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AI: Summary © The speaker gives advice on how to handle children in crisis, emphasizing the importance of taking tips from old schoolers and giving them a chance to learn how to wait, speed up their Salah, and get into the sphere. The speaker also advises parents to let their children sit down and drink, while also reminding them to get into the sphere and give them three things, including food, sleep, and clean popo. The goal is to make children feel like they are special people and not just a norm.
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we seriously need to, you know, take some tips from old schoolers. I want to give a quick tip here to my sisters who are doing the Salah and your babies cry life as fathers as well sometimes you know what we bought children up and babies cry sometimes when you're in Salah, but you know, they're very clever, they're very clever. They'll learn how to wait if you teach them how to wait, if you're going to speed up your Salah because your kid's gonna

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they're gonna cry even more

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but if you get to your if you're in your Salah, and you just take your time you know what happens? Your kids they watch you

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now there's two types of crying Okay, there's one that is a serious cry out of pain and when they're in danger I'm not talking about that one. I'm talking about the one that they want attention from you so you better differentiate between the two cries Okay, there's one for just for attention they just want your attention

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write just for attention just to just to get you to come near them right or to pick them up now just carry on with your Salah you know what my kids learn and I'm sure your kids will do the same you carry on with your normal struggle sit down we'll watch you and the watching for one thing before they let up that cry that silent at this moment watching they're watching to see you sitting down

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soon as you do that in the government

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because they know that that Salamis your NW salah, but don't stop there. Do you think you the sphere, right? Let them come to you let them sit on your laps, whatever. But you know, get into the sphere. They'll get used to it until mum and dad haven't actually started and finished it as beer. They're not going to give me attention. They'll get used to that. So don't spoil your event that because of some whinging, some whining that's going on in the background. And honestly, I think just sort of quick, quick thing on this slide we see is the need to, you know, take some tips from old schoolers.

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Right? You just You just be who you are with the kids. You don't have to give them attention all the time all the time, pick them up all the time, give it to you all the time. All that on someone's lap, this lab that lab we did that for you just spoil your sporting, they just smashed it. You don't need to just let them sit down, let them play let them be themselves. As long as there are in danger. They'll be fine with you. As long as they're fed. They just need three things. Kids, they need three things they need.

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They need something to eat. Yeah, they need someone to clean the popo and then they just need to sleep. That's it. Three things they need food. clever people let me sleep and I see the rest they'll play if you spoil them by picking them up all the time and so on. You really you really spoil it for yourself because then they want more, more and more of your attention. Anyway, that's a quick tip on the side. The next and final

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