Hasan Ali – Protect yourself at night & Your wealth by doing this

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a disturbing encounter between a man named Hadith and a woman named Rachel. Rachel describes a woman who claims to have stolen Hadith's wealth and is hesitant to give it to her until she learns more about his teaching methods. The transcript suggests that Rachel's wealth is protected from the devil through a woman named Ken Dube.
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The famous hadith of Hadith in Bukhari, Abu Huraira, the Allahu is in charge of the man of aneema. And the booty the that is in charge of to look after it and then a thief comes and tries to steal from it. And I will read grabs ahold of him and says, I'm going to take you to the prophets, Allah has him and he said, Don't don't know that I won't come back again. The second day, the exact same the second night, the exact same thing happens again, he grabs a hold of him, and he said, Please just let me go, I won't come back again. The third night? He says No, today there's no letting go. So he drags him and he said, Look, I'll teach you something if you say you'll never have your your

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position ever stolen. If you read this is what is that? And he said read as you could see, right? So that over over the winter the process was running Rachel that and processing said he described he said he said this man came and gave the description and the person says sada called Ken Dube, the one who lies a lot on this occasion told the truth and then and then he said that was shaitan and I had this body and what we find here is that the Hadith teaching us you want to protect wealth so you read as well could see and your wealth physical wealth is protected from the devil because you read it

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it's an a hadith is mentioned that hearing adequacy before you go to sleep, then there's gonna be an angel appointed to protect you throughout the night. So now

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