Yasir Qadhi – The Backlash for Preaching Islamic Morality

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of their political views on Muslims, including their belief in the prophets and their past actions. They express frustration with their past actions and the lack of acceptance from graduates in the western academy. The speaker also mentions their past actions and their desire to become quiet for their children.
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Let's just say morality issues of a sexual nature. If you understand what I'm saying, the positions that we take as believing Muslims is worthy of cancellation. Do you guys understand? Or is it like, do I spell it out more? Is that good enough? I'm not getting in trouble here. And you guys, okay? Just making sure okay?

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To hold normative views of the family, let's put it that way,

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is deemed to be akin to racism.

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And if you publicly hold such beliefs,

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and if you give hot buzz in your masjid, which I do about normative Abrahamic notions of morality and family, this will haunt you in the academy.

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This will haunt you in the academy. And this happened to me even after I left the Academy, I will tell you something that happened to me last year,

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I posted on Facebook about this new organization in Dallas that was

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saying that Muslims, they're trying to prove that Islam accepts certain alphabets.

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You get the point. And I wrote a Facebook post. And I said, Listen, if you guys want to say whatever you want about your political than culture, that's your business. The minute you say Islam, I'm sorry. We're I'm going to speak up here. And I had a very long post is still online at a very long post. As Muslims, we have morality, we believe certain things are not allowed. And even if somebody does them, consider it a sin between you and Allah, but for you to say it's halal and justified. And what really irritated me staford Allah for Allah, this person said, the prophets isn't accepted such people are with a biller will lie, this made my blood boil. And so I wrote a very blunt post, don't

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bring my prophets ism into this, do whatever you want. And Allah will be your judge. You between you and Allah your sins, okay? Don't bring in my prophet system into this that. And this was supposed to be a Muslim. And you know, my son got this on campus, his, you know, there was an MSA that's up on that type of idea, not the main MSA, you know, there's multiple groups, there was another group that claimed to be Muslim, and they're handing this out, my son brought this on, we looked at whether the Muslim student, one Muslim girl group is good, it made my blood boil, I wrote a long post, I was supposed to present at a conference, I'm not going to be too specific, but in a European country,

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about event me in the mythique, something like this. I got an email from them, that somebody reported this post of yours. And we we will withdraw your your your your paper and your presentation. Because we don't want any controversy and potentially, you know, homophobic accusations isn't that we don't want this and in this is, you know, European country and whatnot. And I wrote back, even to me and the mythique. What is that got to do with

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this Facebook post? Facebook,

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if you Mildura conditio Allah Qatada with Afghan worry.

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So Al Hamdulillah. I mean, I can't be in the academy, if they're not going to allow me to be a preacher to my own community, right? To preach basic morality, and basic whatnot. So until the end again, but see, my my case is different. Because I'm a very public preacher, right. And it does send a chilling message to most graduate students that are Muslims and PhDs are Muslims. And in fact, I was told this by a very nice mentor, and chef and reputable professor, I don't wanna mention his name, but he's in the academy. And you know, when I first got a secretary to yell, he pulled me aside, he was visiting from another institute. And he goes, Look, my advice to you, for 10 years.

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Keep your mouth shut. Don't give any hope bows and arrows.

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Do your dissertation, write your papers, get tenure? Then say what you will. He said this to me when I got accepted to you. And I thought to myself, and I thought and I thought I said,

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I didn't study in the city of the prophets of Saddam and memorize the Quran and get ijazat and, and become who I became just to be quiet for 10 years. I'm not going to do that.

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So I continued giving my Dawa and I continued doing the academy Hamdulillah I got to a certain level, but then I had to make a choice personally because it was impeding. And I think to this day, there is an issue in the western academy that certain topics really are taboo. And if you really go there, then you will have problems

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either call

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me Mr. Heaton doll Seanie

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me what to feed

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Sunday. What?

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to me, Jenny Tansa down to

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me down

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