These are the words that protect you from the fitnah whenever you come near it

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of Jesus as a protection tool during a situation where the wife of the king was caught up in a room. Jesus's actions have been described as being bravery and honest, and he is being protected from a potential annoying situation. The speaker emphasizes the importance of seeking Jesus's protection and being conscious of the situation in one's behavior.
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If you look into the Quran, in the life and in the story of use of Alayhis Salam, you will find that one moment in the life of Yusuf Ali salaam, Yusuf, he was caught up in a situation where he was in a room with the wife of the king at the time. And he was a beautiful looking man that Allah azza wa jal gave him of the of this beauty. And he was in that setting. And she had locked all the doors, and she had adorned herself. And she said to us of Allah you Salam Haylock approached me come, I am ready for you to commit al haram. This is no doubt and fitna of woman. How many have fallen into something like this? And here we have a prophet in this scenario, what did he do? What did he do?

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How did he protect himself from this matter? You know what he did? Allah azza wa jal in the Quran, he said, Paula Maha Allah. He said, I seek Allah's protection. That's the very first matter that we're speaking about seeking Allah's protection. And he asked Allah to protect him sincerely and honestly, and Allah has solution protected him.

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Therefore, seeking Allah's protection from an Phaeton is the number one thing on the list. You always be conscious of this matter in your Salat, and throughout your day in your life, especially through your dua to Allah subhanahu, WA, Dianna and anytime you attempted with a fitna that's around you continue to say, I will we will lay him in a shape on the regime our will be let him in a shape and continue to say it until the fire of this desire and temptation within your heart settles down, then is to have the oval below him in a Sherpa regime is like an extinguisher on the flaming fire of the designer that's in the heart that wants to approach these Phaeton.