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The title of Surah's book is not a story book, but rather a guidance. The importance of science and the use of "soak," in everyday life is emphasized. The Lord's Prayer is emphasized, and praying for the spiritual presence of God is crucial. The culture of Islam is emphasized, and praying for the spiritual presence of God is crucial.

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RO Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. What about when Allah Buddha obey Him His power mouffetard rabona are both some word you will learn I don't know. I mean, do de la, la vida,

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either sharp or sakalava love him. And that brings us to verse number 14 in this amazing chapter of Surah tolka have we concluded on the sentiment and on the note man, Attorney MC a day to hawala you installed Allah will leap towards you, you will take the step and then see how the almighty helps you and aid you. And you know the incident. In the end, if death intervenes, you still will be given the good in the reward of your intention. So you got to make the move, you got to make the move, you will die at the location that Allah has decreed my brother I won't able to die there at any different place woman could be better many year to who they are then fella, you say your moto v

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ardency. Wha Ha. But the choice remains yours, that the life you live and lead will dictate at that time where you were off to where you're going to earn halaal sustenance, where you're going to visit your mum, where you're going to aid someone where you're going to the masjid or where are you going towards haram to commit wrong, so the location will be the same, that spot where medical mode has been assigned the task of removing your soul that's going to happen, you're not going to be dying anywhere else it will happen. But the choice is yours at that time what you will be doing and that will be pretty much in relation to what your daily activities are, that will dictate the outcome we

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hope we wish we pray and we beseech Allah to grant us a noble ending. So now Allah subhanho wa Taala in verse number 14 speaks about how Allah strengthen their bosom. And scholars of the field say this refers to the moment when they stood before the king. So bear in mind we following the sequence of the Quran, and the Quran does not adhere to the chronological sequence the Quran does not adhere to the chronological sequence because the Quran is not a storybook. What if battletag nafcillin for dhara I don't see her one lahoma Hurry, jump Quantum tuxedomoon so if you understand the context of this year, it's a verse of the second chapter in the first juice of the Quran. Surah Baqarah. Allah

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speaks about the new murder that had occurred in the previous time in Bani Israel. So Allah firs gives the entire detail of the incident. What if Karla musala told me he in Allah hi emoticon antas bajo Baqarah and after wrapping up the detail, then Allah subhanho wa Taala gives an overlook or an introduction to impose the discussion. So the Quran is not governed by chronological sequence because it's not a storybook. It's a book of guidance. It's a book of guidance. And in the scope of guidance, it shares the tales and the stories of others. But it doesn't follow the format of a story book because it's a book of a bra locker Decca. nafi kasasa him marine bra locka Deccan Effie kasasa

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him the red bra, indeed in the narratives of the prophets and those who preceded is a point of reflection leoline and BB and BB is the plural of the word look bone for those of intelligence and wisdom.

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So Allah spoke about the fact that they took amnesty and then Allah said Allah revive them. Now Allah resumes the discussion of how they had to face the king. And then the topic of the K follows day after again in a second level with more details to it. So verse number 14, let's just give you a translation. And then we endeavor to expound what our batana Polo beam is camo worra batana robata, your butow right, to tie up to strengthen to empower warra back to na warra batana Allah pulu me him Yeah, Allah, my word. I urge you, my brother, and I urge you, my sister, connect with the Quran and commence your journey commence your journey of the Quran. This is my appeal. And this is my hope.

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And this is my drive. And this is my pain. And this is my mission. And I hope that this can be my legacy. I hope this can be my legacy, that these words can remain both my death that if there's something that I can leave behind would be that hold on to the book.

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Kabbalah hold on to the Quran, was it not? mohandro The Allahu anhu in his fatal illness, those around him started crying. And they asked him, Are you bekijken he asked them what makes you cry? And they said no biggie and Earl mean lady and Tatiana in demotech, we cried because with you goes the knowledge that Allah had given you. And of course, he was exceptionally learned and knowledgeable. And he said that I am going, but the Quran will remain forever and ever. The Quran will remain forever and ever. And then he said, that analyze every piece of information through the lenses of the Quran, and do not analyze the Quran through the lenses of anyone. So you don't

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scrutinize the Quran through science. You scrutinize science through the Quran. Let me be very clear on this year. Science is evolving. It's subject to error. It can be accurate, and it can be inaccurate, but the word of my allies absolutely correct. It's absolutely correct. Today, scientists and dentists tell me that a tweak from the three is healthy for for for your teeth, and it's exceptionally good for oral hygiene. And I read a report that they tell you that to give a baby at birth, something sweet is good, etc. Well, my hubby taught us about honey, honey, honey, good honey. But hypothetically, hypothetically, if science has to retract and say you know what, now we have a

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new discovery and the twig is not good. My position on the miswak will not change all the more I will use the miswak because it was told to me by Assad the call Musto by the absolute, truthful person. And the words of a line is Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam. So say the namorada your loved one who said that analyze every piece of information through the text of the Quran. And don't analyze the Quran, through the writings or the article, or the journalism of the column or the findings or the research of any person. This is what will work. This is the words of the Almighty. Anyway, in thaum, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What are batana Allah tolu be him. So we strengthen

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we empowered, we give courage to them, Allah gives you, you know, oh my word, I'm just having so many thoughts in my mind, I'm having so many thoughts in my mind. And I credit this to the Almighty and that was of my mum.

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And my parents in particular, my parents in general and my mum in particular, she always makes this job for me, and I've seen it my son, when you sit down and you speak, Allah will inspire you with things at that moment, which you did not plan or prepare for. But it will be the prayer of your mum that will facilitate that inspiration at that time. And I swear to Allah, I have seen this umpteen times, Allah says, I will strengthen you, I will strengthen you. And when Allah strengthens you leave the world being surprised you yourself will be surprised. Like, really, I did it. I can't. I cannot believe what I've achieved myself. And I know I didn't achieve it through my own doings. I

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did it through the help of the Almighty. So such will be the help of the Almighty when Allah gives you strength when Allah gives you strength. And when Allah subhanho wa Taala takes that strength away, or takes that respect away, or takes that prominence away, or takes that trophy away. There was a time I could fast I'm using in a generic context and not specific specifically speaking about myself. I would fast a yummy Beale, right the three days in the month and the Monday and the Thursday and fasting Siobhan and fast in Ramadan and the six fires. And then I would get up early and Allah gave me that Tofig and suddenly I don't have that and I'm not referring to someone who's

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age and weak and sick because he's excused and for him is the the pension package. I talked about the pension package of Allah you know, what is the pension package of Allah, my brother, my sister, and I hope my elderly folks are listening to me, either. mareeba labdoo OSA fara cootie Bella who me through my Ghana, Mendoza, EMA and even for you know, the travelers. This is consolation and comfort. The messenger sallallahu Sallam said and it's an authentic hadith when you become sick or terminally ill or you're traveling and you're unable to engage in those additional actions which you did at home or when you are healed and healthy. Allah will continue recording for you all the good

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you did while you were healthy or you were at home. That's it. Not Not Not a three month or a one year or two.

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Yeah, no, no, this is the package from Allah, you did it in your youth. Of course, those aspects that are mandatory will continue. Prayer is mandatory Salah will have to continue. But other than that your your you know what surplus additional optional actions that so many of our people and our pious people would engage in, but as health towards upon them they are unable. This is the concession of Allah, this is the package of Allah. But I'm talking of where tofield is deprived, and suddenly you grappling together for fudger. And you were the one who would revive the family from the time of 200. And now you you find in difficulty in fudger. So when Allah gives you strength,

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it's just amazing. These were youngsters standing in the face of this king, and he was a tyrant, he had muscle and cloud, the nation was on his side, they were handful, they were weak, they will feeble, they will not prominent, and they could stand tall, they could stand tall, we feel honored if our child delivers a speech in a school in an assembly, or you know what he's selected amongst peers, or he comes on some local media, or he features in some book. And wow, can you imagine these youth standing youngsters, and Allah gave them courage. And that's what I'm saying, my brother, take the step, take the leap, and then you see how Allah will make it possible. And again, I share

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something and Allah puts it in my mind. And I say this only in credit to the Almighty, and as a motivation to one in all to serve our parents, because that's my passion. And I've spoken about this a lot, because I have the story in my mind, and it can motivate others as well. And all praise and credit goes exclusively exclusively to the Almighty. So I remember on one particular instance, my mum making a prayer and adorable for me, and she's like my son, may Allah accept you And may Allah bless you. And soon is the day when Allah will enable you to deliver a talk in the harem.

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And there was this pin drop silence.

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Mom, did I hear you, right? Yes, my son. It's my dog. It's my prayer. It's my hope. It's my wish, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will enable you to deliver a lecture in the harem. I said amin, there was a murmur within me. There was a thought within me like really is this one going to happen? I've seen many prayers materialize. I was heading out to Australia, Queensland in particular on a lecture tour. And I returned back and it was the month of Ramadan. And few friends rang me up and they said that you know what? We're going to Mr. Xi, if you want to join us. So I said, of course that to shadow Rahal, Illa Illa Salah city masajid Indeed, I want to go to Oxford, and last minute

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preparation to place and Subhanallah I got ready. And we left in the month of Ramadan. And it was amazing was great friends awesome company. And after the little difficulty at the borders, we crossed over. And we arrived, we arrived in masjidul, Arkansas on the 27th ninth of Ramadan on the 27th night of Ramadan. So news got around that I was there amongst other English speaking people who were visiting they and performing artica both from UK from us from South Africa and elsewhere. So they requested me to give a talk to those the more attractive in and I obliged It was nice was great. We went there. And the next best thing, somebody told a second person and the second person

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told the third person and I was ushered into the chamber of the IMA of haraam mustard, mustard, Ohara musty records, and I was afforded a private setting and an F bar with the Imams of masjidul AXA and after the iftaar getting ready and 27 night the harm in muscle AXA is choking. It's overflowing. The Imam says to me share in Arabic tonight after hatom at Dr. Moon lane is your dog in mosquito laughs ah.

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And I was stunned. And I lost my breath.

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And I'm like trying to process and digest what this man is taking what this man is saying. And at the same time simultaneously, the sentiments of my mum are becoming louder and louder. And I can almost hear my mum's duar being echoed. May Allah enable you to deliver a dog in in in the harem. And I respectfully declined and I said to the sheriff, no. You know what there were 10s of hundreds of 1000s that would come for the heart of the Quran on the 27 night at mustard Aqsa

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An Arabic not being unfortunately the fluent, you know, I wouldn't I'm unable to speak it the fluency with which I speak English of course.

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And he says no, no, this is decided share, you've got to give the talk. Anyway we left from there and I told my friends Please, I'm going to you know what just find myself a nice private place and I'm going to offer my salah and I'm just going to camouflage myself we had a quick bite and the harm was overflowing The atmosphere was electrifying, and then was the final completion of the Quran and then the DA and then the dura of AXA, while you are in AXA and it reverberating and the echo and that feeling and that atmosphere is one of those feelings that live with me till today. And so then the Salah completed and the next best thing, I see the Imam walking around looking for me. And I

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said there is no way I will able to avoid this Do I have my mum taking its final shape. This is a draw of a mum. And before I knew and again I say this not to quantify or to trumpet myself or to pay any tribute. This is the grace of Allah exclusively. And the prayers of my Mum, I found myself standing at the member of Mr. X are in in the sacred harem on the 27th night of Ramadan. And with the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala delivering a talk for 45 minutes to an hour when in LA hamdulillah he'll hum the point I'm saying my brother and the lessons we can learn is of course about the drawers and the prayers of our parents and serving our prayer parents. But if I were to

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tie it up with the idea that is verse number 14, over which I just had this flesh now, war batana Allah kulu obey Him. When Allah gives you strength, then it's just something else. Java vilano stood up in front of us Hama negus. And he said, Are you hell Malik Guna Coleman, Elijah helia now ibudilast nam Naka Lucy old Jaguar Kona Allah valic Hata Bertha Allahu ala rasulillah Nat ready for NASA who was a doctor who was a monitor for Armen B he was a doctor na when the policies of Mecca came to indoctrinate the king against the companions. Then it was down for Abu Talib, who stood up and gave the most comprehensive introduction of Islam in the annals of history, addressing the

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excellency of the king, and he said Your Majesty Your Excellencies Are you al Malik Kanako man, Elijah Hillier? We were an ignorant nation now ibudilast nom worshipping idols knocked out all our harm. We would sever ties with our kinship and our friends and relatives newsql Jaguar we will inflict harm on our neighbors had Tabatha Allahu Allah Rasool Allah, Allah had mercy upon us la casa de Manila, meaning he sent a prophet amongst us not ready for NASA who we know his genealogy and his ancestry. Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Abdul muttalib been harsh and been abdomen have been Passaic been Kyla been more Robin I've been loyal you've been Valley bin Fahad bin Malik bin cannon have

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been hoceima bin mudrick have been Ilya has been modar bin Azhar bin Mohammed bin adenan not ready for NASA who was said the CO who is understate why Amanda who is trustworthiness why alpha and he is modesty and he is abstinent nature and nabee he was a duck na we accepted him on on him and upon that our nation has opposed us. He gave that Allah gave him that courage.

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What a button Allah Purdue be him take the leap. And Allah will give you the courage to speak. Allah will give you the courage to drop your prayer mat and offer your Salah you don't need to be shy and embarrassed. There's a different feeling asked me about it. With the grace of Allah in our travels, Allah has made it possible. Be it at airports, be it in in, you know what tourist attractions at Eiffel Tower in the States, wherever Allah has made it possible for us to drop the prayer mat and bow before Allah. Of course we are sensitive to those around us. We respect those around us. We do it in a dignified way. We do not offend people, but I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed. When Allah

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gives you that strength than that strength is divine. May Allah give us that strength? May Allah give us that strength? I don't have it. May Allah give it? What are batana Allah told obey Him. Allah says we strengthen his camo when they stood meaning before the key as scholars say *a Lu

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They said rabona Robbo, sama wa t Well, our, our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth. We don't worship you. We don't worship these objects. We don't worship these idols, or bonobos summer watever Lord rabona, our Lord Rob, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, Lana de o amin, dooney a la Ha. You proclaiming the truth when you know your neck is on the line, but that's truth. That is the courage that is the man let another woman dooney ella Ha. We will never supplicate any one besides Allah. La parada, a then Sherpa Ba, de we say this, and this will be the most blasphemous thing we can utter. A muffler upon Anil hottie. This is deviant and this is out of the truth. And

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this would be incorrect.

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So to stand in front of a tyrant dictator, and to boldly proclaim the truth, and to say it as it is Allahu Akbar.

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Abu Hazim Abu Hazim was the great scholar and solimar no Abdul Malik asked him, ma deleeuw Cole, listen to this again, you know what the prayers of my parents may Allah bless them. I say this and I encourage there's so much people tell me.

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Can you teach my child? You know what, oratory? I said, Well, it's from the Almighty, I don't have any claim. But in addition to learning the skill and the art in the charisma and the mannerism and the interaction, you need the prayers of the seniors, and that's the best injection you can have to allow your message to reach far and wide is the prayers of our seniors by serving them and earning their daughters Abdullah Abbas visited his arm to me Muna hora de la Miranda, who was the spouse and the consort of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And then he prepared the water for the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And that attracted the happiness which stimulated the prophetic prayer, which

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resulted in obon Abbas becoming the most erudite scholar of this oma Allah I limahl kita but what will Allah teach, ignore abass Quran teach, ignore Abbas pooran. And then we know who ignore Abbas became our ba, ba, ba Ba, who was the start of Abu hanifa Rahim Allah and the disciple of Abdullah been abuzz for 20 years for 20 years. So anyway, Abkhazian was a great scholar, so they might have no Abdel Malik asked him Maya Angelou poll, which is the most correct statement, which is the best the most accurate the most just Hey, said Kelly, moto Hopton. Kelly met to her 10 year poor new Harley Maru render money, a handful who are in domineer, Jo La ilaha illAllah. To utter the truth in

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the presence of a person

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whom you are either afraid of, or full of a favor of. So there's somebody I'm hoping he gives me employment, I'm hoping he gives me this loan. I'm open, he secures this for me, or I'm afraid he can harm me, inflict on me, deny me, expose me, whatever, you are afraid of his evil, or you're optimistic of his good now at that time to utter the Absolute Truth and and look beyond the hope of your narrow selfish interest or look beyond the repercussion of the potential threat that he he can you know, that the potential threat that faces you, Kelly made to happen to utter the truth or in damania huffpo in the in the presence of someone you're afraid of? Or in the money or Jew or someone

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you're hopeful of.

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Then sir, Mr. Rob Bell medic asked him, okay, my accuser nurse who's the most intelligent person is embroidered on Buffy rabita. Atilla in Azerbaijan, lava Mula Bandha delana. Sally, the person who obeys Allah and then encourages others to obey Allah Menachem upon us. Who is the greatest fool, right? Today when you use the word fool, we become very, very offended, dare you call me a fool? But you know what does the word Atma comes in the hadith of Sahih Muslim? And so in the hatia I checked up myself What does that mean? If not translated as fool naive person foolish of you? May or mellow Maya guru who may or may he be to behave? That's what the linguists tell us. Wow. My word mania I'm

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alone. That person who does something maiya Dora who what harms him, ma. me he be Kobe. He

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Despite knowing that this is harmful, so you consciously know I'm eating something that's harmful and watching something that's destructive. I'm talking to someone that's forbidden and driving in a way that's as it is. I know what I'm doing is harmful. I'm popping a pill which I know is harmful. I'm doing something and yet I'm doing it that's the definition of foolish, which one of us are not fools, while Cthulhu and forsaken in Allah, how can I become rahima What are doctrinal and forsaken a verse of the fourth chapter surah Tunis if Joseph and do not kill yourself, some say it's the prohibition of suicide, as I say it refers to don't kill your brother because killing your brother

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is killing yourself. Angela lane says, Well, I talked to Lou and fossa calm, B erotica, B ma u A de la holla. Ke ha, a young Ghana fifth, Daniela Tara, do not kill yourself by perpetrating anything that's destructive to yourself, be it worldly, destructive or spiritual? Wow, what a religion that guides us in everything so much upon us. If you really look at it, unfortunately, I'm a fool myself. Because how many times I do things knowing that they are harmful? What was the answer? He said that the Roger alone a person ba Farah who be dunya lady who forsakes and abundances about in our era to appease someone in this world. This obeys Allah for somebody else to have benefit. That is the

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greatest fool. Then he asked him

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Can I spend more time in your company, the king the ruler? So Abraham said, No, I'm afraid that you know what if we're going to spend more time instead of me giving you positive energy, I am vulnerable to negative energy from you. I'm vulnerable to negative energy from you. So Santa Monica Abdel Malik tried to you know what flesh he is flamboyance and opulence. And well, he said irrfan Elena hajah Taka naka de la cama Hama Garnet, okay.

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Tell us what you desire, whatever it is, we'll take care of it. So Abraham said Hi, JT, and don't say the name in an hour or two the philony agenda. My request is grant me deliverance from hell and entry into paradise. So So the amount of now Abdulmalik dropped his head in embarrassment, and he said that he can lay some in Shani that's outside my control. That's outside my authority and outside my jurisdiction. So our Hazim said maleme in hygiene see wha ha, then there's nothing common we can discuss because I don't have any other need.

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So then, so they might have not been medic look at the courage look at the confidence look at the bold nature. So then so there might have not been medic said okay, then make dua for me Make dua for me. So Abraham said Allahumma in Ghana abductor Suleiman Minh only ik for your sera who ILA to help Bogota, we're in Ghana, I mean, our other egg for us level, our law if this king, and this man is from your buyer, servants, then increase him in goodness. And he was an evil man and he's sinful, then guide him Allah guide him Allah. So someone who was president said base, Mr. Coulter, ferrata, Amira, I do with Allah, how evil have you to say that oh boy has him that you said if he is an enemy

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to Allah, and he was a foe to Allah, He is the leader of the believers. So Abraham said, What I said was not evil, but the manner in which you are saying that's evil, you are just trying to appease him and compromise your dean. And that's precisely what is what we refer to as Madonna. Madonna, is where you appease someone at the cost of harming your dean at the cost of harming your dean, Madonna.

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And that is forbidden. And then he said that in the previous times in the previous times,

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the scholar the rulers were blessed Why? My Dharma O'Meara Oh, home, yeah, tuna, Allah, ma home, Robert and FEMA are in the home, that the rulers would come in set by the scholars seeking guidance and knowledge. And that is why we had the best of rulers. Now unfortunately, it's the other way around, where the scholars are coming to the rulers to draw and milk from them in their wealth and the effluence. So we don't have good rulers nor good scholars, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us that inner courage and that inner strength. So we'll leave you on that note. That was verse number 14. Standing in front of the king, these youth boldly presented the oneness of Allah and

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towhead obviously, this did not go down well with the king, there is going to be some consequences to their bold Proclamation. Let's wait and see what sallallahu wasallam Allah Nabina Muhammad while early he was happy he married will hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen