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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The importance of remembering one's actions and staying true to one's beliefs is emphasized, along with the need to be mindful of one's actions. The Surah Surah and Sunents' guidance are also discussed, with a brief overview of a book and a discussion of the law. Visits to the book's distribution and marriage are emphasized, along with avoiding getting married to avoid marriage.
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salatu salam, ala Sayidina Muhammad Allah, Allah redmine just number four begins with Allah saying that if you want virtue, then you've got to sometimes give up those things that you most dearly love and jacoba salam also did the same thing and he got closer to Allah through that. Now one of the things that Allah says again, you're going to give up is to do with with coming to my house for Hajj, as mentioned in number 96 number 97 that through this we'll get closer to Allah by giving those things up. Another thing Allah tells us is that we've got to give up trying to think that we're always right. We're an oma, we've got a rope and the rope all of the oma hangs onto one rope.

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And that rope connects us to Allah, what is that rope? And Allah Allah mentioned that in in EIN number 103 of Sudan and that rope is the Quran habla is the Quran. So as long as we all say that, look, we're going to stick to what the Quran says. And an extension of the Quran is the is the acceptable sources from Rasulullah sallallahu. Many Sunnah, we stick to that we should not be going astray because we should not be divided, because what will happen in this model is warning us is that just as the Christians and the Jews revolt, you will also split into many, many different sort of groups. And the consequences of those groups I mentioned in 106. And 108, Allah tells us that

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look, you want to your job is to call towards good and forbid, evil. This is one zero. And those of us who will do that Allah says, is the best thing that you can do just carry on calling tools, good carrying forbidding evil, he then tells us that don't be judgmental about the people of the book and say they're all the same. They're not all the same. This is one three. Why? Because just as you're not this, all Muslims are not the same. Remember, all Jews are not the same, or Christians are not the same. But it tells us that looks amongst them, there will be certain people that will try and get into you with spies and other people try and break you apart. And number 118. And it tells us

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that amongst them not all of them are not all the same. Amongst them, there are people who have a lot of hatred towards us as as Muslims. And you know, there are good people amongst them. And the good people have been mentioned in animal one month three, because they pray that devoted. What this shows us is those of the People of the Book was devoted to God, they will be the best people towards us. And those people who are not devoted to not they're not devout people, they will be the people who cause friction amongst us. Anyway, I love them tells us that look. And there's two wonderful battles that get mentioned in this in this Surah Surah. Al Imran one is the Battle of the battle.

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And the other one is Battle of Ohio. nabela battle starts with number one to one battle of Ohio, we'll have references from 1313913140 onwards, but you'll see both of them will be mentioned and some here some there why Allah started to tell us that look, sometimes you will win, and sometimes you will lose. And the whole point of this is that when you win it is because you stayed with the commandments of the Quran and what Allah told you to do and the obedience of God, that's what you want. And when you lose, it will be for the same reason that you disobeyed a law you disobey these messengers, and that's why you lost is not for any other reason. And and Muslims today are

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scratching their heads and saying, you know, why is this Well, what's happening and all these different parts give us a whole whole set of lessons to understand from what went on, in the in the balance or heard. So one of the things that says is, look, don't be negative, be positive, because I'm going to take from you certain matters. This is our number 1.0. Allah says, Look, I'm going to clean your house through this I number one for one, Allah says that, you know, you are the most supremecy believe is number 139 11 says that look, the prophet was amongst you. But just because the Prophet is not there doesn't mean that you don't stand up for whatever is right. And this is a

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number 144 onwards and then he gets to the specific parts of why they made a loss in that war. And this is a number 152 in that he says that some of you started to go again towards the dunya towards the world. Some of you wanted the ACA but some of you wanted the world and what you did is you left the messenger behind you and if you think about it some Muslims today they want victory for Islam but they want don't want to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu isn't a man Allah saying that look, that's not going to happen. You've got to follow the Sunnah because if you look at number one, five threes like if you leave the messenger behind in your lives, you will not

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Have any victory, then Allah talks about us and the losses that they had in in this this battle. Allah says, look, Allah, if you are slain and if you are killed if you are, you know something horrible happens to you, then don't forget you come back to Allah La Ilaha to Sharon I number 158. So unless telling us again and again in in times of conflict to remain positive, then he turns around and says to us that, that those people who've gone to the akhira they're giving you good news, and they're telling you how wonderfully they feeling in the next slide. This is our number 13169 onwards, they telling you that look, we wish that you could see where we are, and we telling

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you we're very, very happy. And then allows a vigil through this he mentioned he says that I'm not going to leave you in one state, I'm always going to change and bring about things about you because I want to remove the dirt from the goodness in this oma, if you look in 179 us, you will see this. So some of the things that are happening around us at this moment in this oma is because Allah wants to remove from us, the people who are hypocrites, and he wants to keep the real believers and give them the victory. Then he moves on to say that one of the key things is, we've got to remember that mold and death is something that is imminent, it's going to happen to you wherever you are, so don't

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you know what's the worst that can come across you this is number 185 the worst that will come to you is mold and death. And everybody's got to taste death. But for Monza and Now those of you who at the time of death are saved from the fire and those of you who are entered into Jana, they are the successful ones. Oh Allah hi to Daniela mattala world, and everything that you've seen in this whole of this life of this earth is only deception. The main thing is what happens after that. So Allah again telling us that look, stay and be you know, be firm. But Allah saying that look, right now you might want to decide and say look like you got certain wealth from God is made you close to God or

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something Allah say, No, no, no, Well, two things I distribute whoever I want. So Allah says in number 188, law seven Lavina. For those people who get really happy that I've given them certain things, and they think that they should be praised for that that's not the case, they shouldn't be worried about what's going to happen to them after the death. Right at the end of this surah from EIN number 190. Allah tells us an important part of which is again, reflection, reflection of the heavens and the earth, the changing of the night and day. And then it should come to conviction that Allah has not made any of these in futile, futile, he has not many made any of this in vain. It's

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got a purpose. And the purpose of it is that we should not we should not be of those people who don't see the purpose of this entire life. And the purpose of this life is this risala this book is messages come, we need to take this message and turn it into into devotion. If you look in number 199, you will see Allah tells us about the devotion that we need to turn towards. And there are certain people of the book who turn this whole message towards devotion and some people, they start to see that Oh, there's others who are moving around the earth so freely and they're roaming around and that distracts them and they think they've got pylons on Allah says nobody's got power and so on

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except for himself. If you look in number 19196197, he tells us not to be deleted by people who sort of Romandie so freely. And then we come to the end of sort of Alan Moran and you start to tighten this up. A certain muscle starts here and it ends in induced six. And what Allah tells us right at the beginning is about an unseeded Nyssa is the sutra about women. And here he tells us about staying specifically being very careful of the women who are in opposition about the Dharma and the orphan that I know position about the wealth that we've got a we've got to distribute to the right people. And mainly Why am I saying this is because once you're in power, once you've got control,

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once you're the leader of the house, once you the leader of the clan, you can start making rules when you want but Allah said, Look, I'm giving these rights. So this woman will get this much the niece will get this much the daughter will get this much The sun will get this much each person Allah told us about the distribution of the wealth from EIN number 11 1213. And so on these these are all the inheritance laws. And a quick thing to the people who are listening is please when someone passes away, don't just look at the the monies that you're going to get. Just look at the halaal money that comes to you because if you take wrong for money on the Day of Judgment, you have

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serious consequences, because the law says that you're taking man you take in wealth inside you that is the fire of jahannam if you take it in the wrong way, then he moves on to tell us that there are there are certain people who will who will start to make laws about who they can get married to who they can't get married to. And about marriage. There's a massive part about a law tells us look these are the people you shouldn't get married to and this is our number 23 tells us about like your mother

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Those hot on to you your sisters are hard on you for marriage and you can't have that but then he tells us about the holiday women that we can marry and this is from the beginning of the shift us Xochimilco salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Qur’an made easy’ delivered at EIC masjid.

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