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The speakers emphasize the importance of understanding the physical state and avoiding loss of faith in Islam. They discuss the benefits of the implementation of the new bill in the Quran, including the impact on the state of the mind, heart, and physical body. The progression of Islam's stages is discussed, starting with "has been" and "has been" before "ents Raymond" and "ents Raymond" is the title given to those who have achieved the goal. The segment touches on the concept of "ents Raymond" and its significance in the context of a "ents" label.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad wa

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salam ra aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Brothers and sisters Welcome to another session about the themes of the Quran. And so far we've gone through quite a lot of how Allah azza wa jal has based the Quran upon a development of the of the human being, first in Makkah, and then in Madina, munawwara

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we've done themes on the straight path, the themes on a man on belief wisdom, themes on the mentality, that allies building in terms of the era of understanding the author of being aware of the ACA and so on. And we've come

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through to from Mecca to Medina. And now what we're doing is we're going to come to the theme of what Allah azza wa jal wants to wants for us to change inside us. A this is this is something which a lot of us are unaware of. A lot of us in our daily lives we are more concentrated, we know we will constraint a lot more on people's outer appearance than the inner appearance. And Allah azza wa jal is more concerned about the inner appearance

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more than the outward appearance, and a lot of us don't realize that when we come across, you know, people, you can easily spot someone who's got something wrong on the outside, but you can easily spot something which someone's got wrong on the inside when I say the inside, I mean inside of the mind, okay. So So analyzing the Quran has put a lot of emphasis on getting the inside right before the getting the outside right. And if you look at the Macan, look at the Medina period in a Salah five times a day has become after nine years of Rasulullah sallallahu has been preaching for 10 years okay? So they say on the 10th year of him preaching Salah five times a day that his father

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came you know, what was prescribed, Salah was there before this, but it wasn't it wasn't obligatory.

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Now what was happening during those 10 years during those 10 years, many verses in is we're coming down to build something which is about today's theme, which is the column A the column something called a column. Now what is the column literally a column is translated as the heart. But Calvin the Quran is a lot more vast than that. And you've got to know we're going to explore this a little bit the Quran is a lot more vast than us just referring to it as the heart

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is something inside the human being that never stays in the same state. And that's that's important for us to understand. The Quran is very specific in the words that it uses. So, you know, so you know, when we read the Quran, sometimes we just read some like mal Mal, okay, which is we'll say as well. But it's not wealth. Not only just wealth, it is wealth, but not only wealth. Because if you look at the root of man, Malik Emmylou means to be inclined towards something. So everything The human being is inclined towards has a desire towards that is man, that is what what man is. So because we are inclined towards gold, silver, money, we normally say this is Mal, this is wealth,

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because we are inclined towards you know, having a house and having other items in this world and other things. That's why he says, Man, that the Quran is very specific. So regarding curl, because today's one is about curl.

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Curl is not just the heart, it is the heart, but it's not just the heart curl literally means something which is turning over. And it continuously turns over, it turns over, it turns over, it doesn't stay in one state. What is that thing which is inside is that turns over? What turns over inside us is a number of things. Okay? But it's the state of our mind or the state of our heart or the state of our spirituality. All of that is the pulp and it is always changing. So no one state of mind, no one state of emotions, no one state of the heart, no one state of the you know, the inside is ever the same. One moment you're crying. Another moment you're laughing. Another moment you're

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desiring something. Now the moment you're upset and sitting down another moment, you're jolly and happy and up again. Another moment you are feeling that you want to be ambitious about something. Now the moment you're feeling like you want to just

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You know, just just just just lose time and just just just sit down and just just, you know, chill out and be with others. This this is the Okay, one moment you're angry another moment you're forgiving another moment you're stubborn another moment you're you're saying that I wanna you know, I've got to get this thing done. Now the moment you're saying that, I mean, I've got a I've got to move on in life. Now, the moment you're saying that I can't move on in life. All of these things are emotions and things that are happening inside the cells inside us. And that's the that's what's turning around.

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Sometimes you're inclined towards the Quran, sometimes you're not sometimes inclined towards Allah azza wa jal. Sometimes you're not sometimes you're enjoying, you're a burden you worship sometimes you're not, this is all okay? Now.

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Sometimes in the Quran, like in, in the Quran, Allah, Allah says in Surah number 33, surah Hassan II number 10, Allah Azza wa barakatuhu will hanergy their their collude with the occult, or the cuckoo is a plural of their kulu reached their their throats or their collarbones. Okay. Now what was this, this was in the time of the province of Alaska, they were in the battlefield. And they were at a time when the you know, everything death was literally just there in front of them. This was the Battle of a pond up, they were hiding behind rocks, they had a trench in front of them, that arrows storming from above them, like like rain that would come come above you that had the women that were

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left in Medina, which was a big threat that they were going to be raised to they're going to be killed. And the men here we're just sitting here with the problems that Allah has, and I'm just hoping that this this whole storm of arrows from the enemies, which were 10,000 of them that came across the trains, from McCullough macadam, and for many other tribes they came, but they had CJ Medina and this was a moment when Allah says we're Bella hottie kulu bull Hannah Gil when the hearts or they're called the state inside reach their throats meaning that this is now a state of panic and a time that they're feeling that they might they might be gone okay. So, what did Allah refer to as

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Calvinists, if you look into the seed, you will find that the Roma have said this this is specifically refers to the surah like the roar of the soul had reached the throats. Why? Because they're feeling that I'm about to die. And if you do consider walk there are in the end of Slovakia, you will find again another reference which allows origin says falola either Bella Tila hokum and again, what's referred to is the cult that you know, this is pseudo number 56 number 83. Again it's it's a state of dying and and that reaching the reaching the collarbones of the of the throat. Now this this was the road Okay, so the reference of Colombian The idea was to do with the rule, another

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reference in the Quran in Surah Surah number 50 and number 37 Allah says in it Danica, lovey Crawley man can Allahu Allah boon, our Alka Samira Hua Shaheed Allah azza wa jal says says in Surah katsudon, the 50 I number 37. He says that surely in this in this quarter, an surely in this quarter, and there is definitely a reminder for the one who has a heart or the one who pays attention and is listening.

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Now so hannula Why would Allah say, surely there is definitely a reminder in this plan for the one who has a heart because we all have hearts, Allah is not talking about this heart, what Allah means that if you look in the court, if you look into the seat is Allah azzawajal is referring to, if you have the knowledge of the Quran, and if you have the understanding, so all of a sudden have said is to do with the understanding of the Quran, if you have knowledge, and if you have an understanding of the Quran, that's what means over there, then you and you pay attention to the Quran, your your mind is present, then you will benefit from the Quran. Now here is to do with knowledge. So,

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knowledge and understanding. So our state of understanding is never the same. It's always changing. And that's another that's another thing that is always turning in our in our in ourselves. And and so how many times have we thought that we were right about something and then we suddenly realize that we are actually wrong about that thing? And that's a state of mind that's a state of the inside. Another part of the Quran Allah says in Surah number 33. So that is number 26. He said Wakanda looby Hema Rog Allah azza wa jal he struck into the hearts of the enemies, he struck all he made them feel that they were inspired with all now what is that? That is still

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of fear. So again, you can see that in the heart so this is the same heart, okay, in that heart what's happening we normally say that it's been hard. But what I'm trying to say is that in inside, a state of fear has come and a lot has said the heart or the color, the place where there is a change that is happening. That is the place where a large retailer has has put that put that they're in another part of the Quran surah number 48. So the fact is number four, Allah said, Angela Sakina, taffy, Luba him, Allah azza wa jal has, has brought down into the hearts, tranquility, and serenity. Now again, this inside, sometimes we feel tranquil and serene, and the heart is that part that will

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get this. Now what was happening to us is that

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you were always changing. And what's important is, if we changing from one state to another state, and the Quran has, has specifically numbered a few states of change, and what I'm going to get to in a bit is, if you start from, if you look here, if we say this is state number zero, okay, if you say this is here, right now, here in front of me, this pillar is the pillar here, and this is state zero, okay? A person, if they're changing towards good, they will go to positive one, let's just say is one, plus one. And if they change even further with the state of the heart, they're gonna go plus two, and then plus three, plus four plus five, plus six plus seven, in a total, I will show you

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through the Quran, okay, this is just, you know, looking at random verses of the Quran. And what you can see clearly is allows region is saying that the state of the mind, the state of the heart, the state of the inside, if you're working on it, what's going to happen is you're going to be going positive to positive, so it gets stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger. Okay. But at the same time, what the Quran has done, it's talked about the negative side. So from zero, if this is zero here again, then you can go minus one, minus two, minus three minus four minus five, minus six minus seven, all the way to minus seven. And again, I'm going to show you all the way to minus

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seven. So there's a plus seven, there's a minus seven. And we're continuously moving a notch down or a notch up a few notches down a few notches up, are we constantly every single human being, every single one of us is, is is moving like this in this in this in a state. And no one can say like, for example, today, if you're in a good state of Eman, okay, let's say you're in a good state of man, you're you're doing your Salah, you're reading for an, you know, you're inclined towards the dean, what you got to fear and what I'm gonna fear is, you may never stay in the same state, you may not be in the same state after one year, or after four months, or whatever it is, because what's

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happening is, Allah Azza wa, JAL will change the conditions outside of our bodies, or within our bodies outside the body. So either your health or someone's health around you, or some relationship that you've got, or some circumstance that you're in, or some business that you've got that might be there, or something else allow you to change the condition of all those things, or the people around you who are coming, who are going, or the the profits that you're making. Or it might be there might be a state of fear somewhere, or there might be a state of hope or worry, that might be anything that's constantly changing outside of ourselves. And that is going to have an effect on the notches

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that are moving. Because if I'm, if I'm sitting here, and I'm, you know, sitting here and just thinking, oh my god, oh my god, oh, my God, what's happened? What's happened? Why did this happen? Oh, my God, oh, my God, this relationship that I had with this person, okay. It could be a father to a son, it could be a son to a parent, it could be a wife to husband, husband to wife, it could be anything, right? This relationship, it could be calling to another colleague, it could be work employer to employee, it's like why this happened. To me this really bad situation, I'm not gonna I'm gonna get this dinner. You know, the state of worry. What is easy to can do is it can make a

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person move in terms of the state of inside and closeness to Allah azza wa jal, and the way we're supposed to get, you know, continues continues to get closer to him. It could drop us down a notch drops down another notch drops another notch. And we're going to discuss that today. So, just again, I'm going to now quote a few few more verses just to give you an idea of allows real referring to these things specifically and saying, what happens within us because of whatever might have happened in our lives. I'm going to give you the verses so you have an understanding that allows really is talking specifically about the culture or the inside and about the changes that are happening. So

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another verse, Allah says in Surah, number nine and number 10, he says, Well, he talked my inability

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Welcome, so that their hearts can become content. So what we understand here is one of the states is to be content and other of the poor answer number 18. So the caf is number 28. Allah has said, our fun palvelu and the cleaner while I'm muted in the higher dunya we have left him in a state of obliviousness oblivious from my reminder lysing from remembering me this person is oblivious this person is forgetful of remembering me while I'm you read in lol hayata dunya and this person does not desire anything, but the life of this world. So what you can see here is that there is a hafla the word used in the Quran here is hoffler which means being in a state of apathy, absent mindedness

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that your mind is absent from some from something your mind is not present about something so a very important part of the of our lives as a Muslim is the vicar of Allah. Okay, a very, very important part of you know, when I say we could have a lot most of you thinking, you know, okay that this be the super ha, the Savannah luz del hamdulillah Delilah Allah. No, no, no, that is just part of the kit. A lot of us have have again misunderstood many of these words because our culture's or the way we use these words refer to certain things. So if I say to you what Vicar you're going to tell a vicar is when you sit down and you just remember Allah with the sphere.

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That's not what the kid is only that is the kid but they can is a lot, lot, lot lot lot more wider. Okay? They can ease in every single part of our Islamic life of our Muslim life. So when in Salah you have

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you remembering a lot when you're doing what you're supposed to have zip code you supposed to remember a lot. When you go to hajis for Sumo Allah when you giving sadaqa uses remember Allah, Allah say, there's a Nia there's an intention that allows the sincerity. All of this is for Allah sake, when when you're

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in Ramadan, the whole day is supposed to be the whole night. But Rob, your camera is magical, when you didn't do it, again, because you can't call Allah and have an absent mind. And the rules Allah said very clearly, in Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah does not accept the dua have been lawful, have a heart that is absent from the remembrance of Allah while making law. So again, the kid is inserted in every single thing that we're supposed to do as a Muslim in our Islamic life. Okay, and that's where the real power comes in, where there is Vicar. Now remember, this is going to be the crux of everything that I'm saying that the whole point of I'm saying, where there is victory, you move not

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cheese up close towards Allah, where there isn't the case where there is no thicker than you're moving notches down away from Allah. And if you go below zero, then and towards the minus one minus two minus three minus four, and so on, you're moving towards the shaytan, or towards the towards the devil. So every single one of us every day, or every week, or every month, because sometimes the state changes within a day, it could change within an hour. And sometimes it takes a few days or a few months to change. Most people will remain on the same state for at least a good few days, a few weeks or whatever. But when the conditions in your life change, then or the company of friends that

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you have the socializing, you're doing the kind of places you're ending up on the internet, and on your phone or whatever happens with a with those conditions, what's happening is you're either shifting up or you're shifting down. And that happens every you know, every few weeks, or whatever you need. We all need to check ourselves if you don't, or if I don't check myself and say what is happening to me about my Taliban Obama inside, then what the Quran warns is

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you're being pulled down. So let's just say for example, let's just take this pen here,

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there's no way that this pen is going to stay where it is, if I let it go, you will know this. So let it go. That's gravity that's just pulled it down. gravity does pull down. Now what's happening is of course, this is quite heavy and it's going to put on let's say I had a feather in my hand, okay, if I had a feather or let's say a balloon in my hand, and and if I let the feather down, the feathers going to slowly start coming down. If you want to if you want to keep the feather up, then you find it from below, and the feather is going to start rising again. If you've got a balloon, you blow from from from underneath, the balloons gonna rise up, but the moment you stop blowing, the

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moment you start fanning the feather from below the balloons.

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slowly start to you know, drop down slowly. It's not it's not as fast as pen but it slowly start to come down same as the feather, it's gonna start to slowly come back down again. Our state is that if we don't continuously inject a vehicle, into our, into our inside the state of mind that we've got, then your heart is slowly slowly moving away from Allah is natural, absolutely natural. This is from the closest believer to Allah to the one who is just about a believer. If you don't insert Vicar, then you're not moving you know towards Allah. Now when I say again, Vicar I don't want you to think about the spirit only. I want you to think about Vicar meaning that my mind so even if I sit down

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and I just remember Allah without moving my tongue, that is it. That is it. Even if I think about Allah's creation, that is required and and if I read the Quran, and I've got my mind president as a vicar if I do the spirit that is a vicar if I am sending salutation the practice of law Sonam that is the code as well because I'm saying Allahumma salli Allah I'm remembering Allah to send salutations on Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam even if I'm seeking forgiveness, that is what I'm doing Dr. Decker I'm you know, just coming to the to the masjid and I'm going to join the Salah you know, that is a seeker You know, I'm coming to the house of Allah it is it good. I'm joining the

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Salah, it's good, but you can This is the dangerous part.

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As a believer, you can do all of these things,

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but still be deceived and robbed by the shaytan you're doing all of this, but you've got no Vicar

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you guys, and I'm saying and those Muslims who do all of these things, but they fail to insert the remembrance of God the vicar in the Salah, in the tasveer in the dryer in the ruku in the sujood in their frustrations in their, you know whatever activities they're doing for the deen in the masjid in the time with the Jamaat in there whatever it is, okay, those Muslims that failed to insert the vicar inside

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though they're not going as fast down as other people. They're still going down.

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And those believers and people who believe in the Quran and the Sunnah da da da trying to bring the vicar inside the ADA the inside the dryer and everything they do, they will feel that they're moving slowly closer towards Allah azza wa jal Have you guys got the got the got the idea that I'm trying to say okay, let me move on with some other iron. So Allah azza wa jal says sudo number two pseudo Bukhara. And number 283, he says, as the moon Alba, in who asked him on Kobo, there's a trade that happened. Okay, let's say some some people traded a Muslim traded. And while he traded, he didn't, he wasn't honest about the trade. And what he did is he delayed payment or he did something else

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that was not fulfilling the obligation the contract allows doodle says if you purposefully, you know continued to do this and you've ended up in the state that Allah says your heart has now become an earth in which is it's become sinful, so sin will then descend upon the heart. Now Subhana Allah allows him what we've got in the in as a clear understanding from Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam is that the sins the sins that we commit May Allah azzawajal forgive us a milazzo gel, you know, never make us commit sins or say protects us from from from committing sins. The moment a believer commits a sin, according to a hadith a Muslim, an angel is throwing a black dot onto the heart onto the

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color or whatever the color is inside, there is an angel that is going to throw a black dog onto it.

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The next time you sin again, the angel is again throwing a black dot onto the onto the white heart that you have an accent you do it again, he does again it does again. Now, if you the same Hadith says that if you do a good deed, then the angel will throw a white dot onto your heart, you do another good deed, the angel will throw another white dog onto your heart. What is happening is that the more black dots you get, the more you're pulling towards the negative side. And what is happening is the more white dots you get, the more you get pushed towards a pull towards the inclination towards a laser gel towards you know his decade and wanting to actually remember a lot

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wanting to practice Islam. All of that comes with good armor and good actions. So here

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Surah Baqarah allows real says

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value and delivery to Mina, a manager who will lead

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to Shahada

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you know, fulfill your obligations and don't hide the testimony. When it comes to let's just say, for example, you making a trade. So I was I was making a trade, and there was another person there. And he was a witness to our conversation. We didn't get time to write it down. We didn't get returned to write our contract when we get time to, you know, have a written contract. But we verbally agreed on something. And my my son saw who was next to me, he witnessed his verbal agreement. Later on, what happens is that comes a situation when he needs to this person who witnessed it needs to come up and say, yes, you know, what, you are arguing, I was there when that

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happened. And I'm telling you, this was the This was exactly what was said, like, this person feels like, you know, I can't do that, you know, I don't want to do it. Because the other guys my friend, I don't want to break my friendship. You know, I don't want to say you guys understand what I'm saying. Yeah. So he doesn't want to he wants to hide the testimony that he was he was there. He wants to move away allows me as as wizard says, Well, I attack Masada don't hide the testimony. Why maniac tomb Ha. Whoever that might at that time will hide the testimony for in who asked him and then his heart has now become sinful. Now, this type of sin that that is happening can get worse.

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Because you can go from a state of being sinful to a state of having your heart becoming what we know as rusty now allows you allows Joel has used the term of rust rust on the heart, bell Ronna Allah pulumi him Kala Bell, Ron Allah Blue Beam, this is Surah number 83. And number 14 in the Quran. So in terms of the transactions that people are doing, again, is to do with transactions and people are trying to make barter and I'm trying to make make sense, you know, some kind of deal with money is a large region has said when they start to cheat one another, then there's a rust on the heart because the cheating continuously does the rust. Now, again, you're going to ask me Well, how

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can rust be on heart? What allows the Agile is doing here is his giving us an example for us to understand, we should make it easier for us to understand the situation. So just like metal, when you have metal, if you leave metal plain under rainwater, after a while, you're going to get rust. And that rust, if you don't get rid of it, it's going to carry on developing, developing developing until the whole metal will be corrupted. So therefore what we do normally when we have metal is be protected from the rain water. And we're protected. Now the same thing a lie saying is that your heart and your condition inside you need to protect it. If you don't protect it from from sins, then

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it's going to start to like be same as that it's going to get corrupted and it's going to start to you know become bad.

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And allows us as well another state that can happen. This is Surah number five and number 13 Allah says what Jana palooka arsia Allah says, I turned the house I made the heart hard.

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What happens is if a person continues not to get close to Allah continues to stay away from Vicar continues to sin and sin, the angels continue to put blinders on to the heart, what then happens is a person moves down a person and moving towards the negative side. And first there was rust, but then the heart, the same heart will start to get hard. Now what is the heart mean? Because if you were to it's not talking about the literal heart here is talking about the state inside. What happens is that if I give you an example, that then you probably understand this better.

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There are certain things that once you make them if you don't like let's say for example,

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what what good example Can I give you? Okay? Let's say you mixing flour and milk or something, right? Are you mixing something you know with a liquid and something that is a solid lack of flour and milk. The more milk you put into it,

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the more

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fluid the whole thing becomes. The more powder you put into it, the more thicker and slower it becomes to move. Right. This is the state of the inside.

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The more vehicle and remnants of a law you put in

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The more fluid the heart becomes to reception, the reception of hidayah and guidance,

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then the more of flat and absent mindedness from Allah you put, the less the heart, the less the inside and the heart becomes receptive to a large region. What this means is,

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let me give you let me give you another example, even sandis now, in the real world, have you seen that the same Qur'an being played to two different people, one is moved to tears. And the other one just listen says,

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Like, there's no effect, have you ever come across that, it can happen to us as well, but in the same room. So, you know, you see this, sometimes you go to certain bands, you go to certain, you know, lectures and so on, and someone is reciting a really nice, you know, being in a really nice way that reciting the Quran is something in the same gathering, you can see seven people move to tears, seven people that are that are so affected and overwhelmed by the same agitation, and other people are sitting there. And it's like, they're just okay. Okay, that was nice. But there's no state of change inside. Why? Because of this thing that I've just described. Those people that are

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moved to tears are the people that have added so much vigor, that is so fluid inside. It's very receptive. At this moment, those people that are not moved by this, they're the people that have got a lot of solids, less fluids. Okay, a lot of hoffler a lot of absent mindedness, and he doesn't catch. Let me give you another example.

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If you have got a letter, you don't understand mobile phones, okay, if you talk about mobile phones, everyone understands, okay, people haven't just got one mobile phone, some people have got two mobile phones together. The average stats of UK is that everyone's probably got, you know about two mobile phones per head or something. That's how many mobile phones have been sold in the UK. Anyway. When you have when you have a smartphone, and you have got a Wi Fi, okay, a router, or in America, the color router, we call it route over here. So the router is there, and you close to the router, the phone that uses the same smartphone, let's say I've got a smartphone, you got a smartphone, the

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same model, same everything. When you close the router, and you're connected to the Wi Fi, it receives data Yes or no? Yes, the fastest? Well, the further you move away, and the more things you have in between, let's say now you go above one floor above you still receive it because you just want for above, but if you go two floors or three floors above, from the same wife and you got now three concrete, you know, pieces of you know the whatever you got as floors beneath you, then the Wi Fi gets slower the reception gets gets very slow, right? Okay, in fact, you could try and catch the reception is sometimes catching it sometimes not catching it. And sometimes it's just dead in terms

00:33:11--> 00:33:21

of catching that reception when the Wi Fi now, the Wi Fi is working fine, that the route up to the Mac is fine, right? Nothing wrong with that your phone is fine as well. What's the problem?

00:33:24--> 00:33:29

You've gone too far to the distance. Okay? Now everyone's heart is fine.

00:33:31--> 00:33:34

And the Quran is also fine. The Quran is like the root of

00:33:36--> 00:34:18

the code of the law. And the dean is like the router, okay, it's there. It's giving out its connection, connectivity. Your heart is also ready to accept it. It should accept it. But what happens is, when you've been living a life, where you've put a lot of hafla an absent minded as you've been absent from Allah's remembrance for long periods of time, that now your heart is like that phone that has got that become distant from the router you can be you can physically have the Quran read to you But what happened is your state of mind, your state of heart has become far so he's not receiving it. And that's what the Quran talks about. When talks about casia that your heart

00:34:18--> 00:34:25

becomes hard. Another way the Quran has described it is it is said in Surah number 22. And number 46. Allah said for

00:34:26--> 00:34:59

thermal absorbed when I can thermal kulu allottee pseudo alasa as Virgil has said, eyes literally don't become blind to the truth. But the hearts inside can become blind to the truth. What this means is and you've seen this, okay. You talk to people about Dharma about the deen and some people you know, they listening to the truth. It makes absolute sense.

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

It's logical is no doubt about what you're saying. But they just can't accept it

00:35:07--> 00:35:47

analyze it and all that you know there's different ways allies express this Allah said you know there's there's further things you know I'm gonna I'm gonna quote you in one part of the Quran surah number six is number 25 Allah says I can't met an Allah pull over him there's a kind of blurriness on their on their hearts right let me give you an example about this. Let's say you go out there today, okay today you got there in the daylight or less in the morning you you walked out there and you saw daylight you can see you can see as far as your eyes can see. But on a morning when there's fog, what happens you can't see. And the thicker the farm, the less you can see.

00:35:48--> 00:36:08

And you better Walk slowly or drive slowly because you can have an accident the same way Allah said I can't see him you get so far away from a lion you're sitting so much and you living in so much absent mindedness and what happens is that you get this kind of a cloudiness around your heart, you can't see the truth.

00:36:09--> 00:36:27

You just can't see the truth you see in front of you, but you can't see the value added form. Right? And you're there right there. But you know, it's so thick fog that you can't even see five years ahead of you, I won't see you. I just won't see you. The another way the Quran has expressed even further further damage is

00:36:29--> 00:37:05

Surah number nine and number 87. Allah says, Allah, Allah collodi him from life, Allah has has now sealed the hearts or put it put a stamp stamp on the hearts and they can understand the religion. They just can't understand they don't have depth of understanding. Another way the Quran has has expressed this in the beginning of the plan Surah Baqarah surah number two and number seven is hatami. Allah Allah, Allah said, the hearts have been sealed hautala bluebeam Bala cemetery him, the hearing has been sealed.

00:37:06--> 00:37:49

And Allah says, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, I'm sorry to him, Russia, on the eyes, there is a veil. Right? These are all expressions that they are so hard hearted. They are so you know, so distant from Allah azza wa jal that they can't see the truth, they can't hear the truth, even if they were to hear it or see it, their hearts are jam blocked to accept that truth. And that is a state of the heart that it can become like this. So now, what I'm going to do to you again, I'm going to come back to that thing I said about zero, okay, and I'm going to explain to you the plus sevens and I want to explain to you the, the minus seven. And the reason why I'm doing this is because the Quran

00:37:49--> 00:38:09

has has warned us that if you stay away from the vicar of Allah, then you're going to move the notches down, just like that feather that is always coming down, you're going to be naturally coming down. And if you do an effort, make an effort to remember Allah, whether it's in Quran tilava whatever,

00:38:10--> 00:38:41

you know, contemplating on the on the the vast creation of Allah azza wa jal, whatever you do to remember a lot, if you do it, then you move notches towards the positive side, and your heart becomes very, very connected to Allah xojo. And it's like receiving is receiving you'll be like, for example, if you've got a very fast Wi Fi, okay, you got like, I don't know 300 Mbps? I don't know what what they say or 500 whatever it is, okay, what it was called. And they say,

00:38:42--> 00:38:43

is it gigabytes?

00:38:45--> 00:39:23

megabytes per second, as Mbps as in megabytes per second, right. So you could have like, 100, you could have 200, Giga 300, you could have more than that, okay, so that so the more you've got that, the better you know, reception, so you're going to have, so the people who get really close to Allah Subhana line and they can just start a small distance Quick Draw, they get very close to Allah very quick, they can just read the Quran a little bit, there'll be in tears, you know, their eyes will be watery, you know, they're gonna have tears running down their cheeks after a while, they can just hear once Hadees and they're already inclined those a lot with our mantras, good actions. Why?

00:39:23--> 00:39:44

Because they Mbps megabytes per second. All right, is very fast because of the amount of liquor and goodness they've done. And those of the people who who've not, you know, been in the liquor of a line, you've been distant, and you have to build that up. Otherwise you're gonna you're not going to feel it, you're just not going to receive it the

00:39:46--> 00:39:46


00:39:49--> 00:40:00

A dial up system, okay, that dial of systems is going to be so slow that is going to be almost like the days when we had to like connect the Wi Fi with a with a wire and even then it

00:40:00--> 00:40:48

Gain so slowly, like what the brother is saying is like a dial up system. So let's take a look at that look at the situation. So zero is like, let's just say the average sort of heart. Okay? What we find is number one going down, let's go down first, and then we're going to look at up after that. So down one is a fala Alice's funnel, and I've referred to the verse of that 18 number 18. Number 28, which is a state of absent mindedness, that's the that's like out of your elbow, your heart or your state of mind is in a state of absent mindedness. After that, as human, or if not, your heart now is sinful. So you've gone minus two minus two is that your heart is now sinful, you're not just

00:40:49--> 00:41:36

absent minded from Allah, but you're actually committing the sin, which is worse than being absent minded from Allah. minus three, a minus three, Allah says, You've been committing sins and now you've got rust on the heart. Remember that I said in Surah number 83. I number 14, now you've got rust developed on your heart? Hey, that's minus three minus four. Is that your heart and I was getting sick. Like remember that thing I said about milk and flour powder, okay, your heart is getting sick and Allah says a swab. And he's used that word in several places, the Quran, Cosette poo, boom, you know, the hearts have become hard. And sometimes it can become so hard. It can become

00:41:36--> 00:42:29

harder than than stone or rock. And this has been said in our console. We don't mean this literally. But Allah is given an example to understand this. So So number two and number 74. Allah Satsuma kosaku bukem. embody valic fascicle Hazara eyeshadow casa, Allah says in the hearts became hard after that, and it turned to like stone or harder than stone. And then Allah says we're in a minute ijarah Lemma yet a German Allah and har, but there are there are certain stones or rocks from there. You have rivers that flow we know that certain, you know certain large rocks from their water just gushes out. So Allah has said that so this refers to that hardness. So this was minus four. Okay, so

00:42:29--> 00:42:45

I'm going to say again minus one is golf, la absentmindedness. minus two is still sinfulness if more accurate, minus three is rust on the heart. A minus four is crosswalk, hard heartedness. A

00:42:46--> 00:43:31

minus five is a hammer, which is blindness. You're blind now, okay, to this to the truth. Okay, you're blind to the truth. And I've given you the verse of that, which is number 22. And number 46 minus six is a kin net and that fog thing that I said to you, because what happens to you is that and when I say the funny thing, I don't mean just blindness. Now your hearing is getting affected. So not only are you blind to the truth, but now even if you listen to the truth, you won't, you won't, you know, accept it. Now, why is there a difference? Why is this one worse than the last one? Because somebody could be walking somewhere and they see the truth. Okay, seeing the truth.

00:43:32--> 00:44:15

It's now their own interpretation of what they've saw. What they weren't actually so but when you hear the truth, someone is preaching to you someone is now getting to you and trying to undo the damage inside you. It's not your own subjective interpretation. Someone is really working like a doctor to try and tell you man You messed up you need to accept this so they are working with you here hearing is a lot a lot more in terms of you know, how we get close to a lot and seeing Okay, hearing is a lot more than seeing because you think about it, everything that you know about Islam came from seeing more or hearing more.

00:44:17--> 00:44:56

So Allah is saying that when you get so bad, forget you're seeing your hearing is affected. So you've now come to the stage where you've got this cloudiness in front of you this in Arabic is called the kin kin or the plural of eyes. Akina. Okay. So this is minus six and minus seven is this stand, or the seal on the heart? And I've given you a verse of that surah number nine and number 87. Alaska Papa is he stamped the heart or the other one I gave you sort of Bukhara suit number two is number seven, Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah seal the hearts, this is the worst state a person can be.

00:44:57--> 00:45:00

Okay, so again, my

00:45:00--> 00:45:30

minus one is absentmindedness minus two is sinfulness minus three is having Ross minus four is hard heartedness. minus five is being blind to the truth minus six is being blind and also your hearing is getting affected to the truth and minus seven is that you've got a seal on your heart because you're seeing you're hearing all that has been affected. And now your heart can even accept the truth that is the worst state now, does that mean that a person cannot undo the damage? No.

00:45:32--> 00:46:21

You can always come back from any of these states back to minus six minus five minus four minus three minus two minus one zero and then plus one plus two plus three, you can always anyone until you haven't seen the sign of death until you have literally seen death walking towards you. You can move from minus seven all the way to plus seven. Right? And the great thing about this is vandala you know that I that I just quoted to you about a lazur just seeing the last video saying that the hearts have become like rocks. Harder than rocks. Okay, in Surah Baqarah. The beautiful thing about that is is Allah says straight up he says we're in nominal Hey Jara. Lama yet effect gentlemen, hula

00:46:21--> 00:47:20

and Ha. There are certain rocks from which rivers flow. We're in a minha llama Chicago Fire room in Houma. There are certain stones that can split open and water comes gushing out of it. We're in Amina, Muto minha Shatila from there are certain stones and rocks that will fall from a mountain out of the fear of Allah and that's how we get an avalanche. Sometimes we get an avalanche because a rock literally Allah says, out of the fear of Allah will just fall and it will just topple all the way to you know, to the ground. Now, the beauty about this is your heart My heart can be hard May Allah protect us from this right? But any moment, any moment it can split open and the hidden

00:47:20--> 00:47:58

guidance can come out any moment we can have the fear of a law coming out of it any moment even the most hard hearted person can come towards is that like let's just take an example of the law No, we know the story. He's so he's he's he's gone beyond everybody else. Everyone else is just chatting and some are mocking the price of lasagna and some are you know trying to call him towards their religion and some are harassing him and some are aggressive, some are just you know, some some even took a camels load of of dung and put it on the process in their head and they did all sorts of things over the line and thought you know what, you know what? He wasn't ready alone at that time.

00:47:58--> 00:48:01

He thought you know, uh, you know, you're you're, you're rubbish.

00:48:03--> 00:48:23

You're just dead using your tongue and a few mockery what just take my sword out, okay, I'm just gonna just vote for this man to sleep forever. So he was on his way to kill the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and on his way, on Route, when he hears the plan, I'm not gonna say the whole story, but when he hears the Quran,

00:48:24--> 00:49:06

his heart just opens and from being a pet from being one who is about to assassinate the prophets of Allah Islam. Within moments, he becomes second to the loss after I woke up the alarm doesn't sound so bad can happen you can go from minus seven whole load to plus seven in a shot. If Allah azza wa jal wants to do that. I mean, a lot projectors others The other way is true as well. Somebody can go plus seven all the way down to minus seven molars which will protect us, but it can happen and somebody can totally be, you know, taken away from the dean, for whatever reason might be okay. So now let's look at the plus side.

00:49:08--> 00:49:09

the plus side

00:49:11--> 00:49:25

is, is again, what I'm saying to you if you want to move move, you know, notches towards the plus side, from any of the negative side or from the middle, or from any of the positive side, you want to move up. The key thing you got to put inside is what?

00:49:26--> 00:49:42

The Vicar of Allah the thief, key thing you got to put inside is what comes again, the vicar of Allah, the members of Allah is not the stratosphere. It's actually connecting the mind towards Allah. Now, let me explain this because you might not understand this properly.

00:49:43--> 00:49:45

There are three forms of Vicar.

00:49:46--> 00:49:59

Allah have said this for 1400 years, three forms of liquor. The lowest form of Vicodin is when the tongue is busy with the remembrance of Allah but the mind and the image

00:50:00--> 00:50:03

side is absent. So someone is there's like

00:50:09--> 00:50:31

no problem but their mind is you know, thinking about the football and thinking about whatever you know the car outside thinking about the latest Tesla in our house we sold nice to be that Tesla, man, I could be just driving there just sitting there. Just let the wheel just, you know, just just be in front of me. My hands are down. And he said exactly saying that Mona you mean Hola, como Katara is spring.

00:50:32--> 00:51:00

Okay, some lane with his Tesla with his mod cons and everything else. I'm thinking, wow, relax, you know, I'm saying the cars driving itself. Yeah. And he's reading the Quran. The tongue is busy with the vicar of Allah. But the mind is absent. This is the lowest form of Vicar, you get reward for this, you get reward for this. But your inside does not change towards the positive, you stay where you are.

00:51:02--> 00:51:05

During Simon Sanchez, say, you don't go towards the positive side.

00:51:07--> 00:51:50

You could be convicted, you could be doing anything to it, whatever it is, but if the, if your mind doesn't connect with a light, your tongue is only connecting, then you get the reward, you get some reward. But you don't actually make a positive change to your inside and move towards a larger region. The one above that of Vicar is when your mind is present. But your tongue is not moving. So I'm sitting here just thinking of Lazarus thinking of how great Allah has been towards me. I'm thinking here, how much I mean, all of Allah, how much I love Allah, how much Allah has favored me, but my tongue is still

00:51:51--> 00:51:55

I get a lot of rewards for this much more than the one below.

00:51:56--> 00:52:05

I get more reward for this. And what's happening is my state of mind is changing and I'm actually moving notches up. Okay?

00:52:07--> 00:52:47

The best Vicar is when you combine the two together, the tongue is moving, and the mind is present. So I am actually saying Subhana Allah, and I'm thinking about how Glorified Allah is. I am saying Alhamdulillah and I'm thinking of how many gifts Allah has given me and how much I really need to praise him. I am thinking I am reading the Quran and my mind is there that Ally's listening to me right now whether I understand the Quran or not, I'm in salah and my mind is present but normally you're you're deaf because in Salah your tongue is moving right in draw, your tongue is moving and your mind is present, then you get the most reward for this and you're moving you're definitely

00:52:47--> 00:52:59

moving notches up. This is the this is the most This is you don't want that whatever, whenever the Quran has mentioned decoded, it's it's trying to tell us to do at least the top two,

00:53:00--> 00:53:17

not the bottom line. Do you guys understand is telling us to the top two and not the bottom, which is that you you have to have your mind present. And if you can have your tongue present as well at the same time that is a very good way of moving up. So let's now go to plus one

00:53:18--> 00:53:59

plus one. Okay, there's I've just put these is randomly You know, there's nothing really to for you to say that the way I've said to you negative one, negative two, negative three, whatever the minus one is something you're gonna find in the Quran. intercede Wow. Now I'm reading about minus six. I've put it in a way because it all makes sense I've put all these is to do with the color together. And the way I've put it towards minus seven makes sense right? You're not going to find it intercede like this in terms of moving from minus seven to plus seven so you will not come to me and say which tafsir whatever it is, I'm just telling you that these are different states you can see in the Quran

00:53:59--> 00:54:03

and you can see one state is stronger than the other state okay. So

00:54:05--> 00:54:27

plus one will say an AI in the Quran that says was speed nepsac melodien. Allah says, just have patience. Patience, a virtue like patience and whole withholding yourself from complaining, withholding yourself from doing the wrong thing at that time. That is let's say stayed like this is like a plus one. A plus two.

00:54:29--> 00:55:00

I a number sooner number two sort of Bukhara number 177 a lot talks about beard he talks about virtue. So Allah says laser and to elude you How come you know virtuousness is not just to move your face towards the Qibla virtuousness is to believe in Allah believe in the akhira believe in the books believe in the prophets believe in the last day, a virtuousness is when you give sadaqa and so on, so forth, a lot of virtuousness. Now, this is a person who's not just doing a single act, but they're trying

00:55:00--> 00:55:33

To do multiple, several good virtuous acts, so this is a plus to a person is not just doing a single deed one off, but a person is doing that deed again and again are trying to become better in that. plus three is when you now have done that virtuous act so many times, that you are a person who could be called a person of that quality. So before I explained before I go further, let me give an example.

00:55:34--> 00:55:35

If a person

00:55:37--> 00:55:46

just supports football, or a person just kicks a football now and again, do you call him a footballer?

00:55:48--> 00:56:30

He just once in a while he might say football and just kick the ball once in a while. Do you call him a footballer? No, you don't. But if a person goes out every week and plays with his friends football, would you call him a footballer? Yes, to three times a week definite once at least a week or something, or at least the person who's trying every couple of weeks to go out and play and he's, you know, he's actually getting into the game. you'd call him a footballer. Right? Now, the quality that is attained footballer is because he's actively doing it over and over again. When you do a virtuous act a few times a couple of times that you just the person has kicked a ball hit the ball

00:56:30--> 00:57:15

there. He doesn't become a footballer, when meaning you do a virtuous act now and again, here, one act here. One other action here. We don't become people of virtuousness. To become that you need to do it continuously regularly again and again and again and again, that allows us and causes people abroad. You are people of virtue, you are people who have now become people attribute you to a towards a virtue. And sudomotor 15 Allah says color in Nikita, Bella, Bharat de mama Dada, Kamali? Allah says those people who have continuously been good acts, Allah says they're sold in a lien when they go to the next one, the later on in Surah multifocal surah number 83 It's a short surah Allah

00:57:15--> 00:57:16


00:57:17--> 00:57:20

when others laughed at them, they didn't stop practicing.

00:57:22--> 00:57:30

You know, you know, there's a level you know, when people complete Islam and the subtracting Islam, people sometimes stop and oh my god, what they're gonna say

00:57:31--> 00:57:43

the answer? If I if I keep a beard, they're all gonna say to me, you become a little Sufi, he get into practicing now. What has happened to you? Or the wife might even say,

00:57:44--> 00:58:22

Yeah, what's happening to you know, you look like 10 years older, shave that thing. Okay, or the sisters trying to wear hijab and and people are saying, you know, her own own women focusing to her that she looks ugly in the hijab, you know, take your hijab off, show your hair, you look beautiful and showing your hair Why do you want to look like you know someone who's depressed these things happen? So when there's mockery, or when there's others that are trying to stop them people sometimes stop abrar those people plus three of those people who are not going to stop because of others trying to stop them right they'll carry on even the face of mockery they'll carry on so plus

00:58:22--> 00:59:17

one is a single sort of you know deed plus two is like a few deeds plus three is you're now doing a regulator you're not stopping even though people might say to you Why Why have you changed why like is further not gonna stop plus four is now this horseshoe. So, this ayah is in and it is a several is to do with this. But Whoa, sure is when your heart inside now has become softened towards you know not not just so not the word soften but it's become something which now has got an attraction and is become something which has got devotion. So the devotion devotion aspect has come inside you. And if you look in Surah Hadid which is Surah number 57 and number 16. Allah azza wa jal says, lm ye

00:59:17--> 01:00:00

nealon Medina Amano and Tasha kulu, whom the decree law has in the time come for the people who believe for the hearts to become inclined and devoted towards the vicar and the remembrance of Allah. So what this is, is that now there's not only you doing good deeds, but your heart actually is now has become inclined towards that. Okay, and the other is to do the horseshoe sort of number to sort of Bukhara, and number 45 and 46. Allah says those who establish the salah, have everyone ever you know, one of us, every one of us we pray, but there are certain people amongst us who pray and Allah says they have hotshoe they pray and they incline towards the inside is more

01:00:00--> 01:00:42

You know, devoted towards aligning their prayers. And that's in Surah Baqarah number 45. And number 46, Allah says Allah denio, Luna anomala, Cora beam, they are fully convinced that they will meet their Lord on the Day of Judgment, and that they will return back to him. So this is plus four plus five is when you get basura you're not only is your heart inclined towards Allah azza wa jal, but you have an insight, whenever you come across a situation in your life, you are now able to say, Well, I shouldn't be doing this. And you're like, you know, your body will not allow you to do this thing, or whatever you whatever you coming towards something good, your heart, and your whole body

01:00:42--> 01:01:27

will say that you want to do this thing, and you have like an insight. Whenever the shaytan is trying to attack you, you wake up. And I'm going to say to people who say that attacks them, they just don't know they just get taken. But these people bussiere plus five, they wake up so I assume number seven, and the 201 Allah says in a Latina taco, either myself, or if I'm in a shape on taco Fado. Soon, Allah says that those people who always are fearing or Always be aware of a law, when when there's a whole group of devils that try to attack them, they suddenly they wake up, they remember Idaho move soon, and they get an insight in exactly what to do. So this is plus five,

01:01:27--> 01:02:14

again, let me go through the states again, because it's quite a few states. plus one is like a single act of good deed plus two is a few x plus three is your now that person who does it continuously, plus four is devotional heart plus five is an insight that you get, and you know, you've got this inner sort of awareness of what to do at the time when shaytan is even coming towards you. plus six is you get a very deep understanding of the deen or a deep understanding of a state of awareness. So this is now this is makaha, which is now you've you're you're a person who is not only understanding, but you deeply understand and appreciate Islam. Your heart is not only

01:02:14--> 01:02:29

inclined towards Islam, but your heart is in a state that you are now not only understanding Islam, but you really accept this fully hearted, that is plus six, okay? And there are many verses that I've talked about where

01:02:31--> 01:03:09

a person was probably dead hearted person was dead, but then they woke up and they had this kind of a light or something inside the heart this plastic so let me give you the verse. So number six is number one to two. Allah says our man can and Matan. What about that one who was dead, meaning the heart was dead. Now, Allah says I revived it was Johanna, who neuron and then I gave them a light, EMC belief in us wherever they go amongst people, they are now spreading the light amongst them. They say this ayah was revealed after Ramadan. Ilana accepted Islam.

01:03:11--> 01:03:52

So he had a dead heart, a complete dead heart, he was like minus six or minus seven. And then we move straight up to this state where he's got a light in his heart. And wherever he's going now he's bringing people towards Islam. He's not only it's not only his state that now there's a very big difference between all the other ones have said and this one. So up to five, you had your own insight. But when you get to six, you're so strong, you're able to pull others you're able to spread the light to others and bring others towards the deen and wherever you go others actually become closer to Allah just by by being in your company. Do you guys understand that? That's plus six and

01:03:52--> 01:04:03

plus seven. So behind Allah is when you're fully content you've got Thomasina it means you've got your heart is open fully to Islam. So

01:04:04--> 01:04:09

Allah said in the Holy Quran, let me give you the the verse, this is Surah number.

01:04:11--> 01:04:41

This is the 23rd just of the Quran Surah 39 i a number 22 Allah says if a man shadow Allah subhanahu dallastown whatever that person whose heart is completely open for Islam, for who Allah Nuri, me Robbie, and they are on a light from the Lord. London says, you know, woe to those who have hard hearts, hard hearts, who don't remember Allah azza wa jal then a lesson next verse.

01:04:42--> 01:04:59

Allah says tuck shall remain who Allah says I've revealed his book, Nasrallah, sanel Hadith I've given this Quran and this Quran when these people listen to Quran Allah says, duck shy woman who delude when they hear it, they get goosebumps. They're hot. They know you when you get chills down your spine.

01:05:00--> 01:05:44

These people when they hear the crown, they take tremble. They get goosebumps, your shoulder on behind a fear load from methylene judoon their skin, their entire body, the entire heart and the mind everything is inclined towards Allah's remembrance, okay? And Alliance as refer to these people, as people who have 18 people who have very deep conviction or be a hero to whom you can look in the beginning of Quran Surah Baqarah. And so number two and number four, Allah said they have full conviction you know, that deep his conviction about the Allah Subhana Allah, you can see again, I'm just going to remind you, okay, plus one is a single x plus two a few x plus three is you're

01:05:44--> 01:06:21

doing it again and again, plus four is you've got devotion plus five is that you've got an inside plus six is that you are now you know, got the deep understanding you're now pulling others towards it's time and you've got a light that spreads from you towards others. So not only are you you know, strong, but you make another strong wherever you go. And plus seven is when you got full it means you got full contentment in your heart. If you ever want to move up, you do the vicar of Allah. If you've ever wondered why you move down it is because you've been in the absent mindedness of a law or you've sinned, a lousy job forgive us that make us come closer to him.

01:06:22--> 01:06:26

And I'll see you next week inshallah. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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