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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala and he also had mine Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh all my brothers and sisters we come to the sixth session of reflecting on the names of Allah azza wa jal and we come to the name of ally lien okay the all knowing now this name is one of the prime Names of Allah azza wa jal meaning that this really describes a lot about Allah azza wa jal, it describes a lot, a lot of delahey not only created the creation, but he is a full aware of and he is has full knowledge of every

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single person being creature thing, item one lawsuit has created at any given moment of hours, Allah is well aware, and he is in full knowledge of everything that he has created not only what is there right now, but also its past, its present, its future, what is to be, Allah knows all of that at any given moment, and there is nothing that escapes him. Nothing that escapes him, your Lambo, my elephant. Allah knows in the Quran, it says in Surah

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Saba, and also it's in Surah Al Hadid, Salah isagen, he says, He Allah May

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Allah knows what's going into the earth, or my Yahoo demon, how Allah knows what is coming out of the earth. Allah knows what's going towards the sky, or my Yabu. And Allah knows what's coming down from the sky, anything that is there, he knows that to the extent that in the creation that is greater contrast, a hadith of Sahih Muslim,

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Allah azza wa jal, he knows a an ant that is there on imagine this, okay? It's all dark, it's nighttime, it's it's so dark that you can't see anything, you can't see anything. So in that dark night, there's a black rock. And on that Black Rock, there is a black and so now we're getting to the extent that it's impossible for us to see this.

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As that ant walks on that rock, Allah He is in every footstep he makes. And Allah sees that, that and not only that, him being Allah Halim, he is well aware of the and the, imagine this, okay, the ants life, from the beginning to this point, the ant life from that point till it's going to die. All the other ants in the colony, each and every one of them, every particle inside them. I mean, I mean, of course, we can't imagine all of that, but just just get an idea. And that and, you know, all it's all its food, what it's going to eat, where it's where it's going to rest, okay, then the rock thing about the rock, all the pebbles, all the grains of sand, Allah knows every single

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movement of every single one, he knows when that Iraq is going to move from his place, when it's going to move, who's going to move in what's going to move it, he knows all of that. And that's just a small area of rocks that say, imagine the entire Subhanallah the colon existence, okay? Every single piece of this earth right down to the ocean, every part of the water, every single fish that is there, every animal, every human being Subhanallah it goes on and on and Allah has all of that knowledge at any given moment. And Nothing escapes him. This is this is Allah. Okay, this is subhana wa Tada, this is Allah. Now he may Allah alene. One of the things for us, the way we can relate to

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this, is that we also know things, okay, but our knowledge is in no way in comparison to his knowledge. Now, imagine this, okay? You know, there are people people on the earth who kind of think that they've sold things by just using the you know, using their mind and so on.

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he allows Allah azza wa jal, you know, he knows everything and he is human beings trying to solve things, trying to find, find what all of this means. I was just listening to a

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a podcast or something just just this just this week.

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And it's surprising that scientists now are saying that Okay, there was the big bang theory. But, you know, among scientists that have been paid papers that have been circulating for for some time

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that there could be more than one big bank. All right, multiple universities. And they're saying that there's so many not just one universe, but that could be more. And in each one, there could have been a big bank or something. So, lai Levine, Subhan, Allah, Allah, they even haven't fully worked out how snowflakes have got the, you know, unique designs, of course, they're going to say it's the, the humidity, the way the snowflake will fall. And you know, the way the wind will blow, and it's going to put into shape, blah, blah, blah. But each snowflake that comes down with a different design is something amazing. So now you get to a state where you're where you think, you

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know, scientists are not talking about talking about different universe. Not only that, but somehow a lot. I mean, the whole the whole way of how they've seen matter.

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There's a now whole, you know, we could enter a new phase, where they're saying everything they've understood, they've understood, since you know, the last, let's say, 400 years or whatever, they could spin it on its head and say, Well, you know what, there's more than what meets the eye. Because they're discovering things in the cosmos, the way they're looking at black holes. And the way they're looking at how matter and energy you know, what, what is it? What is matter? What is energy? What's the atom? And how does the atom work? Right down to that there's now new scientific research. Now, I don't know how long it's going to take for it to come fully up to the surface. But

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the questioning everything, the questioning, you know, have they really understood what they've understood. So the thing is, this allows you to send in the whole Quran over 1400 years ago, he's attorney him iottie nafion frt of emphysema, Allah said, I'm going to show my signs to them. In the horizons beyond the beyond this earth, I will show them in the cosmos, I will show them in the universe signs. Wolfie unfussy him, and right inside them to I'm going to show them signs. So let's look at inside two things, okay? the exploration of the universe is continuous, it's like they're baffled with how much they're finding that is out there, just in terms of the stars and galaxies and

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whatnot. But they're also baffled at the same time of how much is inside our bodies. So Hannah law, I mean, I think it was a marvelous idea, Emma said that, you know, you're wondering about a universe outside there. But you're forgetting that within yourself, there is a universe, right? This is this is no small thing, the amount of things Allah has put inside our bodies and how unique it is, and how many particles how many things that are, is, is beyond what you may call phenomenal.

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Because they just keep on discovering, I mean, only in 1950s, they discovered the DNA, then they discovered the genes and now you know, to take 80,000 biology

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that that gives is that they're still finding things, they're still finding new parts of new parts of the body that that that is baffling them. For example, the brain they've said force for some time, they were saying that we don't use 85% of the brain but now the discovering there are many paths. In fact, all the brain is more or less being used, but just they just don't know how now allows you all along has placed all these things why? Because he wanted to create an era jazz he wanted to he wanted to make the the human beings and genes he wanted to make them feel absolutely incapable and feeling so small in front of Allah and when we are we couldn't even probably tell

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right now what exactly is there in its entirety in a single grain of sand? Yet human beings they kind of feel that you know what I've got it all worked out of what's happening in the whole of the Invisible Hand laid out in a lot of mines us he says and this has something to do no of Allah says in Surah Yusuf bajo levy Illuminati before the real rally above everyone who knows, there is someone else who knows more. And this is a beautiful part of the year the older crowd is beautiful, but this is a beautiful part for our lives to to just think that everything you know, right now, there's somebody that knows more than you in any field that you know, there's going to be somebody who knows

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more than you. Right? And Allah Of course above everyone. And you know, if you think about it, every single person that you meet, know, something that you don't know. And I was also thinking this now.

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I was thinking like, Allah, you know, like, you you come across people who didn't know something and you think ah, how can we doesn't even know that. But there was a time when you never knew that either.

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Think about it every piece of knowledge that you've got right now, there was a point of your life when you came across it first time. What are the ages that was, and different people are different ages are going to come across different information.

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So what's the big deal if somebody doesn't know something which you know, because there's so many things that you don't know, which many others know, we're all in the same, you know, we're all in the same sort of, you know, circle. And we shouldn't look down on others and thinking, well, oh, he doesn't know that. She doesn't know that. If you've got some knowledge. You know, how the last share it one of the things about knowledge, which one of my greatest model of our mana for him, and bless him and give him the highest ranking gender. I mean, he said, he said that, you know, with with knowledge, one of the things you know, one of the things with knowledge is that you can continue to

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know and you can continue to know. But as you learn more and more, you just can't you just find that there's even more to learn. Okay, there's even more to learn, you can carry on learning and learning.

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And as you learn, what you discover is that you know what, yesterday, I was, I was ignorant. You know, yesterday, I thought I knew it, oh, today I read something different. So I know more. But actually, after knowing what I know, today, even more, it makes me look even smaller, because I never knew this yesterday. So just the thing how small we are, and allows the agenda he gives his knowledge, he gives his knowledge to whoever you want, to whatever extent he wants, and this knowledge can increase for us. And one of the things that we learned from the

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were in sort of a heartless region has taught us to save up visit our increased knowledge. I want to say all the brothers and sisters out there, please, you know, complete your knowledge of the deen at least you should know what the what the religion wants us to know.

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If you really haven't,

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there are there are no books out there. I understand. You know, one of the sets of books that I did with, with a team of people in stuffer Academy is for children, a lot of adults have actually discovered that their religion through that, you know, because we've made it for children, it's aimed at the children level. You know, one of the things that they they say is that, you know that the books that are that are written for the simplest mind, become books that everybody can can relate to. So anyway, if you go to several publications, you can find a whole set of books there that will give you an understanding of your religion, but you don't have to go there you can go and

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get your knowledge from anywhere else you want. And the thing about you getting your knowledge from somewhere is that you got to complete your knowledge regarding what you need to know about the asset or about your dunya about all of this now, Allah azza wa jal, he's teaching us every single day. And all we have to do is just go and learn and then practice what we've learned. And Allah azza wa jal on the Day of Judgment, he is going to reveal to us all the things, all the things that you know Subhana Allah, all the things that we we knew of all the things that were there and things that we didn't even know because that's the day when Allah will reveal your data will the day when Allah

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will open up is going to open up the the things that we never know the things that you always thought, oh god, how does that how does that happen? It's on Allah is going to reveal all of it. So if you don't know something

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on the day Jasmine, everything that we clear right down to every human being that you came across all the motives of the heart inside them what they thought or what they planned, whatever against you or for you, whatever it was, you're going to know all of that. Anyway, this is Allah's Name aligning, and if you want to if you want to expand your knowledge, then yes, yeah alima alima Korean you know, asking Allah Allah Alinea I know but also Lhasa la hora seven told us Allahumma limni Marian from Allah Allah minima and founder Allah Teach me or make me know those things that are going to benefit me because we want beneficial knowledge. We don't want knowledge that is not

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And we know the thing is to try and get knowledge that will actually benefit us anyway. The next time we'll come we come to is we come to two names Okay, that go together. I'll argue an ambassador. Hey, Aloha, Bill build an alphabet soup. So I will call it is the one who restrains who constraints. Something that gets restrained or something that allows can can restrain and allow sip is something that expands or basil is the one who actually expands right? So the one who the one who causes constraint, and the one who expands. Both of these are his names. And he can do that in any of the things that he's given us.

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One of the one of the crucial things that Allah talks about in the Holy Quran is about the wealth that he's given us and he's asked us to handle is asked us to give that wealth out to others to give it out to others. And this is one thing that might serve money for him you know he taught me my login general treatise is that whatever Allah has given you if you carry on giving it to others allowed give you even more so knowledge that Allah has given you the island that we just covered knowledge on has given you if you give whatever you know to others if you say everything you know to others, allow the load expand your knowledge. This is phenomenal. I couldn't understand it properly.

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Wonderful Brahim. He said that he said, You know, he said one of the you know, he said going tell just give it out to others and you're gonna see Allah will give you more. And you know, there's a point when you first start doing anything I need to you know, I need this is something I know when I go to a certain lecture, I'm going to just say that there I need to not say to anybody else right now because that's that's that's all the limited thing I've got. And he said, you just say to say, and, and I found this at first, I'm experienced that you go out there and you share it you say and Allah just happens to give you more. Same with wealth. Same with wealth, if you've got wealth, and

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if you just give it out you've continuously given sadaqa I'm telling you that you're gonna see that some more comes right. You give it out some will come because the Hadith says you have an Adam Oh son of Adam unfit. Also Alec, author of Adam, you spend, I'll spend the new, you spend go ahead you spend, I'll spend the new I'll give you more. And the whole thing is as long as we're on this earth, Allah is look altaba basit, he Allah says will love who Yakubu webisode Allah says that Allah is the one who can constrain your your wealth and whatever is given you. And you can also open it up.

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So the thing is that we were the duty to give to others in the morning, every quarter Siadatan vaccari allows has two angels that make this dry every morning our law open and expand for the one who gives today. And I will close up and make a constraint for the one who keeps you know who's who's a stingy person who keeps it to himself. This is a hadith where two angels meant that there are every single day. So if you give you that you're going to find expansion. If you hold everything yourself or you don't want to give, right, then it's gonna start closing up. It's like, Look, there's a beautiful thing that the Quran has has explained to us. He said, The Quran in the

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beginning says what he says what we merasakan are human support from that we've given them they they give, right so we've provided them and from that they give to others. Now that word in fact, or you know, Union fit on to give to others. It comes from a root word in Arabic That is from non far off. Okay, NASA, NASA. Now NASA is like, oh Natok in Arabic, is a tunnel.

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Okay, so a tunnel has two open ends from one where it comes in another one when it goes up. Now if you keep that end, open, and this and also open that anything comes in can go through and it keeps keeps coming in and it keeps going through.

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But imagine you closed one end, what happens something comes in it gets stuck, not something else comes he gets stuck, stuck, stuck and nothing can pass through. And that's what allows you as Regina has told us that you know you give you spend and I'm going to give you all right, that's that's the way well luckily, midway through the luck and expanded luck and you know, constraint Why? Because it's up to you. If you keep on doing what you're supposed to do, then I'm going to make it I'm going to expand for you. Now there's also like they explained

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the your heart can also feel this, there's many things I'm just gonna give you two examples. When I gave you about wealth, one I'm going to give you about the heart. Sometimes, you know your heart opens up to wanting to worship Allah. And sometimes you feel that your heart closes even though you're worshiping Allah, you know, feeling that sensation. I just want to tell you all you brothers and sisters, look, if this ever happens to you, then don't worry, it's happened. It happens to even some of the greatest scholars of Islam, that sometimes the heart doesn't feel like it just doesn't connect up. This is something which allows does to us as believers because he wants to test us to

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see which one of us is going to still carry on staying there. And which one which one of us like what once you don't receive what you kind of thought you're going to have a good feeling of you know, after one thing you know, it's not for me, well you can just walk away. So behind Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is testing us, and you will find this Abdullah bin Masuda Relenza, he said he said when you heard he said you're going to find that your heart opens up like to the poor and to liquor to a bad that to worship and so your heart opens up something

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And your heart closes and as he states constraints upon and he said, he said, enjoy and take full advantage of the times when your heart does open take full advantage but when it closes is just continued because after what Allah will open it up again Allah Allah will give you that taste again once you stay you know continuous doing your rather low we'll open it up again in Shall I mean anyway. So these are two names, I will call it and our basketball and again if you want to call it allows was really if you find that you know what something's something's like constraining we just use the name yeah bicep or one who opens opens okay things yeah, massively yeah but it also spreads

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things open. And you're going to use that name to try and get that stress or wherever else you might have inside you just away and for your chest to open up.

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So these this is the name that you can use me a lot as well give us that opening and save us from from things being constraint upon us. So the next two names again, they're going pairs is a harfield and a Roth here. Okay? A harfield is the one who brings down and a Roger is the one who lifts up. So what this means is that allows real you know, literally Okay, we can say okay, someone's going down, someone's gonna up but this is more or less metaphorical, which means that in our lives, what a lot can do is that he can, he can put someone down, take someone down, or he can lift them up, lift them up, meaning lift you up in a way that you know, things benefit you so there's a famous Hadith in

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Sahih Muslim that says, oh, surely Allah azza wa jal through this Quran, he's going to lift up many nation, many nations, and he's going to put down many others, meaning that those people who approach the foreign and they they approach the Quran and they read it as it ought to be read it they benefit from it as it ought to be benefited from Allah azza wa jal will give you know will lift them up main meaning that he is going to give them the benefits of the Quran. And in the dunya. And in the afternoon, they will find that you know, the, there are people who are above others, in many different, you know, blessings Allah will give them but at the same time, there are people who will

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approach the Quran, and they will want to, they want to just find mistakes in there. And they want to, you know, put the Quran down they want to find faults in there, they want to say Islam is this is time is that and so on. And through the Quran, again, those people unfortunately, they're going to be bogged down.

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I just want to say to you lie, lie, lie. Look, you know, if you want to know about dignity, you know, don't look at, don't look at who's got who's got what wealth in this world. That's not what you find that because Allah opens up Slovakia, and he says, either worker, the worker, when that game catastrophe roll event will happen, meaning the Day of Judgment, either walk out to the walk ER and lay Sally locati her caregiver in the in the striking of this day of judgment, there is no lie. Unless and it is definitely going to happen. Then he says how Fuda raffia How have you dealt with raffia? Allah says, This Day of Judgment is going to put certain people down and this day of jasmine

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is going to lift certain people up. That's the world My brothers and sisters where you find who was what my friends Look, don't don't look at who's got what wealth and start, you know, it's all about what today is all about yesterday, and today is well it's been about who's got what, well, what because we're big house, okay, how many properties? How many assets? How much in the bank, right? Or how high in how many degrees how many certificates you've got, how many ranks you got, how many badges you got, how many whatever you know, built in, but it could be about you know, how much how much you know, people actually respect your time today is more about social media and the likes,

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you've got how many followers you got, you know how many subscribes, oh my god, these all come down to this. But on the day of gentlemen, all of that is not going to matter at all.

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Not going to look at money. No one's going to look at you know who's famous because of what you've got, what kind of because you're not even going to have a house while you think about it. This house I'm sitting in right now is not even going to exist on the Day of Judgment. And when we come down the Day of Judgment is not about that. It's about who gets to dinner. Who gets to Jenna, and who's who's in there. And who makes it over there who crosses bridge the bridge of Hellfire without having to fall in jail. That's what it's about. So that that day of judgment is going to put certain people down as in when they get to the bridge is going to it's going to drop them down into the into an

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alpha. That's real Haifa and Rafi are those people who make agenda they're going to high above

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And then the people who've made it. So mallozzi they'll give us you know that to feed to do things that Allah lifts us up especially to this poor and then we come to the next two names again, it's a set.

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Elmore is a movie, the one who gives dignity and the one who can create disgrace. Okay? The one who gives dignity. Now dignity is there today for you might have you might have is that people might actually give you some honor today. But that not or not, cannot last unless Allah makes it last. Now think about this, that there have been so many kings in the past

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whose noses whose faces are completely vanished today because it's rubbed into the dust and the whole all there is is probably a few bones

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even that you might not find in every graveyard, okay? kings, kings, queens, people ruled you know, think about the strike. People who ruled ruled entire countries where they could get they could just say one thing and someone could be instantly dead because there's one of them to do to be killed. kings who had massive civilizations, kings who had armies of a million, you know, half a million million of cavalry that they will send out and they could cause wars and they were untouchable. Today all we've got a few bombs, just a few bombs. Allah says he gives dignity to whoever he wants and he takes me for world war three but I think I ran through number three and number 26 I think it

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is well as really teaches and he said all he says Sadie's Allahumma marechal Allah Who is the who is the owner of this whole Dominion to the milkman antosha you give your opinion this New York house to summon a town to some other country to someone some wealth is a man some gold to some man to the moon cup man Tasha you gave part of your Dominion to whoever you want

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to tell moon commando within Zoho and you also see is your Dominion from whoever you want. You could just take it off them you could just give it to somebody else. And that same as what resume and Tasha were to the lumen Tasha you give dignity and honor to whoever you want and you base and you shame you or shame whoever you want you put down whoever you and this is this is your kingdom. This is you and your kingdom. And this is where Subhanallah we we understand that look the Quran says a wonderful thing you know what happened with this lesson allows him

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he went to a particular battle and on the way when he's coming back in one of the

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things that they plan they said look we're not gonna even let him come back into the city. We're gonna stand at the gate and we're going to stop him from coming inside the city of Medina him and all the Muslims

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you know what happened? He was I think was Abdullah bin obey His own Son stood against him from the Muslim side and they said, Listen, isn't you you do this you're dead dad said I'm gonna take you out anyway, the story goes that, you know, this whole episode happened where the Malacca game or the hypocrites they wanted to expel the Muslim from Medina and not let them come back in. And it's a beautiful thing that look, look at the Muslims, okay, the Muslims at this moment who just lost a lot Horus and they don't have wealth, okay? They're hungry half the times. You look at their clothes, and their clothes out, patched up, okay? They don't have enough horses and camels to ride when they

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go out there for their battles. They don't have that. They are a tiny amount of people. And they're generally the poor.

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And what did Allah say?

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Because the Malachi King, they made the statement, they said Laos regional zoom in hell, Adele, this isn't sort of nice. Musudan 63. They said, those of us who've got honor, we're going to expel and we're going to throw out the people who are lonely and the people who don't have honor. And they're referring to lots of alarms. And this however the alarm at night. And Allah said straightaway, let's think about it. Think about that. Think about the profit and loss and think about the Muslims think about how they look right think about the appearance and everything but what about the Vatican the wealth, and they're hungry half the times.

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Allah said while he lay here is while you're assuming he won't even mini Well I can tell when I've been alive. cohoon Allah said Allah, Allah, Allah Allah said

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Riza and dignity belongs to realize the real dignity real honor belongs to Allah first.

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belongs to His Messenger number two, and belongs to all the believers number three, but the hypocrites will never be

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able to comprehend or notice Suhana Lyla, Adam in this I want to de la say, look, we Muslims and when you think about this before before we end, okay? we Muslims today we think well look at some Muslims, you know you we don't have all that superpower we don't have this we don't have that we don't have, you know the technologies in our hands and that and this and the scientific developments in the r&d and the research and development, the doing and we don't have all of that in our hands. Look just because you don't have all of that doesn't mean that you don't have honor because honor belongs to Allah, His Messenger and to the believers and that's what we should. That's what we

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should be thinking of. Honor belongs to us because you don't just measure things from this world. You measure it from the arcanum that's where the real honor is May Allah azza wa jal give us honor in this world and in the next I'm going to take you a massive jack no hide for all of those who've signed up for the Bhagat free one three those of you who still haven't received your phone you're going to receive them very soon inshallah and I think we you know, brother son will be speaking to you later on about how to you know, propagate to others but I'm just gonna say to you one thing that massive just a couple of my drawers are with all of you whether you've signed up or you haven't

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signed up, Zach, for all your support and everything that you've been doing and I'm going to see you again inshallah, meaning that tomorrow 6:30pm hope you foster going well, salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato