Abdul Wahab Saleem – The Jews Were Expecting A Prophet in Madinah – Introducing Quran #13

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The importance of language in one's life is highlighted, with a focus on the use of words like "will" and "will" to indicate when finished or past. The speaker emphasizes the need to be careful with language to avoid false positives and avoid negative marks in one's language. The new Islam order is designed to avoid confusion and distraction for people who may have previously been associated with the same message. The order is designed to avoid negative marks and avoid the idea that everyone is treated similarly.
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spit out hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah hamdulillah him then you are free in Yama who you kept your home as either or Salla Allahu Allah say et now Mohammed in what other early your social medias you mean along the Illumina AMA and federal now on a limb tena Was it an element Dr. Karim arbitragefreie So that he was Sidley, Emery, operator melissani If Akali or visit near Illman or visit near element or visit near Alma,

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Allahu Allah Allah Allah ma Jota who Salah will entertain your resume the Salah we left off at where Allah subhanaw taala says well under whom am I know what taco lemma Zuber to minion de la how you know can only

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if only they had believed and they had Taqwa of Allah Allah azza wa jal as well. When an unknown ermine or if the only they had believed and they had Taqwa of Allah horrible Reza to check out as well. Lemma Zuber to minivan de la Hi, the reward from Allah would have been better for them. No can only Allah ma now this idea is right after the idea of session which we spoke about last week. And the idea there was that the boys are ill they're not following what Allah has revealed to them. And instead of that they're following the way of the shaytaan. Basically, the Sahara that the shayateen had concocted at the time of cinema and varicella. So Allah said, if they didn't do this disbelieve,

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instead, they believed because they heard his disbelief. So if they didn't do this disbelief, rather they believed, by following what Allah had revealed to Moses, what dako lemma thought but a minute delay, and they were fearful of Allah azza wa jal, they would have gotten reward from Allah azza wa jal, which is a lot better for them. Low can only Allah moon if they only knew.

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Now a new section starts a new topic starts Allah says, Yeah, you will let me know. Oh, who you believe la de Oh, Laura in do not say hola you know, which basically means listen up. Now, the problem with this is that the word Rabina can have two meanings. It can have the meaning of listen up. And it can also have the meaning of Runa, which is stupidity. So it's one of those words that has two meanings simultaneously. So depending on the way the listener wishes to interpret it, they may interpret it in this way, and Allah wants your speech to be perfected as well. So Allah says, Don't say it Irina, and that's what they used to say.

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And we were told not to say this, why Allah says what Google Now smell instead of that say, look and listen to me which is more clear than right now.

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And this shows you something very important. And that is that Allah is very, very keen on language. Language is extremely important in the Quran. A the Quran is a linguistic miracle be Allah again and again emphasizes the idea of language, meaning people should be careful the words they choose, I'll give you one more example. In the Quran. Allah says in surah Taha jurati says, Allah in our hub, the Bedouins they said Armineh we've believed, say to them or LEM to me No, say you have not really believed what I can call you a slim now, but rather say we've simply accepted Islam. So Allah differentiates over here between Iman and Islam. The language they're using is more emphatic, it's

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more powerful. It's more like we've completely accepted the faith. But Allah is saying, Hey, you haven't gotten to that yet. So hang on, wait, you'll get to that eventually. But this is not the time. So don't use a word that tells of more meaning that there really is in your lives.

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And so every single word that you choose, be careful of choosing that word over here, Allah subhanaw taala said, don't say right now why? Because right now as a word that has two meanings, listen to me, or give me your attention. And it also means the person being addressed is stupid, for example, right? Well, Google now instead of that, Satan will now look at me and listen to me, which is very, very clearly listen up here, right. Similarly, the prophets of Allah who it was Sydenham was also very keen on picking language. We found we find this in more than one Hadith. For example, Allah subhanaw taala says,

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for example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, in a hadith, wala Hulan haidakhan.

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Don't let any of you say Al Karim.

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for enough, don't let any of you say I'll cover mu for grapes. I'll come. It comes from the root word of honor. And the Arabs, pre Islamic Arabs, they used to use the word cutter to refer to the great tree. Why? Because from the great tree, they would make wine. And obviously in pre Islamic Arabia, alcoholism was a common phenomenon. So they would use the wine and they would feel like the tree is generous to them so they would call it a karma and that's why I pull it says either me too funny Isla Jim become it in Torah we wrote, okay, they're naughty. Proto Torah we're Awami bad mot. Rocco, whenever I die, then bury me next to a Karma next to a great tree. They used to call it a cut

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of my meaning like the tree of honor the tree that will honor you with district and so the prophets I send them he said Don't ever call grapes God.

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Because real honor is in a believing person. For in L karma residual movement, as the Prophet said, the true honorable person is a believing human being. So the prophets has said and forbade from using a word that was very readily available in that time because it has a connotation. So connotations are very important. There's also another Hadith in which the prophets I said Lim said they have cooling Hadoken Hubble's that's enough see what I can Lea call it lucky Sydney FC don't anybody say hello, second FC when you vomit, there's two ways of expressing yourself in in Arabic. One of them is my I feel filthy hub with an FC. And the other one is lucky Sydney FC, which means

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basically a woman did but there is no I feel filthy. Because it's not a positive thing to say I'm feeling filthy, right. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wanted us to be very careful in the language we use. And we also find this within the time of the Sahaba as well as Abbas was with Abu Ali and earlier is from the Murali meaning is not originally Arab. So his language wasn't very good. And so he said something, and if not Abbas stopped earlier. And he told them earlier, because he said that we finished prayer prayer and use the word insert off, which means to leave, I've left the prayer. So he said, Don't say in in sort of two minutes a lot. I've left the prayer even though

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that could be said technically because you have finished your prayer and you've now left and moved on to something else. But he said Allah teaches us how to say we've completed prayer, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says,

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Will the at the salaat called a tumor Salaat so he says when you want to say I've completed prayer, say I completed it, not that I've left it, because you never left it, you're gonna go back to it inshallah. So, if not a bassy corrected earlier in this way. Earlier, he said that if my boss was teaching me how to speak properly, so the idea in all of this is one that when you're using language, be careful about the words that you use, they have connotations, and those connotations can give messages that sometimes are unintended by you. And you want to make sure that you perfect your language to a point where the best connotations are given. And the best clear apparent meanings

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are also delivered as well. Hola continued and he said, Maya de la Xena Cafaro mean Ariel Kitabi with a machete kina Eunice is Allah and a common hiring of have become the people who disbelieve from the people of the book and also the machete keen.

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They don't want

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anything to be revealed upon you of goodness from your Lord. They're not wishing for that. The people who disbelieve from the people of the book and also the machine again, they don't wish for any good to be revealed upon you from your Lord. Well Allah who your thoughts will be Rama de mania SHA, Allah who will fugly love him and Allah chooses for His mercy, whoever He wills, and Allah is the One who is the only father and a loving the one who has the badness of magnificent father in virtue, okay, so Allah is the One who has all virtually chooses for that virtual whomever he wills, Allah can make those decisions. And so, whenever someone looks at someone else who has been granted

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virtue, just remember that virtue. Allah subhana wa Taala had chosen this human being for that. So if you start questioning the grant of Allah azza wa jal, you're technically just questioning Allah. And that's why when a person has hesed and jealousy for someone else, that is a form of questioning the decree of Allah azza wa jal when you start to feel like why did he have that

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And I don't have that that is actually a way or a form of questioning the decree of Allah. This is what the Israelites were doing as well. This is what Ben was thought it was doing as well, because they thought that the prophet is going to continue within their lineage, but it came from their cousins. And they weren't expecting that. And that's why Allah is reminding them well law who you will be able to commit to him again, SHA, Allah is the one who chose it chooses for His mercy, whomever he wills, are you gonna be a thought leader? He said that Rama over here is referring to a noble prophet. But it's more general than that. He's just giving you an example. See some of the

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stuff they give them see, and they don't mean, they don't mean that this is the only meaning of the verse. Okay. This is a very important principle from the principles of deceit, that when you see one of the early setups like him or Abbas Ali iMobile polyp like Abdullah had been Miss ruled any of them or facility in from the Sahaba or the W in giving you a difficile, you have to see whether they're explaining what the word means. Are they giving an example?

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Okay, so Ali is giving an example here, that prophethood is from the mercy is it only prophethood? No, it's prophethood. And it's all other forms of mercy as well. That's why the other opinion says that any type of mercy that Allah grants, Allah is the one who chooses who to grant it to right at the end of the day. So this includes prophethood it includes knowledge, it includes righteousness, it includes piety, it includes committing what onto your hearts, it includes even worldly possessions as well. All of that is part of the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal. So Allah chooses for this mercy, whomever he wills, you can try taking the same means that someone else did, but you're

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not going to achieve the same thing that he did. And he can try taking the same means you did. But he's not going to achieve the things you did. Because Allah chooses for portions of His mercy, mercy, whomever he wills will Allah who will love him, and Allah has all magnificent grace. Allah is the One who has all of that man and sacrament if we don't see her, now, TV Heidi minha will miss Leah LM lm n Allah, Allah kuraly che into the we never abrogate a verse, or delay the revelation of a verse

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except that we bring something better than it or equal to it. So any ruling that Allah in the Quran abrogates with another new ruling, that new ruling is always going to be either equal to or better than whatever was legislated previously, similarly, whatever Islam in the form of the Quran and the Sunnah come to abrogate whatever previous religions had been practicing, it would either be equivalent to whatever Allah had legislated for previous religions and the people practice, practice those religions or better than it. So Allah says that when Allah abrogates things, because this is what's bothering them, right, though a lot has been with them for generations. And the, for the

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Christians, the Bible has with them also for it has been with them also for hundreds of years as well. So they're being bothered that there's a new revelation coming down. Allah says Allah doesn't abrogate any verse, be it in the Quran, or the Quran abrogating something prior to the Quran as well. Nor does Allah delay the revelation of something except that at the end of the day, Allah brings something better or something equivalent to that LM to Allah and Allah Allah Cooley che in Kadena Do you not know that Allah is capable of all things. So just as the one who was capable of granting the rock to Musa the one who was capable of granting the Gospels to Risa, that same one, he

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is also capable of granting you the Quran of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and Allah Allah could Leisha in Cadiz

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LM tell them an Allahu Allahu wa t when

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when I recommend doing Allah him you want to you want to analyse

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and don't you know also that Allah is the One who has the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. He has the kingdom of the heavens in the earth. So he makes the decisions about who will be granted His grace from the prophets and other than the prophets as well. Because he is the one who has sovereignty within the heavens all different levels of them within the earth as well. Woman Allah Coleman Dooney Allah him inwardly you want Annecy and you have no Guardian nor helper other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And by the way, the Quran one of the Sunnah of the Quran is that these two words are paired together.

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In many places, in dozens of places in the Quran, Wali, and Nasi, and they always come in this order as well when he comes first. No, see it comes second.

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You'll notice this as you're reading the Quran now in sha Allah and these days, ponder it, you'll always see when he knows it. Well, he knows it. Right? And there's a reason for that. Because you could have someone,

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how do you get help against someone, you're going to get help against someone from a friend of yours, or a helper. A helper doesn't necessarily have to be a friend. But a friend doesn't necessarily have to be a helper. Okay.

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And so both of those are negated. You will not have against Allah any friend or a helper. There is no friend who is going to be able to stand before Allah azza wa jal, when they see the matters between you and Allah on the Day of Judgment, they're going to

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walk away. And Allah says in the Quran that Allah will not even bow to whom the bow they don't want inland with the pain, that the closest of friends on the Day of Judgment will become enemies for one another, except for those people who have Taqwa. So on the Day of Judgment, when people see that the matter is between you and Allah, they walk away.

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Similarly, you could have someone who's not a friend of yours, but they still help you. And that's an OCT, because there's something in it for them. Because you've told them, hey, if I win this case, you're gonna get a portion of it, lawyers, they're there to help you, but they're only helping you because they're getting a portion of the money. So neither do you have already nor do you have not see it because there's no one who can help you before Allah and why this order because usually there's some degree of Wilaya some degree of friendship or friendliness that causes someone to help you. No one's going to help you if they're already your enemy as well. They're even if they are

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helping you it's a temporal help it help and they really are intending to harm you in the long term. So if they're friends of yours, or they are friendly with you, then they're going to help you and hence the order you neither will have a friend and hence you will never also have

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any helpers as well. What Marla Coleman Dooney law he may want to you want to analyse and you will have other than Allah no friends, nor helpers as well. I asked him Allah subhanaw taala to make him our foremost helper in front, Allah Muhammad Sallallahu ala Sayidina. Muhammad didn't want an early he was gonna be a generic

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