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alaminos salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa,

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Ramallah Kumara to La hirakata.

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My dear respected brothers and sisters, welcome to another session of The Simpsons.

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And a couple of weeks back we did the, we did about a man, that before that we did the mcca mindset. Okay, so the mcca mindset was something where people were given many ads of the Quran, to build a and to shape their way of thinking, and to make make them reflect and to make them think especially about the Day of Judgment, especially about the afterlife, to think about the gifts of Allah to think about history and what happened in the past and reflect over all these things again, and again. And then a person, you know, has the mcca mindset, which is, you know, you're really focused, and after that we did about a man, okay, that's when belief will start to really, you know, become

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deeper. After that last week, we did about an effect and about hypocrisy, it was important to do that because you can contrast the man and the belief with the hypocrisy or with something that is, you know, not so not not the true belief. And then you get a better picture of what a man is because what they say in Arabic is

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that Albanian, a Shia will be a bad idea, which means that things become clear when you compare them to their opposites. Okay, so when you compare, if you want to know what

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let's say, sweet sweetness is you have to know what bitterness is. If you know a bitterness is you have to know what sweet is. If you want to know what heat is, you must know what what cold is and you will know what cold is you have to know what heat is. So as soon as you know the opposite, you know, well, you know, I know where I am. So as soon as you know what nificant hypocrisy is, then you know what true Eman is okay, that's what the real point of last week was. This week, what we're focusing on is the Medina mindset. Okay, so what happens is in McCallum karma Lhasa which Allah has given many iots, and he has prepared the the mindset with the many things I said to you before, and

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the transition when they come to Madina, munawwara when they when they make the hegira, and they come to Medina, that there's a whole different New World. Okay, that opens up. So let me explain how this is forgiven. If I give you an example, then you know, you'll understand it better inshallah. So, imagine somebody is, you know, somebody is homeless or somebody hasn't got a home, okay, somebody who's looking to buy a house or to rent a house, okay.

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So they were moving from one place to another place to another place, you know, maybe in a in a relative's place, one day, maybe somewhere else, maybe they slept rough somewhere. Finally, after months, and perhaps years, they get a place. Okay? So Allah azza wa jal blesses them and they have a place that that is, you know, that they can live in.

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Now, the first and foremost thing is, let's say if they even just got some land, all right, let's say they say playing land, somebody said, Okay, my song, so, you know, distant friend, or whoever you are, I'm going to give you this little plot of land, now the person is really happy, he's got a plot of land. So he's gonna buy his house, he's gonna, he's gonna build his house on this. Now, before he can do anything on this plain piece of land, after he's acquired the land, is he has to now you know, make the foundation we all know this without the foundation, there is no house. If you build a house without the foundation, then your house is going to be gone. And so he's gonna, he's

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gonna build, the stronger the foundation is. Okay, the stronger the foundation, the higher you can build.

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Okay, so we all know this. If you're, if you're going to build, for example, a two story house, then there's a then you probably build a foundation for three story, or at least two, that's as far as you would go. If you ever want to build a house for a 10 story flat, you have to go deep. If you're going to build something like what you have to compete with with the skyscrapers, then you're going to have to go very deep. Okay, very deep. say let's say you're going to build 100

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57 flows,

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you're gonna have to go very, very deep. But once you've gone that deep, how deep you go, and when you build it above, then you know that it's going to be stable. So this is now so the handler, this is where in Mecca karma allows the region does is he he makes them have the foundation, the foundation is the inside the foundation is the depth of the man, it's the, it's the depth of his loss and sincerity. See, anybody can be sincere. But there's a difference in the foundation of sincerity. Anyone can depend on Allah. But there's a difference in the foundation of depending on Allah, anyone can have several. But there's a difference of how long you can have the server, okay,

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and in what conditions you'll be able to continue that server. So this is where the first part comes, which is the foundation, it has to be very, very deep. The next thing is, once a person has built the foundation, the person is then going to start looking at, okay, I'm going to now you know, put the put the frame or the structure, right, so the political structure there, now it's a skeleton. But this is also very, very important, because these are the beams, okay, these are the metal poles and the pillars and things that you have to put in place so that your whole house can be structured over it. Without that, forget it, your house, if you build it, you might as well build a

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straw house, or the house from bamboo, you know, trees, whatever sticks is gone. So you put the metal frames in there, then you've got to now put the bricks, right, the breaks, the metal frames, all of that makes it your solid, sort of, you know, outer shell, after you've got your outer shell, this man who's who's gone that far, he has to now you know, put the you know, he has to now start getting the let's say the plastering done, he has to get deceiving the you know, whatever the tiles are, now now he's he's going to go towards the more finer things. So once he's got all of that, of course, you know, the very basics have to be there, there has to be gas there, there has to be

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electricity. So when he's doing all of that he's gonna work on all that now I'm gonna get to the main point, I know most of you thinking, Okay, shake, don't bore us with all of this, okay, we know how strict No, it's gonna be very important for the next thing I want to say to you. So you're gonna make sure that your gas line and your electric electric line and your water supplies is all there. These are very basic foundations without the gas line, or without, let's say for example, Gaston maybe is not important for everybody, but electricity, or maybe water is probably the most most important thing after that lectricity after that gas. And now you can then you know, put the finer

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things. Now when you get to the finer things. Let's say for example, a person has now got the bathtub in, got the other things in, you've got to now work on each other from the fine from the most, that say basic necessities towards the finest thing you need. And every room of the house will have a basic necessity to the most fun, the finest thing that you need. So the basic necessity of the kitchen is what

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let's after you've got the gas there, you're gonna need the cooker, or you need to cook or add on after that is gonna probably be the fridge, right basic necessity then comes your other things. Or maybe you got the cooker and maybe a chair and a little place to sit. If you can't see you sit on the floor. Okay, that's how you live until you got a chair after the chair. When you've got a chair on a table, then you might want to get a more comfortable chair or maybe you want to get a sofa or something else, okay, for the for the dining area or for the living room that comes afterwards. And even when you get a sofa or you start from the very basics from the fabric sofas to the more later

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on when you can afford it, you go for the leather sofas and you go for the comfortable ones and then you go the one with the ones that lift your legs up and you can just put your feet on there and so on so forth. Okay, now each thing you can see that there's a basic and then it goes to the next next so for example, the basic of the bedroom is what

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is the bedroom bed, right? Once you go to bed, then you need your other things which is going to be the bed sheets that is the the pillows, the blanket and so on and but the blanket for example, you can go from the very basic blanket to the more comfortable blanket, you know, by now you haven't got even curtains Okay, the basics of the of the house structure was the Windows you need the windows double glazing or whatever you can put there. Then you're going to put the curtains and other things and even the curtains. You'll you'll probably put just one thing one piece there first, and later on you'll put two pieces one thing one one, you know stick around for the night time for the day time.

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You know I'm saying like you, you work so you're getting the idea that each thing has it has from the very basics to the more to the more important

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things now, if you go to for example, even the wardrobes when you bring the wardrobes The next thing is to fill the wardrobes. And when you fill the wardrobes, you've got to put the you know put your put your clothing and then you know you go to the very fine things fine things of the house, the verified things are, there's fancy light bulbs. Okay, now let's talk about the fine things of the house. Fancy light bulbs, the fancy taps, the beautiful elegant taps now you got the wall, you got the you know, you know, the tablet, you know, you're gonna go for the fancy ones, then you probably gonna do the whole kitchen. You know, one day I'm talking about later Later on, okay, five years, 10

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years later, you got the money, you will do the whole kitchen up. When you do the whole kitchen up Suhana law, you will now do you know you're gonna put the tiles you're gonna put the, you know, smaller tiles that they're, I don't know what you call all of them. But you know, you're gonna, after you've got everything there you you put the you know, nice handles and other things to make it look nice and sparkling and so on. Okay. Now, the reason why I've told you all of this is the whole of our Makkah and Medina mindset works exactly the same way.

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The very basic of anyone coming to Islam is your piece of land, that is your Shahada.

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Without the piece of land, without that you're nothing. As long as you got the piece of land, you're a believer. The next thing is you need the foundation. Right? So the foundation that we put in in our Dean, okay, the foundation that you need is you need that you need a deep belief you need to take the belief inside deeper than the understanding of you know, who you are as a believer. Now all the things I've said to you in the mind maccha mindset, okay, taking the mind into belief and so on with our code, depending on Allah with all the different qualities that a person would have. This is now your foundation, the stronger your foundation Okay, the stronger my thinking that allies

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watching me allies watching allies watching me the strong This is, the less likely I'm going to wither when the opportunity of sin comes, the stronger the foundation, you will see the stronger my email and everything. So for example,

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if I have very, you know, light Foundation, realize that if the guy makes a very simple Foundation, your house is not going to be able to take the big structures, okay? So let's say I make a very simple foundation. And that's what happens to a lot of Muslims. Let's talk about these days. They come into Islam, they, you know, become practicing, but they don't work on the foundation.

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They don't work on the inside the psyche that we work on the the mindset, they don't work on making that emotion go deeper and deeper and deeper. They don't work for example, to make sure that taco taco has many levels, taco has got many different levels of foundation. The basic level of taqwa is or I'm a Muslim man, you know, I'm saying like, I don't seem you know,

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if I don't see where you don't see when you don't see me in the masjid. That's the basic form of taqwa. Okay? No, you don't see Muslims walking in the masjid and like, you know, sitting in the open, you know, it doesn't happen. All right. inshallah never happens. All right. But you you you get my point, which is your taqwa could be in front of people. In the most you know, when when a lot of religious people are looking at you or when you're in the, you know, in the front of everyone you won't you won't mess around. But what about you taqwa when it comes to outside on the street, some people's taqwa only is in the masjid, the moment of going out in the streets, they've lost it. So

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now they'll start swearing now they'll start being rude now they can break the rules, okay, must be the one breaking but outside the world. Some people on the streets are fine.

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But when they go to the private places, they're not like, let's say for example, a Saturday night, close friends, whatever, they lose it. Some people they lose it when they're most private to themselves. So let's say 12am his own his own. He's got his you know, laptop or he's got his you know, iPad or whatever tablet it is. And, and you know, every fitness is there. So he might lose it, then Oh, he's got the TV screen in front of him and the remote in his hand. He might or she might lose it there because nobody else is watching. So which level does your taco go? Because taco has many different levels. The man or the woman who cannot sin or lose their taqwa even when they're to

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themselves when no one's watching no humans gonna find out. No one is around and no one's gonna know what I did. Okay? And at that point, they say I can't see.

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Because Allah wants to say say we can because yeah, but I was watching you. The mosquito was watching in the street alone watching you in the in the house and I was watching you in with your wife. I was watching you in the nighttime. I was watching in every single moment. There's no point there's no point. I love them.

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But what happens to you is your mindset

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if you're in the masjid you're you're feeling it you're feeling that Allah is watching me because I'm in a holy place. Oh my god.

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Now who sins in the masjid? Only him he only really dumb whoever it is I would seem in the Muslim who do that you come in the mosque and you try and behave you're trying to act you know, this is where they they do all the prayers and everything else who wants to sit in the masjid. Okay, so that's, that's where your biggest awareness comes, like a lot of people go to Mecca and Medina Okay, they go for Hajj and Umrah went over there. They're blown away.

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They're completely blown away.

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Why because when you go there, obviously you hit by all the barakato that the you know, the, the place the the Kaaba, the Medina menorah is something amazing.

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But you got to understand anyone

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with any form of a foundation of belief will be hit by mechanics and Medina right when you visit that anyone will be hit by that. The point is, have you in me made a mindset that goes so deep that the same taqwa cannot carry on till we get to our most private moments, or when the moments are when we know we can get away with something, but we still decide no allies watching me just like Allah watch me in the harem or the Macan who watch me in the masjid, he's also watching me in my most private moment, if you got that level of taekwon you cannot send in all your private moments you cannot send when when you know you can get away with something, then you know what, brother sister,

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you've got a very nice deep level of foundation of your email. Okay, that's when you know is deep. That's how you measure it. Don't measure it with anything else. don't measure it with some guys long beard. Trust me, don't measure it with some woman's niqab or hijab all the time and to spin the hand, you know? miswak and, you know, you know, Mashallah, you know, looking at them reading the Quran all the time. Don't measure it with any of this. You can only measure a person with the most with the times when it's the most private times or when it's the times when, when anyone else will fall down and they don't fall down. That's when that's when you know that you can really measure

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them, you measure them from the inside. Now let me go back to that foundation thing. So this is just taqwa. Imagine a Class A class is that you you do seem sincere for Allah sake. So in the Macan mindset, the foundation was laid, and they went deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. So when you go deep in the class, it's very different from a shallow Atlas. So for example,

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I can have my true sincerity for Allah sake when I'm on my own. Okay, let's say I'm on my own. Nobody saw me I was on my own and I and I just read some Quran did some decay Did I just did it, it was me. And Allah, only that's it. Nobody watched me. Nobody recorded anything. And I never said it to anyone afterwards. Okay, if that was the point when I did it myself and I just did the draw myself. Nobody had nobody made this last. Okay, now, it last gets tested.

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The other way round.

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The more people get involved in seeing me do a bother the more I'm going to be tested for my class. doesn't sound right so let's say for example, I'm now reading Quran family member seeing me or fencing me and Okay, it's just my family members are gonna see me all the time. Some people do class goals that point some people in the class goals when there's a few friends watching them some people say class is finished once they've got a good crowd in front of them. Some people is a class is finished the moment you know people are praising them now let's say for example, you just did your action. What about when people actually praise you? They say wow, Mashallah, you are pregnant and

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they really praise you on your face. If at that time inside you you're saying man you know I don't want to praise I really don't want to praise if you really feel I don't want to praise No, no, I don't want to praise why. Because who did I do for

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for who God for Allah. Right now let's meet let's let's think for a moment Yeah. Who ready for Allah? Now if at that moment in I'm thinking No, I don't want to praise I'm actually feeling inside you know a bit kind of upset because of the fact that you're you are praising me. I'm feeling upset inside. Then at that moment.

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I have got dp class.

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But inside I'm kind of

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thinking man that Whoa, that guy is crazy man. Yo, yo, yo be able to look at if at that time I'm thinking even though I'm saying it don't don't read the damn thing inside me.

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You know what to say, you guys, that's when you know that your last foundation in class is weak.

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But if you can keep your class no matter where you go where you're at, no matter how many people praise you, no matter how many people want to watch you and do whatever, you're still like, I don't care. I don't care i'm just doing for LASIK. I don't care who watches me who doesn't watch me who's there? Who's not there? I'm doing for my law sake. You know what, you've got deep foundation in class, you guys understand? Now, what NACA did is maca built all these foundations. Okay? build the foundation of taqwa build the foundation of class, build the foundation of you know, you know he man in many ways build the foundation of summer now summer, summer, summer, very basic summer is

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everyone has basic server. So let me tell the basics of a basic server is that

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you're you're you're waiting for a bus.

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Okay, or let's say you, let's bus is probably the wrong example, man. Let's just say

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you're waiting for food. Probably better, better example. You're waiting for food. Now, normally 1pm The food's there.

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So basic server is today. It's 102103. And the food is still not ready. 105 food is not ready. Everyone's got basic server to wait five minutes. Okay.

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Now, let's say for example, the food is not ready for 15 minutes and you're hungry.

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Some people will you know lose their lose the Savannah? Yes or no? Come on guys.

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But most people won't. Most people won't lose it for 15 minutes. Let's say today for half an hour or 40 minutes and you can really feel your stomach saying, Man, me hungry. me angry. You're not gonna say like, me hungry? me angry. Right? So you can really feel it. 40 minutes later in a boiling side, let's say is delayed for an hour. hour and a half. Whoa, now you now you're talking? Yeah, a lot of people gonna lose it. You know? She's supposed to cook at 1pm socially ready, and he's late for what? One and a half hours. Let's say he wasn't ready till another two to three hours late a minute.

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Most people will probably lose it. Yeah. But let's let's let's really test people. Let's say after all of that. Yeah, you waited for two and a half hours. Finally you got the food in front of you. And then you taste it. And it's like, yuck.

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You don't like it either. Because he's burned. Let's just burn. Or let's say the salt or whatever is not the oil wasn't cooked properly, or whatever happened. The oil became all like, you know, rice became old, really sticky, whatever. Now you can really, you know, be tested. Or even worse than that. Let's say for example, that day, they use no food.

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They cooked it. All the people came they ate it and you were like

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Laila heilala, like, gone. It happened to us actually, once in Philistine. We're in Palestine. And we went to this restaurant, we were on coach and this coach was was going to take us on a tour. We went on a long tour all day. Okay, now this we went early in the morning about maybe about eight, nine o'clock, we were out the hotel, and we were on a long journey. And we stopped somewhere for lunch. About two to three o'clock. Okay, we were all exhausted. We've been walking we've been you know, touring. We've come back Okay, now we haven't come back to the hotel we will come back to this middle of nowhere restaurant, okay. When in there, we placed our order. And you know, they took all

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the orders. Okay, we sat down and we waited we waited we waited we waited we waited wait for you know what, wait for one hour, then one hour 15 then one hour, two hours away. And half our group ate the food and half the group was still waiting. We waited so the other half gave a few pieces to us. We think a little bit you know, doesn't matter. But our food is coming right? So after two hours what happens is the restaurant people turn around to say said foods ran out.

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way way over two hours. So you know what? Alhamdulillah you know, because in Philistine I think most brothers took it really well. They're like, okay, you know, okay, people of Gaza don't probably have food over there. Okay, so you know, you can you can understand, which is good. Yeah. But I wonder how many people would have would have put up with that there's no food after two hours. And literally, there's no food literally, we just walked out to like, Baba, salaam and then and then go to the lecture. We never had food all day, until the evening. Now, what I'm trying to say to you is that sobra has many different levels. So when you say have you got some I've got some or when you

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make those things, what level of support do you have?

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Like for example, you know, if you're ill, some people suffer go straight away. It's like, why am I Oh, what am I done? What's wrong with me? You know what, what do I do? What

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But Cindy that come in already you know flying the hands on their server is gone some people that can get very very ill and still say under Allah Allah has will this whatever he is well I'm making you out to get better but whenever Allah will make me better I'm happy with that you know what that is some serious suffer that you've got some serious foundation you've got now you guys all understand up to this point yeah but the foundation Now let's talk about the Medina pot what Medina does is you know the you know the frame and the structure of you know the skeleton of the house that this guy is going to build that is your Salah

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without that there is no there is no house without the you know pillars and the frame there is no house without Salah forget it you've already man okay you believe you got that piece of land okay you got to be solid you got no foundation of very thin foundation but you got no structure you got no Salah you got nothing you can build upon let's say you put the skeleton structure this is your this is your Salah structure upon the foundation

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then you're going to put the bricks and you're going to put the other things and build it Okay, what you're doing here is you are building the foundation of actual you know doing the five daily prayers okay all these the briefs you've got the motive god Okay, this is your main part without the five daily prayers Okay, there's nothing and let's say this is your you know, this is your you know, the basic form that you have to do that Ramadan comes you have to fast Okay, this is the basic structure this this skeleton structure and the walls that more term bricks you put around, this is your very basic structure. Then what do you do? I said to you that you need your, you know, you need your gas,

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you need your electricity, you need your water supply and so on. Okay, what are these things, these things that you've got basics of what you need from the dean. So for example, my my belief in the messenger sallallahu wasallam, okay, my belief, my belief in the Quran, my belief in the color of Allah, you know, whatever was written for me, my belief in in the young law here, all these, these are the big supplies that are coming into my house. Now, depending on my supply, Subhana Allah, you know, like, for example, if you go to Bangladesh, to the rare village, sort of sides, you got electricity, no problem, but the electricity comes on and off, on and off. You guys know what kind

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of say, you know, go to third world countries, you get electricity, then four hours gonna go off, then you get it for six hours and another five hours is gone off, then you get four hours like that, not on and off. These are the people who will touch with the basics of the dean, you know, they'll do some armor, they loosen the actions of the basics, then they're gonna cut off. They'll do Salah for a good few days, or some some fasting then they're gonna cut off.

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You got a problem with the very basics of your of your house. And let's say for example, my water supply, my gas supply, my electric supply is all legit is good. What's the next thing I'm going to do? I'm going to now build the internal structure, Madina munawwara. the mindset of Medina was to build this whole internal structure. Because Salah came in the ninth year of prophethood, or the 10th year of prophethood, when Rasulullah sallallahu went to Mirage, this was still in Makkah, this was your skeleton structure, and your mortar and bricks and so on. When they came to Medina, that's when Ramadan became forced upon them. Fasting Ramadan became when they came to Medina, Zakat became

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harder for them than in the first year. When they came to Medina, then, you know, later on, we're talking another nine years later, Hajj became fun hedge came right at the end, which is a major supply, but it's an extra major supply. It's a supply that, you know, if you don't have it in your house, then you're gonna be fine without it. But it was an extra extra supply that they had right at the end. So for example, you've moved into your house, you've got everything that you need. But then later on, what happens is, you know, you might have let's say, for example, your Wi Fi connection, right, your internet connection, the internet connection that you've got in your house, with the

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with the wire going all the way outside and connecting you to the rest of the, you know world where they say optic fiber, I'm talking about the fiber optics or the wire, if that's there, which is a good connection, or you know, having the equipment of having the internet in your in your house. It's not necessary for your house. You don't need it for your house. But if you have it, it's a massive bonus. And it becomes very necessary when you've got the means to have it. So that's what Hodges is.

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All right hedge is not for everybody if you can't afford to go to heart, if you haven't got the money to go to hedge, if you can't make it to

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your house, you don't need it. So there are many houses across the world you know many rural houses that might not have the internet they live in mountains that are massive, beautiful houses, but they've got no internet connection or something fine. You don't need it. So that's that's something which is important for the house but it's a it's a thing that you can do with that. Now, all the other things in the house in terms of the the tiles, the bathroom, the fridge, okay, you got to now look at the next important The next important next important so after the consetta after fasting further in Ramadan comes out of nowhere from fasting, after, you know, building all of this, what do

00:30:44--> 00:31:22

you do? It's it's now social, for example, your social life of Islam. This is where it got built in Madina, munawwara the social fabric of the community got built, how do we communicate with one another? What are the etiquettes of Muslims How should we behave? These are the things that will build these are like your sofas, these are like your you know your necessities of lecture they say the fridge again The fridge is now here. That's a necessity your dining table. Right? How do you spend money? halaal hora morava How do you know want to spend money when not spending What is a halaal business what is a harem business these things were built in the Medina mindset. Everything

00:31:22--> 00:31:44

now became building further and further and further but when it comes to the finer things Subhana Allah for example, let's say let's say I'm a person who has now you know, I know how to read the Quran. If you know how to read the Quran, you're gonna have to work on your finer Tajweed qualities of reading the Quran. So in the beginning a person might read like you

00:31:47--> 00:31:58

know be somebody was okay the reason for that, but later on you're gonna have to work on it work on it work on it work until you're ready to reach out to them in

00:32:03--> 00:32:51

a new mill. So Bernie was swana in Warhammer four BD so Knights got to find a but you know what? Let's get even finer. You know what I said to you remember one day you're going to rip up the kitchen and you're going to do a fabulous kitchen Suhana law then you put the taps that are shining and the fancy this and fancy that now sort of holla Eman in Medina was something where they had to go to those finer things. What do I mean by that? You've got to salaphi but in Madina munawwara you will working on your Salah with the horseshoe and the inner focus. Remember that that focus that they had in makan karma, that was the good foundation that was now going into everything. So let me

00:32:51--> 00:33:11

give you an LED take this further. A person who knows how to pray they know their love, but they know Fatiha they know Alhamdulillah Wilhelmina Rahman Rahim Malika they know, they know Sora they know swana they know ruko they know that your outer shell that was the outer shell. This is your structure your beams, your bricks, your mortar fine.

00:33:13--> 00:33:16

But a person who prays Hambledon

00:33:18--> 00:33:28

me mind is really connected to Allah. And the deeper I go, the deeper my foundation of my

00:33:29--> 00:33:38

my my whole connection with Allah. And now it's like if I go really deep, really, really deep. So I'm so deep in my Salah.

00:33:39--> 00:34:20

And this happened this basically was a Sahabi By the way, imagine somebody so deep into Salah they've come after so many years from fighting in the path of Allah. They came home after many years they came home and the wife was like, you know, surprised, Masha, you've come back and the wife was happy and she she, you know, dressed herself up and she she put whatever she could perfume and oil and everything is ready. Okay in the nighttime, and her husband started the Salah. Okay, he went so deep in Salah that, you know, he wasn't really drawn by by his wife's numbers, of course, he then slept with his wife, but when he was in his moment of his Salah, he was drawn into it, or for

00:34:20--> 00:34:29

example, say the knowledge of the olana and one of the battles he had a spear or a small small spear straight in his in his

00:34:30--> 00:34:44

thigh. Okay, so they were like, they were thinking, how do we take this out without him feeling the pain? And he said that you know, let me go into salah and when I go into surgery, just take it out.

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

So he went into sujood in salah and they and they took it out and again some of you might say well these do break because of blood work okay, this is the heart of the matter but there's other other you know, sources that say that your blood doesn't you know, splitting of your blood doesn't doesn't break your boobs.

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

But the whole point is can you imagine if he were so deep in in his sorrow that he couldn't even feel the pain of something being taken out of his tie, this is some serious foundation of your you know shoe This is like you know the house you got the structure you got the bricks and you got the mortar but Suhana you put some really nice plaster you got a really fine you put paint on it you put layers of paint on it, then you put the gloss on it or whatever it was then you had the you know, you put the you know, imagine on the wall Okay, you put the little you know, people put the wooden pieces you probably carve something inside, you know, seven walls, they they carve certain certain

00:35:40--> 00:35:46

a beautiful embroidery or whatever else it is into the wall is one of the cool add in, in English when you do that.

00:35:47--> 00:35:51

You know, when you when you are in Morocco, they do quite a lot. Sorry.

00:35:52--> 00:35:55

Our country. Okay, so so.

00:35:57--> 00:36:43

So so that's what you that's what you do you you beautifying the inner space of your of your walls, okay, this is the deep level of social insula. That's why you're doing this. It's not like I've got a skeleton structure and bricks and mortar, no, I've got the final part of all of this, when you sit there you you want to just look at it. Okay. So in every aspect of the dean now, they will move in from the very basics to the more finer to the even finer to the even finer to the finest thing that they could do in all aspects of their life. So Hannah, my chef said this wonderful thing. Mr. Chef, rock man from Bangladesh, he said a wonderful thing. He said, You know, when we try to better

00:36:43--> 00:37:10

ourselves in the deen, we often are happy with the basics. We often are happy with the basics. You know, when it comes to demons, I like a masala masala. Whether I did some, you know, my Salah, you know, with concentration or not, when a bother, but more so, whether I even did my sooner praise, or Why did my extra knuffle prayers or whatever, I'm not bothered, okay, we just want the basics and be happy.

00:37:12--> 00:37:35

And he said, when it comes to the dunya people are aiming for the a star. So you know, you got your exams? What do people do when they when they're going, for example, they say you serious about your studies? You're not going to be happy with a D or a C? If the C's the pass. Okay, right? And you actually achieve a C? Are you going to be happier upset?

00:37:36--> 00:37:43

If you're serious about your studies, and getting into C is bought online, you know, pass

00:37:44--> 00:37:50

and you're serious about your studies. You never got B you never got a you never got a star, are you gonna be happier? You're gonna be sad.

00:37:51--> 00:37:58

Sad, right? But if you are not bothered about it, when you get a C, you're gonna be like, Whoa, yeah, man, I got some brains. You know, I'm saying like,

00:37:59--> 00:38:37

right. Now, the people share said, he said people are aiming when they go for the exams, when they go for a course, they're aiming for the 100%. They're aiming for the a star, they aim for the 95%, I want to get between 95 to 100. And if I get that I want to get my you know, first class honors. In the degree, I just don't want to have a two two, I want to have a first class honors, honors degree. And that's how serious they become when it comes to study. He said, he said exactly the same way. If we were to think about our Dean, then we should be aiming in every aspect of our dean. First Class honors or a star.

00:38:39--> 00:38:43

Do you guys understand? So when it comes to any action, let's say for example, my,

00:38:44--> 00:39:33

my character with other people, it should be aimed at a star. It shouldn't be just the basics, like you know, okay, I'll meet you. I'll say Salaam to you. I'm happy with you. These are basics fine, but what about what about actually wanting to find out how someone is or actually really feeling? Are they okay? When you don't have any need to even ask them? What about having a heart that hurts when other people are actually hurt? And as getting to the final part of a good Muslim, you're hurt because you see another Muslim in difficulty. That's a very good heart but you got the and Sahaba were taken through this and the Quran points this out. Okay, the endpoint so I'm gonna give you an I

00:39:33--> 00:39:33

have the Quran

00:39:36--> 00:40:00

and many of these is in Medina MANOVA revealed were based around this. So student number three and number 163. Allah says whom the Raja tuna in the law, they all have different ranks in the sight of Allah. Whom de Raja Allah Allahu wa sumaiya Malone and Allah azza wa jal is

00:40:00--> 00:40:00

is watching

00:40:02--> 00:40:50

over you know, he's watching carefully the actions that you're performing. So, when you look at this, this ayah he didn't just say that they're practicing, I mean who is the hamilo means that you know what liquid lindora jaton mimma amilo so in another part of the Holy Quran, Allah azza wa jal says that everyone who is there and who is practicing, they earn certain ranks, depending on how well they have performed. Okay. So this is Surah number six, and number 132. Allah says for every person that will equal in Daraa jack for every person on many ranks Mima Emilio according to how you've acted, and what's going to happen is, on the day of gentlemen, we're going to get our test

00:40:50--> 00:41:21

results. So you know, like your person takes 12 GCSE is 10 GCSE is okay, typical person might take 910 GCSEs. Okay. They're trying to aim for a star in every subject, but most people might not get a star in every subject, but you know what they'll come up with like six A's, or seven A's, three a stars or maybe one B, and to a stars, not as good. The person who's got seven A's to a stars one B, that's good. That's really good. Hey, parents who don't like that kind of result.

00:41:22--> 00:41:57

They need it, they need to be you know, some parents that like, if you're not a spy, spy spy style all the way 100% not gonna be happy with you. Come on, give me give me give you son a break, man. Give me a break. Come on. Right. So imagine that they've done really well. That's, that's really good. On the day of gentlemen, what's going to happen is my Salah is one subject, my fasting is another subject Zakah Hydra, another subject, my social life is a subject. And I'm going to be graded in that, in that, my,

00:41:58--> 00:42:14

my way of dealing with my parents is another test. It's another test paper, and I've got another test result. And I've got another ranking in that they will separate they're all separate, by the way. So I might end up with let's say, somebody might end up on the Day of Judgment with a be in salah

00:42:15--> 00:43:00

and an A in the way they treated their parents, but maybe a C in the way they treated the husband or the wife and maybe a you know, an A in how they treated their children. But they got a B or a C when it came to how they spend their monies. And they got a series e or an F when it came to how they treated the neighbors. Right. And they got an A when it came to how they treated their relatives from abroad. Okay, and they got an A star when it came to them breeding the plan, but they got a an F or a you complete failure when it came to the environment and how they looked after the animals and the environment and livestock or whatever because they just didn't care about the environment.

00:43:01--> 00:43:47

Do you guys understand? Right? every area has got grades, okay. And the aim is to reach the highest. And the Medina mindset was see the Macan mindset was the foundation and the depth of the foundation. Medina mindset is what's above the ground. everything apart from the shell. The shell was created in Makkah, which was Salam Alaikum became in in McCallum karma and the foundation all about tauheed. Eman belief of the of the afterlife. You know, thinking about the stories, the stories of the MDR what happened in the past that the near misses and the gifts of Allah This is all the foundation is the deeper they thought about this. The deeper they made their email like the last I talked about

00:43:47--> 00:44:08

the sincerity the taqwa and so on the depth of what each one suffered the depths of that these are all made in Medina or in Makkah, that is always done as a foundation Mecca, you will understand what I'm trying to say here. And when they came to Medina, now it's like you're gonna finish your house. But now it's like how fine Are you going to make your house

00:44:09--> 00:44:26

every man he every woman here would want the house to look really good, smell really good to you know, feel really comfortable. Everybody wants that. And the same thing apply to the Sahaba of the Allahabad mine in Madina munawwara so Allah just says I'm gonna give you another ayah of the of the

00:44:27--> 00:44:49

of the Quran surah Allah Milan so number three and number 92 Allah says Lenten aloe vera had to fecal matter a boon Okay, so one part of the of Surah Baqarah let me say this and then when I when I when I put the other is I just said they didn't make sense. Okay. So, in Surah Baqarah

00:44:50--> 00:44:59

pseudo number two i a number 177 allows the widow said later on to a loo

00:45:00--> 00:45:44

We do have Michigan, Missouri, you know, virtuousness is not just turning towards a straight towards the right Kibler when you're praying, but verge or whether it's east or west. But virtuousness, virtuous acts and virtuous and good deeds are a person who believes in Allah believes in the Day of Judgment believes in the Malaika. The angels believes in the books believes in the prophets, this was your foundation of Makkah. Okay. Then Allah says, Allah Allah Hubby, virtuousness is to give wealth out of the love of Allah, love will accrue back to the people who are close to you, to give wealth to those who are utama who are who are orphans, while Masaki to give monies to those who need

00:45:45--> 00:46:30

what necessary to give it to the traveler, or the one who needs it was silent, or the one who's asking to give money to him, but he's the one who needs to be freed as a slave to give man gene and to free him. Welcome masala virtuousness is to establish prayers were at the zakka to give the car I will move forward. The virtuousness is to fulfill their promises when they make a promise was savina silvassa eva Bara virtuous act, to have patience whether you're in a good situation bad situation in a bus, and especially when there's war going on. And conflict. You still have your suburb that is virtuousness, Ola equal levena Sadako. These are the people who have you know, attested to the, to

00:46:30--> 00:47:10

the truly to their faith. Well, ole Gohan and these are the people who have you know, who have the taqwa and who have the consciousness of a block, that can you see what Allah has done. In the first part of this ayah Allah talks about the maca Foundation, but the belief of Allah belief of the Day of Judgment, belief of the Malaika dangerous belief of the books a belief of, of God and a belief of the prophets. This isn't the first part of the verse, in the second part of the verse of this is sort of Baccarat number 177. In the second part of the verse, Allah azza wa jal talks about the Medina mindset of building all these other foundations on top other structures on the foundation

00:47:10--> 00:47:14

that you've already built. Okay, now, let's go to the verse in Surah, Allah moron,

00:47:16--> 00:48:04

this was all virtuous, and bill in all these, all these different areas. One is to try and get your quantity and the areas that you're covering of virtues. And I like like Elijah said, you know, it's not just about getting the Qibla right, it's about you know, giving wealth to this one to that one to that one also sobor also, Salah zakka this spread it out. The second thing is to go deep, and to get to the a star to get to the a star, a star and first class honors into my Salah first class honors in giving my wealth to others you know what the eyes this ayah here is Surah number 392. Allah says lentinan bira had to fecal matter a boon, Allah says that you are not going to get to the

00:48:04--> 00:48:15

art most part of virtuousness and virtuous acts until you spend the thing which you love most.

00:48:17--> 00:48:29

Okay, so anyone can give Sotherton. Zakah that was the last I added. I you guys are you guys following me here? Anyone can spend. So let's say for example, I've got money and I'm okay. 510 pounds, 20 pounds.

00:48:31--> 00:48:34

But imagine something is really really dear to me.

00:48:39--> 00:49:08

Somebody who's really dia can give that away. It could be a woman's jewelry. It could be a man's car, that he's just you know, loves his car, giving that car away to someone. Giving that jewelry away to someone is going to be a big sacrifice. Okay. Now, I'm not asking all of you to donate all the jewelry and all your cars. But what I'm trying to say to you is that something that you love the most other the idea that I that was revealed. What happened is that it was a hobby of mine. And this is the competition they had imagined this okay.

00:49:09--> 00:49:44

The idea came down. And once a hobby, he came to the Messenger of Allah la semana said messenger of Allah, you know that garden in front of the masjid. Now there was a beautiful garden with four walls around it with actual spring of water in there and it was green and lush. It was rare, rare for Medina. Okay. And it was beautiful and peaceful to sit in there. And this was so beloved to the Sahaba of the law, or the law. No, he came in he said to nationalists, admeasurement law, this is what I have given me in the path of Allah.

00:49:45--> 00:50:00

Say that God alone can came straightaway after that, and he is donating something that was so so dear to him. But then he heard that the Sahaba had beaten him to it, and it hurt him. It hurt him that he couldn't be the first person

00:50:00--> 00:50:38

To act upon this desire as in, you know, everyone can act upon it, but he wants to give me the first you want you to get the first of the a star, the honest to be the first person to get it, can you see the competition that they had between themselves? Right? This is the Medina mindset. The Medina mindset is to move from the basics to the most finest of actions and to become finer and finer. And to try and get an A star in all the different areas of your deed and to build a structure in the social life on the domestic life on the on the financial life to build it on the political life to build it on a global scale to build it with only Muslim Brothers around to build every all of that

00:50:38--> 00:51:12

and to become very fine in the fine tuning and the and the best you can in in every single one of these areas, even your clock. So you might have your basic clock and the basic character, okay, which is your generous, but to become very, very generous. You're a person who forgives, but to become really forgiving. You're a person who has forbearance and tolerance, but to have utmost tolerance for people. Okay, so Hannah, this is this is now going to the finest of the finest You know, a lot of what a person can build. So Hannah, I just remember now

00:51:14--> 00:51:57

there was a you know, there has been many sort of sort of moments that I've seen sounds from some of the best, the best people that I've some of the best people that I've come across, and one of them is my chef. But you know, Rahim, Allah azza wa jal raised his status in this world, and in the next, but what I've seen is that to handle you know, people will come and this same thing I saw with my chef mana for him. This was not my style, my teacher manifold, Rahim. mela, give him gentle for those, I mean, people would come and people would spend time with them and spend time with them and spend time with them and spend until the shark's eyes are red.

00:51:58--> 00:52:05

He really needs sleep. The same thing I saw in my old style for him, he really needs sleep.

00:52:06--> 00:52:36

But he's not going to tell them to go away because they still want to learn the deen from them. And they still want to, you know, benefit from them. And they will go through extreme amount of sacrifice, sacrificing their time sacrificing their energy sacrificing their, you know, their comforts just for those people. And you know, it'll be late late and they'll take all the sacrifice and they'll be really tired. They won't complain. The one complaint to a single individual never heard milestone

00:52:37--> 00:52:42

ever complained about the amount of people that came to them to time never had my share.

00:52:43--> 00:52:51

man ever complained by the amount of people that come to them and all day throughout the evening nighttime, oh my god, I mean, I would like go here.

00:52:52--> 00:53:40

That is that is a way below my foundation, you know, I'm trying to say like, Yeah, but Subhana Allah, this is the finest of luck have character. When you when you got that inside you and you can work towards that that is that is the best. So the whole Medina mindset and why am I sharing this with you is we need to understand as Muslims, that we can't just be happy with the basics, we have to go through to the finest of what we can get. And what I want to do in the in the forthcoming sessions of these themes of the Quran is to visit some of these areas. So we want to visit What did Allah say the Harlequin, how did you fine tune or give the area of let's say, for example, their

00:53:40--> 00:54:12

domestic life? Or let's say for example, the individual life, or their social life, or their financial life, or the spiritual life, or their global life, political life or you know, how the the lives within each of the areas? How did he make it and how do you address it? Well, let's say for example, a plot character, what kind of is king? What happened to them? How do they find you? And these are the themes that are waiting ahead of us. And and you know, with that I'm going to conclude today any questions, any burning questions that you ask?

00:54:15--> 00:54:16

Any questions you want to ask? Yes.

00:54:19--> 00:54:22

Okay, anything to do with a session? anyone's got a question to do the session. You're going to ask now.

00:54:24--> 00:54:25

The session that we covered today?

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Nope. Going, going gone. Charlotte, see you next week for a shop in Charlotte.

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