Assim Al-Hakeem – How to evaluate people according to sunnah of Prophet

Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the interview with a man who was a rich and influenceful person, but was not allowed to do so. The man was a thin, thin clerk of Islam who told him not to look at beauty or wealth, and to focus on his character and lineage authority.
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is where he helped Buhari. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was once sitting with a man,

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a companion. When a man in a very nice suit, very nice ride, came and passed by them. So the Prophet asked his friend, what do you think of this man?

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And his companion said, Prophet of Allah. This man is one of the dignitaries. He is a rich and influential person, if he were to propose, people would give him in marriage. If he were to speak, people would listen. And if he were to intercede, people would accept His intercession.

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The Prophet did not say anything, I think is Salatu was Salam. Then another man passed by. So the Prophet asked him, What do you think of this man? And the man laughed. He's a prophet of Allah, this guy is a poor, individual. He's nothing.

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If he were to speak, nobody would listen. If he were to propose to a family, they would not give him an marriage. And if he were to intercede, nobody would accept His intercession. The Prophet said, that is awesome. This man

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is better than the whole earth, filled with that man.

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What is the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam is trying to tell us, he is trying to tell us and teach us that a righteous man who fears Allah who implements Islam in his life, even if he's poor, He's way better at the sight of Allah azza wa jal than so many of those influentials, those who are rich or powerful in the government, those who succeed in spreading corruption in the earth, this poor man, because he fears Allah is better than all of them.

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Nowadays, as Muslims, we are amazed and impressed when we see an actor

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when we see a government official, a ruler, a rich man, a billionaire,

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and this is not permit or a sportsman. How many of us if you see someone famous in sports, would run to take his autograph, would run to shake hands and take a selfie? But if one of the greatest scholars of Islam comes,

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who is he?

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Okay, what do you care to take a selfie? No, I'd rather keep my pictures for myself. Nobody cares about them. This is not what Islam teaches you if you read the Quran, you will find this mentioned in surah, two Toba, Allah says similarly to is similar to one another. Allah says Allah subhanho wa Taala addressing our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam and all of us. So let so let not their wealth or their children impress you, or Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Don't be impressed by their wealth, how many children they have. Allah only intends to punish them through their wealth and children in worldly life, and that their souls should depart at death while they are in this state of disbelief.

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Aren't we impressed by the lifestyle of celebrities? Their beautiful cars, their beautiful mansions, their beautiful spouses, the way they dress, the way they speak? We imitate them. And some of them have some of us even wear T shirts with names of Rolla Ronaldo, maybe Ronaldo or Messi or whatever. And we love them. We adored them. What is Allah telling you do not if you read a real Muslim, do not be impressed by these disbelievers. So many things people praise and glorify at the sight of Allah is worthless is nothing and so many things people don't consider to be anything they despise and resent. While it is so great at the sight of Allah.

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Inside the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam ordered Abdullah Habemus route the companion to go and fetch him and miswak

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So he went, the companions were sitting, as he was taking them as whack. He was a very thin man.

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As he was picking them his whack the wind blew him and he almost fell. What would you do when you see a thin man being tossed like a leaf in the wind? The company's laughed. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked them, What are you laughing about? The company said, oh prophet of Allah, look at his legs. They are so thin. It's funny. The Prophet said, alayhi salatu salam correcting how we look at things. By Allah, his legs are heavier at the sight of Allah than mount or hurt

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a mountain.

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This man's legs that are thin, they are more valuable and heavier than Mount Hood.

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This is how we look at things. How would I evaluate you by your car, by where you live? By the pen, by your watch by the brand of your clothes. This is not what evaluates people by we evaluate them by their Eman, their taqwa, their deeds, their character.

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When you want to marry, not now, what do you do? What do you look for? All of us. When we want to get married, we looked, we look at the outershell beauty, wealth,

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lineage authority. This is what people usually look for. And Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, and a believing slave woman or man is better than a polytheist a an idol worshiper, even though she or he might please you. So Allah tells you don't look at the beauty of a woman or how handsome a man is, or how rich rather look at the Eman

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