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The speaker describes a woman who lost six children due to famine and lost everything in her life. She became a successful woman and lost everything in her life. She lost everything in her life and became a successful woman, eventually becoming a successful woman and a successful nation. She uses her words to describe her the beauty of her life and her family.

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Welcome back to the continuation of the story of Seda Deja. Now she was positive in speech. But that was not it. Immediately, she took him to her cousin, what occurred now? Why is that? She knew that that's the best person to give the support needed at that moment, moment of fear, moment of disbelief and what she wanted and expected absolutely happened. Because immediately What 100 An awful said to him, what you are telling me and who came to you is the same one who came to see no Musa what are called Melford was not a Muslim, but he read the books. And then he said to him, he was an older man, he said to Roswaal a surah, to Sarah. And this is so powerful. If I will live to

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the day that your pupil will make you leave. I'll support you. And our soiree saw to sound with all his noble characters, will they let me out, or they push me out on the holy journey home? And he said, No one brought to his nation what you are bringing, but they will let him leave, not let him actually they will push him to leave. She took him back.

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And now look at the second reason why she is a special woman and dunya in this life, and this special woman in Africa. She was the first person not the first woman, the first person, the first human accepted Islam, what an honor. But every honor comes with responsibility. What did she sacrifice, belief, to be a builder to be someone different? You have to believe in what you have. Number two, you have to be very hard worker. And number three, you have to sacrifice, things doesn't come easy. This is a noble woman, a rich woman. And then what happened to her went through famine. She had to migrate. She had to give up a lot of things for only one reason to support her husband.

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And not only her husband, but even the whole family. This is a woman who delivered six children. She lost two of them. The two boys. So the life was not smooth. She went through a lot of tests, she lost her children. But still the four girls she had them support, belief, hardworking and resilient. You don't give up your keep going to build a nation. believing faith is something we all struggle with these days. And if we just look at what this brings to our homes, and look at what brought to her house, a lot of challenges, of course have a lot of difficulties, but what blessings and legacy a cleft and lived for 1000s of years after her one of the unique things she did in her house. This

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is before Salah became obligation. She used to pray with us Wiley salatu salam Toro carta every morning, she was greeted as we said by salaam by Allah subhanaw taala. She became the mother of one of the best woman in Jannah. She was one but her daughter also was one se defaulter she was the grandmother of the two masters of all the martyrs in Jana, saying that Hassan and say, you know Hussein,

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she died in Ramadan. The 10th day of Ramadan. She died in his hands. Ali Salatu was Sarah. And she actually died as a result of the famine she went through.

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And the difficulties she went through just because she's a believer, he actually laid her down in his in her grave. He Alayhi Salatu was Salam by himself, and he personally supervised the preparation of her grave alayhi salatu salam, while he has some uniqueness after she died, is the nun ending feelings and love. He had alayhi salatu salam for her for years after she died whenever she's mentioned,

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his face changes. Her sister one day came in and this is reported by Seda Aisha her sister came knocked on the door and Sade Aisha said, he said, Let her be Hala. So he was hoping that the person who's going to come and enter the house this is years after this is in Medina.

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that it is Hannah, her sister. And when she entered his eyes, filled with tears, this His love. His love to her, was legendary to the point that said Aisha used to say, I have never had jealousy to a woman I have not seen what it say to her leader.

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And one day she said to him, why you keep remembering her? Why you keep anything is given to him as a gift. He made sure that some of it goes to her family or to her friends. And then he said to her to say the Aisha was another beloved woman to him, and he said, Don't hurt me by saying anything about Khadija. What I love is this. What a woman she is. What do we we have each one of us and I'm sure we do something from Seder Haneda that if we look deep inside us, we will find it. Use it for the sake of Allah. And then he will put Barakaldo blessing in it, and then make us Yoruba me, a builder of a nation. Oh