Hasan Ali – Every Bounty Of Allah Is A Test

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © A woman describes how beautiful a man she saw on camera was. She describes how the man looked at her and then approached her. The woman describes how the man approached her and then cut into the flesh of his body. She also describes how the man caused physical pain to his body.
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use of Isola he was

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absolutely tremendously. I mean, we're talking about a man, that is so beautiful. Like, how beautiful can you be? You think he's, uh, how handsome can you be? Like if if a really nice handsome guy was to walk out, you know, out there, and we mean that we're walking past now. Okay, fine, he'll get some looks.

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Just walk out there, and they'll look how he's looking at it.

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That's it.

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What else could happen? Or maybe someone might just take you know, say, Look, stop, stop. Just Just look at him. Wow. Yeah. I mean, not everyone, not every woman will do that out there. But you can imagine like someone's really, really handsome. Maybe they probably have their eyes on there. But could you imagine any woman would go to the extent of looking at someone so beautiful that if you were to cause her pain, physical pain at that moment, her bodies become numb.

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Could you imagine how beautiful that man must be. So what happened is in the account, the Quran, here is Zeliha. And what she does is she's She's gone. She's gone completely crazy for use of Alexa. And then what you have what happens to the women of the city, they start talking about her. And then she brings them to her house calls for a party makes all the women sit around or longer cushions and reclined. She gives a knife in each one's hand. As she keeps a fruit in the other hand, she tells them to cut it while she just tells us to follow a salon salon to walk out just in front and just walk out. So he just walked out in front of her. Now previously, what they said is they said that

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this woman has gone completely crazy. She's after this young man What's wrong with her? They previously said that right now what they're doing is they were cutting this fruit they're looking at useful as Rhonda.

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Imagine is so beautiful. It's so beautiful, that they said this is not a human being. This is this is an angel. And he looked at him

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until you just walk past and they looked at one another and they realized no they realize so all of them without realizing their cut their hands.

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They're cut into the flesh of their own hands. But they didn't realize they did that they caused themselves physical pain.

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Just because of the beauty that they just looked at.

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And Subhan Allah allow them. That beauty of Yusuf Ali Salam was a big test for him. Hey,

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