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In this life, the fact that the law is served doesn’t necessarily mean that justice is served. But the situation is completely different on Judgment Day, as Allah describes it using beautifully nuanced language in the first part of Surah Al-A’raf. On that day when we stand humbly before our maker, the scales reveal the absolute truth about our deeds. It is an accurate, precise and justified reckoning. The scales do not measure the quantity of our deeds, but their quality, as each one of us has a unique set of standards that assess the meaning and impact of our actions. This is why we must not compare ourselves to others and why we must always have absolute faith that Allah will never burden us with difficulties that we cannot handle.

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In Al Hamdulillah Latina who want to start you know who want to start Pharaoh when he went to LA, when I rubella Himanshu Rudy and phocoena woman say Dr. Molina when you have the healer who Fela mobila woman your blood fella howdy Allah when a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa hola Sheree Kala wanna shadow Allah Mohammed Abdullah he was a solo of Salah hula hula Allah Buddha Medina Huck, the youth Hara who Allah de Nicola de Vaca fabula he shahida for sallallahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira and kathira some

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Naka De Sica Kitab la hora de hodja Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We're in Nashville Amorim. We're in Nakula desert in beta wakulla, Walla Walla, Walla Walla and phenol kulula George elfi kita Nakula Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. When was no Yama in El Huck? Furman sacoolas mawashi no hufa Buddha eco homophone. Aman ha Fatima was you know who fought winner eco Latina hustle and fossa home Bhima connubia Tina moon, a llama la la mina volume in Krabi, Shakti Saudi were silly Emily Wagner aka melissani Ollie Allahumma COVID-19 del norte de la ilaha illallah wa la Miranda Mina Latina Armando Amina sorry, hurt, whatever. So Bill, Huck, whatever so besotted Amina, but it means

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that today's football is about a couple of IOD that belong to the introductory section of certain era, that's the seventh surah of the Quran. And it makes reference to a concept that a lot of repeats in multiple places all over the Quran. And that is the the scary notion that our deeds are going to be weighed on the Day of Judgment, the scales on the Day of Judgment. And there are many notions about the scales of judgment. And you know, typically we picture something simple in our minds, like every person is going to stand on judgment day, and every person is going to have their own kind of a weighing thing in front of them a scale and there's going to be bad deeds on the one

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side and good deeds on the other side. And whichever one ends up being more is where a person is going to end up. If their good deeds are heavier, and they're going to go into heaven. If their bad deeds are heavier, they're going to go into hell. But the Quran actually paints a much more complicated picture than that simple image to help us understand what's actually going to happen on Judgement Day. And my attempt today is to try to illustrate some of those deeper things that are really a mercy from Allah in the way that he described how our deeds are going to be weighed. And what that means for us right now. A lot. So it just says, first things first, he says, well, what's

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new Yama, even, I'll have the scale on that day. And the measurement on that day is actually truthful is accurate. For the first thing that means is it's real, don't think that judgment is not going to happen. That could mean that it's reality. So don't doubt it. But the other meaning of a hack is actually that it's accurate, and that it's precise. And that it's also justified help is also you know, how can Lucha for something as rightful of it. So let me explain this third, meaning a little bit, because that's a lie is almost saying, all the skills we have right now are not accurate. And all the judgments we have right now have some degree of inaccuracy. Even our messenger

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam people came to him with a dispute. And one person came and made their case and said, Here are my reasons why I think I'm right. And he spoke and gave his ideas and his evidences very clearly, the other person was not very well spoken, he was shy, he was nervous. And it makes it look like one person had a really good case. And the other person didn't have a good case. The same thing happens today in a courtroom, somebody can get a really good lawyer, and somebody could get a terrible lawyer. And it looks like the good lawyer has a better case. But justice is not the same as the one speaking, if you spoke well, or you made a good case, that

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doesn't mean you are more rightful or you're more true justice is something else entirely. Right. So even the messenger Elisa wassalam, said that even if he were to pass a verdict right now, don't think you've escaped a lot of judgment. That's something else. That's a different set of standards. Because a lot of logic now knows realities far beyond what we can know. The same is true even of the laws of Islam, the laws of Islam are better than any other law because it's the law given by Allah as origin. But at the same time, the law of Allah can also be misused. The law of Allah can be manipulated. Somebody, for example, can be given a punishment in Islam because they're found guilty.

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But because they were found guilty in the court of law, maybe they evidence presented were corrupt evidences they were faked. They were false testimonies, there could be all kinds of things that took place corrupt things that took place at the end of the day, Sharia was established, the law was executed. But as a matter of fact, justice was not served. So just because the law is served, Justice isn't necessarily served. And you know, in courtrooms all over the world or when we think of the image of justice. All over the world, you find the image of a scale, a balanced scale, and some blind lady holding

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Right, because the idea is you're not, the Justice isn't biased. And we have to weigh things out equally. But when the law says on that day scales are going to be actually justified. What Ally's telling us is, no matter how much we try to make judgments in this world, the judgments of this world are limited, they are imperfect, and they're not complete, it is only on that day, the judgment is going to be in its absolute sense. Now, I want to take you to the next step, before I go further, you know, one way of thinking about scales, is to think about standards, right. So you know, a scale, for example, back in the day, you put a kilo or a pound, or whatever it is on one

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side, then you put the rice on the other side. And as soon as they balance out, that means this equaled this standard. But that kilos wherever you go, or that pound wherever you go is the same exact weight, because it follows one exact standard. The same thing happens with measurement, right? a meter is a meter is a meter, wherever you go, or a photos or photos a foot wherever you go, these are standards, and everything else is measured against standards, that even happens in your studies, doesn't it the kids that are in school, or university students, there's a minimum requirement for you to pass, that's the standard. If you don't meet that minimum standard, you're not gonna pass the

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class. And everybody is judged according to the same exact standard. Similarly, somebody wants to join a team, you know, they want to get into sports get into the basketball team, or the track team or whatever else, there's a minimum standard of athletic ability, you have to go through certain trials. If you're good at this, if you do a minimum of this, if you're free throw averages this much, or you can finish them a lap and this much time, then you can move to the next round, or move to the next qualifier. These are all standards in life, everything we do, every time we make a judgment on something, we need standards. And so what I'm trying to get at Now, let's take the

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example of a classroom. You know, there are all kinds of kids in a classroom. I used to teach third grade math A long time ago, all manner of children and some children are very mathematically inclined, they can do the entire multiplication problem in their head, don't even touch the paper. Other kids are solving three times eight on four pages of paper, and they still can't solve it. Because it's it's to them. It's like harder than nuclear physics. It's difficult for them, they're artistically inclined. So not all children are the same. They're not, but the curriculum and the educational ministry. And you know, the Department of Education, they say, well, doesn't matter

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whether you're artistically inclined or mathematically inclined, whether you like math or don't like math, you better get a minimum of this score, or you're not moving on. So they're all given the same exact standard. Some people like you know, we have Arabic students in our program here, some students came here, they have a lot of knowledge of Arabic already. They know Arabic, but maybe they're from an Arabic family. Maybe they studied Arabic before and some, some don't. So now, when I'm teaching a lesson, and other authorities are teaching a lesson, some of them have a much easier time because they have background. Some of them also have an easier time because Allah made Arabic

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easy for them. I've had students before that I've taught Arabic. And after a year of teaching them, I can testify a lot did not create them to learn Arabic, they're gonna learn anything else, but they just just not for them. And that's not because they're not intelligent. These are intelligent people that are highly qualified in their professions. They can speak languages that they can write in languages that are not even human, their programming languages. And yet, Arabic, they cannot get make heads or tails of it, they just can't do it. And just doesn't work for them. There are people of different aptitudes. But when it comes to standards, we're all the same. And that kind of seems

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unfair. Why should and you know, that student who works extra hard, I'll tell you a true story. One of my students worked extra hard. I mean, this guy, there was not a break that he took a break in the break. He was doing the work.

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After school, he was doing the work. And he was friends with me before he was a student. So I would call him and say, Hey, you want to go play some basketball? No, I want to study Arabic.

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But I'm your teacher. I'm telling you we can play about No, no, no, I want to study Arabic. And he failed, every test, every test.

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And he and he did not quit. He kept studying. He kept working. He kept working. And he did not do well. He barely did barely barely got through, barely got through. And I can testify that there were students in that same class in the same year as him and even future students that were far better, far better at Arabic and put not even 1% of the work that he put in. According to the academic standard, one receives the certificate, one does not receive the certificate. But in my eyes, I have far more respect for that student than I've ever had for any other student. Because I know the effort he put in, I know the hours he put in. But that standard doesn't really get him a job. That

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standard is not really very impressive. It's just in my heart for him. He can't really use that anywhere else. He can't say well, my teacher really appreciated the effort, though. I mean, I got an F but he really respected the work I put in. You should ask him how he feels about me. No, that doesn't really help anybody in this world. on Judgement Day. However, these scales are different. Allah will not just look at the quantity of my deed. What I did what I saw

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There's every factor taken into consideration, every factor. What was that good at? What was a weekend? What did Allah make easy for me? What did Allah make hard for me? And for every one of us, that's a different set of standards, isn't it? Now think about this ayah for taco that it's not me zano who sakala Masanobu sacoolas Nawaz, he knew who he said for every single person, for anybody for whom their skills, plural skills became heavy, one person, many skills. One person, there's not one person one skill in the in the VA head of the IRA, it's one person, multiple skills, why would one person may need multiple skills, you could just have one giant skill, put all the deeds on it.

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But actually, you can think of the skills and this is standards, you were given a different life than other people, your parents are different. The family environment you grew up in is different, your personality is different, you have a very hard time controlling your temper, your friend has a really good control over their temper, your brother is very calm, and you're very excitable. Now you know, if Allah made you less capable of controlling your anger, and ally made your brother or your sister much more calm. So on Judgement Day when your brother and your sibling who's very calm, is about to be judged, hey, you didn't get angry? Yep, I didn't get angry, and they should get

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rewarded. But you controlling your anger was a lot harder for you, wasn't it? That was a lot harder for you alone will take whatever, you know, capacity he gave you. Because if they had 100% threshold for holding their tongue, or controlling their temper, and you didn't, and you were about to punch some guy in the face, and all you did was Ah, and that's all you did. by everybody else's standard. You lost your temper, but maybe a loss has actually I know what you were gonna do. And in comparison to what I gave you, that's a pretty rewardable deed you control yourself, you held yourself back, you held yourself back pretty good. People are going to be given different set of standards,

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different scales, you should not be this is so important to learn because you should not be comparing yourself to anybody else.

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Well, cologne cologne yamano, Allah shakeela T, for a bukem Allah movie man, Hua de Sevilla, every one of them, every one of them, let them know you should work according to the way Allah molded you

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work within what Allah gave you, there's a package Allah gave you, you have certain level of intelligence, certain level of personality, certain kinds of traits, certain strengths and certain weaknesses. Sometimes your strength is somebody else's weakness. Sometimes your weakness is somebody else's strength. Allah knows what he gave you and what he didn't give you. There are people who have things you don't have an I don't have. And there are things you have that other people don't have. Allah knows all of that. First of all, be very clear about who you are, assess an assessment of yourself. This is why Allah says but in Santo Allah enough, see, he basura a human being is in full

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view only truly of himself, you and I should be very, very self aware of what it is that we're capable of, and what it is that we're not capable of. And we should not be making unfair comparisons of ourselves to others. So I want to start off with when we make comparisons of ourselves to people that are better than us in some things. I know people come up to me and say, I wish I knew Arabic like that. But I'm a taxi driver. I drive a taxi 20 hours a day to make ends meet. I don't have any opportunity. Mila Forgive me. No, you don't need to ask forgiveness for working hard on gas, you will habibollah you're working hard you're earning for the sake of Allah. Somebody who comes to

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prayer five times a day in the masjid joins the Juma army a lot reward them but somebody else working in New York City driving a taxi and has to double park so they can pray Lord in 30 seconds or less before the cop comes and gives them a ticket a level reward them for that too. They're not any less of a Muslim because they're doing that. You know, for some people staying away from home is very easy. You could say 100 I don't kill anyone. Cotton is haram I haven't killed anybody. So a level reward me. But if you're in a in a village, or if you're if you're part of Uranus society where people are killing each other, and there's a war going on, you know, or there's pressure on

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the kid to join a gang or to be initiated or he's gonna get killed and he refuses to do it and puts his life in danger, puts his family's life in danger but refuses to do the crime, then for that person not to kill is a much more affordable deed isn't it is a different story for him. It's not as simple as it is for you and me. So the the the challenges that were presented, I mean, think about our youth are our teenagers, so many of our youth are going to the public school system. You know how often they're offered drugs, how easy access to alcohol has become for young people, how often just sexual relationships that's just become a commonplace eighth graders joke about it. I go to,

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you know, there, there's a pizzeria nearby. They have like dollar slice pizza on certain days of the week. And you see a lot of high school kids in the pizza pizza place because it's cheap, and the conversations they're having. And you're just listening to this. These are kids now in school. But you know what, when our kids are in that school,

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And they're exposed to that environment, and they're staying away from those major sins, then you know what, I'm not going to be so hard on them because they don't get up for tahajud or they're not at the machine for fudger That's okay. Because the battle they're fighting is a pretty big one. And we can we can take it a little easy on them and Latika bonato can Anto back, there's a different set of standards just because you and I were raised perhaps in a much safer environment, and a much easier environment, they have a much harder challenge. Maybe if we were in their place, we wouldn't have survived, we wouldn't have had the aptitude, a lot only put them in that time in place because

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he knows what they're capable of. And so that's the next part of this equation. Yes, every one of us will be judged according to our own predisposition, the package that Allah gave us, the environment that Allah gave us, but also Allah would not have put us in that situation, if he didn't know that we can handle it. Now you can leave Allahu nevsun illa was Allah, Allah does not put a burden on anybody except that he knows that they can bear that burden. And they're capable of doing better. So now that I'm talking about the minimum, I want to go to the other end, somebody then uses what I just said so far, and says, Well, I took a good assessment of myself. And I realized that Allah has

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made me very weak. And therefore I don't pray five times because Allah just didn't make me that way. You know, so you shouldn't judge though. I don't compare myself to anybody else who prays five times, or, you know, eats, because I got a different standard, you know, I, I thought about the hudbay in the Koran, Maria and I got, I got pretty low standards. So it was gonna go easy on me because, you know, he set the bar pretty low when he made me.

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You can't lie to yourself, and you can, it's not just somebody else can underestimate you very easily for you to underestimate yourself, which is why a lot opens the IRA by saying well was new yoma event I'll have

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Elisa bihac. He says on Judgment, is this real or what?

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And when that people will testify on that day, no, we were doing wrong to ourselves, we were lying to ourselves. We weren't honest with ourselves. But in San Juan FC, he vasila wallow Alcala de la, human beings have a really good view of themselves. each human being has a really good view of his or herself. Even though they present all manners of excuses. You make all kinds of excuses for yourself, to make things easier for yourself for me to make easier for things easier for myself. But so this side of the equation, I want to I want to kind of explore a little bit more, as the time for the football wraps up, you know, you and I have to actually really ask ourselves, I'll give you an

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example. To help you get this. You know, I'll go back to my math class example. Some of my kids were just brilliant, absolutely brilliant. And the this one kid would get 100 on every test. effortless for him. 100 on every single test, minimal study, maximum results. Other kids are struggling crying, and you know, questioning the meaning of life because they have a math exam, but this kid is have is just cruising through all of it, right? But this one time, this kid took it way too easy, didn't study, didn't prepare, took the test and he got an 85

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He always gets 100. This time he got an 85

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everybody else in class actually got less than an 85. It was a hard test. So he's still scored the highest in the class. But I as his teacher know, that that 85 is not the best he can do. That 85 a lot he was he's a lot more capable he could to skill still got 100 and I know it for a fact I know it. I know that he didn't apply himself. And that's why he did so much less. me as a teacher will show him that and say, I know you're much better than this.

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I know you're far more capable than this. And he will look around and say what, it's still the highest score in the class.

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Because now you're still comparing yourself to who everyone else. You refuse to compare yourself to what you're capable of. You have to learn to compare yourself to what Allah has given you have I really done my very best, which is why the word magazine in this ayah for a mom and Halford article that was you know, for like a woman with a mom and Halford Nawaz, you know, magazine can also be the plural of the word Mozilla. Mozilla means the thing that is being weighed, Allah is not going to gather the number of our good deeds, he's actually going to look at the weight of our good deeds, how much work was put into this good deed? How much quality or sacrifice or effort was it put into

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this good deed? You know, in this life right now, all we can judge is results. That's all we can judge. The team who came in second place, they came in second place, they didn't win the championship. That's all we know. They you you're not gonna say By the way, guys, you put lots of hours into practice. And I know you just really, really worked hard and the rehearsals were No, you didn't win. So none of that counts for anything. You know, either you brought the gold or you didn't get the gold. Either. You wonder you didn't win. You know, when the elections happen. Somebody wins the election. Unfortunately.

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They say they won the election. The one who lost you guys Oh, nice effort. no effort doesn't mean anything I didn't get anywhere. Whether you win, you win, you do a great interview at a job and you didn't get the job, well, doesn't matter if the interview went great, or you were well prepared or your resume was really good, all those efforts now mean nothing in this life. Because we don't judge by effort. We judged by results. That's what we care about. But in that life, in the next life, when the real scale is established, let me tell you something, results will not matter.

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results will not matter. The only thing that will matter on that day will be what efforts,

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sincere efforts. This is actually the core principle, what I lay silently in sunny in LA masala.

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Allah says a human being will have nothing to their advantage, except whatever effort they made. Whatever effort they make, that's all that's going to matter. Nobody can see your effort. Nobody can see your struggle. Nobody can see how hard it was for you. But Allah does and he brings that out on Judgement Day. So now I want to bring you finally to some things that we think are we take lightly, but they will because you know I'm talking about deeds being heavy deeds being light. Allah says sometimes people think they put a lot of effort in or they have a lot to show a lot. I built an entire machine I did this I did that I did the other, but maybe eliminate all of those things easy

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for you. And it required no effort. And you saw these big things. And you figured I'm gonna show a lot how what the square footage was.

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I'm gonna show a lot how big the check was that I gave and that in this life, that big check has weight but in that life that check has no weight has very little weight. But Kadima Ilana, I'm Illumina.

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We'll approach whatever did they did and turn it into dust scattered, it will have no weight. Our deeds have to have sincerity behind them, that's how they have weight behind them are these have to have effort behind them struggle behind them. That's when a lot actually acknowledges that you did something worth doing. When you love something, when you really want to please someone, it's the effort that is seen. And by the way, the only people who see effort in this life or your loved one truly loved ones, your parents.

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Even when you fail the exam, your mother will come your father might beat you up, but your mother will come and console you and say I know how hard you worked.

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I know how you stayed up all night. And you can at least you'll acknowledge some effort that you made, some hope will be there, some some appreciation will be there. Right? So when you when you have a loved one, then they acknowledge the effort and who loves us more than allowance origin. So finally, I want to share with you just a couple of things that weigh really heavy on Judgement Day. Because now if I am talking about things that are gonna weigh heavy, and weigh light, and we want all of our skills on Judgement Day, to be heavy, at least Let's walk away from this world by learning some things that are in fact very heavy on Judgment tape. Allah azza wa jal describes, in a

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very, very powerful, beautiful Hadith of the Prophet of Islam. He gives us this key from Alonzo john Kelly mahtani, Chief attorney, attorneys on appeal attorney filmyzila. Habib, Attorney, a lot of man.

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He says there are two words that are really light to say on the tongue.

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But they're really heavy in the scale. They are mighty in the scale. As a matter of fact, I'm reminded in another Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salam, there's a man who comes before a law on judgment day, and his bad deeds are weighed, and they're massive. And he's asked, Do you deny any of them? Do you have any excuses? And he says, nope. You know, are any of these inaccurate? Did the writers who write your deeds down did they write incorrectly? No, you're up, I swear, they're as accurate. It's all good. You have one good deed, bring the good deed, and it's a slip of paper, which has the kalama on it.

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That's all it is. And they put the slip of paper on the other side and it outweighs everything else

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and outweighs everything else. In this particular Hadith. The Prophet socialism tells us there are two words light on the tongue, but very heavy on the scales. And they're they're really beloved to Allah Habiba Tawny Laura. Man, the man the one who shows love and care and mercy really truly loves them. What are those two words? So Hannah law he will be handy. So Hannah law lien, but let me tell you, it is not the tongue that weighs heavy on Judgment a it's the heart that does

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these words, and the words of Allah when they just said from the tongue mean nothing, but when the tongue is connected to the heart, it means something. So that's what I want to spend a couple of minutes on and we end this call by inshallah, tada, you know, Subhana Allah, He will be humbly essentially saying how perfect Allah is and how no matter what circumstance I still am, I thank him, and I appreciate him and I praise Him. Allah is perfect. I thank him and I praise Him, basically. Now, you and I go through some tough situations in life

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and when things get tough,

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Things are not perfect, then we tend sometimes tend to blame a lot wise, I'm not doing this to me. Why did I have to go through this? Why did I have to be put through this pain? This person is much worse than I am and they get away with everything. And I look at me Why is it lucky? Why does it look keep torturing me? over and over and over again? This doesn't seem fair. When you're questioning a lot fairness, you're considering a lot less than perfect.

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You're denying Subhanallah

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when you question like that, you forget your mind your heart is losing sight of the fact that a lie is beyond criticism that he everything he does is perfect. Everything he does is perfect. So sayings of Hanalei is something else, feelings of vanilla is very heavy in the scales, feeling it under all circumstances is a different matter altogether, will be handy. And no matter what I'm going through whatever you're going through, that is reason for me to complain and cry, and criticize and stress and have anxiety. Despite all of that, the only thing that comes from my heart for Allah is praise. And thanks, I am positive towards Allah, no matter what negative surrounds me,

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if you can pull that off, man that is heavy in the scale. That's really heavy in the scale. And then coupled with it. So Pamela and Arlene, how perfect I love the great meaning never Do you ever think or feel or see anything that takes away from the greatness of Allah. You don't complain about a lot of talk about Atlanta in a way that's not befitting. You know, people have different kinds of relationships with God, Christian, sometimes my Christian friends will say, yeah, I'm kind of mad at God nowadays. We're good friends before but it's kind of, you know, he hasn't been listening lately.

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Most and there are other faith traditions in which in which God is a mighty scary high, you know, sacred figure. And you don't speak about Allah, except if you're afraid. Islam is a combination of both of those things. We are friends before Allah, we are close to Allah. We have a love for Allah. And we're also respectful of Allah at the very same time. You don't talk about a law or talk to a law, like you're talking about one of your buddies. Law, you know, it doesn't work that way. No, no, no, we're talking about a law. That's you don't get to do that, even though we have a loving relationship with him and he understands and he listens, and he loves. But we don't become casual

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like that with a large religion. But on the other end, on the other hand, we're not so scared of Allah, that we're never friends with him, that we never, we can never take our problems to him and never beg and plead with him. But we have to remain a constant constant. Allah is not angry with us. Allah does not hate us. Allah is not punishing us. This world is not for you to be punished. Whatever you and I are going through is never ever, ever going to be a punishment. Throughout it all you will you and I will maintain some Hannah line will be handy. So Hannah and Arlene, and our scales will be heavy. Other people will think your deeds are worthless. You're not a good Muslim.

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You don't even have a beard. You don't even wear a hijab. You don't even do this. You don't even do that. They'll list all the things you don't do. They don't know what you do that is with Allah. They don't know how hard it was for some of you to give up alcohol. Allah knows that. They don't know that all they see is this person used to drink. That's all they see. They don't see the sacrifice you made the pain you went through the difficulty you carry to get away from that sin that is between a lion you Allah knows that and it will weigh heavy on the Day of Judgment. May Allah will help us appreciate the weight of our deeds. And may Allah azza wa jal help us see that even the

00:28:33--> 00:28:52

smallest of things that we do, can become very, very heavy on Judgement Day. barakallahu li walakum Quranic Hakeem, when a new era can be hired when they came salamati Cora to live record and hamdulillah hibakusha wa Salatu, wa salam, O Allah. Mostafa Susannah of Allah, Mohammed, Mohammed Al amin, Allah He was happy he

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came by the Buddha. The left him in a corner of a gym in the la

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luna Allenby Yeah, you Hello, Xena amanu sallu alayhi wasallam Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Camus Allah tala Rahim Ali Ibrahim al al Ameen in the middle Majid Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Coronavirus, Allah Ibrahim Ali Rahim al Ameen in a cameo machine, about Allah, Allah, Allah in the La Jolla moreover it will shine when he talks about Vienna and in fact, you will want God will article Allahu Akbar Allahu Allah mata snon a consola. In LA salata, Nikita makuta photo