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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters, we come to another session of reflecting on the names of Allah azza wa jal and today's a full set forth session. And we've covered some of the names of Allah as we get on I hope you're using these names to get close to Allah. I mean you can use any of these names, depending on what you want from Allah, you can use all the names together as I mentioned yesterday. Now one thing I mentioned to you is that

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from the 99 names look one of the one of the debates is that you know, rasoolillah so the last match he said, in a hadith that there is one of these names which is more likely the album It's Allah's greatest names and was also often told us in various Hadith either either Doria V, when Allah is called by that one particular name, then you know, your daughter answered, when you when you ask Allah through that name for protection, then you're granted immediate protection. Now which one of the names of Alaska is the smell like an album which one is the greatest of all the names? There's a debate amongst the scholars you know, some have said it's, you know, Allah Some have said these are

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how you know, and I've said other names of allies are just because they found them in certain narrations or they've you know, deducted from the from Quran and Sunnah. My teacher Manasa Rahim, may Allah bless him, he said, a wonderful thing. He said that the Greatest Name of Allah azza wa jal is any one of these names of Allah, but said, from the depths of your heart, with the full, you know, with the full sort of conceptualizing the conceptualization that you know, I am in total need of Allah. And only Allah can help me. So you could use you know, your love from the bottom of your heart, or any one of these names. You have a file, it could be a disease, it could be anything from

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the bottom of your heart knowing that you know what, this is it I'm so low that you know, I I'm nothing, okay? And allows you to easily the highest, the highest and the lowest creation of Allah which is me is calling onto the highest of all beings, which is allies of agenda and through this one name, I'm calling him and I know that you know what, your own one and only that can help me as Allah. So when you use any one of these names, with that in mind,

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then you're really talking about Eliza giving you what you want. I want to mention one other thing. You look between in between us and a Muslim on a Friday allows Magellan he answers doors according to 45 different narrations allows that he answers to us. Now there's basically that there are many hobbies I say on a Friday meaning from Thursday to Friday morning. there's a there's a PSA which means there's a moment of time allowances glass. Now what moment of time is that scholars have had debates Some have said is during the night someone said you know before Juma so said during your muscles and after Juma and so on and so forth. But there's 45 durations that say between us and a

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Muslim on a Friday that was answered and we also are fasting on this day. So I'm going to ask you today after this talk, make dua all the way till you know sunset inshallah Bismillah Allah accepts you as an any Friday, you know, do the same as well between us and Madrid. ask Allah azza wa jal and especially use these names that you've got to make me know us. make mention of these names because one of the things that Allah loves before we make dua is He loves us to praise him and these names are all in praise of Allah azza wa jal and you know if you look at even our Salah before we even reach to the Fatiha you know there's a praise so hanoch la humo Behanding before we even you know

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start to make God you know, we we sent a lot in the last round we make some praise and then we make the right and every single day by that Allah has you know, made a kind of introductory thing and then you do the main you know, main event so anyway, we come to these names and yesterday we covered the name of Jabbar and you know, don't forget there's a beautiful thing about algebra which means Jabbar one of the names of Jabbar is that you know he men's okay so you can use this name to call Allah xuejun because you want him to mend your life. So now we come to the next Name of Allah. Allah is going to secret supporting that Hadith in Timothy l Mata Kabir now what alma COVID is, the being

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that has the right to show how great he is that

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now everyone besides Allah gets their greatness because of Allah. Okay, so every creation, besides Allah gets their greatness through him and nothing else but through him. So if you think you're great because of your knowledge, because

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Beauty because of the amount of wealth Allah has given us amount of wealth you have, because of you know what are the situation and you think you're great because of how brave you are because of how how witty you are because of how you're able to talk and how you're able to persuade whatever it is you think you're so great. All that, okay, including your intelligence and beauty, everything comes from Alaska. So, in essence, we have no greatness, except that which Allah gives us, one of the scholars in the, in the, from the past predecessors, he said, he said, I'm so surprised that the human being has cable, or has, you know, this kind of false arrogance inside him when he has passed

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through to private parts. Before we come to this world, we have to pass through to private parts and just remember that that last video has, you know, be humble that there's other scholars that have said, you know, we're from even in a hadith he says, what are the mentor of that even our forefathers is from the soil? Right? He's from the ground is made from elements of the ground, and we made from elements of the ground so you know, we shouldn't have this Kibera arrogance insiders, only allows he has the right to show and manifest how great he is. And that's why you know, anyone in heritage it's very clear that if anyone's tries to show

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tries to show Allah, that they are great in any way, that Allah azza wa jal, we just make them the Hadith a Muslim says Manta Baba Ali la hora firewalla, whosoever is humble for the sake of Allah, then Allah will raise them. Woman Taka Barra wa hula. And whosoever shows that they are proud and arrogance aren't alone, smack them alone, put them down. So the opposite happens in the world. When you try and show your great then people say yeah, you're great, you can actually make yourself look great.

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And when you just you know your amigo, you're weak and you're, you know, staying away from people and you're showing that you're weak people treat you like weak. But the opposite happens with Allah Zoda. And Allah wants us to, you know, wants us to show

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humility, show show humbleness, unless there's a reason to show that that that we need to do the opposite. Now, let me give you an example.

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There are times when we have to show that we are other than the weakness that we display. Normally, as believers, we have to show that you know, we are humble. Always we should show that we are humble. But there are moments let's say for example, you've got somebody who's going to now pick on you somebody who's going to show you know who's going to throw their arrogance at you, somebody who's going to now be cruel to you can't just be humble and humble because they will continue to do what they want and they'll get even more power over you. Rasulullah sallallahu and when he came to McCallum karma after six years of living, you know, migrating to Medina, so they haven't been back

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to my karma, karma. And they lost a lot of weight in Medina, you know, they were more looking more sort of, you know, healthy when they were in Makkah and they lost a lot of weight. And the Arabs, the mushrikeen Arabs of Makkah, when they saw them in front of the Kaaba coming to do that to love, they said, Look at these look at look at the minimum hammer rather than the backs of broken eye, you know, we can just wipe them out

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and frozen last month, that moment because they were coming humbly in front of the house of Allah. Rasool Allah said to the psalmist said, you know take you out and take your home and he said put it you know, underneath your, your, your right armpit and over your left shoulder and he said, you know, put your chest out, and Let's march around the cabinet like soldiers for the first three rounds. And that's where the sooner of that comes. You know, whenever you do to have that, you know, we marched around the Kaaba, we put our chest out as men, that's where that Suna comes from but it was a time Look it was a time when it wasn't time for the proximal us to put his head down because

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the enemies are watching him and watching the Muslims and they're now planning see they've lost their mind power so tomorrow we can go to war with them and we can walk them out if we didn't put a chest out to show them that you know what? We are soldiers of Allah we will only humble here for a reason.

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Otherwise we can fight and that's when the promise that Allah has from shoulders as soon as I look there said moment you shouldn't be humble. If you look at you civilizer answer the king called him after a dream. Hey the king call the doctor dream. And then the king you know is talking to him and asking him Okay, so this dream means isn't this dream is that as useful as him says, look, you could have stayed quiet. He could have just stayed quiet and said yeah, this means this dreaming this and that's it he could have moved away. But no use of Allah Salaam wanted to be in charge of he knew that. Even if I give the whole plan to the king and his King's Men, they might not be able to do

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this and the whole of missing the whole of Egypt is going to face me

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drought and all the surrounding areas, many people are going to die because of this, this farming and utilize them to you know what this is the moment that I need to take charge. This is a prophet of Allah. And this is not the time for you to be humble. And the Prophet of Allah alayhi salatu salam said, you know, you're only Allah has a in an hour, he said, Oh King, Your Majesty, give me permission for me to be in charge of, of all the agriculture in this country. For me to look after the farming industry in this country, in your heavies on a limb, I am a person who can be in a person who's very knowledgeable in doing this. And I'm also the one who can be trusted.

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And so that's how he got the post. And that's when he you know, his brothers came and did long story and so on. But look at the moment, look at you civilizer ceram, you know, he's not showing that he's, you know, this is not the moment for you to show that you're humble, you're moving away, you can always do the same thing. Like there are moments Look, I want to say this to all my brothers out there, you hear one Hadith, unless you comprehend, there are many other Hadith that I need to balance this hadith when you could make a big mistake, like I'm giving an example. A lot of people hear this Hadith, mumble I mean, c'mon Caron, Fallujah, Europe, via the the whosoever sees an evil,

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they have to change it with that they should change it with the hand for England yesterday, or bat, if they can't change with the hand, then family, sadly, then you should change it with your tongue. And if you can't change it with your tongue, you should try and you know, change it with your heart. Now, what does that headache mean? A lot of people think that said, I've seen an evil, that's it, I'm just gonna stop you in my hand, or I'm gonna stop you but tongue, it's my duty to do this. And they go through the lens of each and every evil or Mancha or something that Allah that no one wants to be prohibited on the earth, they will go through each and every length to try and you know, stop

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all of this. But you know, my friends, if you have balanced, you know, with other I had in this had it with many other hobbies we had done that you wouldn't have done you would have been like that. And you only learn later on that. There are other hobbies to tell us that look, what does it mean? It means that look, are you in a position to do this? What will be the case that if you tried to stop this, what will happen after this? Now, if you think that the situation's done, I'm going to get worse by you trying to stop this evil, then you should not stop it. Right? Because sometimes there's that, you know, we understand from the heavy tech can be less or two evils. So what does it

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mean? It means that when you're in a position of power to do it, then yes, go ahead and do it. Stop me with your hand. When you're in a position of power to stop with your Tango, talk against you talk against him, but not with your hand, then just carry on talking against you. But there are times when you have to stay silent. And that's what the verse was said when he said your heart Meaning what? That you hated with your heart. And you make a firm intention that whenever you're going to get another chance to change this evil, then you're going to go back to your tongue again, and you're going to talk about it but for now, you're going to stay silent. I just want to say this that

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there are a lot of brothers and sisters going long trouble, unnecessary trouble, just because they use that tongue at the moment when they should have thought that you know, what am I in a position to use my tongue? Because the you know, the Hadith and many other how does that tell us that sometimes that you need to you need to be careful, you know, you don't just adopt every single headache you got to be careful with how did you end up at what time and for that reason we keep our connection with Allah and those who are more learning than us and we don't consult them and we understand from them what we're supposed to do in what situation Anyway, what I'm saying that is

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that this this isn't of Allah, this name of Allah, and Mata cambio. Yes, you know, it tells us a whole range of things. But he also tells us that yes, we should be humble, but our times on this earth will mean to show who we are in who we can be so that others don't take advantage of us. Now we have we come to the next a few names of Allah Rasool Allah harlot, Albury, Anil musawah. So I'm going to do these three together because they've got resemblance together. And there are some some similarities together. But the will they're also difference there. They're also different from one another. So alcoholic, alcoholic is the creator. Okay, now I want to take you take it to one thing,

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let's say for example, somebody is somebody is now you know, got this entire plan to do something. Right.

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So number one is you plan and you have this kind of a blueprint of what you want to do, but you haven't yet done it. Number two, the second phase is that you bring it into shape, right? You bring it into its existence, right? Like for example, somebody wanted to create this building. So that's that's the blueprint, they've got an idea that they want to do this. Number two is that they've got a blueprint in their mind, but they then they go

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Head and they bring workers together, they bring other people contractors together, and then they put the cement and bricks together and they bring the building into existence. But number three is that after bringing the building into existence, like the mortar in the bridge, the main part of it, you still got to make you look really nice. So here's where the design comes in the design of, you know, the, the environment around this, the trees, the atmosphere, how how the doors gonna look, the design of all the windows, the design of the balconies, the design of each and every part of these is going to be glass building, the design of it looking so great, even when you look at it from

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miles away, the design of the interior of every part of it, you know, like, when you're when you're trying to you know, do your house up, it's not just you getting a refurbishment of your house is also the lights in a particular type of lights and what they look like and you're gonna put a chandelier there, where you're gonna buy it from how big is it going to be, it's gonna look in, in it's gonna, it's gonna look like a chandelier that fits the befits a room. So when you look at when you walk into a room using that chandelier is the right size, and in the right place for this room. Okay, so all these things need to go in now allows majan he is alcoholic, the creator without him

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having created anything.

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Well, what do we mean by that, that allows origin, even if he didn't create anything, he still is the alcoholic, he still is the creator, because he has the power to do it, his power doesn't go away of creating because he hasn't created. Okay, this is one thing that we understand from our aqidah. Now our beliefs. The second thing is, allows you that because he's an alcoholic, he is he is the one and only unique alcoholic. What does that mean? He is so unique in his creation, that there is nobody else that comes near to immigration, why? Because every particle that is needed to create something come from Allah and nobody else. So so let's get a hold of this, let's get a hold of this,

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If for example,

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you wanted to, you know, let's say for example, there was a whole, you know, part of the summer where they were they had a particular seed, this one seed only exists there, it doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. So if you wanted to create an if you want to get some, some plants and so on, you'd have to go to that bank seed, or the seed bank, sorry, to try and get get that seed and to do something. So the thing is that once you've got all the elements of something in one place, you have to go to that place to do what you want. And imagine this allows, you know, when when there are creators on this earth, and whether it's scientists or whether it is inventors, whether it is

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designers, or anybody who's done anything, whether they've made, you know, robots that made artificial intelligence, they've you know, they've cloned the sheet of cloned a monkey, the clone, the human being the clone, whatever, whoever does whatever on this earth, is using elements that were already provided on this earth and existed on this earth and all of those came from Alaska. So that can be they can never be, they can never be a holiday or a creator or philosopher. Never. Because every particle he gave from that you created something else. He gave Dolly the sheep and from there they cloned another sheep. So he gave all the elements. You know all the humans and gyms

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on this earth, they can't create anything at all without the elements of Allah. That's what makes a lot of origin, the most unique in terms of him being a Holic v creator. The second thing is that say, for example, allows you to create you know, I want you to now understand this, look, how do we connect ourselves through this thing to Allah Subhana Allah, how do you how do you connect to your mother? You look at your mother, okay, you look at your mother, you think, Wow, I'm a piece of her. You look at your father and you think I'm a piece of him. You know, when you grow up? Why do you connect so much to your mother and father? Because you're a piece of them. I just met someone's

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drummer today. You know, the brother, he's probably 5050 something years old. And you know, he held my shoulder You know, he said, he said, I really miss my father. My father just passed away last month, and he passed away after him this son spending 60 years with him. And he goes, I really miss my father. Why are you so connected to your father or your mother? Because you see so much in them Europeans of them you came kind of you know, between them, you know from the elements you will created. They wrote you up you have so much in connection with them. And that's why you know, they bought your they looked after you till you grew up to understand what's going around you and that's

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why your mother and father no matter how distant you are from them, you still have this connection with them.

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Now, if you're so connected with your mother and with your father, I want to ask you

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When's the last time when we even thought about us, our allies really in the same sense, in the sense that Allah is a Holic, he created every single part of my existence that I want you to just imagine this, if you can just do this right now Look, just touch your nose, your your face, this face, these eyes, these is this whole body was created in every element by alcoholic and I am the muck law, I am his creation, there can be no stronger connection than is most stronger than most stronger than my own mother and my own father might think about this. And I'll highlight the creator not only had this, you know, he not only one, you know, you not only thought of me becoming into

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he brought me into existence. So this is when the next time alberi comes. Remember, I told you that there's a blueprint, and then the guy wants to, you know, brings the workers and the contractors together, Allah azzawajal brought his other things together. So he told his angels, okay, let this happen. And then my father, my mother, they got together and from their elements, and I'm being creative. And as I'm being creative in the room, this is Al Baghdadi. Now at work, now that building is coming to work. And what's the last thing that I told you, I sent you after the build is made the after enough that to design this building, make it so fashionable, make it so adorable. So every

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door, every crank, every piece, every every light, every you know, look, image is going to now be invested into how wonderful it's going to look. Now you think, look, as I'm growing in my mother's womb, Allah is the next the next name, al-musawi comes into existence, which is he's now fashioning me. So imagine this Rocky, I don't know when your birthdays I think of your birthday, before your birthday. Okay, nine months before your birthday, all of this is going on. So you're, you're being created in their stomach. Okay, so this whole thing I'll highly call is going to bring it into existence. Albury is not making us forming you about it. All right. And then as you're developing

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Allah shaping your eyes, your your toes, how your feet are gonna look how your arms are gonna look. Okay, how your fingers right down to your fingerprint. And also with his fashioning, and he fashion me he fashioned you know, if you really sit down, you think about the process, there is no one closer to you than Allah, my friend right now I just want you just pause for a moment, you probably have got a wife or a husband or children or Father Mother, what I mean is so close to you on this earth, you might have you know, a friend, or something that is so attached. Why because you spend so much time with them. But you forgotten to think about the greatest of all, which is my entire

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existence. In fact, every single day, as I'm growing my the fashioning of my face, because people's faces change over time, slightly, but they change over time, even younger, changes a lot more when your only changes, change is less. Okay. But it's changing all the time, that's al-musawi that work, here's the fashion at work. And in fashion, my face the way it is. And that's, that's so close to the handler, you know, if you if you think about the look, if you think about you look looking at these eyes, that's alcoholic who wanted me to come into existence, he made me come into existence. And then after that he fashioned every single part of me, right, feel proud of how you look, right?

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A lot of people who want to change that, you know, change that face, you know, go for Botox go for, you know, lip sort of, you know, don't don't make the lips look bigger. Or maybe they want to, you know, make the, I don't know, there's so many things like lighting, Allah, how do I have a facelift or the only change is part of the body or that part of the body look.

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In Islam, we there's one thing which is we don't change any part of our body unless it is like an emergency. Like, you know, if somebody had a knife, somebody had an ear missing, right? So they can't get a replacement for an ear. If you've got a tooth missing, you get a tooth replacement, and so on. Is something absolutely necessary. If you don't know, please go and consult Lola consulted scholars. You're not supposed to just, you know, end up with some money fancy a change in your face or your body and you just do it because you've got the money. Why? Because in one sense, it shows that you're not happy with the alcoholic that created you the way you are. Okay, there's a problem

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with your body. We understand that God consults callers if they give you permission to do it, but if there's no problem with your body, you just feeling that I'm not looking so great. I'm I need to sharpen my nose to make myself look, you know, like that next woman better than that next woman. You know, this whole thing comes with it with a complex of the place where any of this

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People who look at Instagram they look at social media and they make themselves feel miserable because they look at other people's lives and they compare their face to other people's faces. I you know, it's just the point 000 1% of people who are so beautiful in this world you know, you have to go through major surgery to make yourself look as good as them and even then your surgery is probably going to give you a lot of pain even after surgery you're gonna have to do a lot to your face to keep it up to what it is what for.

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Just because you made yourself feel like that that's what it is. This whole society keeps on pumping in adverts so many, you know, beautiful looking people. Okay, they get selected to be put in front of our faces all the time through adverts, and then it makes us feel that we're not so good looking. But my friend, switch it off, switch off, switch your mind from that off and then make yourself look at yourself in the mirror and say 100 lamp Subhan Allah Okay, I'm so proud of the way I was making I don't care how you look. Because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder whoever looks at you, whoever's heart allowed to put muhabba love in for you, they will love you no matter what. And there

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are people like that will usually just carry on and you search and you will find the right person. So don't go around you know changing your own appearance because you want to look you know so great to whatever and you mess yourself up in the process or you show by the list you show a lot that I wasn't happy with the way you'd created me like I said, Look, this is this is this is not talking about people who've got a problem with you know, a real problem with the way they look. For example, if someone's got a real bent nose or something, then Okay fine, go for some surgery, but but go and consult the owner first anyway. So, a Holic is the one that you know is the creator. He has, he just

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has to say Khun B and it is but through that process alberi he brings it into form and and Musawi he shapes his shapes it and Allah has said no to Corolla they use over 100 kV shop. He is the one who fashions you fashions the way you look in your mother's womb while you're still there. And then he brings us out. Let me let him lie to me. Now.

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We have, we have other names Alonzo young. In this channel, one of the one last one we're going to do for today is Allah how far he is the most forgiving, V most forgiving. Now I don't care how many sins you've done, my brother and sister.

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the defeat of the shaytan doesn't come to you because he made you sin again, I want you to remember this. The shaytan hasn't defeated you because he made you sin again. But shaytan most likely has defeated you the day he makes to me he makes you think that you can never be forgiven again. That's when boom shakedowns gotcha. So remember this always, no matter how bad you be, no matter how many things you've done on this earth, even if it goes to the worst of sins and the worst of crimes you can ever think of the day shaytan has defeated you is the day that shaytan makes you believe that you can never be forgiven again. If you haven't been defeated in that way, this is a wrong thing.

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You can be forgiven any moment but just by turning to Allah Zoda so I want you to feel that Look, my sins are there Yes, I'm going to take all my sins in front of Allah xojo and I'm going to say to him please please forgive me and I'm going to use this then we are how far we are far we are far we are far oh one who is so forgiving. There is no one more forgiving than Allah. and carry on repeating that name. And think of a larger and humble yourself in the world in front of Allah till your heart feels that you know what we nilla with permission, Allah, I will be forgiven. My brothers and sisters. You're there now. Just one more minute. Okay, one and a half more minutes of your time. And

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I'll be gone. I have asked you and I'm asking you again. And this is Look, guys. This is for your own benefit is not my benefit. It's not anyone else's benefit. If you think somehow I want you to go to Surah Al Morocco right now. Surah Malachi, just to take your mind over there. The last part of Solomon African, you know what he says? He says that a person is at the time of their death. Imagine I'm right now at the time of my death, or you're now at the time of your death. You know what a person says person says rugby rugby my lord Lola, a heart attorney Oh Allah My Lord, if you only could have extended my time for a little bit. I'm just asking you for like a few minutes. Not Not

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many seconds, maybe less than a minute.

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And all I want you to do just give me a few more seconds for us sadaqa I'm going to give a massive amount of amount of

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Charging in your in your pathway while coming outside, and then I can be the most righteous. You know, if you think about it, a person at the time of death is not asking for two cans of soda, a person at the time of death is not asking for, you know, give me time so I can do another Hodge a person with the time of death. He's not saying, you know, give me another day I can fast a person at the time of death is saying give me time a lot, just a little bit of time, all I have to do, you just go and grab where my money is in my house and just give it in charging. Or I basically will go online or click this thing. And I'm going to give it in chapter two. Why do they say charity,

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because he says he because Google's even famous Josie or ima, he says, when the person is at the time of death, they look at the reward Allah is given for all the different actions. And they see that sadaqa was one of the biggest reasons for them gaining the most reward in such an of a little piece of time. So it's the shortest amount of time but the greatest amount of reward. And if not, I know Josie ramabai says that's the reason why they say to Allah give me a little bit of time, I can give some of my brothers my sisters with this button 313 regard in the description of this video, whether it's YouTube, or Facebook, if you look at the bottom, you'll find links there, all you need

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to do is click the link we're asking for 330 people to come forward and only raise 313 pounds, we're not asking you to raise 1000s of pounds, only 313 pounds. If you can just look if you can just click that link at the bottom of the video. So there's a description on the Facebook of YouTube, just click link and fill in a couple of descriptions and the team will be back with you and they will they will give you the form all you then need to do is forward the form to some other people, just a few other people 1520 people inshallah and your target will be raised. And in return of that we don't know in return that there's a competition going on. We've got 300 tickets that we're giving

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out to the people for various reasons, okay, someone will probably raise the highest and so on so forth. And that's going to be the as an extra bonus but whether you get that or not, you're looking at the time of your death. The biggest reward is going to be the donations that you've you've given yourself a collected during your life. These are the biggest moments and Ramadan, everything is times by 70. Anyway, I've said enough, please right now, you've got two things to do. Okay, just go to the bottom of a bottle bottom, click that link. And the second thing Remember I said do hard today before muckety muck drive draws are going to be answered. Zack know how to cinematic what

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happened to Lego