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So let's start with Ibrahim alayhis salam. Of course, all of you know who that is. But one of the things that maybe a lot of you don't know, is that Ibrahim Alayhi Salam is at the center of Islam itself. As a matter of fact, one of the names of Islam is millet, unbecoming of Rahim, the religion of your father Ibrahim, right? So a name that Allah gave Islam is the religion of Abraham. It's one of its names. So unlike other prophets, and even Masato, salaam, we don't say this is the religion of Musa Allah didn't use that language. Allah didn't say this is the religion of Isa even though it is but specifically Allah azza wa jal used the affiliation with Ibrahim alayhis salam. Another

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distinction that Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam has is that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has been told specifically to follow the religion of Ibrahim

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Ibrahim Abu hanifa Nova Cana middlewich nickim. You follow the religion of Ibrahim? You know, you must follow the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salam. So Ibrahim alayhis salam is a very central position in Islam. I

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I did not that was not my stomach. I promise I'll stand back here. Okay. So I would even argue that if you don't understand Ibrahim alayhis salam, then you will have something missing in your understanding of the fundamentals of Islam. Your view of Islam should be shaped part of it should be shaped by your understanding of who this man is it histological serum is extremely central to our religion. So we're going to start from that tonight inshallah hotelera simple question how many pillars in Islam? Five. I'll show you today that all five pillars go back to Abraham and his Salaam, all of them, starting with the Shahada, of course, I shall do La ilaha illa Allah, that Shahada

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itself, that Shahada of tawheed itself, is something that is the pinnacle of the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis Salam mahila snom What are these idols? He's the one who turns to Alliance as individual he lives with the Fatah Sonata while I'm turning my face to the one who created and molded the skies in the earth, in a society where everybody was engrossed and everybody was worshipping other than Allah. So I'll tell you something interesting about the the city in the Bible, the name of the city, as mentioned, the Quran does not mention the name of the city, where Ibrahim alayhis salam lived, but the Babylonian city or that the city is called, ooh, you are expelled you are in the biblical

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sense. And biblical archaeologists. It's about seven years ago, they actually found the city of origin, buried about 30 feet under the ground. In the Babylonian desert, they found the city and when they dug up the archives of the city, they found that there are literally 1000s of idols 1000s every house has its own idols, small ones, big ones. Now you understand we know from the narrations that Amazon used to build idols. Now we know he had a lot of business, okay, because they were full, every household had 1000s upon 1000s of idols. Now, here's the interesting thing. The Bible does not mention the names of these idols or what they were. The Bible just said they worshiped many gods.

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That's what the Bible says they worshiped many gods. The Quran also does not mention these idols, but it does mention the journey of Ibrahim alayhis salam. You know that if Rahim Alayhi Salam pointed to three things in the sky. You know what he pointed to and said, This must be God or this must be God or this must be God. You know what those three things were the sun, the moon, and Jupiter, Coca

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Cola, Morocco cabin. Toka is the Arabic word for the planet Jupiter, which looks like a star. Now what's interesting about this dig that they did, they found three statues that were the biggest statues of all of them. And one of them is a guy that looks like his his face is got rays of the sun coming out of it. It's the sun god. The next one, his head is actually a crescent moon. And the third one is shaped like Jupiter like the star Jupiter. The three main gods were the sun, the moon and Jupiter, according to archaeologists. Now, the Bible did not have this information. Neither does the Bible talk about the fact that Ibraheem alehissalaam pointed at the sun and pointed at the moon

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and pointed at a cocoa pointed at the Bible says nothing about this. No one knew anything about this until like seven years ago. So how the Lando Quran talks about the fact that he picked on the three biggest idols of their time, and he dismantled them first. He criticize criticize them first and he set up. So this is just small examples to illustrate to you that Ibrahim alayhis salam is the is the head figure when it comes to establishing tawheed establishing the uniqueness and the oneness and the soul pneus the aloneness of Allah his origin. That's the first pillar. What's the second pillar?

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solo Shahada and then wa salatu salam, guess what, whose words are mbj Lima Pema Salafi, amenorrhoea tea master make me the one who establishes the prayer and are of my children.

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And those who established the prayer, this is of who? Ibrahim alayhis salam. It's the earliest days of Salah comes from Ibrahim alayhis salam directly. As a matter of fact, my teachers had something very shocking to me. I was studying with my teacher, Dr. Akram nadwi. In England, and I asked him, what's your favorite? I have the Quran. You know, when people ask me that question, what's your favorite? surah? What's your favorite? If I say depends on the month? I don't know what I'm studying, or whatever I'm studying becomes my favorite surah Currently, I'm, I'm stuck on pseudo news. So it's my favorite solo right now. But anyway, I asked him, what's your favorite ayah in the

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Quran, and he says, Now a humble athlete. He says, that's my favorite IRA. Let me tell you what that means. You know, when Abraham rallies around, saw the moon, and then eventually said, but the moon disappears, or the sun settles and he says, I don't love those that disappear. I don't love those that settle. He said, that's my favorite iron. I said, why is that your favorite of all the art in the Koran. The fact that Ibrahim alayhis salam does not love things that subtle is your favorite idea how come? And he says because Ibrahim alayhis salam was demonstrating something, you know, human beings, we can only see the visible world we don't see the hype. I don't see the angels. I

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don't see jinn. I don't see Alaska, I don't see heaven. I don't see *, I don't see any of those things, of the things that I can see what are the biggest things that I can see. It's the sun, the moon, the stars, these are the biggest things that I can see the most magnificent of the creatures of alar. These, you know, and he says the biggest thing that you can see with your eyes disappears. Allah shows you that the greatest of the scene is humbled before him. And he says as a matter of fact, he This is Dr. chromazone he had, and I believe it, I'm convinced of it. He actually believes that even the five daily prayers that we have, they're actually they're following the question or

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the statement of Ibrahim alayhis. Salaam law we have we are feeling the sun moves from its position. It's time for another prayer that it moves from its position it's time for for another prayer. And when it's settled the most mockery, when it settles and it's completely weak, then our Salawat become louder, and they get loud and fudger. When it's still weak, it's still loud, the loudest is when we completely demonstrate that the sun is weak. So Shahada goes back to Abraham alayhis salam, Salam goes back to Ibrahim Ali, salaam, rajani, Maki, masala tea. I mean, the reality by the way, we, incidentally, we pray in what direction?

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We pray in the direction of the house that he built, isn't it? So Han Allah was the third salah and then zakka What about Zachary will skip some I'll leave some at the end because somebody's thinking how is song going to be connected to every malaise around? What's he talking about? It's crazy. We'll get to that at the end because we're in the month of Psalm so we'll leave that as number five. We'll skip the order around. So I'll go to the card for you. Ibrahim alayhis salam, at least two sons you know their names What are they

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smile is how we just heard today when we were listening to select Maria and beautifully recited when we heard about a smile at his salon was called Phil kitabi smile. Allah tells us about him can I

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find it? Was the coffee is my Elijah his Salaam who learned his religion From who? Who did he learn his religion from his father, Ibrahim alayhis salaam. He used to tell his family to pray and give Zakat

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so the family learns to not just establish the law but also establish what is that God the God goes directly back to the legacy of his marine under his Salaam and through him to Ibrahim alayhis salaam. You with me so far? I don't know how I'm going to show you that Hajj is related to Abraham on a Salaam that's really hard.

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Because I mean it's done in Mecca. He has probably nothing to do with Mecca, await

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and then there is there is the there's a sacrifice of the animal at the end that has nothing to do with a weight that

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the whole ritual of Hajj goes back to who Ibrahim Nakamura him what the human Nakama Ibrahima masala. Why are we even going to hedge? Well, why is that how significant it is that? That messenger so I've given you four? I've given you Shahada, Salah Zika and what did I skip

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Hebrew here my son didn't have sown, nor did he have Ramadan. So how is Ramadan connected to Abraham? Are they so I'll show you

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Rahim Allah Islam was building the karma. Yes, he will which son was with him as he was raising the foundations is married at Islam they made a diet together. It's mentioned in Sultan Baqarah Allah says this, describing this die He says Robin Allah Allah Muslim any luck woman Maria Tina Amata Muslim at aluk Marina Manasa Khanna Elena. Now they're making this dog

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They're standing together. They're saying yeah Allah make us both Muslim for you. And among our children, there should be a nation that is Muslim right before you. In other words, today the fact that you and I are Muslim is the answer of who's da, Ibrahim and Islam even our name Muslim, according to this law goes back to who? Ibrahim alayhis salam so karnala even though it goes back to him, by the way we are called oma. We are called Omar The only prophet that is called Omar Zhu, Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim, aka no matter the only other one were even connected to him by the term oma Subhan Allah anyway, I go back to that door. They didn't finish that door there they continued. The

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door they made was Robin our I see him Rasulullah Minh home yet.

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Well you know who Maliki taba will hikma will use a key him? Y'all are Rob Send a messenger among them. And that messenger will recite your revelations your IR to them.

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Which messenger are they talking about?

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Which messenger came from the children of Israel? Who would recite the ayat of Allah which messenger? Okay, so Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam 1000s of years later, is the answer of the door of Wu. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam now that the hour was answered on one night. That night is called Laila from kadesh.

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On that night, Allah answered the door of Rahim and Angel Gabriel came and he gave the IR to Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and thus began yet Lu la him is he? Well, you only Muhammad Kitab well, hikmah will use a key him the door of Ebrahim Alayhi Salam was answered on what night Laila to Qatar, why is Ramadan important? It is important because we fast No, that is not the importance of Ramadan. The importance of Ramadan, according to Allah Himself is shadow Ramadan, and the NZ Rafi and Quran. Ramadan significance is what the Quran was sent down in it. I will say to you in different words. Ramadan is important because Allah answered the door of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam in

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Ramadan. You understand why fasting even Ramadan is connected to Abraham holidays to them that there are that incredible the answer to which is Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upon whom the Quran has revealed that answer is Ramadan itself as a matter of fact, we are celebrating for 30 days what happened in one night that one night is not enough to celebrate unlaminated entire 30 days that's what he made it and by the way, all of the things that I'm sharing with you all of them come together in certain bucket is so beautiful. That all of it tying back to Abraham I think Instagram comes in certain Bukhara anyhow, so now I've showed you that how many pillars are connected back to

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Abraham are they said on all five? Yeah, so Shahada, Salah Sokka. So everything's going back to Ibrahim Ali says

The centre of Islam : Ibrahim (Alayhi Wasallam) by Nouman Ali Khan

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