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Qur’an made easy’ delivered at EIC masjid.


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The message of Islam is to not believe in a book or person, and to get married to the right people for success. It is important for women to be "weirdly pregnant" after a "weirdly pregnant" situation. The dispute between Islamists and Muslims about the use of Islam as a means of achieving political gain involves accusations of seeking political gain by spreading false accusations and false false predictions, as well as accusations of seeking political gain by spreading false information and false accusations. The transcript describes a dispute between Islamists and Muslims about the use of Islam as a means of achieving political gain, and emphasizes the importance of being careful when makingiances with others.

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Salam ala Sayidina when Amina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa salatu

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salam alaikum.

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Brothers and sisters, we start the sixth years and the six years, a lot of them in the beginning he is telling us that

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first is you don't say anything that is something detestable, something that you've got to complain about, unless you are a victim of oppression. And the second thing Allah tells us is whatever you have hidden or whether you expose it to somebody else, or show it to somebody else, Allah knows what it is. So this Allah has told us as as a caution, because there's going to be a lot of difficulties that we are going to face, especially even especially with the people who don't actually believe in our religion. So then he goes on to talk about those people who don't believe in our religion, they start to make demands from Allah as from the province of Allah, Allah to them that are way beyond

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the norm. For example, they asked that they wanted to see Allah, this is right at the beginning of the six years. This Surah Nisa, for number 153. They wanted to see Allah and they Allah said Look, look at the past now why Allah does this again and again with the with the Nusrah in his because he wants to teach us something which is if you've got a people who are always asking question, but in the past have always gone gone, you know, they've got up to funny things in the past. And most likely they are only doing this because they're not they don't want to follow the truth. They just want to carry on entertaining the question.

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And Allah said, Look in the past Look, look at how you know I dealt with them when they broke this covenant that I gave to them this is 155 they made disbelief they made blasphemy against a solid Saddam's his mother, and they tried to kill a salad sandwiches and 157 they weren't able to kill him. But Allah azza wa jal says that I lifted him to the to the heavens. And Allah says that before the day of judgment comes, every single one of these Christians is going to believe in the message that he has sent in this forum. And this is an indication that by the end of time, Allah will make a solid, solemn comeback and he will propagate the truth on the earth. And we allow them after talking

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about the wrongs, he says, Those people who are asking who nephila in this ayah 162, those who are in those who are grounded in the knowledge of this this message that I've sent in the Torah or the board, or in this on angel or in this forum, they won't behave like this, because this is a message that has always come from profits that are linked with one another with one message. Another line explains in our number 1632165 He says, No, Holly cerami Rahim is married is happier. And this is his sons are Isa you use heroin Salama, they all got the same message. And the same message was that they were trying to give people good news, overshooting and mongering they tried to warn people of

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the evil that is lying ahead, so that people don't have any argument whatsoever against Allah on the Day of Judgment. Now, there are after Allah says specifically to the Christian community, he tells them to stop making blasphemy against against Isa la Solomon against his his mother, and specifically about the Trinity, not to not to believe or to say that there is something which is the Trinity, you will find that in 171. And he then specifically says about the Christians that they have, you know, there are certain people amongst these people who who are who are struggling with the beliefs of God. And Allah azza wa jal says to them that if you want to if you want to get

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through faith, and this is this is what it is, here's the message. And if you don't believe in it, there's going to be a tormenting punishment for you, right at the end of the surah, which is sort of Nyssa Allah azza wa jal talks again about the inheritance a small portion. And the whole point was that the weak people who are around us should not be those that we start to manipulate because we're in a position over them. So to me that starts in about a quarter of the way of this juice, and in the beginning of law talks about the specific slaughtering and how reckless slaughter and specifically if you look at it number three, you will find I mentioned that those animals that have

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died because of the blow, they have died because they fallen off a cliff or they died because they butted one another and killed

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One other, and so on. These are all haram animals, and then a lot of other hot animals. So two things are letters here. One is about consuming the right wealth. And second is about getting married to the right people. And the marriage to the alligator with the people of the book is mentioned in iron number five, that we can actually eat under me to get married. And again, you need to see to look at the specific specifics of this, because when they started that they should take the name of God, they have to be true Christians, they have to actually slaughter and they should be believing in a prophet in a book and in the last day, and that's what makes the slaughter halaal.

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And if and that that is what will make the women halal as well. However, it is undesirable to actually continue getting married to the advocate that because there is a fear that your children or your generation may lose the deen there after a massive jump turns around to us and says tells us to get up and to actually make Moodle and to start praying all of this is in iOS six of Suramar. So number six, and then he starts to talk about the way we behave is not only prayer, but after prayer the way we behave. So when we speak when we actually witness give witnesses, this is all in number seven and number eight, we should be upright and we should be those people who follow justice in

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what we do. Then he contrasted with the people of the past again, the man who gave a covenant who broke the promises, who were people who were given a position who betrayed the position. And why he's saying this again and again is for the Muslim not to do this. And he says that because of what they did. Allah azza wa jal been sent upon them. And and this is repeated throughout this Jews, Allah azza wa jal, he made these people, his their hearts, he made it hard. If you look at number 30, you will find that they come up with excuses, that they cannot believe in this message, because this messenger is not from them. Or they, you know, they say, Well, how come this this messenger is

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of this kind of that kind? Allah says, No, this is the truth that has come to you study, you will find that it's got many verifications. I mentioned this in the news again, and again, and again, those people who are rabbis, those people who are Christians, they know for a fact that this message is is totally in line with this actually verifies what they actually believe. He then moves on to design number 2021, and so on. Because of these differences we have, there is going to be a massive part, a party and a difference between us and them over beta macness over Jerusalem, and the whole of the story of musala Sam, how he got used to them in the first place, where the Giants You know,

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he went with the he went against the giants. And Allah gave him that part. But he mentioned that there were certain Jewish people who did not want to fight with massaman. They were they were casting out into the desert for 40 years, because they they rebelled against Busan. But very interestingly, an iron number 32 Allah mentions that whosoever is going to kill a single soul is as if they kill the entire human race. And whoever saved the soul is as if they save the entire human race. Why he says that is because there's going to be a lot of conflict around this particular part of the world. Then he moves on, to tell us that the way to actually make a connection with Allah

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azza wa jal is through a means on the earth. So either we take, you know, we need to figure whether it's a person who's close to Allah, we need to be in there somehow in a good companionship. And that will make us come closer to him. This is Isaiah 35. And those who commit wrong wrongful things for them is Toba mentioned this in 39, that if you make your repentance after you've committed something wrong, then it says that there is going to be forgiveness for you. Otherwise, he tells us not to become again, like those people who betray,

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betrayed the Muslims by coming into the coming amongst the Muslims. These are certain Jewish people in the province time, who start to spy on the Muslim This is all mentioned in 41, i 42, and so on. And it's insane to us as well not to become like these individuals who continue to make a law for themselves and a law for somebody else. And there are Muslims today who actually do this as well. So this is not about just them. Allah said all of this because of us. And he said whatever I've sent down to you, whether it's in the Torah, whether it's in the engine, I told you to abate and now the Quran I'm telling you to do the same thing. All of this you will find from verse number 44 onwards

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to 50. He tells us clearly that the revelation is there to be followed in EIN number 51. He tells us to be very careful in when we make our alliances with other people, even with the with the with the people who are the al Qaeda with the People of the Book. He tells us to be very careful in how we interact with them. Because there there are certain people who just want to break up discussion

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Religion. And Allah says whenever this may happen, that you will find Muslims that will leave the fall of Islam is the if before, I will always bring back certain, even from outside of Islam, people will come and convert into Islam. And he then tells us that look, one of the biggest reasons why they did this is because they made rules for themselves. These are rabbis, not all rabbis, but some rabbis in the past, that they started to say something is halal for them, which is not hard for them. And Allah said, you know, this is big, because they made the law, they started to make laws for themselves, and then they started to become corrupt. He's telling us that the Muslims should not

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have a man's or he, I mean, this is the message that we're getting, that we should not have imams or others who do exactly the same thing and make laws for themselves. And finally, right at the end, Allah tells us about the about Trinity once again and the Christians are not to go that direction. And what it ended up is from the tongue of Tao and from the tongue of Isa restaurant, design number 7877 78. And so on, that they got Lana and they got cursed. Zach mahabharatha, Donna and Hamlet

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and tamina