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AI: Summary © The importance of knowing and being aware of certain things is emphasized in Islam, including the use of "has" in relation to culture. Pr practices and understanding are also key for avoiding stress and anxiety. praise for the king or queen and the use of words like "has been" and "has been" are also discussed. The importance of being present during meetings is emphasized, along with the need for people to express themselves clearly in their language. The segment also touches on personal and family history, including the use of deadly drugs to kill and the concept of a "we" and "has been." The speaker encourages people to give their input to the group and make it a pleasant death.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina with Amina Muhammad wa ala and he was offered mine by the respective brothers and sisters as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Today's session is going to be about how to make a door that allows you that he loves. Now there are a number of things that we can we can do to make our door something which is beloved to Allah. When we make dua, yes, we want to get the things that we want to receive from Allah. But we have to understand that Allah is in charge of knowing whether something is good for me or not good for me. Often we make a dua and we ask Allah to give it to us, but we don't know whether it's gonna be good

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for us or not. There's a number of times in my life, my little life that are made to us, and I kind of said to myself, why is it that I'm not getting what I want what I want to get, why is it that you know, this can't happen, I want it to happen, I want it to happen. And I'm making every effort in the background to get what I want to get and every day and make a draw for it, and actually never got what I wanted. What I wanted, I just never got it.

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And then about four to five years later, my eyes open to the reason why Allah navigated.

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Four to five years later, sometimes years later, you find out you know, I kind of see you know, wow, if I hadn't got that thing, that this would have been my situation today, and I could see, but at that time when I was making the draw, I couldn't see. So often we might make might ask Allah as well for something Are we going to remember that? Put a lot in charge of what we want. You can say to Allah, Allah, I want for example, a job or I want nikka with this particular person, but Allah knows your future he knows my future so if he decides that it's better not for me, not to get married to this person, better not to get the job is better so often people will come to me in the masjid and

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they'll say that you know, Chef make a draw for me that I get this job and I say, well hang on a minute. You want to make this da Allah if this job is the best thing for me the best job for me then give it to me. But if there's another job better than this then give me that other job and it's best to always make doors like that to say no look all I want this job, but I want you to give me the best thing. So if you look at the profit and loss withdrawals what he would say is and this is this is one of the one of the things that we need to learn from azula Salalah which is the Prophet sallallahu some would say Allah Almighty me as I look I mean Allah hide equally ideally he would add

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my island to vinho Ramallah mana so Allah who my enemy as a Luca Allah I'm asking you to give me goodness Okay, give me something good. Ideally here ideally, whether it's close or whether it's far away from me whether it's immediate or whether you got to postpone it

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my island to mean who am Allah Allah, whether I know of it or I don't know of it now swallow this part of the DA teaches us that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is is telling us look there are certain times we know that the goodness and we are asking for it and we want that goodness but what we're doing is we're limiting it to our own knowledge. What we should is malim to mean who am I love Allah there are there are certain good things that I don't even know that exist. And I might not even be asking of that, but they exist and how am I supposed to know whether they exist? Well I'm leaving to you all a lot. So if you know that something really good exists and I don't even know you exist

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because there are many things that you know that are good that exists which I don't know that exist that I want you to give them to me as well and the same thing is saying on the on the opposite side, but I will be giving a shell equally and Allah I'm seeking your protection from every evil every bad thing and every every bad fate and so on everything that's bad. Muna shall be equally ideally you are actually whether it's near to me whether it's far away from me whether it's immediate or whether you're going to you know, give it later or you know, strike me later. And then he adds on my island to mean who am I an alum whether I know of it or whether I don't know of it again, lukaku, Sula,

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Salah somebody does is I look we knows there are certain people I don't want this bad thing. I know there's a bad thing that all are protected from this break from that these are things that we can know we know of in our lives. But there are certain things which we are not aware of. And those are the things that we should also include in and that's a very comprehensive approach that allows me to say, which is I may not know of it, but I still want you to protect me from those things. So the best glass we can make are the drawers which Rasulullah

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Lola has an inmate. There are many you know, books out there that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know, his dogs be collected.

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And you can make dogs based upon many different, you know, books that are that are out there. There's a very good book though in there, there are some of them, I mean, they've collected many of the found, some of them may not be as authentic in that book. But nonetheless, even if you make those drawers, they will be drawers of the salary or the other the pious people, or at least good doors that are there, though there are many Sahih narrations in there. So the books name is Hezbollah album, okay Hezbollah album, you can get this book and there are wonderful to us in there. And, like I said to you, some of them might not be exactly what the person last summer has made. But

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you don't have to have the the near of the intention of the evening, each pious predecessor has made a wonderful day. And it's got a good meaning to it. And it's and it's something really good. And it's a very good way of asking Allah as we can say that you can make any doctor you want. Now one of the things things is withdrawn is that allows, Allah has not restricted us to have to make the drawers, the drawers was wasn't has made. And we're not restricted to that, although the best drawers, we can make other drawer harms known. So if you find the door which approximates them has made, these will be the best laws, and we shouldn't make those guys, but we're not restricted.

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Meaning that if somebody wants to make $1, outside of that for something else, then we can make a draw outside of that. And there are wonderful draws that many, many other predecessors have made. And we should take benefit from that as well. Now, from the doors of the profit and loss of made, there's a there's a certain adapt, and there's a certain, the certain so that educated person allows him again, for us to make

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one of the things to make Tao and first and foremost is that we should have your game, we should have you know, you should have the we should have the man and the belief that Allah is going to accept this. Now, whether you think you're going to get get what you're asking for, or whether you think you might not get what you're asking for, we need to we need to have that as a starter before you make the dice and, you know, I've got I've got the faith that Allah is going to, you know, listen to a dad that should be there. And and that's the process was told us with the Rila how to move inaudible he Jabba, asked Allah while you have faith that Allah is going to accept your drive.

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So that is one of the prerequisites of da another one that has told us is

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you know, for us to be be present while making those bars for our mind to be present

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in the La La at Ballou da Rajan albena Rafi Oh come on. alesana Allah does not accept the dua of an individual who's making draw while his mind is absent. Now, why is that? Why Why is there a stress on having the mind present? Can you just say something or like give me this and the mind is not present. Why is there a stress because the heart is something which has a reason why do i is so so beloved to Allah is because a person is connecting themselves to Allah and His lowering or she is lowering herself in front of Allah and making a plea now to to, to do that. You need to be thinking that Allah is listening to me while I'm making this drop. You can't do that without thinking of

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Allah azza wa jal, okay, so think about it. Why Allah loves da is because dua is one of those things automatically the seven humbles himself or herself in the form of Allah, and Allah azza wa jal, you know, is, you know, is seeing this person, this individual, this seven, who is, you know, lowering themselves and raising the hand so even you know, if you look at the, the, the sooner the person the last in the process of raising their hands to his chest level, and in one ration, he raised his hands to his face level, another one, he raised his hands, you know, very high that he that the two white, white armpits of his could be seen by the Sahaba, to be allowed on him at night. So,

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for a person to lower themselves and lower themselves a lot. This is what Allah loves, the more you can lower yourself, the more you're probably going to be in a position that allows you to accept this. And that's why in the beginning of a DA so one of the first things you do is sense a lot of the props of the lesson, because there's a there's a heartbeat, where

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it is alluded to that to the meaning that the Salawat are saying sending salutation the promise of Allah Allah Salam. So when you send some relation

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Lots and lots of them, between the two times that you send sanitation on the props Allah, Allah, Islam, whatever do as you make in the in between is accepted. That's why we start off the dryer with Salawat and the personal allowance. And we end the dryer with Salawat props and Muslim and that's a very good advocate of doing that. The next thing is after we send sanitation, approximate alaris and the next thing is to actually praise Allah. And what we're doing there by praising Allah azza wa jal is that we're lowering ourselves again and again and again. And we exalting Allah azza wa jal in our, in our thinking, we are making a Lazarus, someone who is who's in, you know, great in all

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aspects. And that is something which again, gives us many more plus points. And you know, for a person to have their diet accepted. Imagine a person who was who wanted their life, let's just take a common example, okay? Imagine a person who's sending a president or queen or a king in this in this world of ours, the sending them a letter, or there's so many, you know, I'm not saying this is exactly the thing with Eliza, Eliza, he listens to every person, specifically, yes. But the way we present ourselves, we are likely to get advice accepted, or unlikely to get accepted. So when a person sends a letter to let's say, a queen, or a king or something, it depends how you've presented

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that letter. Now we will present the letter with you know, just before they even open the letter, they should have a wonderful presentation of that envelope, okay, maybe a ribbon on there, maybe a red ribbon on there, maybe it's a, it's got some gold ink on there in writing, and so on these things, or maybe there's a gift with it, maybe this coming apostle, maybe it's it's, you know, got a very expensive kind of paper. All these things add to the fact that a king in this world, a king in this world, a queen in this world will actually open letter and look at it, it has to be something personal, it has to be something where and when we when we write to the king or queen, we're not

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going to say

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you're all you know, highness, just give me this, give me that give me this, we need this in our area, you're going to praise the king or praise the queen. Okay, this is what somebody would do in this world, in a normal sort of world where those people are nowhere near not even an iota of the power that Allah has. Has. So when we are addressing allows, the person has given us many new hires, where he, he praises a lot. And he's told us, for us to praise Allah, although he says, we're not actually able to praise Allah to what he deserves, as he ought to be praised, we still suppose to praise him, okay, so there are a number of things that we can do to praise him, okay, and this is

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the beginning of others. So we've got a yucky, we've got a we've got

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our faith, and Allah is going to accept that, we've also got the fact that, you know, we're going to have a mind president, okay, then we're going to send Salawat on the browser, then we're going to start praising Allah xuejun nine, praising Allah, we're going to extend one of the praises you can get, you can say, oh, Allah, you are so great, you have so much mercy, you are the one who has created the heavens and the earth, you know, and these are not these are the same things that the Brussels will say in Arabic. Now, you don't have to say all of those Arabic things. If you don't know them. In fact, I'm going to say to you that those Arabic doors, you know, and you're able to

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say like Roberta adenitis, Jr. has

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another one on time. Those are the guys you know, good, say them in Arabic, and it's a very good part of your job. However, the best do as you're going to ever make are those guys that are going to come naturally from your heart in your first language, or in your mother tongue. Those are good. Those are going to be some of the best ones. I remember my sister Monica Rahim. May Allah bless him, Allah gave him a very high place in Jannah. He said that often people what they do is when they go to the Kaaba, he's heard that in terms of the going around the Kaaba and making dua, and what they're doing is as they're going around the Kaaba making draw the holding his books, and then make

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you know, the looking inside, and then they can do eyes. And he says, he said, very good thing, no problem, but he said it would have been much more better if they put the book away said they said a few items was fine, put the book away, then to speak in your mother tongue, or in your first language and talk to Allah direct, that is a lot more powerful, because the person's mind is going to be present a lot more. And don't forget that mind being present in drag is a massive part of the art being accepted. Right and as massive part of Alaska loving this dog. So for you at a start time, you know, Ramadan is definitely a time window as accepted. If that time before you start time is a

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massive time when Allah

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Have you ever wants to you know, it's a wonderful time we allow one to accept or us allows waiting for others. Now often what people will say that is that I don't know what to say, in Doha. Well, if we just we just switched it to you being able to express yourself clearly from your heart and saying something which is in your first language, your mother tongue, you're able to do it a lot better. Okay? So let's say for example, we make into our how we supposed to praise Alaska, and we'll say all the good things, you can just say, oh, you're great. You're wonderful. I love you. And you've been there for me in the past. And you've always been deaf. Now. I'm just, I'm just trying to think like,

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one of you guys out there who's trying to make go out? What do I say? Well talk about your life when Allah was there. You know, you I've done this test in many different crowds. I've actually said to crowds, I've said, Okay, put your hand up. If you've been in a desperate situation in your life, and you knew that no one else can help you except Lazarus. and in this situation, no one can help you, then you've got this dead end in your life, and no one can actually come to your rescue except Allah, what it was for. I've done this test. And I found about 60 to 70% of people who put their hands up, said yes, they did ask Allah that. And then I said, Okay, keep your hands up. If you found

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that, that there I was answered. And most of them kept the hands up. Most. In fact, I would say more or less, all of these people kept their hands up at that time. And there are moments Allah creating a person's life that is going to do that. Now. recall those moments in your life. And in your heart, say Allah you were there for me when I asked you at that time, see what it does is this boosts your email, it is also something which makes you feel close to Allah. It is also something which is real in your life, which you can relate to. It is also something which which praises a lot at the same time because you're telling him how great he is and that, you know, you find him at that time. And

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then start to talk about the gifts Allah has given you. If you've got nothing else to say, of how wonderful Allah is, then start to talk about the gifts he's given you. Because that's also praising Allah say, Allah, you know, I thank you for giving me wonderful eyesight, I thank you for making me breed. When when there are others who can breed I thank you for giving me such good health when others have suffered with their health. I thank you for blessing me with wealth when others don't have the wealth that you've given me. I thank you for giving me lives in my in my family in my surroundings, which are wonderful lives that I have, you know, wife, husband, children,

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grandparents, uncles, aunts, other parents, I thank you for that. I know those times what they're doing is that they're making you feel humbled is the whole thing about dry is that we become humble, and that we praise a lot, and that we see a lot not in a way that we revering him, we revering him, we're holding him in a in a lofty position in our minds. That's the whole thing about God. So we praise him a lot. Now, if you if you praise the Lord, praise the light in whichever way you can, and then move on to the next thing, which is what, which is I'm going to now give you a sequence of making dog very easy for you to go from 123456 Yeah, that's, that's what I'm going to do next, I'm

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going to make dua Okay, and get ready for this, I'm going to give you a I'm going to give you a you know, 1234 of things to remember, when you make in Doha, and you're going to find inshallah, you can turn your normal two minute drive or your five minute drive or you can turn it into a long drive. How do you do that? Well, straightaway after you praise the last region, right, start with yourself, start with your problems. All right, just start with the problems now everyone's got problems, don't me NGO problems, okay. And with your problems, what you can do is if you want to make even longer is you dwell into the details of the problems, even though Allah knows the details of the problems, say

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Allah likes to hear this. Zachary Allison, um, did this. You know, he sat there in the nighttime and he said, in New wahana moment, he said, our law, my bones have become weak, washed out to shave and my hair has become white. Well, I couldn't be doing he cannot be shot here. But our law I have not lost my faith in the fact that you will accept my daughter. Now look at look at the details of he wants a son, right? He wants a son. And he's been asking for, for for a son for a long time. But what what he does is that he goes into details. He says, My bones are weak, my hair is going white. Why does he have to mention all of that when Allah knows the situation of his bones and the

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situation of his hair? Because Allah loves to hear that and why did Allah mentioned in the Quran because Allah likes to hear that from us.

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So you've got a problem then and you've got a maybe a health problem. You might even have a financial problem. We'll talk about it. I love to hear it. You look at say the new Hyundai Santa Monica drive in Surah north, how he spoke, he spoke, you know, this is a whole surah but 70 to 80% of it is one long line. He made radical Sunni Muslim Diwan, but in that his details go into how the people treated him. Okay. So he says, For Kula TAO to whom without fear Allah every time I call them, for you to forgive them, for them to seek forgiveness from you. They they took the clothing, and they covered their face what stuck shows here, well, what are some rules and they put their

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fingers in the in the ears, and they started to ignore me and they become very stubborn. Now why go into the details of how these people took their clothing, and how they covered the faces in front of Nola salon, they do want to see him. And they and they put the Janu Asahi ad on him, they blocked their their hearing right with their fingers. Why go into detail in front of Allah enter da with all this detail, you might think is unnecessary. But why did Allah repeat those specific things he said, of his lie in the Quran, because he likes it when we do that. Right? It might be mundane to say that, but you know what, these are the very things that you might say to a friend, someone who's

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close to you, someone who you feel attached to, you know, you, you you wind up in after the whole of the day you come home, you sit with your wife, or you sit with your husband. And then the closer that you've got you you you narrate the things that happened in the day, or maybe you went to the masjid and you sat with a friend over there. And you say, You know what? This is what happened to me today. Or I'm my boss treated me like this, or you say to your friend over the phone or on WhatsApp or something? Can you believe the man is the guy or the guy who treats me like this? I mean, he said this to me, these are the exact things that Satan normally did with Allah is there in the Doha. Why?

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Because you have we have no one closer to us than Allah azza wa jal, and you can break yourself your whole day. And the details of the day through a dry like this. And he says in the dry, if you look at say the Notting Hill, Alison dog, he talks about the details of you know how they have, you know, he said to them, I call them in the daytime, I call them in and I called with secrecy to my immediate alarm, and then I call them jihad, I call them in the open, we're islantilla home, and I made an announcement, what are some plum israa I call them in secrecy. All these details i'm not i'm not gonna go into this further, but check out surah number 71. And you'll see that so one of the

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things after praising Allah as well is to go into details about myself and my life and so on what's happening? and say, I would love Please help me in this and what am I supposed to do in this Oh, you do is already coming becoming 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and so on, do it. The next thing is after myself. All right. Think about straightaway your parents may go after your parents and then advise from the Arabic that you can make it a bit more mathematical by any severe and so on, which are there if you know them, you make them if not make golf for your parents. So now I'm going to give you a 1234 hootersling Golf okay. So once you've done parents may go after your grandparents, I want

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you to make the offer your grandparents may go after your ancestors just in one go or the ancestors. So this way we've gone above all right now go below, right to go below with your progeny. Make God for your wife, your husband, and if you're not married, then make da for those those people who are going to be your children, your wife and husband in the future. That's right. Make God for your future husband for your future wife or three future children. Just do it, that's completely fine. It's not what I have learned. I mean, as far as you know, Allah grant us those spouses, the faster growth may not have right now. Okay. And rubia Tina also our progeny, make them the apple of our

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eyes. Now some analog you can make draw for those those that are not there today and we should do that when you make your children don't start on a children just say progeny. If you look in that in the Quran, you will always find the word to Leah which is progeny is not just our land, which is our immediate children because progeny covers the children the children children and children, children, children, children, it covers it until they're German Sharla. So you go about with the parents family and all that then you go below with your wife, spouse and all your all your children's on then make draft for your general relatives. Okay, relatives, so that's after your parents and

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children. Then make dua for friends. Okay, friends and people you know, okay friends, colleagues. Okay, that's done once

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You've done that, then make dua for your knowledge go with the with the area, you're in your local area, your country with garden for the oma at large. Okay? Now once you get to the oma at large, we want to cover in there all the places that people have been affected, you know, there are many countries out there and we all know them, they've been afflicted So talk about those situations or maybe there's Muslims out there who are suffering in one way or another way and make dua for them. Right. So, so get a hold of this, okay, so myself, parents, grandparents, okay, why that sort of, you know, ancestors, then wife, husband, children progeny, okay, that way, then relatives that

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friends, colleagues, then my area, then my country, then my other, you know, Muslim countries out there and so on. But don't forget to make da for the non Muslims. Okay, we do make draw for numbers and preschoolers also make their iPhone again and again and again and again, right in his life he made for those who eventually got email and those who didn't get email. So all the nonsense, you know, in our life neighbor, starting from neighbors, starting from people and colleagues and so on make Doha for them that they also find the sweetness of Islam, okay. minggong, generally, even for that far right out there, even for people who are against this, make dua for them that Allah gives

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them. He Daya. Okay, so that's that now, once that's done, this was all done here that we've just covered. Right? This is all done here that we covered.

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Obviously, when you talk about you know when I've talked about myself and my problems is that I'm also going to talk about my future and things that I want that's already covered when I talked about myself. So what I've done myself, parents progeny, all these friends, family neighbors, and you know, the wider world or oma and non Muslims, when I've done all of that,

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then the next thing would be that we go straight for my akhira. So let's start with my death. So talk about how I want my death in front of Allah Israel, then I want to go after death. And you can go to the details of that Allah make me please make sure that there's white angels that come to me, take me delicately from this world and all those descriptions you can put in there. Then you talk about the grave. Let's go step by stage to what the grave of allowing my green blood is being maybe like this for me, like make like that for me. And then, you know, on the day of gentlemen, how do I want to digest and who do I want to be next to was last longer than I want to be under the options

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on I want to be in this place, not because I want to receive my book in my right hand. I want to have an easy account. So cover all those things. Talk about Hellfire, and talk about how Allah, Allah Please save me from this bad thinking alpha, alpha and so on. Getting to the descriptions, it's going to make us cry. And that's one of the wonderful things a lot likes. If you can't cry in your door rustlers want some said, for tobacco, pretend to cry, you can even do that, you know, like just pretend to cry. Allah loves that. That's the alternator headaches. So then talk about Jana and what I want in gentlemen, right and talk about Allah's pleasure and how one but you know what this

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guy can become now one hour, it can become a half an hour or one hour, it can become 15 minutes, 10 minutes, depending on how much of these things you want to put in there. And how much description you put in all these things that I've just said. Okay, so we're gonna get through it in a in a very short while, before I make the door I just want to say to you exactly, I've had a massive jack ma Hi to all those people who've supported us in the links that we've got in the YouTube in these YouTube videos, we've got links at the bottom and we've had very wonderful support from a lot of you and we were expecting inshallah more support from many of you who are out there who can give an Allah

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blessed you with whatever you got, because we share in this after we share this out for people out there. So if there's anyone who can make us reach our next target, Eliza, you know if you can just just do whatever you can to make us reach that next target will be wonderful from you insha Allah, Allah with you, I'm going to make a draw right now and I want you to listen to it.

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Because I've only got a minute to make this draw and in this minute, I'm going to try and cover as many things as I cancel. Could you handle is Allah so Allah Allah, Allah is in our Maulana Muhammad Ali, he was so happy oh by the person. Allah we, we praise you and we thank you and we give you the best of the descriptions are what our tongues would a be able to give you. But you know Allah, we are not able to give that to the way you ought to be thanked and praised. So we praise you through the very words which you've praised yourself in the Pura and all those wonderful words in the Quran that you use to praise yourself. We use the same words to praise you.

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Allah, for myself, for my parents, for my grandparents, for my ancestors, for my children.

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progeny and my spouse. And I would love for all those people who are families or friends who are colleagues, Allah for all those who are in this oma and even for the non non Muslim, non Muslim, we make dua for all of them. And I would love to ask you, that you give all of us the best of what you have written for us in this world, give us the best of what you have written for us in the next world, save us from every evil that is in this world, save us from every evil in the next world. We asked you to give us a pleasant death. And for us to be resurrected amongst the the profit on the Day of Judgment for us to find that company on the day of gentlemen, for our souls to be an alien

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before before that in Bursa. And once we're in the company of the profits for us to be with them, and stay with them until they enter Jannah and let us enter Jana with them from the festival festival. Enter Jana, and save us from all the tournament's of the day tournament. I mean, you're a boy alameen wa salam to Allah Allah, Mohammed Wanda and he

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does not know how to guys. see you for the next session jealous and I would love it.