Hasan Ali – Don’t trust them!!!

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker advises the audience not to share any secret with anyone and to trust one trusted person on the planet. They also suggest being careful with whom one trusts and tells one's secrets to avoid being spreading misinformation.
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because what happens in our communities is in our personal government say, Listen, you know, I'm not supposed to tell you this.

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And please don't share this with anyone else. But you know, Auntie Bochy, she said this.

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And then your friend goes to another person to their friend, you're my best friend, I tell you everything about God is teaching me inside not to tell you this. Oh my God, God.

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Please don't tell this to anybody else. Please, please, I'm not supposed to say this to you. But you know, antibody, she said.

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That's no secret anymore. My friend. The best secret you will take with you is the secret you take with yourself to the grave. That's the best secret. The next best secret is you tell one trusted person on the earth, that you trusted your life. And be careful who you tell your secrets to? Okay, you better be able to trust I'll tell you one way to know how to trust people. I'll tell you one good way of knowing how to trust people, especially you know, you got husbands and wives and you got you know, people are very close and you don't know what you know what's gonna happen in the future. Look, if a person comes to you, and they your friend today, and they're telling you about other

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people's secrets, or they're telling you of what other people told them that they shouldn't have shared with you, but they're doing that, then that person cannot be trusted. You guys, no one's gonna say yes. I think just a few of you said yes, the less rest of you. Good luck in life. All right, good luck in life, honestly.

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Because if a person comes to you by by spreading misinformation about others to you, which was not even verified, they're gonna do that about you one day, these are not good friends to have. I'm just telling I'm just setting the record straight. A lot of people need these life lessons. These things we grew up with as just knowing, but honestly, this new generation for them, it's like they don't know these things. If a person spreads gossip about others to you, one day, they're going to spread your gossip to others. If a person can't be entrusted with other people's secrets with today's spirit to you, then they will not be able to you can't trust them with your secrets. Okay? You can't

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trust them with your secrets. So be careful with whom you trust and tell your secrets to

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