Can We Hang Posters Of Athletes and Heroes On The Wall

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Shaykh Abu Eesa answers


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The speaker discusses the use of pictures in the media and how it can be seen as a source of disrespected or misre respect. They suggest not putting pictures up on walls or even your family photos, and to keep them in a drawer. The speaker also encourages viewers to share their favorite videos and donate towards the organization.

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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate. Can we hang posters of athletes and our heroes on the wall?

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No, I'm trying my best to keep it calm. Okay, heroes. Yeah, they're referring to the plebs out there and you from the entertainment industry. And I can't understand the irony, you know, how much of an inferiority complex that we have that we aggrandized, and, you know, show reverence to these human beings? It's a joke, but yeah, I mean, you know, it is what it is people do it. Okay. There's a difference between being respectful and admiring these folks and then putting the most up offer some sort of role model is not all people have. You know, I'm going to go into a run, let me just focus on the legalities. Okay. So with respect to pictures, actually, I'm of the position where I'm quite

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lenient to the concept of pictures, there are a number of scholars that prohibit the use or the event handling or the taking, or the storing or using of any form of picture or reproduction, painting and so on and so forth. I believe that the photograph, digital video, whatever is permissible is permissible to use permissible to, to partake in to take to use etc. But the putting up of the revering of the showing off of the showing respect to is something which is a problem, whenever we have any narrations from the time of the setup of the interaction of such images, whether it was Yanni on a curtain or a wall or whatever, you see it being disrespected. First of

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all, if it has animate features, it becomes more of a dalfour issue, it becomes something which is taking Baraka away, there's no doubt that there are Hadeeth that need interpretation from us, if you take them literally the province of lies, lm has said that these are the people who will go to the Hellfire, those that reproduce images, we believe that these are not the people who'd make simple drawings or simple photos because they're not trying to compete with Allah. But in the Hadees, they do sound very, very scary who produced this. And, of course, you'll see in the longer version, the logical progression classes, I've covered this in a lot of detail. There's only a few minute answer.

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But I've covered this in maybe seven different seven continuous lessons that detail rulings with respect to images and the use of In summary, I want to say that if it's being disrespected, that gets copied and you're walking over it whatever i'm not saying intentionally you know, rub your face in the you know, in the in the rub your feet in the face of the opposing striker that you hate or whatever. No, I mean that you're not making it a big thing that I think that's okay, but putting it up on the wall is a sign of respect that shouldn't be done. You're removing all blessing or blessing from your home. I mean, what else do we want in our homes in our bedrooms and it already curse

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places dark as they are as it is? Not enough do not enough but are not enough solar, not a graveyard as the Prophet said because notion of being preyed on is why you're adding to that misery. The angels do not enter into a house that has pictures Why would you put that up it is the only as a source of curse, not a source of blessings. So I want to say that don't do this. Don't put pictures up of anyone, even your graduation pics or your family photos. Keep them in a drawer keep them up on your on your hard drive. But don't put them up on your wall. And don't only be so lame and don't embarrass yourself and I'm going to run again. Stay away. Allah knows best. Hey, thank you for

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