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Qur’an made easy, delivered at EIC masjid.


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The transcript describes the marriage between Prophet Muhammad and his wife, which led to her eventually being granted permission to marry. It also describes various civilizations and their history, including the development of civilization on earth and the use of wealth to acquire more resources. The speakers discuss the importance of not being caught in the "robbing circle" and the potential consequences of bad actions, including the book of Allah and the concept of the shadow. They also emphasize the importance of not being afraid of the consequences of bad actions to help people achieve their dreams.

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Muhammad Allah to solid man, we come to Jesus number 22 and it carries on sutra as a result of law. So the law has been revealed and his wives are told that if they are if they come close to Allah azza wa jal through through worship and Allah will give them a great status and he will cleanse the hearts and cleanser, clean the inside. And then Allah says about all believers, women, men and women, those who are who find themselves being being steadfast in his Deen being honest, being patient, those who are devoted to allow those who actually give sadaqa those who finds those who protect their private parts, and those who continuously do the dhikr of Allah azza wa jal, Allah has

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kept a lot for them. And Allah has prepared for them his forgiveness and he's going to give them a lot of reward. Now, the ayah focuses on again another aspect which is going to again reveal Prophet sallallahu sallam. This was a marriage that took in the Prophet sallallahu wasallam were his own adopted adopted son, as a he had to give, he had to actually marry the, the wife of his own adopted son. Now it was against his culture, but he had to do it. And again, it reveals his position because he showed his complete

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obedience to Allah azza wa jal, then Allah says that He has given the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam permission to marry more than the limit that he's given the believers to marry. And this is a follower bounty that is given to the Prophet sallallahu is not that he meant married them for any other reason. But he married them because every single one brought about a lot of different links with tribes that were around in Arabia, and it's actually 45 his relationship with the different tribes in the different parts of Arabia. And he talks in number 53, about the believers when they come inside his house. They're not to know not to sit around and gossip after they've eaten not to

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hurt the Prophet sallallahu has been that way. And even after his his life, not to actually think of marrying his wives, these are number 53. And it comes right down to I 56. where Allah says in the law home Allah, Allah and His angels, they sent they send mercy on the Prophet salallahu alaihe, salam, Montenegro, the angels macdrive for the purpose of the law written, yeah, you can read the novel Oh, you believe send salutations on the province of Florida. That's how we show him. That's how we revere him after his death. And right at the end of the surah, Allah azza wa jal

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tells us that we have taken up the responsibility of being people who will obey Allah azza wa jal, and one of the ways of being and being alive is to be respectful to His Messenger, and he tells us not to become like the people in the title of most Allah, Allah who showed disrespect to him. Then we come to sudo Saba, now surah Saba talks about different civilizations. And these civilizations, what they did is that because of the development, they made considerable amount of progress on the earth, but each one comes to an end. So one of the first ones Allah talks about is Tao alayhi salatu salam, and he had actually got the ability from Allah to make it I am soft, and through that he's

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made chainmail. And from that, they made so many different different developments on the earth. And this, this gave them an advancement in civilization on this earth. So the man ally Salaam took over and so they might alesana after taking over. He then continues with what Elijah Salam had, and he moves on with his civilization. But what Allah shows that both Dawood and Solomon were very, very

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obese, not only obedient, but they were they were grateful to Allah for what Allah gave them. And then Allah talks about the people of Southern la again, gave them a lot of things in their civilization. And through that they had, they had many, many different miles of journeys that they could make without even having to worry about any food that so much that if they actually walk from one town to another town, with a basket on their heads, the fruits that it would touch of the trees that they pass by would fill the whole basket of the fruits, but then they were ungrateful to a lot they asked a lot to actually take this they said all I want to destroy destroy it, just like that.

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And I let them grow to nuns that actually brought down or down the boat down a lot of water and destroyed the entire part. our allies trying to tell us from here is that what are the gifts that we received?

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from him, you're not supposed to become people who take advantage of that. And forget Allah azza wa jal, and he says many times when the messengers have come, it is because of people's man and their own wealth that has either taken them away from Allah or actually probably bought them to Allah. So he talks about that in number 34, and number 24. And so 34 and I number 37, where there are people who who've used the means to come close to a land those who have gone away from Allah azza wa jal, and Allah says, of all the civilizations, the people that have come before you have actually received more than yourself. And he finishes off by by saying, that, if you if we think about the

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gifts of a loss of a job, then these gifts are those things that are not going to last. And in the end, we'll find that we are under their judgment. And when we are on the Day of Judgment, we will not even bother about the civilizations that are around us whether there are close to us or far away from us. This this is towards the end of the sutra, the only thing we will be bothered about is whether we're getting salvation or not. We come to sort of farted and sort of fact it opens up with the talk about the angels and acotar of Allah and if Allah wants to make somebody get his Rama and his mercy, there is no no one is actually no one to stop that. And if Allah wants to close his mercy

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on someone, there is no one to open it. And through that what Allah says that man is someone that he doesn't realize that the shaitaan is his enemy, and is trying to take him away from the from his salvation and taking straight towards the fire. And what he does is this is an iron number eight is that he makes something something sinful in front of his eyes look good. And when he goes for that, he he sometimes completely goes away from from from the guidance and from the truth. Or Allah says and he tells us again is that your lives are limited, think about this, your lives are limited. And yes, through good actions your life and our lives can actually increase and through bad action your

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life can actually decrease this is an EIN number 11 are the Nala knows how much is going to increase or decrease this is an EIN number 11. And Allah tells us that each one of these, you know, you can't be the same depending on the action you do you you are bound to either become those that will find a lot of fruitful things in the next slide, or will find a lot of sour things in the next slide. So he tells us and he asked our unconscious and he says in number 19, do you think that the one who sees and the one who is blind or equal? Do you think that the Luma the darkness and light is equal? Do you think that the shadow and having a place where there is no shadow it is equal? Do you think that

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the dead and the living are equal this is all under from from a number 19 to read our number 22 or Allah tells us through this is to think about the consequences that we are doing. And through even the rains that Allah brings to the earth he creates many different effects. There are there are sometimes you know, sometimes red cliffs, there are sometimes White Cliffs, white sort of soil, red soil, there are these dark, you know, rock that elaborates on the earth. And Allah tells us a lot tells us to reflect on these to think about what are we becoming in this life at the end. And it reminds us that those of us who that read the Quran that will establish our prayers that will give

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in the path of Allah in secrecy. And in the open, we see a comments from Allah that will never go wrong and will never fail in this comments is number 29. And he tells us that want to receive this book, again, through this book, we are going to divide into three one or three different categories that are going to me those that will become volume that will oppress themselves regarding this book of Allah, there are those who will actually be in between and there are those that will run ahead and will take full advantage of this book. And in the end is the fire for those people who actually completely you know, deny this, this is gone. This is an EIN number 36. And just before that he

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talks about Janet talks about the the gardens, and people having gold and having pearls and wearing silver and thanking Allah xojo that has given them salvation for those people who actually took benefit of this port. And the sewer around, you know, ends up by asking us to think that if Allah was to really take us to account right now, what would the situation be because those of us who are sinful would not actually find you know, any more days ahead of us and that would be the end. But he's not doing that he's given us a chance. He's given us a life and he wants to take He wants us to take advantage of that night. We come to the end of the Jews where surah Yaseen starts and sorry

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azim talks about the beginning, about certain people that were that were again, being told by the prophet sallallahu Sallam about this guidance and they were completely deaf towards what he was saying and allow reminds him that look certain people will not believe so don't try and make yourself feel bad inside that these people are not believing. And he he then brings a scenario where there were three messages that came to a certain people before as one case

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They denied him a second one thing they denied even a third one came, they still denied him. But then a man came running from outside of the city. And he came and he said, Well, Mariela is going into the beginning of the 23rd years, you know, why shouldn't I believe and then he actually come believes and he actually passes away. And he asks a lot to give good news to his people about the fact that he's found salvation. And we come to the end of that juice box with our