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And we want to also have friends that remind us to give this is the big gem that if you have somebody who's telling who's not, you know, you might have a friend that's not encouraging good.

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And then you actually have a friend or somebody close to you, that's discouraging good issues, which is what Allah subhanaw taala speaking about in this verse, that way at Madrona, NASA biteable, they actually encourage and discourage people from being generous, they encourage stinginess don't spend on certain shows don't give.

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And so we want to have those, those people in our lives that encourage us to do good, you know, what a final point here, I want to remind you guys, that not everybody has the ability and the power to launch an online fundraiser. Okay, at handelian Ramadan, there's going to be some amazing fundraisers that you're going to see online, and hamdulillah for all of those things. And those are usually centralized hubs for the wealth to go out, okay. But you have to understand that there are neighbors very close to you, that are not going to be part of those fundraisers are not going to be receiving assistance from those fundraisers. The only person that really sees them is you.

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And we need to focus also in our sadaqa on our neighbors and the people close to us and our colleagues and our relatives, people that will not receive these online fancy fundraisers, but they still need help. And so you need to go around and and start putting out the feelers you know, whenever I hear somebody say something like, You know what, there's no one needy in my city. Like, are you serious? There's no one media in your city, you haven't left your house for like, how many weeks? This is even from before. There are needy people everywhere, you just have to ask around. Usually they're just one person away. You just kind of ask around you know, somebody who knows the

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needy people. Do you know somebody who knows the needy people, and then there will be somebody in the community that's like, you know, what, I know like 80 families that could be refugee families, they could be people that lost their jobs during this time and they're really in need and sometimes the some of the best sadaqa is your giving to somebody who would never ask, they would never get in line to receive handouts, but they're in need and it needs you to pay attention to that type of person and help them out Inshallah, Donna and that might be kind of along the lines of

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the companion by your side.

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Allah Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says, well, may you are sure Hanif Sihi for hola Erica Herman muffler, and whoever protects themselves from the stinginess of themselves. For verily those will be the successful people. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the generous people in sha Allah Tada so that Allah subhanaw taala will also treat us in the same way it will be generous to us and interesting to paradise. Exactly like Iran we are done if you have questions I'm happy to welcome your questions now.

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If cinders is here and she wants to ask a

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riddle bring on your riddle son this

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first question No one says but dozens a cat two Muslims come first and charity later so knowing the topic of Zika if it's like what is the intention of what you're giving it if it is a cat then yes, that's a cat goes to Muslims so we're not that's not necessarily what we're talking about here. We're talking about sand to people. We're not talking about the cat. The cat is something more specific

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What do you says Can we also give sadaqa to non Muslims Absolutely. Technically even gives the cat to non Muslims in

00:24:18--> 00:24:22

there is one of the categories in the cat that you can give to non Muslims.

00:24:24--> 00:24:26

As a cattle man I'm talking about

00:24:30--> 00:24:45

Zara says fasting of Ramadan will be valid for everyone if anyone saw Moana, Ramadan and all of the world is this authentic Zara? I don't know what you mean by is this authentic? If you're talking about is that a hadith? Or is that an opinion?

00:24:47--> 00:24:59

It is one of the opinions and that video that I made about Moon fighting you might find it I spoke about the difference of opinion about Moon sighting. And on one side the moon fighting and one of them is an opinion that anybody who sees the moon

00:25:00--> 00:25:12

In the world, that Ramadan fasting is valid for them. So, Zara, it is a valid opinion. If you're asking me, is it authentic? I would say that it's a valid opinion. And that is correct.

00:25:13--> 00:25:15

It is a valid opinion amongst other opinions.

00:25:24--> 00:25:28

Nimra says there's this attitude on Nimmer, where are you from?

00:25:29--> 00:25:43

Where you start taking care of your close relatives, they think you want or need something from them, even though you're doing it for Allah say, they still think you want something from them. And that makes them run away from you. And then when I would say that, if that's the case, then it's like, maybe they haven't experienced,

00:25:44--> 00:26:05

you know, they haven't experienced enough that you're taking care of them. So you might want to be gentle. And there's other categories. Pakistan, again, there might be other categories, such as neighbors, such as cultural and there's ways to give, without necessarily putting your stamp on the money that's been given. There's ways to give without announcing to the world that Hey, it's me that gave you this money.

00:26:08--> 00:26:22

Well, Father says, don't have to give us a cat. But I'm still living with parents more thought. If you're living with parents, it makes no difference. If you're living with parents, if you have the amount if you have one of the categories of Zika.

00:26:24--> 00:26:30

If you have one of the categories of Zika, such as in your case, maybe financial, maybe you've got some gold or something like that,

00:26:32--> 00:26:45

or sheep, or what have you have sheep, but let's say you've got some money, it passes the cat amount and it's been with you for one year, just sitting there, then you have to you have to pay the cat has nothing to do with where you're living.

00:26:49--> 00:27:15

Allah says Can we make dua by reading from paper? Yes, you can. So what I like to do just so I have better concentration, if I have a paper, and I'm making dua, then I tried to like read it and then look up, look up so that I'm saying it from memory, but I think what you're talking about is like what if there's doors that are written down in like a booklet or something like that? Can you can you make dua and yeah, you can, it's okay.

00:27:27--> 00:27:32

She says what kind of as a cat is that to the non Muslims, there's a cam talking about is

00:27:33--> 00:28:12

well, more or less at Colombo. So the prophets of Allah they said, well, in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says from the people who are to receive the cat are those whose hearts are close to becoming Muslim, they're not Muslim, and perhaps this is a cat that they receive will help guide them to Islam, it is permissible to give them from the cattle man, which is the mazurka on money. There's a lot of maybe confusion between the cat at this point in Ramadan, there's a cattle fitter that happens at the end of the month, end of the month for aid is a category filter. And that is only for Muslims. That's at the end of the month. And that's actually something less meaning that it

00:28:12--> 00:28:22

might come out to like just $10 or less than $10. So we're talking about the Katherine man in this case. And in this together Mel happens throughout the year.

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All right.

00:28:31--> 00:28:43

process if a person works at our home, and earn around 30k in his only person earning for the family, which isn't much here in Pakistan, and that person is under debt. Kenza can money be given to that person

00:28:49--> 00:29:02

so per US if that person is, is Muslim, it can be considered Zeca yes, they can be they can receive the cat if they're not Muslim. You can still help them and give them charity and you'll be rewarded by Allah Spano Tata, but it doesn't

00:29:03--> 00:29:06

count for your obligation to pay there's a capital amount

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Sammy Amir, Jen says

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is it allowable for doctors to pray standing as they are wearing PPE well Allah Allah I'm pretty sure it would be well law and um, if they can do session they can take off their Garmin and Allah knows the situation that they're in it probably is allowed Allah and um, but it's better to receive a federal like that. I'm sure that somebody's asked a question like that on. I'm sure if you google it you'll find a better answer, but it probably is permissible Ilana.

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All right. You guys hear us indices riddle for the night. A horse is tied to a 20 foot long rope. He wants to get some hay that's 30 feet away, but he is able to get to the hay easily how it come.

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Okay, so though

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Horses tied to a 20 foot long rope. And he wants to get some hay that's 30 feet away. But he's able to get to the hay easily. How'd it come? This is from sunders

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you guys can answer in the comments.

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Rajim says what would you advise in a situation where Muslims don't trust their leadership with accountability for sadaqa NZQA? So Rajab, the main thing is that you pay this ACAD doesn't, you don't have to give it to a specific person to distribute it technically, you shouldn't be the one, making sure that it arrives. And I actually bring this up. Like, sometimes people think that, Oh, I just dropped it in a box somewhere, like it's not my business anymore, that it's something serious, especially as a captain man's a cattle man needs to go to the needy people, it needs to go to recipients of Zika. Sometimes sadaqa can sit around for a little bit longer to be distributed, but

00:30:55--> 00:30:58

Zika needs to arrive. Hola, Anna

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Chaz Sagan says, How do you decide who to give? I understand his family and close relatives. First, what I mean, is that with the current situation, do you donate to local charities or charities helping countries in worse situations like as our Syria lobby with everyone?

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What I say Shas is Why not both? Why don't we do both. So it doesn't mean that because I gave to my neighbor, I don't give to people who are needy somewhere else. And because I gave to people or needy someone else doesn't mean that I don't give to my neighbors and such. And if you look at the list that we were talking about in the verse, there's a long list of people, neighbors, neighbors that are far close colleagues, relatives, so there's a lot so you start to see that it has to be our attitude to give, it might not only be like, Hey, I gave all my money and everything and I'm broken, everything's gone. I gave it to one person. It's not necessarily the case. And yeah, so spread it

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She's ARD says, Does the student on scholarship have to pay as a cat? If you have the nisab nisab? Is the threshold the amount of money I don't know what the nisab is right now. Maybe somebody can comment what the nisab is, they're gonna reply to you if they know. But if you have that amount of currency, and it's been with you for more than a year, then you have to pay his account. It doesn't matter if you're on scholarship.

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And what I've found is that sometimes students who are on scholarship they get they get a big lump sum of money, and it's sitting in their bank account. And and then it's meant for the next four years, for example, if that's the case, then you probably have passed the can nisab. And just as a general principle, guys xicana Man, you got to manage the cabinet's paid on wealth has nothing to do with your personal situation. It is focused on the money so if the money in that property in that asset has been sitting for one year, then the cat is to be paid doesn't matter. Somebody asked earlier hey, if I'm living at home, who cares? If you're a student on scholarship, who cares?

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Doesn't make a difference? what your situation is, if the money has been sitting around, it's past nisab it's been sitting around for that long. Then you need to

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and guys, we're done. Sindhis, can you tell us the answer to the riddle some people are saying

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I'll PAF says the answer to the riddle is because when I said the hay is only halfway from where the horse is tied

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some people said the rope is not tied to anything that's what I would assume that the rope is not tied to anything

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that even though the row horse is tied but the horse of the rope isn't tied to anything else

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alright guys, we're done if you want to hang out to see what the the answer to the riddle is, we'll let send us post it otherwise I say a Santa Monica Warahmatullah cattle have a blessed ID Tada. We tonight in sha Allah Tala wherever you may be, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.