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The speakers discuss the impact of local culture on society, particularly in countries like Malaysia and the USA. They emphasize the importance of local culture for shaping people's quality of life and cultural and political aspects of the country. The speakers also discuss the need for consistency in teaching and mention the need for diversity in politics. The speakers emphasize the importance of curriculum currency and emphasize the need for cross-talk and discussion.

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How does the way the Luma scholars study? And where are they based in around the world affects the thought so, for example, from reading, the molecule scholars in Spain had more more open minded to the subject of music and to go deeper in speed and

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volume as well as in Arabia. And that's the same with 100 B in the Ottomans compared to the HANA V in the in the sub sub constitution, and what how does how does wave based effect and when, what what, how does that become linearization? Okay, so we're going to discuss that in week five. Week Five is about local culture, which is a important principle affecting the economy and the

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country mahbubani find a magic fix should be based on the culture you're living in. Right? So this is why you will find it actually from shopping often even humble also clear messages don't use a term for it in use the term but they do have it.

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So for example, even today uses the Sharpie marker in a sharpie was of the opinion there for a woman to cover our bases compulsory. You go to a Shafi country like Malaysia today, nobody covers a face, no one tells him to cover face. For a single Shafi audience it is compulsory. Why? Because it doesn't make sense in their culture. It doesn't make sense at all, to tell the woman that Malaysia to cover the faces would not make sense the man is the one telling us to do I mean, the men lower the gaze. Have you been to the country? Do you see how many community there's no need for how respectful they have a woman there's no need for that. a sharpie left with a different time, he

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lived in a place where every woman covered her face for a woman to reveal the face with a problem. Right? So his part two I was affected by the country he lived in the shop is today affected by the culture they live in. Right? It's the same across the globe. Now, there's two ways it affects them. One is like this with actually using the shoe. The other is where they take their culture as their religion, that's when it becomes a problem. So for example, someone goes to Saudi Arabia to India to study and they come back to South Africa, and they try to make this place like Saudi Arabia or India. That's the problem. That's a major problem, because now they essentially try to enforce a

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foreign culture of wonderlands. Right? So we see is a lot of people who study in Saudi Arabia, and they go to the USA or the UK, and they just tried to emphasize everybody, right? It doesn't work, you have to adapt to the local culture. So this is the principle we'll cover it in detail in week five, and the maximum is adapt. local culture is the deciding factor, which means the quality or for mothers, when there is a clash of cultures, and none of it is haram just to keep going around, you go with the local culture, right? Meaning someone saying we are caught up in a shirt and pants, only a shirt and pants are not violating the shirt condition of the Sharia, which is coming from your

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navel to knees modestly. We shot in that local culture. Right? So this is where the principal comes in, we will spend an entire hour just discussing it all the ins and outs of it, how it works, what's the restrictions, all of that inshallah?

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So there's a pinion that because the weather was based in the westernmost country at the time, Spain and had they actually would lupien and use the fact that Europe colonized

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a lot of the world. Yeah, there is a movement back towards America by that because it incorporates Western culture, and it's easier for people living in West to to

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see that happening in America. America makes sense. It makes sense for people in America to follow again, it's gonna differ from place to place. So if someone's in America will actually tell them

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why said because we have to face reality hanafy most of his dominance with 100 views will allow us to do the same thing, because the old is part of the unofficial fitment right? So we can use the interview should still be happy and cover producing photos, right? Because it doesn't go against our ocean effect. So there's no need for us to change our weather completely, you know, say Okay, you know what, the guys in this class will be the first molecules of South Africa, right and have this real effect from beginning less than Maliki Salam alikoum on TV.

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And this go for with this way that we use our su to deform the issues right, that you gave a very good example the issue of music.

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Music in the hands of

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the Turkish canopy have a problem with no Indian undefeatable problem with some yes or no. Why the cultures in the Turkish culture, music usage and all that even the 100 year old boy had no problem with it. Right because culture affected they might have been that way. And this is many people they think the mother is just what Abu hanifa said. It's not

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1000 years of scholarship evolving in different parts of the world, affected by the local culture affected by the local things. And so you can't just take it as if it's a wonderful life is the words of people. Right. So, here we will talk about culture needing

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any more questions.

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No time to discuss this some comments first for

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someone that

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he was that that was stuck.

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And basically what he was saying that he does exactly. So

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much must be put aside.

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Because the sort of emphasis

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about competitive

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what he was saying, today, today's time, it should be good.

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And less. So that's one. The

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second one is data on how do we know we have, okay, one mentioned a name, we have families in South Africa.

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But they're not simply disagree with opinion, they actually sway

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literal way like maps, I met demands, right. Okay.

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And the third one is the missing person a lot, you know, the, the bullet was drafted.

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When it came to

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whichever one

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is based on all format, and a lot of it is based on money.

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Because it's not practical today to actually implement was impossible based only. Okay, so, yeah, so again, three points. All three. First.

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First point was about

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curriculum curricula curriculum.

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Okay, so are you seeing the curriculum locally focuses on acts of worship and not one word. Right. So in fact, we have two categories that we buy that

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fasting, Haji jihad, this is called a Ivana acts of worship when others said you had to mama, marriage, divorce business, all of this. Now, our local curriculum, we teach people, Salah, Sokka, all of that. How many of us actually that difficult business?

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Nobody, not even a difficult business. You can see honestly, Vinnie

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was very strong. Man, he was a businessman. He was a wealthy businessman. Right. So we have to adjust our curriculum accordingly. I believe this is a no I actually came up with a curriculum recently, I was developing Eli's for high school. I primary school. My opinion is a primary school we teach you by that. We teach them Salah circa High School. We teach him pick up manage, pick up divorce, try to have the spouse pick up business pick up employers pick up employees to teach them all of that suing they graduate high school, they go out to the blacks. Right? This is something we need to do. This has to change. You're right about that. Right. The other point, you mentioned it

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taking from the Maliki must have for certain laws because it's more convenient. Again, across the mass of the Panama can say okay, on this issue, this must have been stronger. Let's go with it. And we have seen that like, like we said, the issue of covering the face. Sharpie was a very clear one must cover the face. But today, the sharpener follow the other people who did the 100 people who don't have to cover their face, but they took that on the other females have because it's more suitable to our times. Right? So we can do it the opposite way as well. In fact, the analogy people take from the 100 female zombies, Mufti Taqi Usmani is Fatah on Islamic banking, right, that's based

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on interviews. But now the other one of his partners, even Maliki Sharpies, all for

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that issue, because it's makes sense what he says makes sense, and he has very strong opinions and he gives proper denial and all of that. So we can borrow across other hubs like that based on evidence and need, but only with the proper tools for the not based on desire mustn't be based on your likeness.

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And wasn't built for the music is highlighting some of the following. But words that don't have to Jason is unlikely to have if you follow you based on what you like, enough following the following units. Instead, it must be based on what makes sense according to do so. That's what we have to cover that when I use those tools, what conclusion do I copy? Right? So that's what you have to keep in mind because many people nowadays, this is where the modernist camp comes in. They move towards what I like. Right, they will find a way to twist it to go towards what they like, and that's a problem. Right? Otherwise, you know, itself is not a problem. In fact, we need cross must have a

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discussion on every issue, and they are councils that do that in Saudi Arabia in the UK.

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USA with a lot of all the different meetups get together once a year they discuss issues to discuss all the different perspectives. And at the end of the day they all follow one united fatwa sometimes if they agree, even if it comes with it from other, right so that does happen, just the meeting all the other countries