Dhikr is protection as well as reward

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salatu salam ala Colombia while Ali was heavy on what

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you give him speaking about the purpose of our creation and we said the last round that I said, Omar filopodia Novolin, c'est la vie Abdul.

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And which means that last Friday I said I have not created the human beings and the gene for anything, any purpose other than my

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the birth of Allah subhanaw taala is a dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala.

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We talked about how we can convert our entire life, every action that we do into an action of worship.

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And today I want to remind myself and you about the whole about two very critical elements of the Dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala.

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One is that the zikr of Allah subhanaw taala is protection for us.

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The important thing to understand and remember is that Allah subhanaw taala is not ordering us to do his dhikr because he needs it.

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Allah does not need anybody's ever. Allah subhanaw taala Jalla Jalla who he his position, his glory, His Majesty is independent of the zikr of the remembrance of any of his macklow.

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As far as the remembrance of the mclucas is concerned, Rasul Allah is Allah Salam said

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that there are melodica on every level of the heavens, who are in different positions of others that are like who are in the position of Rocco. And they remain in that position till the Day of Judgment. And he said, there are Malacca in the position of sojos. And they remain in that position until the day of judgment and so forth. And in why are these officials upset? That the angel or the angels who are in a position of salute

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and they have been in their position or salute from the time Allah created them till the Day of Judgment?

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They will when they get up from their position of salute by the Pocahontas router, and they see Allah, they will say, By Allah, we have not fulfilled

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the rights of Allah subhanaw taala.

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After having been in that position of sudo, then making dhikr of Allah this position of sudo for in terms of our reckoning, Allah only knows billions of years, they will say Allah He by Allah subhanaw taala we have not fulfilled the right of Allah subhanho wa Taala in terms of physical Annabelle, so Allah is not ordering us to do his liquor, because he needs it Allah does not need it.

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So they could is our need. And as I said, liquor does two things. Firstly, liquor protects us. zikr is our own deposits.

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How is the liquor protection, vigorous protection because Allah subhanaw taala said in in our Winona Latina Eva bouquet Allah who was Jacobo, Allah subhanaw taala said that the Momineen are those who when the zeker of Allah subhanaw taala comes before them when they remember ALLAH when somebody remembers aligned in their company, their hearts, Shiva with the glory and majesty and all of Allah subhanaw taala and with the fear of offending Allah subhanaw taala. Now just let's reflect on this and say that if you have a heart which is like this, and obviously that is the

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that is the goal, that a person is somebody whose heart responds to the name of Allah subhanaw taala Rasulillah Salam said the one in whose heart there is no dhikr of Allah is a dead person, he said that heart is a dead heart. So,

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when do have a heart of this condition, which responds to the Dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala obviously, such a person will never be able to commit any sin.

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And if he or she commits some sin, out of forgetfulness, and so on, which of course happens to all of us, then immediately the person will make the work because the heart is responsive, the heart is alive. And the moment the seeker of Allah subhanaw taala comes the person is immediately contrite, the person is regretful that he has committed or she has committed the sin and they immediately make Dawa and as we know, the one who makes Dawa Allah subhanaw taala forgives his sin and immediately has it removed from his book of records. So the person goes back to a state of purity. So the kicker is protection from sin. And that is the number one protection that we need. The could is also

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protection from all kinds of fears of this world because when you have the Dhikr of Allah manager in your heart, it's obvious that you cannot be fearing something

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Single simultaneously, because you can only have one you can have either light or darkness in a chamber. You cannot have like light and darkness simultaneously in a chamber is not possible. If the mod light comes, darkness goes away. And if there is no light then is darkness. So the moment that the core of Allah comes, which is the name of Allah subhanaw taala into the heart than all the darkness, which is the fear of this dunya the fear of poverty, the fear of somebody or something, harming us, and so on and so forth, all kinds of fears, they disappear from the heart,

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as if it was telling me yesterday, he said, one of the said, I've said, How can I fear poverty? They asked him, do you feel about it? He said, How can I fear poverty? When my Rob, the one who owns me, owns everything in the heavens and the earth and everything in between and everything we just believed the Earth. He said, How can I fear poverty, when I have an owner when I haven't robbed, who owns everything in the heavens and on the earth, and everything in between and everything under the earth. So this is the benefit of Zika that digger protects us from

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in this dunya from all kinds of fears and anxieties and all kinds of regrets and sadness, and it protects us from sin from offending Allah subhanho wa Jalla Jalla Jalla. The second benefit of the GRE is that zikr is reward in itself, what Allah subhanaw taala will give as a result of that reward is a separate thing, but zikr is reward in itself. Because we know from the from many a hadith, but even before the Hadees we know from the Quran itself, where there is at first guru only as you make Wiseacre I will make you remember me I remember you. And in the hundreds of footsie, Allah subhanaw taala said that when my slave remembers me within himself, I remember him within myself and if the

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slave remembers me in company, that I remember him in company, which is better than his company, and obviously, the company of Allah subhanaw taala della della Lu, the Makara bone of the Malayaka is superior to anything that we can imagine. So therefore, Allah subhanaw taala said, I will remember I just the thing, the important thing I remember I remind myself and you

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is that all of these things, which I'm telling you, nothing is new, we have we've heard all of this before. The key thing is to reflect on this and to think and say that when Allah is saying, I will remember you what does it mean?

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What does it mean? What kind of effect will it have on us? Tala Williams, Allah, Allah subhanaw. Taala is beyond every any kind of example. And we do not give the example of Allah. But just to understand, if somebody comes to me or comes to you, and says,

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yesterday, so and so was remembering you and the person he's referring to is some person who is, you know, wealthy or powerful, or is the king or the minister or something, then it's that that mentioned, yes, that news has an effect on us. That so and so remembered me, as this is wonderful, fantastic. And I was buying being mentioned in the corridors of power, I'm being mentioned in high places. Now, this is the result of this dunya and none of those corridors of power are permanent, none of those high places are permanent, Allah subhanaw taala, tourism montage, our little montage, Allah subhanaw taala gives is and he removed this is from whoever he wants as he wishes. So what is

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what is and should be the effect of knowing that Allah subhanaw taala gelatin Allah who is mentioning me by name, on his harsh, I think these are the things that we need to sit and reflect on, and spend a lot of time by ourselves. And that's why the importance also of, of pillar of, of being alone. Hello, which is being alone, which is

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solitude, the Salafi Salah Salem imagine, as soon as the reason is to go and sit in the cave, just to be alone,

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just to be by himself, and to reflect and to think, so we need to take some time out from our schedules, just to be by ourselves, no noise, no interference, no television, no phones, you know, not even any family just by yourself, thinking, reflecting and trying to

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realize the importance of the differentiation because there's a difference between knowing in a sense of information and knowing in a sense of real knowledge and Ill no matter what and knowing we know, Allah subhanaw taala mentions we what what does that actually mean? And the knowing in terms of meaning is where there is effect in the heart and in the body. And that effect gets translated into actions. So this is what we need to think and do. Remember that zikr is protection and zikr is also a reward in itself. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to always keep

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was in a state of dhikr. Never allow us to have our tongue, even silent. Let the tongue always be moist with a zero harmless monitor. The biggest benefit and again one of the great protections is that if the tongue is engaged as dhikr of Allah, then simultaneously that tongue cannot be engaged in something which is you can't be doing rebar and you can't be doing you know, all kinds of

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wrong speech, even useless speech and you may not be doing something which is which is haram. But even if you're not doing something which is haram, even useless, you won't be because you are doing the Dhikr of Allah. Your tongue is engaged in something useful, it's in something which is beneficial, that's protection and reward by itself. You ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to remember all this and to be able to live our lives constantly in a state of zikr We ask Allah subhanaw taala to take us into a state of zikr when our time comes for Salah Harada will carry while it he was happiest when he got it