Every night of Ramadan brings a special blessing Do you know it

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As the evening enters every night from Amman, it brings with it a unique type of Mercy of Allah and a special blessing that descends, we ask Allah to allow us to taste it. What is this blessing? Well, let me take you further Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, who Allah Allah, he was RPh mine. One of the pillars of Islam is the five daily prayers. We have two of them that are fulfilled during the daylight hours, and three that are fulfilled, while it is still dark, Fajr Maghrib and Isha that are fulfilled while it is still dark, or fulfilled in an audible fashion, especially when reading in a congregation. The other two are silent. And during

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daylight hours, all the prayers that are offered are silent, besides those that are offered in massive congregation, such as Salah to lead or the prayer of Joomla, and so on. Now, it's amazing how in the month of Ramadan, as much as we have given so much of importance to the abstaining from food and drink and so on. We have not given as much importance to the other pillars of Islam. And as we enter the evening, Allah makes it recommended to involve in much more of that pillar of Islam, the prayer.

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So, if you were to notice, when a person is close to sunset, close to the mercury prayer, which is immediately after the sunset, he or she will have some foodstuffs ready.

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It is very rewarding to prepare something that you could actually eat

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and to have it ready for the right time because to open your fast exactly when Allah tells you is something recommended and rewarding.