Bullying, Mockery & Shaming in the Quran

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The conversation discusses the potential consequences of a bottle causing the entire ocean to be polluted and negatively impacted by the lack of water. A woman named Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs.

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If I were to tell you

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that if I put a little bit of this liquid and solution into an ocean,

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it will change the color of the ocean. The whole ocean will be polluted and all the sea life will go to an end and die. What will come to your mind this little bottle will kill everything in this ocean this little bottle will cause this the ocean to smell bad and ruin the color. So you will be amazed at how destructive This is. Mostly but this is disaster. What's in here this little bottle.

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Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Aisha tells us the story about the Allahu anha she said call to the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has spoken in Sofia, Kedah, Kedah. She was talking to the prophets of Allah Salam and the discussion of Sophia who Sophia Sophia is the wife of rasool Allah is Allah Allah awesome woman woman. Oh my god means our mother. So I Isha wants to kind of be little Sofia. And she did this with her hand has the book What are you want from Sofia, Danny and Nahoko Sierra miniature is the short girl what you want from the short girl

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying subducting? This is true. It's a fact. It's not a big deal. What did he address it? He took it so serious. He said Wallahi he said leopard cruelty or if you said the word Kelemen lo musi Jetta Bhima in the hurry lemma Zeta Tau. One word. Did she say something? No, she did this will help the Kalima just has books. This move this word if it were to be put in an ocean, it will pollute the entire ocean. Kelly Mahwah Katara a drop destroys everything.

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And rasool Allah is Allah Allah Anderson did teach us a person may say one word Kalama la yo kala Bella, you never thought it's a big deal? What happens Jakub Allah Allah, Allah has anger will be at you and you will go into hellfire. Then he said the same Hadith and you may say a word that is nice. Can you mahasin Are you but Allahu Akbar you don't think it's a big deal but because of it Allah will be happy with you and you go to Jana, one word Do not be literal that and the summary of the scope but in this area where Allah gives you three things don't do don't do don't do three things. Allah starts by saying yeah, you Alladhina Misha Yohannes aminu are you who believe or you believe

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who believed as your mocha Yama or you who believe Maliki or Medina what goes around comes around? Yeah, are you Hala Dena Amma know that you will not go to Jana until you love one another. Yeah, are you Hala? Dina Armando number one? Law Yes. How come women calm? Don't you ever Mark bully ridicule one another? And Allah says calm calm Jani Gemma a group of people and what's interesting Subhanallah today as I was reviewing my notes, there is a website stop bullying.gov Mocha hakomi about bullying and the image they have a Surah it was a group of women together and there's one girl by herself sad

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because sometimes the mockery was so create a cone because

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they all gather up the gems are gathering, talking to one another just when the bullets start striking. If you were alone, sometimes this may not happen. But if someone says a comment, another comment then that's when you destroy others Subhan Allah may Allah protect us. Law Yes, her comun men comb. There's a lot of reasons. A lot of these why not to but give you one, Allah says as your Kuno Clara Ninho the person you're making fun of, you're making a joke out of can actually be better than the whole group Allahu Akbar. Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when authentic hadith, even miss Rudra the Allahu Anhu went to get a la sheduled rock to get some swag from a tree. And

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when he went up January, the wind blew the clothing of Ibn mustard. So what showed up his shin circle?

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The Sahaba did not say anything by the Sahaba some of them by a coup they laugh.

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How thin it was. So the Prophet wants to verify mymaths cacoon Why are you laughing?

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They said indicati selfie for how skinny his shin are.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Wallah he Lahoma Earth coloring de la he yo milky I mean who heard the sin of even Massoud on the scale on the Day of Judgment is heavier than the mountain of offered.

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I sat near Kunal Hi Ramona. That person might be better than than the one Subhanallah making fun of swans so male protector Setubal Alameen. Then Allah emphasize while Nisa on min Nisa, then Allah

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especially women, not one woman making fun of another woman. Don't do that stuff. Don't do what I Aisha Radi Allahu Anhu did and we have to be proud of our HR because he arrived with Hadith to live on Akata Allahu Akbar. She taught us this is wrong. Don't do what I did. Allahu Akbar. You can share that to make people understand the deen more and more. And you know, subhanAllah she says all of the Allahu anha she says Allah to her K Tula who in Santa one time, he says and I imitate it and he Timothy felt in the way I speak and the hand movements in Sanan someone else for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you saw I wish the imitating someone he said Matt or hippo and Neha K to

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insert our Angelica worker. He said, As for me, I don't like to ever imitate someone or mock someone, even if I will get paid for it. Subhan Allah, much of Stand Up Comedy today get paid for mocking people. Subhanallah is a window even if people pay me for it? I don't want to do that. I know Allah might say well, Cara here says Dad and the dislike and the Haram increases. When it's belittling the actual people. May Allah protect us era behind me.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala he says La yes sarcoma women calm. Then Allah says wala Tomiko Infocomm two out of three one attend Mizzou and foster comm there's multiple meanings to it add in Manny is you mark so tell me zoo is part of sorry a mockery but Allah wants to specify this. This is a mockery that may not involve speech by Dr. Kalam with a wind

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agent he came

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well at Mizzou and full circle with Allah saying well I tell Miss will move meaning I mean why Nico? No, Allah says do not mark yourself but when you keep on Mark myself.

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I'm mocking them and showing that they're weird. They're stupid. They're this and that. No. multiple things. When you do such move to someone you open the door for others to do it to you. Oh, well met it mascara inside intimidated about mascara like the moment you make somebody say You know what, I have an open door policy. I'm all yours mock me as much as you want. So beware of that. The other thing, we are one body, cultures ideal world. That's what the prophets of Allah Islam said. If your toe hurts, if your toe hurts, you're uncomfortable. You may have a headache, you're having mood swings because of a toll and that's how the amaze your hurt someone you're actually hurting yourself

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and the bigger picture may Allah protect us. Another meaning will tell me so and full circle. You will look weird when you actually do these moves.

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And if I would do a mess and put this on YouTube, and I make my thumbnail me doing this, what kind of funny business and this how you will look like when you make fun of other people. Another meaning Well I tell me Sue and foster calm Don't mock yourself. It also means madness. Determine stoic mechanism and kodra don't say I'm an idiot what attorneys do and full circle. Don't mock yourself. Don't say I'm a loser. You know what? I wish I was a lot taller. I'm a short guy don't know don't don't let work Tim enough sick. Respect yourself have honor yourself. May Allah protect us here Robben Island in Walla tell Mizzou and full circle. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says number three

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and last one while tunap a zoo, Bill l carb. This is all part of a secret but Allah is emphasizing when tunap is who will carb meaning do not give people nicknames they don't like don't call someone such and such. Oh, you will miss out of fat so your this your four eyes actually wearing glasses don't do these things. Even if they smile and laugh. Even if they smile and laugh. I remember one time I used to be a youth coordinator in a nearby city. And there's a brother people used to call him noodles, noodles, macaroni

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noodles. I said first day I didn't say much second day and so on. I used to work on the weekends. So I went to this brother, walleye. Honestly I don't know his name. So I said what's your name? said Muhammad said they're calling you noodles do you actually like this? He said honestly no. To basically speak up

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because a majority of our comb their tongue noodles, noodles noodles, for if I go speak up, they make fun of me. Oh, you're a mission advocate that you're not a real man. So you have to go I had to go address the people as attentive to the whole message. I don't even know his name. Subhan Allah may Allah forgive us. Stop calling him that when our turnovers will come. I personally personally, I was bullied so much in middle school only Allah knows how much I used to go to school crying. The best part of school was my worst part of school recess. We used to have break, go have lunch. I used to hate that. Because an example North America I was in grade six. That guy was in grade eight. So

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anytime you go to lunch, we used to go to lunch together. So I used to not want to go outside because of what this man did him

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Me, I used to hate it And subhanAllah thinking about it. My parents had the open door policy, but I was never maybe courageous enough to speak or maybe I was not asked enough to speak or maybe I wasn't educated about how damaging this may be. And I remember Subhanallah well that and I was well, why would Allah emphasize this tunap was well El Cap May Allah grant you all Jana. Its name calling. So it's one name because this one word, you might remember it till the day you go back to Allah.

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You may not remember a whole story what they did to you, but you will remember a nickname people used to call you that's how deep it can go. And the name I was called was Casper. I used to always be called Casper Casper was Shiva Halabi like a white ghost. Because Subhanallah you know, land from land is different out of an earth. I used to be at a land that you they used to make fun of how light skinned I was called him this person and another part of the world. Oh Casper had Shabak the white ghost has come I would have been very difficult very tough well at inevitable club, then Allah subhanho wa Taala he ends it so I said three things. Layers are common men come in general a moon do

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not make fun of people do not ridicule people. Don't make fun of Oh, where do you live Detroit? Those people Oh Hamtramck. Let's start from the level of fear Allah subhanho wa Taala layers are calm and calm. The shoes they're wearing the phone and the iPhone seven and iPhone 13 It's a joke but do you think it doesn't hurt him? He may not tell you that even Allah heteronuclear inherit mmm even women to in front of their mom and friends, their son and daughter but they act like Oh, whatever. Don't do these things. Then Allah says I will be lambda shaped on the regime. He says when I attend Mizzou and full circle number two and number three well attended vegetable oil club and

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look what Allah says this and this will feel so bad and Iman. How horrible is it for you to c'est la ilaha illallah and do these things being said this will for so how horrible is it that you say we're not me? No and Omar Mohamed Omar Wahida were together and Muscat and you make fun of this country and that person and that individual. Look at his car. Look at this. Look at that. May Allah protect us era Bill Alinea, this this bill for Superbad? That Iman There's a very famous statement it says Kulu ena NB Mefi on

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every container whatever it comes out of it tells you what's in it

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so people may not know who I am may not know who you are until you start speaking and the moment you say horrible things it's a sign of a week a man this this month for SOCO Baden Eman and if you start saying good things it's a sign that you have a good Eman insha Allah then Allah ends the area and hitam woman lamea tube and if you do not repent if you do not seek Allah's forgiveness, if you do not change your way and fix your mistake for hola ecohome of volume one, this is Dorian oppression. How do you make Toba? How do you repent for something like that? If some elements said if you're Supriya your mockery, your name calling is known to the person you're making fun of you have to

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approach and talk to them because they heard it from you or heard it about you. So you go seek their forgiveness. Apologize and you know how to speak Inshallah, if they do not know you said that about them. If they never heard about you and your statements, do not tell them but pray to Allah to forgive them pray to Allah to honor them, until inshallah we're able to make that up in the life subhanho wa taala. We'll have some concluding remarks. But in the second football, a cola cola was still a federal law, the Willa confessed Delphi rule in Navajo Allah for Rahim.

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Bismillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah.

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You Mohammed is sitting many of you know him, Rahim Allah.

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Muhammad is sitting at the end of his lifetime. He was in so much debt fee Do you and Kathira Dakila beside me has surgeon he went to prison at the end of his life. When he was in prison, he was thinking what is the possible root cause that I'm in prison that oh, he's not good at business. Okay, he's not going to business maybe one thing, but what's the reason he messed up like this? Can he be a physique in oil? He said to the car to water the car to them Ben Neff to cobbler or ballerina Santa and one story 30 He says I remembered a sin I committed 30 to 40 years ago. Wow. What? What was it now with them? I young to Rauland Wakulla who we are Morpheus. He's because I

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remember 3040 years ago there was a guy who was broke. So I said oh you broke bankrupt guy. He said Perhaps this is why now I'm broke to the extent I am in prison. Allahu Akbar. Can I share with you one statement as a

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response to this similar LMS set look at these grant scholars they were able to remember the sins for how little they were asked for us we have way too many we can't even remember which one because of which one we went to this mercy abundance disaster may Allah protect us.

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So number one with a concluding remarks are three really quick number one you need to stop this from happening whether adults or youngsters stop it from happening. You see happening front of you educate the person respectfully talk to them, and you find your way in the culture to address it. And don't say what lie is gonna be embarrassing. Allah may question you for that May Allah protect us era Bill Alameen. May Allah protect us era Bella and make us courageous and confident, strong. And please, part of you stopping this is you not doing it like if Allah

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and with all respect to my parents, but it will matter a lot on my head respect and honor. You should not be doing mockery to your children. That's one wrong and the other one that children will do it to others. I'll give an example this happened in front of my own eyes. A person is asking his child to bring him something from the kitchen. I think he must have said. So that child goes to the kitchen. Where's the plate? I can't find it. Where is it? Is it in the kitchen? Law for Maria?

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No, it's not in the kitchen. It's in plural. This is mercury. Like, are you blind? So what happens? And the consultant well that you broke that child? And that child in school, someone will say a Give me a pen. So then what does the person say? In my pencil case? What are you blind? No, it's incluido SubhanAllah. So you have to be called to an example of your own, of how to talk and how to speak and do to your children. What you do not want people to do your child. May Allah protect us. Number two,

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don't just avoid mocking people and saying wrong things. Number two, make sure when you speak you speak beautifully. Is that a calamp acid column? Call it letting your accent to don't think like I just wanted I'm not making fun. No, that's not your goal here the goal?

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The I don't want to make fun of you. I don't want to hurt people love your goal. I want to benefit people. I want to make the people feel good about themselves. That's not your target. I don't want people to feel bad law.

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One of the holes had a dream and Dorothea. He dreamed all his teeth fell off cool as nano rocket.

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So Jha BTech Professor Alam, he got a dream interpreter. What's the matter? I had a dream where all my teeth fell. And I want to know what it means. So the man says all of them fell off what I masiva every teeth everything. I have to tell you, you know what this means? Your mom will die. Your dad will die. Your kids will die. Your relatives will die, then you will be the last one to die

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and kill us nanny and our and your family members. So the men got upset the Khalifa or Trudeau kick him out of here. And he kicked him out too. So there's a devastated so then he said give me someone else. So someone else came a dream and interpreter. What's your dream? I dropped all my teeth fell every single tooth. He's upset Allahu Akbar. At Shell Allahu Akbar. This is good news. It's like how he says this means you will live such a long life. Such a long life, and you'll be the last one to leave from your family. Same meaning but the way it was said because one of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hi Rocco mon Paola Amara Hassan Amano. The best one is one who lived long

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lives long and does a righteous deeds Allahu Akbar. Si Si is the same meaning but just how you say it. Lastly, the third and last always remember, United We Stand divided we fall.

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Allah says there's shaytaan in the CEPA Anna Yen's de lubaina home shaytan will always try to make us hate one another shaytan will always try to make us look down upon one another. So do your best when this happens. shaytani be playing a role for say Oh do we live in a shape on