Who’s Driving Your Car

Muhammad Alshareef


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of unity in strategy and how it is losing momentum. They also emphasize the need for individual responsibility and taking action rather than just focusing on one thing. The speaker warns of potential mistakes and emphasizes the importance of focusing on one's own interests and doing something for the day.
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Imagine a car that's just driving, there's no driver, you know, somebody just locked in the, in the gas and it's moving forward, what will happen to that car, the car will crash over the over the bridge.

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Okay? You agree with that. Here's the problem though the car is not empty, it has people in it. It has people in it, the community is in the backseat.

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And now I have a principle that says, if you have no driver, if you have no leader, you have no strategy, you have no intelligence in how the thing is moving forward, then shape on is the driver.

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Say pawn is the one who's leading things and I can give you 1000 examples of that, of how we sit back. And you know, this unity beliefs are just promoting this issue. And that issue, and society changes and laws are being implemented. And you're losing your children from underneath you left, right and center decision of strategy.

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But in conclusion,

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here is one major strategy lesson that I learned. And I hope inshallah Tada, maybe it will hit some years and hit some hearts, one of the biggest mistakes in strategy is trying to do everything.

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Ultimately, by trying to do everything, you're doing nothing.

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And that's human nature. I even call it a dragon, because it destroys the lives of people, that they never achieve anything in their life, because they say I have to do everything.

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And I'll say then you're doomed to do nothing, if that's going to be the case. But what if one person for example, is responsible for orphans one person is example responsible for new muscles on person example is responsible for Halal chicken, one person is responsible for the education of, you know, the the seniors in the community now the person responsible for you know, those who are handicapped in need in the community know the person responsible for, you know, outreach to the other faiths in the community, you know, the person responsible, everybody just says, You know what, I'll take care of this. This is what I'll do, and I'll do it with that said, I'm not responsible for

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anything else. If you need my help for anything, don't call me because I'm focused on what I'm doing. And inshallah Tada, I hope the best. So when somebody comes to me and says, brother, Mohammed, don't you see, you know, XY and Z problems in the community? And, and they're mad at me and I'm like, we're doing something. How about you?

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The community needs more than your whining and complaining, and needs you to actually, you know, buckle up and go for a ride and get some focus and do something for this day. And if only this attitude continued, just take one slice, the smaller the slice, the more you focus on it, do something that you love to do, but do get sad, and you'll see the whole community flourishing and benefit with strategy from all different directions.