Don’t listen to too many people!

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The speaker advises the audience to listen to people sharing deep trouble and to take advice from experts. They suggest combining doctors with each other to avoid unnecessary harm. The advice should be based on one's own method and should work for them.

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But, you know, one thing people can do a lot of damage to themselves is to listen to too many people.

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You know, when you listen to too many people sharing deep trouble, you only listen to a few. And out of the few that you listen to make sure that you go to someone who's who's clued on. And who has the right heart and who's balanced minded. Go to such a person, take your advice, and then go with it go with one advice of one person you who who has two doctors in their lifetime.

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Who says you know when you're ill you say you don't want I'm gonna go to five doctors. You go to five doctors, my friend, you're gonna mess up, mess yourself up totally to your finished one doctor will say that you should take this prescribed medicine another one's a different one. Another one will say that you can take a rest and to get access to another one say something else. If you combine all of them together, you're dead. True now. You can't combine two doctors if you just follow one doctor and you go with his advice if it works in Hamlet if he doesn't, then you stop what you listen from that doctor. You stop his advice. And then you take a different doctor but one

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doctor at a time and his full method and prescription at a time. That's what you do. I've seen people they mess themselves up because they take too much advice to too many of you on the tragic all advisor once you are sickness the messed up, you might be in a crisis. Maybe marriage crisis might be something else. Okay? So listen to like 10 or 15 people and all of them of course all of them going to give their own advice, but they're gonna give their own different advice. Your job is to know well which one is going to be appropriate for me at this time and whatever works for me