Yasir Qadhi – 10 Tactics of Shaytaan

Yasir Qadhi
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Today inshallah we're gonna go over 10 aspects that the Quran mentions are the tactics of shaytaan and in surah in solitude Fajr in both records are recited various tools that mentioned two of these 10 tactics. So we're gonna go over inshallah to Allah, a number of them and the reason being ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has explained to us what these tactics are and when you know the tactics of your enemy then obviously you are more prepared right? If you know about scam callers telling you about some Princess has left you some fortune and you know, this is a reality when somebody calls and says, Oh, I have a fortune to live you send me your bank details. You know the scam. If you don't

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know the scam, you might fall for it. So Allah azza wa jal has explained to us 10 scams of shaytaan 10 techniques, actually, there's more than 10 but today we're gonna go over 10 techniques that are explicitly mentioned in the Quran that shaytaan uses to call us to commit sins. The first of them is the one that actually is so trivial that Allah azza wa jal has lifted from us the sin one shaitan does it but it is a tactic and we should be aware of it. And that is the tactic of distracting us to the point of causing us to forget. So one thing that shaytaan does, and it is a tactic we should be aware of, but if it so happens that shaitan is successful, Allah is so merciful, we are actually not

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held to account so shaitan will cause us to forget something that we should be doing time to pray. Also it is going you said hello so I'll pray insha Allah no problem and then next thing you know, I said is gone. And you have forgotten that you had to pray answer. If it is a genuine forgetting genuine you didn't really Yanni it's not your fault. Well then Allah has lifted from you the sin but realize this is a tactic of shaitan Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions we're in the UN cn Nica che Tano if shaytaan causes you to forget Allah subhanaw taala mentions for Indian acetyl Rota, Wilma and Sandy who Illa che la no an earth Cora when further and when Musa and Yasha are traveling, you

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shad says to Musa I forgot to give you that fish when the time came, and this is actually from Shaytaan he caused me to do this right. So one of the tactics of shaytaan is to cause us to forget a second tactic of shaitan is to see us in a sensitive situation and then to take advantage of that situation to cause us to slip when we are in a very sensitive situation. So for example, we might be tempted to a sin, but we are trying to battle that sin shaitan sees that we are already in a precarious situation and shaitan will push us over the edge. So here shaytaan will take advantage of a natural weakness in it. And Allah subhana wa Tada mentions this in a number of verses, for example

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about our father Adam for Oiselle Lahoma che upon for Oiselle Lahoma Shavon shaytaan caused them to slip this was a weakness that Adam felt that the angels are living forever. I'm not living forever remember he's the first one obviously right? He knows there's something different about him and, and and the angels and shaytaan caused him to slip for Zelda Homer Shavon and another verse For in Nemesis Zelda Homer Chautala we've got the Mocha Cebu, that shaytaan caused them to trip up because of what they have done. In a third verse. Allah mentioned somebody whom he blessed with knowledge, but then unfortunately that knowledge caused him to be arrogant and so Fen Salah caminha for its bow

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who shape on when that person turned away from knowledge, shave on followed him right then and there. One shaytaan saw the opportunity when the man fell into some weakness for its bow who shaytaan shaytaan literally preyed on him, followed him when he went when he shouldn't go. So we have here now, to be extra careful when we are weak, when we are close to something that we shouldn't be doing. shaytaan is monitoring and shaytaan will push us over the edge shaytaan will cause us to slip. This is a second tactical shaitan. A third tactic of shaytaan is to use anger against us. He's going to rile up he sees a little bit of anger and Shavon will pour some kerosene

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some oil, some fuel shaytaan will make the anger even more. The anger might be a little bit legitimate. But shaytaan knows that when we are angry. We don't think rationally. And when we don't think rationally we do things we're going to regret. And so in the Quran we have for example, the famous story of Musa alayhis salaam that when Musa became angry when somebody taunted him for what because the whole Musa called or they che Musa became so angry he punched the Egyptian and killed him for Koba de Paula has been Amelie shape on Musa said this is from the doing of shape on shaytaan caused me to become so angry. I lost track of what I'm doing and I just

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Punch the person and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said alojado boo Mina che upon a lot of comes from Shaytaan anger comes from Shaytaan. So to feel this quick sense of anger, to become so frustrated at somebody that you just want to do something immediately. This is a tactic of shaytaan that's why our Prophet system said, when one of you feels angry, seek refuge in Shavon started, beloved as you thought regime, anger. And this is especially true with our friends with our family, specially with our spouses, right, we do something in anger that we regret for the rest of our lives. So anger is a tactic of Chopin, a fourth tactic of shaytaan

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is actually a comprehensive one many different subcategories different ways of implanting his idea into us. The most common we call it is West WESA as you know, but the Quran has a number of different terms. Each one of them is slightly different of them is nessa were ima Enza run Necromunda shaytani zone when the Nazca of shaytaan comes and you so says Mumbai the Anessa che upon Albania, Albania iniquity, that after shaytaan Neza between me and my brothers and Allah says in the shaytaan Ian's there will be no home. So Naza is a type of West Wasa, but it is a very specific type of West wasa Nasrallah is to create doubt in your heart against your brother to create some type of

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animosity against your brother. So there is a special West wasa that is meant to create a slew of one to create hostility to create breaking the ties between you and your brother. This is called Naza another you know is Wes was up for what was that a homer che upon and what's what's up to implant the idea via whispering into the soul is not a whispering the ear hears it is a whispering of the soul. Our ears cannot hear it, our soul hears it. Another way is to throw into our hearts. So Allah says in the Quran FENSA hola Houma, you will shave on. So Allah will get rid of what shaitan has thrown in flung in cast in yet another way is to feel something that in the idiomas some point

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is going to shut down into the Kuru one Messiah of shaitan, come shaytaan touches them. So all of these are ways that shaytaan uses to get his ideas into us. And they're all the same concept, but each one is slightly different than the others. So this is another tactic of shaytaan and how do we know when a thought comes from Shaytaan? Versus when a thought comes from our natural desires? Because sometimes we have natural desires, right? So Allah mentions in the Quran, that the knifes itself were in not necessarily a matter to me so how do we know? Because it says that when this desire when this thought when this fleeting notion shocks you, like where did this come from? Then

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this is something that you know comes from Shaytaan when you yourself don't know why am I thinking like this? Why did this evil thought come of doing this evil deed that's not me know that your own shock is a sign it's not you it is from Shaytaan and this should give you courage that you know what, this is not made decisions on what's what's coming in. So this is one other tactical shift on the fourth tactic. The fifth tactic of shaytaan very scary one is that shaytaan causes us to go bit by bits shaytaan causes us to go step by step in Arabic also also called a drudge, so you know what you don't just jump into a major sin. May Allah protect us all like Xena like Yanni, shootable

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Hummer? It's sometimes possible somebody goes directly in but generally speaking, what happens little bit of looking of the eye and then flirtation and then exchanging a phone numbers and then talk look what's happening. Right, an entire stepping right going on, and Allah azza wa jal mentions, Oh, you who believe that that Tebu hautbois to share your time, don't follow the bit by bit hold to watch any walking bit by bit shaytaan is not going to take you from point A to point B miraculously, you're going to have to go step by step. So shaytaan we'll get oh, you're not doing Zina, you're just exchanging phone numbers. Oh, you're not drinking alcohol. You're just you know,

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walking to the pub with your friend walking to the you know, place with your friends. You're not doing this. So this is hold to a hotswap shaytaan is gonna push you a little bit forward when you get there a little bit more when you get there a little bit more until finally you're like how did I end up here? Well, because Latta tiberiu hotwater shaytaan EU followed bit by bit where shaitan is leading you This is point number five. Point number six I recited in the first record promising shaytaan

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Wirkkala shaytaan mercadien Amaroo in hola Hawaii, they come wide and help they were wired to confer a cliff to come. Allah gave you promises and I gave you promises. But the promises of Allah Our true and my promise

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verses were complete lies. You're either home or human knee him warmer you're at home or shaytani Allah hurrah shaytans promising them Shetlands enticing them, but all of the promises of shaytaan are false. So shaytaan will come and promise you something that oh, if you do this, then you're going to find so much pleasure. If you don't give sadaqa your money will be safe in your pocket and you're going to be rich. This is a false promise of shaytaan you're at home or human knee him when I go home, we share Tonto Illa hoorah. So shaytaan promises you something he promised our father Adam, what did you promise our father Adam? So shaytaan says he will call sama Houma. He's giving us some,

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his promise was more than just I promise you will call sama Houma. In Nila Kumala NALSA Hain that shaytaan gave them a severe oath I'm promising you that I am your sincere friend and I'm advising you if you eat from the tree then you will live forever. So this is another tactic of shaytaan tactic number seven,

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making a scared fear is also a tactic when the fear is used to not do a good deed. Sometimes fear is a normal fear if you have a an enemy for its normal fear that's fine, but when the fear so there's natural fear and then there's shaytaan ik fear natural fear you understand it there's a threat there's a robber coming with some this natural fear it's okay. And it's not you know, how almost should to feel it no doubt a man will help you but in and of itself, it is it's natural, you're going to fear that that fear but when you're a fear when you're when you're when your fear causes you to not commit a good deed. When your fear immobilizes you in this regard, then it becomes

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shaytaan ik fear in NEMA dyadic comerciais Thando you how we feel only a fella takaful homophony This is shaytaan, making his allies scared. And of course the Quranic verse here is about the battle when you have to fight the enemy, you're in the Battle of others battle of the Battle of hunt up, you can't just be scared. You have to be courageous for the sake of Allah. If your fear immobilizes you if your fear causes you to do nothing, well then that's definitely if you battled if you overcome it, and hamdulillah that's the essence of iman. So this is another tactic of shaytaan tactic eight, to beautify, to make something alluring more than it is to tempt more than what it

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actually is worthy to be tempted. And this is, of course, to Zeno shape on where it is a yen Allahumma che upon Armada home and to our own father and mother was a unit ownership auto mechanic. Yeah, maroon that shaytaan beautified shaytaan, made it look better than it's supposed to be. And this is the reality of every sin before we committed shaytaan makes us think it's much better than it actually is. shaytaan makes it more alluring. In fact, in a hadith the Prophet of Islam said that when a woman exits the house the men are seeing her is the hereafter has Shavon shaytaan makes her look more beautiful than she actually is. Look at this tactic of shaytaan Subhanallah we are so

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weak, we might have the most beautiful wife married to her right, but we ignore and we go to somebody else. And that person's husband married to that same lady, he's going to be looking at another lady and a stock photo or one of us might be looking at that one. Look how weak we are. We just want the other even though the one might be your own wife might be the most beautiful and she's hamdulillah and what but no shaytaan is going to cause the edge nebbia the strange lady to be more estafa shaytaan shaytan is gonna beautify her even more. And this is the process is warning us that don't fall for this tactic of shaytaan so this is the zine or beautifying tactic number nine

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distracting and causing confusion, causing chaos. So you become overwhelmed and you don't think rationally Allah mentions in the Quran another woman doing Allah He Marla and found out well I will do Runa will not do either or Kobina killer we're not gonna bother and Hedaan Allah who can lay this down what to show you how to you know clearly this than what to show you how to fill all the hyaluron so Allah says that should we invoke other than Allah subhanho wa Taala that which cannot benefit us or harm us and turn back to Cofer after Allah has guided us if we do so, we will be like those confused by shaytaan hyaluron. They are all confused by shaytaan and Allah mentions about Reba

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Alladhina coluna Reba, Leia Omona Illa como como la de Yetta Harbottle, who che upon Amin el mas, there's a famous verse about Reba. Allah mentions that the one who is eating Riba and consuming interest on the day of judgment, He will stand up in the same manner that the one whom shaytaan has caused to go crazy in this world is acting. So in this world, there are people that shaytaan has gone to go crazy. Now, what exactly does all of this mean?

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Some scholars say this is an actual technique of shaytaan that we can diagnose in the sense of somebody who has extreme OCD. Somebody who has extreme like Wes was to the point of not acting normally, sometimes it is biological. And sometimes it is shape onic. Right? If it's biological, you have to go to the doctor get medicine and whatnot. And maybe sometimes there is no cure schizophrenia or something, somebody and sometimes and you know, those of us in the field of this, it okay, and whatnot, we know, sometimes it is Shavon, that causes what we would call genuine madness, or genuine schizophrenia, a genuine OCD, it's not coming from a biological imbalance, it is

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coming from Shaytaan. And generally, this is related to, to hear, but not all the time, sometimes it's not. So the Quran has references that sometimes shaytaan causes confusion to the point of madness in your life. And when this happens, once again, dependents lifted, and there's no sin on you, because you don't control it. But *, you have to drop out and fight it. And the final point that we will mention, and it is not a complete list, but we can give others but the final point we'll mention is one of the tactics of shaytaan is to speak about Islam without knowledge, or to follow people who are speaking about Islam and they have no knowledge. So preachers who are not

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worthy to preach, or you yourself, think something about Allah and His Messenger, and you're not qualified to have an opinion, you should not be giving fatwas you should not be interpreting without solid tools. And Allah says, this is a tactic of Shavonne to cause you to be so arrogant you think you know, and you are not qualified to know. So you will follow your desires thinking that you're justifying it in the eyes of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Allah mentions in the Quran, that in NEMA your model can be suitable fascia he wants a Kulu Allah him Allah to Allah mon shaytaan is commanding you to commit sins shaitan has commanding you to commit lewd deeds and shaytaan is

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commanding you to speak about Allah things which you should not say Uh no, you don't know this one Taku Allah Allah Hema Allah Tala moon. This is explicitly a tactic of shaytaan Allah mentions in the Quran Wamena Nasi manual geography Allah He belaid Illman where Tibbett Aquila, shaytani? Marie, there are people there arguing about Allah subhana wa Tada. They're arguing about theology, they are arguing about something that is a very important topic believing Illman and they have no reason to argue they're not supposed to be arguing. And so what is happening, why a tiberiu Coolessay upon in Modi, they're actually following Shavonne in this regard. So we have to be extremely careful about

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speaking about Allah and the religion by not having any knowledge. So to conclude, these are 10 tactics of shaytaan. How do we fight them very quickly. If loss dua, vicar, Quran praying to Allah is the other Allah says we're in millions of undocumented shaytani knows when first started Biller, constantly saying oh the below him in issue thought origins saying Bismillah before we do something constantly being of those who could who do vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala and being aware of the tactics of shaytaan one of the ways we fight shaytaan to know these 10 tactics so that we don't fall for them. Remember brothers and sisters Allah says in the Quran in Qaeda shaytani kinda blah ephah

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all of these tactics of shaytaan are very very weak. No the tactics turn to Allah subhana wa Tada and if you are sincere, these tactics inshallah will not affect you. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protects all from Shaytaan May Allah protect us in this world and the inshallah will continue next week. So I'm

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in LA Mussolini, now almost Lima Do you want to know meaning Mina team will quantity now look on it, the more slowly been our slaw the bond the one saw the rain now a Slavia rod Do you want to for sharing you know wonderful she

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wouldn't call Shireen I want to call she I think one downside btw now one downside the party was on all me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentleman wasn't happy award it was good enough. Guess

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what the guilt or? I don't

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wanna jump on Eileen.

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