Haifaa Younis – How to fall in Love with Allah and His Words

Haifaa Younis
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What are the first steps? This is a very different question but it's a very nice one too. What are the

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first steps to understand and fall in love? Not with a man Don't worry.

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With the Quran and Allah

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number one

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a lonely Yes.

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Well Bakula, yo hymnbook. Wow, Bakula? Hallelujah.

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Your Allah I asked you for your love.

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I said, Well, half crosswise auto sir. Y'all be I want you to love. Y'all might want to love you. As some cotton book, I want to love you. And the love of everyone who loves you.

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And the love of every deed that will get me closer to your love.

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Who are you asking?

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Who are you asking?

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I want to hear it. Who are you asking?

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And who's Allah? Al Kadi capable? He looks at you

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in a second right now.

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You want to love me? Okay? Done. Can Allah do that? Can Allah do that?

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Why don't you ask.

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Number one, you ask Allah to put the love of Him in your heart. Like again, you will have people children, husband, spouse, parents, doesn't matter. You will have coffee, you will have tea, you will have food. The love feeling is natural. I want to

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if you love Allah, you will love his words. And you're not going to look at the Quran as a book.

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You're not going to look at the Quran. Please forgive me as a burden.

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You know how you know the Quran is a burden. May Allah forgive me for using this word?

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When you open the Quran

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and the first page of the surah

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next thing you do what? How much left?

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You're not in love.

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It's a duty.

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You don't want that.

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And the more you know Allah, the more you will love Allah, your love his words. I'll ask you a question. If you're in love with your future husband.

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And he texts you

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how many times you read the text

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you answered me, you're laughing

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and if the test get deleted,

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you're going to Google every site, how to retrieve

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because you love

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so if you really love Allah, your love is words. Because it's his words don't say it's

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say his words.

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So all goes under

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learn to love Allah know who is he and you will love them more. Ask him or wonder the level when you know him. You can but fall in love with him.

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have a lot i that when we were flying? I came from California.

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So the time was ahead of us.

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You know I took a picture but the picture did not do a good service to the reality that I saw because we were up on a 40,000 and there was clouds. And then it was sunset.

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And the sun was erected like this book. Literally. But the horizon was not dark yet. Normally when we see trend, we see the horizons getting darker. No, it was still because I was looking to like frame a little more mark yet. Because you're on I have no idea which part of the world we are on top of. And I looked and I said so hard on

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the Sun have only cloud and half out. Right? And everything else is daylight.

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And you see all this clouds and eyes of your law. Who are you?

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This is the beauty.

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If this is your creation and you didn't look at the creation, who are you?

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That's what you need to bring the love of Allah in your heart. You need to reflect see his creation. Talk to him. Ask him we're too busy. We are. We are literally stuck at our phones. When I was walking in the in the airport, you see 1000s of people. Everyone is like that.

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ask Allah for his love. ask Allah to show you who is he ask Allah to grab you literally literally grab you from where you are, pull you up to where he wants you to be, and he can do it.

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