Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Best Number Of Rak’ahs For Night Prayer

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AI: Summary © The conversation is about a night prayer that is restricted to individuals who have a certain amount of time to pray. The speakers discuss the limitations of praying at night and the need for individuals to keep their minds focused. They also mention the importance of keeping one's minds focused during the daytime and the need for individuals to focus on their minds during the night.
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This thoroughly the night prayer the night prayer Angel does it have any restriction

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in a way that you have to pray 11 record 2636 record in which must be pretty pretentious, excite but anyway, that is extra card or whatever.

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Is it? Is there any limiting limit for this? Even Samia says there is no limit for night prayer.

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Okay, there is no limit for night prayer according to the understanding of the self Asana in terms of number And subhanAllah I don't see a single Hadith from the Prophet Allah sama that ever restricted the amount that a person can pray at night, which means it is open. But that is advice from a surah Lhasa Allahu alayhi salam. Why do we say there is no limit because rasool Allah Allah Soma himself said what he said salata lady methanol methanol he says the tu tu tu tu tu he said for either Hershey or hydrocodone Sobha for the salah he listened to to the hamaca salah. He said you pray to to every time you say Salah until the time you are afraid of being overtaken by Fajr and

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then you should stop praying the prayers and pray the will to become that which you will feel free to pray one raka to become the witness of your prayer. So he's restricts the number by one by the fear of failure to arrive. He did not tell you pray only 11 record. That's why even Hazel by Sharon Alana, she did not say a person cannot pray more than 11 record. But she said Martha Davis who likes a lot is Ramadan will FEV the person last summer never go beyond 11 record within Ramadan or after Ramadan. But that's what the choice of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they said Rasul Allah whenever he chose something, he delamater he maintains it. So from the beginning, he prayed 11

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And he maintained Taylor, but he never advised to my knowledge. And I think if this exists, then the scholars will not have this controversy amongst them. He never said to somebody pray on the level. You know, he said pray to two until the time you are afraid of budget then you break one record to become your waiter. And he came to the house he found a sister in the house. He said Who is that? And they told him Elsa This is the woman that we told you about how she prays all the night. The promise Allah sama said Ma la comida to decode Fein Hola Hola, mulata Emmylou. It says, do whatever you can, because Allah subhanaw taala doesn't stop counting the word for you right in the reward for

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you until you get bored.

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You could just tell her pre 11 raka she prays the whole night he didn't tell apprehensive pre which we can do it Don't exhaust yourself. And I'm delighted and Amaroo when he married that sister who was in trouble because of him, you know, she complained to the School of Law. She said he also loved the live number was very good and a great husband. But he also law he never sat on our bed. The prophets Allah Sam understood the message because he always prays night the whole night he prays and he fasts every day,

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every day fasting. Imagine how much trouble this woman is. He comes to the house. And then I mean, he walked outside he wanted his girlfriend when he comes to the house to meet his wife, As Salam Alikum in the daytime. He doesn't approach because he's fasting. He comes to the night at night she can get unless somebody to talk to Ryan is with the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam but when it comes to the night to speak to the wife, but he has no time. This is the time to break family.

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In the daytime no talking at night. Allahu Akbar. So she lives like that. Okay, who is she a wife? I don't know. But then she told the brothers Allahu alayhi wa sallam that Surah Salah called him. He said I was told that you do this and the true history is the promise Allah sama told him that

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fast and stay away from long Hadith. If fasting more than 11 I'm sorry if praying more than 11 record is haram. The prophets Allah azza wa jal tell him of the law. Just pray only 11 recart at night, but he did not tell him that he says pray and sleep.

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There was no Hadith to my knowledge. When was the last time I ever sticked but unfortunately, every year this case is every year this year also write it down. Ibrahim said people are going to have the insha Allah will not be disappointed you know.

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People are going to talk can we pray live in regard? You know, subhanAllah we witness people will lie they stop praying in the mercy of rasool Allah. Why because they pray 20 records.

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One of the brothers the University says, Look at the way shaytan is making ya to these people. I asked one of them he said we don't pray because the spring 11 record is bigger and you know which can be

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He talking about but then I asked him, Okay, you said we pray at home. Do you pray at home? He laughed. He said well my sometimes

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at least read the 11 record and then leave the Masjid. Right. And he says no and we found all of our scholars including those people who are very strict in the Sunnah of the Prophet Salah Salem, all of them they pray behind the imam in the masjid unto them because this is what the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Allah sama suggested.

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So there is no restriction, but which one is the best to be done. 11 Ricard is the best with no doubt, because that was the choice of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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The best is to pray only 11 record, not eight, no 11 record, including the waiter. That's the best because this is what are some of the last and last time I chose. But you cannot tell somebody who prays more than 11 You're wrong. You're wrong because the person last summer did not make him make him wrong.