Hasan Ali – Allah is the Best of Planners

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © In a conversation between two speakers, they discuss the upcoming events of the upcoming Islamist movement and the potential for Islamists to dominate the political spectrum. They also discuss the importance of Islamists' success in bringing people into Islam and the upcoming events of the movement.
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Today we've got so many people thinking how are we going to get out of the situation that uma is right now guys don't worry so much Allah has a plan we're only a small part of the plan will probably use of Allah Salaam in the well

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during this guy's in San Juan trying to say if you see useful and some story and you saw him up to the point of what is in the world you think oh no, oh no, I see he's finished. If you saw us for Assam story up until the point when he was in the in the prison, and he got into prison and he's there for seven years. You think, Man, this is this is crazy. This man is innocent. He's inside the prison. I said he's, you cannot conclude that this is really bad. But you have to wait till the end of the story. When Yusuf Ali Salam has all his brothers coming back to him. And he tells them, he tells them what they did to it what they tried to do to him. My friends today is 2000 and something

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Yeah, 2000 Something doesn't matter what it is. You haven't seen the end result of what Allah has planned for the next 10 years. 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, you're going to die I'm going to die probably before we see what happens to the Muslims in the world. But I'm telling you right now there's a great glory for Islam and the Muslims dying ahead. Great, great glory for Islam and the Muslims on the earth. Allah Allah is going to bring many, many people into Islam from the west, from the east, from the corners of the world, Allah will bring them into Islam, Allah will bring them to the faith of Islam. But we can see that right now we probably completely were in bad shape and Islam

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is getting hammered. You know what happened with the Prophet salallahu semana de via, within incident Moldavia? They thought that this was it. How can the Prophet agree to these conditions that the Muslims have to go back can perform Umrah this year,

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can understand this coming Sunday, and they said you can come back next year you only you can only come back for three days. And you come back with it without any soldier anything. And from now on any person from Makkah goes to you, your place Medina, you have to send them back. And from now on any person from your your place comes to us Makkah, we're not going to send them back. We're not going to send them back. And the prophets Allah has agreed to all of this.

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And Amara, the Allahu Anhu is watching this.

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And he can't believe this. And he comes to the province of Lawrence and he says Messenger of Allah, are we non Muslims? Have we not got the faith? As in? Why don't we just do something about this? Why are we agreeing to these terms? And Allah revealed at that time, you know what, enough Katana laka Fatah Medina, we've given you a clear victory we've given you victory. You are triumphant. What right now transit. It doesn't look right. But I'm telling you brothers and sisters, Allah has given us a great success in the future. To all the Muslims of the world, great glory, a great Islam, that will that will be wonderful for all the people of the earth. Allah has kept that for us. But we

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can't see it right now. And don't conclude that it's not going to happen.

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