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AI: Summary © A representative from a racing event is speaking and discussing the competition of the next round. They mention a competition of the Holy Quran and a bottle inside Jana's car. They also talk about the upcoming competition and the importance of being saved from the five years.
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is Mila Honda I'm gonna hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala early he also had mine. I'm here in Scotland with AlFalah and we've come out for some racing down here hamdulillah we've had a good few laps 60 laps, they told me didn't feel like it. We just whizzed with this round round all the way. And we had a wonderful time. What I want to say to you guys is now and again, we need to come out, have some fun, have some games, and this is the way we are as Muslims so that we can compete in this dunya and we compete in the ACA, but the real competition is the competition of the akhirah so here we are, we've had a competition of the world

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and we look forward to a competition of the next world but then competition next we'll start here. So what we do is we have some breaks, we have some fun, we have some games Alhamdulillah we need some vicar as we go around as well. Hamdulillah we remembering Allah. So it's not that we sucked into the dunya but when we get to the akhira that's when we'll find out what we did here for the Accra So now Allah says the Holy Quran he says Buffy Dalek affiliate and alpha cinematography soon in that people compete with one another and what is that that is the competition of the athlete or competition to go to Jana and the competition to get there and to open a bottle inside Jana Allah

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talks about that then he talks about the competition Subhanallah allow them inshallah be Milla all of you listen to this will also do the best for this world best for the next world What did the prophets of Allah Horus from teachers, but I'm gonna attina fit in your heart santa clara de hacer una Burkina Adana. We want the best in this world when the best in the next world and we want to be saved from the five years from the Hyatt Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Hey,