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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The stressful situation of the COVID crisis has impacted people, particularly men, and is captured in the removal of the noon code. The removal of the code has caused people to feel stress and stress off, which is captured in the removal of the code. The importance of patient and staying patient is emphasized, along with the need to not be overwhelmed and not sad over the course of things. The removal of the code has caused people to feel stress and stress off, which is captured in the removal of the code. The removal of the code has caused people to feel stress and stress off, which is captured in the removal of the code.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to a means by the Quran a series in which I like sharing with you things I find amazing. But to put on today I'm going to compare two places in the Quran in which the Prophet has given them the same instruction. And that instruction is not to be overwhelmed, and not to be not to feel constricted, because of the schemes that the enemy makes. Okay, so this is what I tackle for you late in May Miam. Kuru, don't be put in this discomfort and constriction in your chest as a result of the schemes that they may be more important. And this occurs and sort of naturally occurs against with a number of same exact words, except there's a

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little bit of a subtlety and a difference in the two of them. Even though in the English translation, they pretty much come out the same, don't be stressed, or don't let your chest be constricted as a result of what they scheme. And yet in the Arabic one says, lad, Taku, four, don't be don't the first part of it. Don't be saddened or don't be overwhelmed or don't be don't feel constricted, that don't be part is la Taku. And then the other one is lat akun, the newness kept, which is actually absolutely incredible. Because when you do that in the Arabic language, when you take a negative like don't be, and you take a letter off of it, because typically, you're supposed

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to say Lata Can you keep the noon and you took it off, you took an extra letter off of it. And instead of saying letter con, you ended up saying, just like Turku, you're what you're actually saying is, don't be at all, okay? I don't want you to be this way at all. Not even a little bit soulless, not even so little, that I won't even give you the whole word like you took away from the word to add to the for the prohibition of what's being said, Okay, don't be this much, even even not even finishing the entire word. Okay, so taking away from a negative as to the negativity as to the prohibition, right. So the way to translate, I would argue, latter, Goofy lakyn would be, don't be

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in construction at all, not at all. And on the other, it's actually a more standard, don't feel constricted, don't be in sadness. And don't be stressed because of what schemes they make. Okay, so it's more, it's a more normal expression. What's remarkable about that is in sort of the I have a for what in Compton therapy will be mostly male, okay? Don't be whether in sabato la highrollers, Siberian, if they have made advances against you, and if they have retaliated against you, then retaliate in a way that you have been retaliated against. And if you could remain patient, and if you could remain steadfast, then that's, that's certainly better for those who are able to do so and

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remained steadfast Will Smith and remain patient and the next one, first, he said, you could retaliate and he said, patience is better than he went on. So just be patient was with Omar sobre, la bella and your patients and your perseverance is actually entirely dependent on a lion no one else will not accidentally him and don't grieve over them. When a taco feels like and and don't, don't you dare be Don't be at all, in any sadness because of the schemes that they make. This is arguably according to many of us, Iran, was revealed at the occasion of offered after 70 martyrs of of the Battle of 170 of the Muslims were killed and their bodies were mutilated, including the uncle

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of the Prophet Alayhi, salaatu wa Salaam and the prophets, I said I was overwhelmed over the things that the Quran did, how could they do this to one of their own even even in battle, they used to have some nobility. But to do this, you know, and this was not an occasion to just casually say to the prophets, I send them Don't be in stress, don't be in sadness, don't be in construction, but rather the volume of it had to be raised. And it had to be set in a very powerful way. Because this is a very, very stressful situation, and a very stressful time. So while I couldn't just couldn't cut it, la COVID came in my uncle Ron, don't be stressed, don't be overwhelmed, over the schemes

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that they've made. He had to allow whatever kind of juice the statement far more by removing the noon. And on the other hand, Allah describes nations that came before. Well, zero fell out, go travel in the land, see other nations and what came of them. So the this is actually an ayah, about the Prophet preaching his message last time in Makkah, people aren't taking him seriously. And he says, look, people came before and they were destroyed. And that makes the profits sad. Like, if they came and they were destroyed before because they didn't listen to profits, what's gonna happen to these people, if they don't listen to me? And there he said, Yeah, but don't be sad over the

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schemes that they make, I don't want you to be sad, still continue to do your work. Even though this is a stressful situation. If you compare the level of stress between seeing 70 mutilated bodies, and being overwhelmed at the sadness of October, the prophet himself was almost killed. At least that was around, you know, it was I do know a lot aluna Allah had when you were climbing up the mountain not even turning around and looking at anybody comparing that to the situation of what he was going through in Mecca. Certainly this the second situation is far more stressful, and the emotional stress is captured in the removal of the noon latter code. Again, in English translation is going to

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Come across almost as identical. You know, if I ever write a translation one day will be identical. But you know, for now, what you read in translation for the most part is, don't be in grief, don't be angry, don't be stressed, don't be in stress, and they're, they're identical and they're not, they're really not in the Arabic SubhanAllah. This is what I truly find amazing about the Quran, how emotions, how entire sentiments are captured, the intensity of a situation is captured, just by the way Allah speaks not just what he says, but how he says it, and how he says it in an intensified way in one place, and in a more normalized way in the other so you can weigh the two and balanced

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speech. You know, what it gives me an appreciation of is just speech itself, the gift of speech itself, you could say the same thing, but when you say it and how you say it, and how much you stress and how much you take stress off. That is actually all part of wisdom. You don't you don't just speak in the same tone all the time. You have to gauge the situation and speak and that's actually a divine attribute to put the right kind of weight on the words at the right occasion, when necessary and remove that weight at the right occasion when necessary. metallisation help us appreciate and love more and more the wonder and perfection of this Quran barakallahu li walakum wa

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salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa

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