Can You Recommend Any YouTube Channel for Kids to Watch Islamic Programmes

Fatima Barkatulla


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The speaker discusses children learning Arabic and the benefits of learning it. They mention the success of the Omar series and the importance of learning Arabic for children. They suggest posting a YouTube comment to suggest ideas for programs and suggest keeping the discussion open for future questions.

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Can you recommend any good YouTube programs for children to watch Islamic channels? That's a difficult one because my children are all adults now. And it's been quite a long time since I was looking for children's programs online. So I'm really not the best person to ask about that, I think, because like my children grew up on things like Adam's world, you know, which was like available on video, and we still had videos VCRs at that time, so, and CDs, YouTube wasn't really a thing when they were really young. Obviously, it has become a thing as they've gotten older.

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But I'm afraid that I really off the top of my head couldn't tell you but I hope that somebody who's listening could post you know, something beneficial that you think good children's programs. I know that my slightly older children did. I did actually allow them to watch the Omar series you must have heard of the Omar series on MCB the NBC or MCB NBC NBC? Oh MCV is the Muslim Council of Britain No, not the MCV the NBC the channel right?

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I think they produced a, a 30 part series on the life of environmental hubbub on the Lando and it's like actors and acted out.

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But I felt especially for my children who were a little bit older, secondary school age, and they're learning Arabic. We watched the entire series and I think that was for multiple benefits. You know, one was the acting isn't amazing, by the way, you know, I would say that isn't really that all that but it does the job you know, it brings the kind of aura of that time alive I think I think it helps young people you know, to be able to picture certain things but the main thing for me was that they learned Arabic from it, you know, because there's certain phrases repeated a lot yeah, you're there is just got used to the Arabic the Arabic the different Arabic phrases, etc. As they were learning

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Arabic as a language themselves. For slightly older children. I think the Omer series is is not a bad option. But in terms of cartoons and Islamic cartoon type channels, I'm sure somebody who's listening to right now. We'll be able to give some suggestions, or just post it in the comments after this.

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