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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Allah He was happy at mine to my brothers and sisters assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We come to, towards the end actually of the of the names of Allah we just got today and we've got tomorrow as well. And then as I said, Before inshallah on Saturday on the last day, we'll do a series of Surah Al Qaeda and laser cutter. So the names of Allah azza wa jal, that have been given to us as a way for us to get to know Allah for us to reflect for us to connect with him for us to change our lives. According to those names. Those names have appeared in one particular Hadees.

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together as one narration in MIDI.

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And we're going through these names, we've come to the name of Allah azza wa jal, regem, you're the one who gathers. Now, as jamea are the name of Allah Subhan. Allah jamya is a name that shows that Alonzo genbu put things together, that he brings things together. And one of the biggest things we know one of the biggest events we know that is going to happen, the greatest gathering ever, is going to be the gathering of the day of gentlemen. And that's when the last bill will bring not only the people who are who have just died on the earth, but the people who have died for you know, since time began, and all the creatures and all the genes and everything he created basically, in terms of

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you know, living creatures, animals and humans and genes, Allah will bring them up on the day of gentlemen now

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that the name for that and Hashem or Algeria meaning that a lot of them will do Hashem bring them all together.

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jamea Allah, Allah hush, hush, both of the sort of similar similar meanings, now allows them

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is Jerry in many different ways, for example, he can bring hearts together, he can make hearts that are not united be united.

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He can make people you know, come together in ways that nobody would would be able to otherwise plan allows, when he when he brings all those people on the Day of Judgment is gone, you know, when he brings the entire creation together, it's going to be, it's going to be something which humanity of this world or this whole existence has never seen, and heard this describe that either this is going to happen before the day of judgment. So before, you know the whole is blown, what is going to happen, when we all come up from our graves, where Lazarus as a result will create a fire. And that fire is going to be all around, okay? Where people when they when they wake up, they'll see that

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there's a fire they need to run away from the fire is too big for them to extinguish. So that fire will basically chase him and under what he says

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Up to now, they will basically sleep. And you know, when they get too tired of running, they'll sleep and then that fire basically stays there Wait, and then they wake up again. And they run and they continue to run. And that fire continues to push them forward and brings them all the way to

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the ashram or the or the greatest series. As we know today, majority of scholars have said this will happen before the blowing of the horn, majority of scholars have said that because a lot of that is going to bring kiama and is going to bring the day of judgment on to that piece of the land because that piece of the land was the very very piece first piece, we're all new, we're all Prophethood and rissalah. And the messages are sent to people came mainly in the Middle East, mainly in a sham now when you say a sham, it's not only today, Syria, but many other parts of many of the countries that are surrounding it, including parts of Iraq, including parts of Jordan, Philistine and so on so

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forth, it's got quite a large, large area. So, before the day jetman occurs, according to Hades, this fire is going to be

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spread Allah is going to spread it across the world, wherever people is going to push them and make them come to that one place on the on the Day of Judgment, I want. So to that place, one place where danger will basically occur electron.

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So what will happen is when people come to that place, the you know, the largest Sham or Syria, then the fire will stop. And then people will continue to create an offering and this is the part this is the time when people have lost complete faith in Allah as in nobody nobody ever ever in a right now you know at this moment, nobody believes in God. Nobody knows God knows the things of God. Nobody even asks God nobody has got anything towards

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luck, even when the fire was was chasing the noble turn to God, the hearts that's how the heart became By this time, the Kaaba has been you know, uplifted by this as it has been broken by this time you know, Medina has been left like a

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vibrant city abandoned city. By this time there's no code on left and last taking the time from the mean of all pages that have put an or written on it will disappear. Okay By this time, and nobody is religious in No, not a single religion exists. And Allah when he gathers these people onto the onto the land of a sham, that's when after how many days a cold one ration is 120 days after he brings them together here that's when Allah will tell the angel to blow to blow the horn. And that's where PMI will start as in the final destruction of the earth is going to start and then that peace the greatest Sham becomes part of the peace of the Day of Judgment electron where Allah is going to

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reshape the entire earth is going to flatten it all the all the graves will be you know, just they're ready to come out and when Allah tells his rifle to blow again, that's when people will come out the graves and now Allah will gather them, you know where he wants them, okay. So this will be you know, a sham will degrade, shall we just be part of the Day of Judgment, but obviously, the judgment is going to be massive, right. So

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Allah azza wa jal you know, in that in that regard, he is a jammer is the one that you know, we'll we'll be bringing together now, if you feel that you need to

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reconcile between two hearts bring two people together, make them you know, feel that you know, they should be united, and so on. The name to us is jamya so yeah, Germany, Austria, Germany or Germany or Jeremy are you I just repeat that name, and call Alonzo gel to bring those people together have faith insha Allah, Allah will bring them together.

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The next name to come to is Allah Vani. We come to two names, which one is Allah Vani and one is an mopani. I lawani means that allows which is independent and unmoving. He means that he makes others independent. So one is that he himself, you know, he doesn't need anyone or anything, but the best and super quality that he has is that anyone he can enrich them. Now. There are various ahaadeeth whether Sula la has mass told us, he said Elina when you when you want to look at richness, when you will not look at richness, richness.

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Blossom said a very narrow color. He said it's a richness of the heart. And what does that mean? Because avani means to be independent, okay, and to eat meat, also to be enriched in a way that you don't need anyone else that's alleghany. And unmolding means that he makes others independent, but he also enriches others, to the extent that they don't feel that they need anyone else. So what's the meaning when there's lots of letters and tells us that alladhina enalapril, he says to us that richness, real richness is when the heart becomes enriched, or when the heart feels rich. What that means is that the heart or the or the mindset that we have

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earned, you know, it's sort of the ends, whatever is out there and continues to yearn. And once this, he wants that, and he has, he has desires. So once you have, for example, you know, you have, let's say, a certain salary, okay, so say someone is sending out $1,000, or 7000 pounds, and they want 40,030 or 40,000, then they get up to 50,000. And they keep wanting more and more and more. And not only that, but the things that you have in your house, the house that you have the item that you have the assets that you have, each time we get something, you want it to be more and more and more. Now, as long as the human being has got that desire inside him or her and feeling that I want the

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next thing I need, I need that I want that I want this, I want that, as long as that's there. What's happened is the the heart is in a poor state. It's in a state of need. It's in a state of want and desire, it wants it, it is dependent on things it is chasing after things. So it is almost like enslaved It is not something that is free. And something that is independent, and something that he feels that you know, enough is enough. So that's why the prompts that allows me said allatheena true richness. A true written richness is when the heart gets to that level where it's content with whatever it has, that's what it means.

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And at that state, the heart feels independent from everything around it. So you know those things are there. I know Yeah, but I don't need

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Then I don't have to have them, okay, I'm happy with what I've gotten. So when that when a person feels that that's when you're rich. So this now changes the definition of someone who's rich, because what we say normally is worth, the most money is rich, whoever's got the most assets and gold and you know, merchandise and so on. They're rich, like, you might start counting Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and others as the most rich people. But the question is, are they rich, and other other is the most richest person the one that has accumulated all this world wealth? Or is it the person on the earth who finally you know, says, you know, what, I'm happy with what I have. Because

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the moment the person says, I'm happy with what I have, and I'm content, and I feel, you know, I feel battles and rage, the feels, you know, that it's, it's good enough, enough, okay, that's a person who's Truly Rich, because now you've freed your heart from, you know, the dependency that he has on the world and on things and items and people and so on and so forth. So, let's teach this to our children of what real richness is, let's teach one another. Because, you know, a lot of the times you get these people even islamically I just get so annoyed when I see these adverts that pop up and and some Muslim saying, you gotta have well, you got to be Muslim. You're gonna have all

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these mind mind, man, man. Okay, fine. I understand that. I'm not saying Muslims should be poor. I'm not saying that. I'm not saying business is haram. I'm not saying that. I'm not saying people shouldn't, you know, go on courses. And, and let's not, but they're making it as if, you know, this is the this is it. This is what what, what will fix everything, and this is what you need in your life. And the truth is, no, it's not what i what i truly need is I need to fix my heart first. And if your heart is in the right place, then all of this, yeah, I can use it in the right way. Because they say that many people who have acquired wealth and money.

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The key milestone is whether you are truly, you know, in control of all of that money, or whether that money is in control of you. That's where it all comes down to because what happens is, you know, some people when they get caught a lot of money, then a lot of things happen. Like you know, the first Okay, they will do fulfill their desires and they'll start you know, wandering, often they'll do things that they wouldn't have otherwise done. Right? They'll go to places they otherwise would have gone to I've had people you know, tell me face to face and a man please You know, I'm not gonna say the person's name. But they've said Look, I'm sorry, but I've got this addiction of

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gambling. And Allah is giving me a lot of money. And the brother Mashallah, you know, if you look at him martial law, he looks like you know, a person who will be a general practice in person, but because I'm not saying all brothers and all sisters, you know, gets screwed into this, but no, but there are, you know, shaytan comes in different directions. If you've already got inside you, in your, in your heart, certain things that, you know, basically, you just can't feel, right, like, you know, that the Hadith says, if the son of Adam had a valuable of gold, he would want it one day, second, and he had a second he had one 2/3 had this little hottie, and nothing will fill the stomach

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of the son of Adam accept the dust of his own grave, meaning that once we get to the grave, then we can't acquire anything more of this world, that's when we finally gonna wake up and say, you know, what,

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it didn't matter, after all, and it wasn't the end of everything that I that I should have, you know, all this wealth. And that's when a person really wakes up and sees the true reality of these, you know, these things that are around us. So, take advice from Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in terms of you know what true richness is and before a Muslim becomes rich with money, they should become rich with the heart, that after that, if you become a you know, if you become a billionaire Mashallah Alhamdulillah you that billion, you know, pounds of dollars that you have, it's not going to affect you, because your heart is, you know, is independent from all of that if you get to that

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stage and 100 but if you happen to acquire wealth, and you haven't got that state of heart, then then you're in trouble. You could be in serious trouble because that money could you know, completely, completely destroy you. So melas will protect us and give us the right attitude towards that the wealth that we have, and therefore the name I'll move money is the name that allows you to look in the Paradis says no other now Aparna, Allah is the one that you know, makes a person rich and he also makes it as important. Allah has that as has those qualities that he can do that. So if you want to, you know, look, I want to say that a lot of people make gods are loving the ritual

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loving marriage, right? The guy you want to make you want to do is you want to say yeah, mukuni or one who makes people independent.

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And the prompts on Lawson says, you know, he had a Hades anemia, I'm Mansi work, you know, make me independent from everyone else except for you.

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So and make me you know, so rich inside that I don't need anyone except for you.

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That's, that's, that's the kind of guy you and do. So, you know a lot of people I know it's like, you know, they want money and you know, put their hands up and I'm like, give me this and give that yes, yes say that. I'm not saying don't say that. I'm not saying it's wrong. But what you want to do is you want to say, Oh Allah give me first the heart, that also lots and lots more talking about that heart that is independent and feels rich, then give me the wealth. That's the kind of volume to do. Because combined together then you're not going to mess around because your heart is in the right places with Allah.

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So we come to the next couple of our next unit. So what is the name that comes up is manual,

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which is a lot Alonzo gel. He is the preventer Okay, he can prevent something. So we have the IRA in Surah Al Felton, which says my MC may have to have longer dramas and film cicala, whatever Allah opens up as mercy, nobody can stop that. And whatever laws will be with, he is going to withhold nobody can release that. If Allah wants to stop something from happening, he will stop it from happening. And there's no no one that can do anything, to make that happen again, and that's the preventer, as a learner, the one who will prevent from something occurring or happening or you know, taking place. So Allah xuejun his his name and manner, it teaches us that he will put a stop in our

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lives, or what I call a break in our lives in a times when we when we probably you know, we expect that our vehicle of life to continue a certain direction, he'll put a stop to certain things and that's, that's a great quality that a lot you know, not only has but he manifesto he shows you his service because we what we want to do is we want to put our our trust in Allah, that he is going to do the best in the believer is someone that Francis Allah, He failure to act

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upon Allah, the believers dependent, they put the full trust into Allah. Now the believer is such that the believer never loses. Because whatever is happening, whatever is happening, so let's just say for example,

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I wanted to get a certain house and I couldn't get that house and the house was so beautiful, oh my god, oh my god, I just wanted the house. If it never happened for you, be happy. The belief is mindset is this believes mindset is something that the mice, my alert stopped me from having, and I'm not gonna understand it today. But I love understanding tomorrow, he's gonna explain it to you on the Day of Judgment, and I'm happy for that. Okay, you wanted to have, you know, let's say, a certain type of person you like you couldn't get them. There's something that you wake up one day, you wake up one day and you will see the, the, you know, the reason why Allah never gave you that

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sometimes you want Well, sometimes you want something manual, he stops you and he prevents you from either doing something or having something. Okay. And that is a beautiful thing of just as accepted the best of believers are those that you know what Allah wanted like that. That's it, but that Allahu Masha, Allah has decreed it to be like that. And what are however, He willed it happens, even if it's a mistake that I made, sometimes, you know, we make mistakes, and we do things that we think oh my god, how did I do that? But even those things, we just, you know, move on, you know, believe in someone that has, you know, 100 100 is all from the Hadith and Quran and I believe it just moves

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on, I believe it or takes less than the learns from what the mistakes they made in the past. They take the lessons, yes, that's that's the only thing that the only reason why we reflect on the past, but the believer, looks at the present in the future and just moves on and picks up the pieces and carries on and starts all over again, or does something you know, to continue on the pathway or whatever he's planned, he continues, okay. So that's a believer, that kind of mindset, we never lose out, you know, if you don't have that mindset said, you're gonna go through serious stress in life. You know, one of the biggest problems we've got in the in the Western society right now is stress.

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One of the biggest mental

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health problems that we've got across the west. We're not talking about, you know, yes, it's in the east as well. But comparatively, it's more in the West, okay. And it's actually increasing in the east as well. And I tell you, the reason why. A lot of it is because of what we're seeing through our phones, our smartphones through these screens through social media through you know, YouTube

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through Facebook or through these, these gadgets or TV, a lot of it's through these advertisements were seeing as making people actually stressed out. Why? Because you keep on seeing people with more than you.

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You see people with more wealth than you, they keep showing you people who are more, seemingly more fortunate than us, seemingly, you know, they've got a lot more than you do. But these holiday homes, they've got these pools and swimming, you know, spas, I don't know what they've got. And then they've got, you know, this money and that money, they've got nice relationships, they've got nice food there, they've got a wonderful place in the going places, oh, my god, she's got the latest handbag, and you've got this, we've got that. And he's got this is at shoes and his trainers. And

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I can go on for for, you know, a long time. Right? When you're bombarded with all of these things constantly being shown to you,

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then you feel inferior, you feel that, you know, I haven't got all of that you kind of put yourself in a in a in a map, we say

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Where am I? Look at all these people, I look how I look at everyone. Look at me, me. And the thing is 99% of people, you know, are feeling the same. Because they've been shown that 1% of the best of the, you know, of what people have achieved. And then that's being you know, flashed in front of our eyes, constantly, all the time through advertisements. And if you take all that in and you start looking at anything. Wow, you know, look at that, man, look at the welfare of the jewelry there and look at that person. Oh my God, if I had someone like that in my life, oh my god, you keep on thinking like that? What does he weighs you down? you kind of think I haven't got enough. reverse of

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that is I haven't got enough. I just don't have enough. Oh, my God, you know, look at me, I you know, my life sucks, you know, what am I What am I got? And then stress comes right? Stress comes as a result of all of this. And a lot of people feel that they don't, they're not getting enough satisfaction out of their lives. You know, there's a, there's a subconscious mind is constantly telling them that, you know, in what they have is not enough. Okay. And because of all of this, because of the fact that they can't be believers to accept however, law has, you know, done things for them, put them in however laws created them our laws, put them into whatever situation is, it is

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because of that. Because they don't do that they come through major stress. And there's people right now so many people, you know, Botox, doing your lips change. I mean, we're talking about people who are generally healthy, who got, you know, a nice face, I mean, a good face, right? We're not talking about a beautiful, beautiful 100 nights normal, right? So they end up doing, you know, you end up you know, changing the lip, some change the nose, some general cheekbones, you know, put put up for the higher, there's people doing all sorts of things with the with the bodies and different parts of the bodies, especially the face, right? Especially the face. And they kind of feel you know, I

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haven't you know, I need to do this. Why? Because I want to be the person that attracts so many people, right? I want to be in this, you know, in the central people's eyes, like I've seen on those screens, right? But you know what, man, you messed up, I just tell you straight up, you're messed up, you messed up inside there. Because who on the line, who only told you to enter that competition, don't enter a competition in this world, that's going to leave you in misery. Just don't do it. You know, people need to know that you should live to your means and live with the people according to your means as well. So for example, if I'm a person of 30,000 pounds salary,

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then I need to live amongst the people of 30,000 pounds, hundreds, okay, as in Have you contact with them, you're going to feel a lot better. Don't hang around all the time with people with 80,000 pounds, hundreds, because you're going to start seeing their lives are very different to yours. And soon enough, it's going to play on your mind. Why haven't I got that? Why am I not like them? Right? live according to means right? Don't go into a credit. Just don't do it. Just make a simple rule of life. Just live according to what Allah has given you. A lot of people go through stress. Why? Because you're putting on you're bringing on

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stuff in your life, which is unnecessary, Who told you to go into debt, but you want those items, you want those things. You don't need them, but you want them you design them, or you've got a certain social class that you entered, and you've got to match up to them. So everyone in that socialist, oh my god, they've all got these kind of shoes, they've got this kind of bias because it's kind of you know, whatever. So you know, I need to also do that. So you're going to get they've got money to do that. You haven't

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But you because you entered that social, you know life and that social, you know setting. Now you're going to go into debt just to you know, just to be like them, right? So you buy that expensive handbag and you buy that expensive, those expensive shoes. I'm not saying this wrong to buy them in the first I'm just saying, Look at your mentality, you know what you're doing? You're supposed to hang around with other people that don't make you feel that bad when you've got the, you know, cheap and shoes when you've got the normal buy handbag. Right? Normal shoes. So So what? There's nothing wrong with that. Okay, I'm not saying anything bad about those people who've got expensive shoes and

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expensive bags. No, that's their class. Okay? Either you hang around with them with your normal handbag and your normal shoes. And you get on with them as normal because your heart doesn't you know, is not attached to any of this. Or you basically just don't go into that class because what it does is put you into debt.

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And there's a lot of people Suharto that are them how much debt they're going to just just for the car, okay, they can't afford the car, they rent the car, every single every month, they're paying extra money just for this person, this luxury car, or this, you know, we realize why you're entering into that. And therefore you're stressed out. And because of your stress, then now you need to take pills, you need to take medication, you need to go and see a therapist, you do all these other stuff, you know, you're having mood swings, you're you're feeling anxiety, you're feeling depression, you're feeling whatever, you know what, why, because you messed up yourself, you're

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messed up, you're gonna start thinking I need to change my phase, and enter these modes of life where you know, I'm going to do things that I wouldn't have otherwise done. And I don't really need any of that. Not to mention, you're not to forget to mention about the fact that people mess their faces up when they do all of this Oh, look, I'm I'm not saying you can't do any of this, you know, said look, if, if, if it's necessary, like someone's nose is so badly shaped that they need to really straighten and that's different, go to the gym and go to your local schools and ask them if it's okay for you to do it. Sometimes someone who's really got, you know, a lip that really nice is

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in a certain diet, they need to, they need to have a surgery to put it into normal shape, that's fine, we'll talk about healthy people healthy, you know, looks and they want to change all of that, in the name of you know, desires and shaohua in the name of lust and in the name of you know, just attracting people. And then you've got stress that comes after that allows you to be protected. So we've got two other names that come into a bar and another

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a daughter means the one who causes harm. And a natural means the one who came gives benefit, okay, who gives a goose gives benefit. Both of these names are, you know, to be put together is a last word on the one hand they can give you benefit, but you can also cause you harm. Right? And we understand from the famous Hadith in Bukhari Muslim, where Allah Israel in a hadith could say he tells that he tells, you know, the sevens on the earth, He says, Yeah, Maddie, oh my heavens, if all of you are welcome to Africa, if the first and the last few if the gene and the men of you and the human of you, if if human kind of if all of you became like the worst person ever, ever to have

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lived this earth,

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then you won't cause me any harm. Anyhow. And if the same Heidi says oh my servants interfaces allows me to genoveva you human kind of you all of you want to become like the best person all of you became like Muhammad Sallallahu all of you became the best person ever.

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Then you wouldn't benefit me you would have made me increase in anything different from what I had.

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This allows Adela himself is the one that is, you know, a natural who gives benefit and he causes harm. So, in terms of our events that we do and the way we have a relationship with Allah azza wa jal, we need to understand that

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we're doing this for ourselves.

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It doesn't increase Allah in any more honor than he already has. Because he has maximum honor already. We're doing this for our own good because when we do it and he likes it when he likes it, he gives us a delight in the next one, he will he'll get his gender inshallah He will make our lives good in this world, he will make our lives good in the next one is all for us. So that's how our mindset should be that these things we're doing. You know, Allah says in the Holy Quran, man I'm in a sauna hand fell in FCW whoever does a good action that is for themselves or my family or whoever does a bad deed and if befalls them. So when we do a valid befalls us when we when we do a good deed

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if the benefit comes to us. So these are you know, the names of Alaska. We're gonna finish tomorrow. inshallah with the with the of the 99 names, we've only got maybe seven names left for us to finish. And what I've said to you already is that on Saturday, so in today's time, we're going to do a special tafsir of Surah Al Qaeda, which explains later to recover what that night is, how do we recognize that night out of last night, what are the signs we can look at

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For what I was supposed to do, how we can keep ourselves

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busy in rabada what kind of very bad that we should do what what are the things that we, you know, we, how should we spend those nights, okay? So I'm going to cover that in sha Allah

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inshallah on Saturday, and we're going to end with a dry inshallah on Sunday. So tomorrow is the final day for the to finish of these names of Allah, it's been an absolute

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it's an absolute joy, being here everyday and speaking to yourself. And just before I leave, as I've said to you, again and I know we've said this before, if you did join the model 313

00:30:40--> 00:31:12

campaign and please continue to forward Okay, people are people martial arts local since the last 10 days are coming now, people are going to be in a mood again of giving yourself as a sub cousin song solo just send you links again, just give him like reminders, I usually what I do is on my social media, something I always put first polite reminder and then I say what I want to say. So it comes across as somebody who is politely asking you just a gentle reminder, or you can say gentle reminder and give it to them. Because when you just suddenly send somebody a message and you know, can you please You know, support me in this campaign? It comes across like you know, you know why you keep

00:31:12--> 00:31:47

asking me like you're like bugging me Well, you will polite reminder, it makes them feel good. So I want to ask you to just send a message to you to you know, to your contacts or wherever contacts you got, just a polite reminder, it's gonna remind you if you didn't just put five to 10 pounds, 15 bucks, 10 bucks, whatever you can towards my my, you know, target of reaching 313 pounds or you might have you know, so Okay, you know what Linda is coming in guys, this is really important. Okay, if you haven't set this up, please set this up now because you've only got like, two three days to the last 10 months come and if you if you're not giving the surface every single night then you

00:31:47--> 00:32:20

might miss one night and you might miss a little further. And that one night you're going to hit if you give just one pounds you've given 2.1 million pounds of satisfied with all the calculation that we've done. So Hannah laid out it's a massive amount just for if you give 10 pounds overnight if you automate it with 10 pound m&m imagine you got 21 million can one and a half million pounds of sacrifice you've given it's something phenomenal so set it up now with your own income you don't have to give much you can just get a pound you I'm sure you've got 10 pounds to spare. You know 10 pounds is what 10 pounds is like

00:32:21--> 00:32:58

man 10 pounds don't even buy you two burgers these days, man. And I'm sorry I shouldn't be talking about you know this food at this time but you know in a couple of burgers and some chips on the side whatever you know, it's gone man Tim has gone that he's gone through his stomach is out the next day but if you invested with just one pound every single life you know, just do it now do it now now. Right? Don't don't don't miss out. can imagine getting on the day of German you've given 21 million pounds of South Africa. When are we ever going to end that may Allah bless all of you, and let's you Ramadan and give us all to the factions. I mean, it's and I want to live America