Be Moderate in the Religion

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Mama told us that Allah alayhi wa sallam that in the DNA of that religion is easy. Well, he shared that Dina had on Illa. Allah is no one overburdened and so for the religion, except that it overwhelms them overwhelms them. So don't be extremists in the religion basically, the caribou wherever Shirou okemah kasasa lamb was dying Oh, Bill, Bill ohada watever Roja, you know, so, so draw close to this is the prophets advice draw close to Allah, you know worship Allah in the mornings in the evenings and try your best. The Quran says with the hola Mr. topple and wash my legitimacy abilities and the oma we have two groups of people the ultra liberals, if you want to put

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it this way the ultra complete ultra conservatives and both of their systems have shown us failures and the middle ground is that which the bulk of the oma for 1000s of years has been on. This is what we need to be on. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Africa.