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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The worship of the Prophet sall immaculate is a common misconception, with careful instructions and guidance on avoiding distraction. The importance of guarding one's words and paying attention to what they say is also emphasized. It is important to measure and pay attention to what one says, not to insult people or even to get a laugh, and to avoid getting into trouble during prayer. It is also important to avoid seeking forgiveness and focus on one's actions for forgiveness. Forgiveness is not just about finding one's mistake, but finding one's mistake as well.
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In the hamdulillah nomoto minister, Minister Pharaoh when I wrote the villa Himanshu lorianne fusina. Amin say, Nina Maria de la Fernando de la mejor de la la la la la la la sharika. Who eyeshadow Ana Mohammed Abu hora surah. Also human felco Hello, Belarus Allah. Allah subhanaw taala Coumadin mahadji tilby La La La

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La ilaha illallah wa salatu salam, O Allah, about Allah. Allah says in the Quran, Allah de la parte de la Mouton de la and to minimoon Allah says, Oh you who believe pure Allah as he deserves to be feared and do not die except in a state of Islam. And Allah says, Yeah, you have NASA Takara como la de la Takumi nevsun wahida holla caminhada mean humare Java Lang Kaziranga Nisa de la la de la luna behavioral or ham. In Allah Hakuna la Cooperativa. Allah says, oh, mankind, fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and produced from that soul its mate, and made from their combination many men and women so feel your Lord whom you ask each other by and by the ties of kinship? Verily,

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Allah is Ever watchful over you.

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And Allah says, Yeah, you holiday in Monaco, la havapoo, Poland sadita usili la cama como la comida, Nova como miyota, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah says, Oh, you who believe, Fear Allah and say that which is correct, he will correct for you your deeds and forgive you your sense. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, then he is indeed victorious As for what follows.

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I wanted to begin this football

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as I begin a lot of buzz recently, and that's a reminder to everyone to get off of their cell phones during the whole day.

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And that is because I would hate for a person to come and spend 30 minutes of their time or 45 minutes of their time and not receive the reward of it because they were distracted or they needed to send a message a lot as I just said, Yeah, you Olivia. Um, I know it I know de la sala to medium office, how illogically law without obey, Allah just says, Oh, you who believe when the call to prayer is made on the day of Friday, then hasten to the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal and leave transactions. And so the private civil biday said of them, he told us that Mandela said has offered lava whoever touches or plays with the pebbles in the in the in the sand in the message, that person

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has committed vain talk and whoever commits vain talk, there's no Juma for them. And so we are so restricted in our actions on Friday in the Juma prayer that in fact, if you were to see someone speaking or if you were to see someone distracted, you are not allowed to correct them while you're in the hold, but just worry about yourself. And that's actually something that's going to be relevant to the whole debate today. But I wanted to begin to remind

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my brothers and my sisters, to for these 30 minutes being the worship of Allah azza wa jal and leave the world outside.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was given to me, I'm killing the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was given comprehensive, concise speech, in a few words, he would say something with magnificent meaning. And I remember once I was with a brother of mine, and we were he was a beautiful brother, part of the message very active. He was a young man, he was very responsible. He was a very decent human being. He was married, he was a young father. And we were sitting outside, and he got on to his phone. And then he got into a really, really intense text message. And I, I didn't know what was happening, but I saw him smiling and laughing and he was very invested in it. And so I asked him, like, what are

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you doing? And he said, Oh, I just, you know, I like to go on YouTube and comment on things and get people upset and go back and forth with them. This is what you would call a troll on the internet. And I was shocked because this brother to me was so decent. He was such a good brother. Part of the the message very involved. I did not think that this would be the type of person who goes online and causes fights through anonymity. He's someone who's not known or he, he's not using his real name. He just goes on comments on people's videos. He's a Mashallah he's just someone who picks up dust and enjoys it, right? It's a pastime for him.

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But we may not realize that this is very dangerous. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was asked by one of his companions or openwave, Nana, he was asked by Rockland Nana, what is salvation? He said, What is salvation? And when you look at the questions of the companions,

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they asked questions that were extremely relevant and extremely practical. I believe nozaki says about the companions, his generation he says can walk

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Barbara Lubin, in Palo Alto, California, they were the best of this oma, they had the most righteous hearts. They were the least superficial. They were very practical people. So the questions that the companions would ask would be things like, if I do this when I enter Paradise, what is something that will bring me closer to paradise and further away from the Hellfire, they wanted to know actionable things that they could do that they can immediately implement? And so now I'm in a civil suit of loss of a lie to send them and he says man Naja, what is salvation? And the Prophet sallallahu send them gives him three keys.

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He says, I'm sick I de Cali Santa.

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Well, Yasaka they took

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what gala hottie attic. He says, guard your tongue

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and let your house suffice you

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and cry over your sense.

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These three things are what we're gonna take away today inshallah to Allah.

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First is the guarding of the tongue.

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That you are careful about what you say. And that we recognize that this small part of our body is going to be the thing that is going to cast the most people into the Hellfire on the Day of Judgment, rather miserable acid or pseudo loss on the Lord and send them in and said yes, what are we held into account for what our tongue say? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Okay, let's go Okay. Well, Hakuna him, oh, Parliament hated him.

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For not in law, sorry to elsina to him is what will cast people into their Hellfire on their faces, except for what their tongues harvest.

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And so this tongue of yours and mine,

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and we speak all day. And we comment on everything. And that has been magnified by our online presence, where we all have platforms where we can type and talk and, and weigh in on things. Do we measure what we say? Do we pay attention to what we say? Do we guard what we say? When we're in our gatherings, you know, part of this religion is, is solitude. Part of this religion is that a person sits with themselves and is comfortable, not being in the company of people, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he was being prepared for his message, I shall the law says, quote, Viva la hora that he loved to be in solitude by himself. He was comfortable in his own skin, he was comfortable not being

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around anyone, he was comfortable in deep reflection over himself in the state of his community. So the law it was in them, we have become a community where we're not comfortable being alone. In fact, when we are alone, we are quick to get online.

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Because I need to be distracted, I can think

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by myself.

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And so guarding your tongue, measuring your words, paying attention to what you say, I'm on the line who once came in. And he found a book called The allaahu, grabbing his tongue, and he was yanking it.

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And I'm gonna say, may Allah have mercy on your book? What are you doing?

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And I will walk around the lawn who said, this has put me in a lot of trouble. This tongue of mine has put me in a lot of trouble. And so if that is the tongue of a walker, then what about our tongues? Do you comment on things needlessly?

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Do you say things just to get a laugh? The Prophet sallallahu to send them he said, me, his nose being dust me his nose being dust me his nose, being dust, the person who says something, and he exaggerates in it so that people can laugh?

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Do we insult people? The Prophet sallallahu to send them said on the Day of Judgment, do you know who the Muslim is? Do you know who the banker person is? The companion said, No. They said, Yeah, to sort of love the banker person is the one who who has no money. And he's a no the bankrupt person is the person who comes on the Day of Judgment with their Juma with their fasting, with their prayer with their charity, they checked all of those boxes, but on the Day of Judgment, they will come, and they would have spilt the blood of this person, and they will have injured this person, and they will have insulted this person. And so that person will come and take from their good deeds and that

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person will come and take from their good deeds, and that person will come and take with their good deeds until that person is bankrupted. That is the harvest of the tongue. And so the first action item is to be more cautious of what we say. Don't say things just so that your status gets liked. Don't be insulting of people just so that you can get retweets. Don't be that person. Because that person will come on the day of judgment and they may very well be bankrupt. The second the Prophet sallallahu to send them said when he asaka a Touka

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let your house be enough for you. Let your house suffice you now

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That also statement has many layers.

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It's a gem of a statement. And when you reflect on it, it could be that it's the continuation of the first statement, in that

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I'm not going to be the type of person who is always in every gathering, because when you're in gatherings, you need to speak needlessly. And so I gauge my invitations, I don't go out just for every time a person tells me come hang out.

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My house is enough for me.

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I'm a homebody to some extent.

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But it can also mean that a person's focus is their own home, that I'm not the type of person who is quick and very involved and very invested in everybody else's issues. So and So got divorced, so and so lost their job Did you hear about what happened to so and so I'm looking at I'm peering into everybody's house. And I'm not even paying attention to what's going on in my own house.

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I'm interested in everybody else's issues. I'm not paying attention to what's happening, have my own issues with my own family.

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My house is not enough for me.

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And this person, I don't need to know you. And you don't need to know me, for us to all agree that we all have problems. Because Allah says whatever is happening in Santa Monica, but we've created mankind to be in a state of turmoil. That's the human condition. Every one of us transitions from one set of problems to the next in all of our stages of life. We have what will occupy us and we have what will busy us if we look inward?

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And let not one of us think that I'm I'm in a situation where hamdulillah Allah blessed me, my children are all good. They're all angelic, because the good parent is one who's always worrying

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of their children. A lot as he says, I'm Quantum shuhada is Hydra Hoban mote is Carla libanais mata Cardona, Budo ilaha illa. Allah hemos merito is half

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Muslim on

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Yahoo by the Salam when he was on the throes of death. And he's a prophet, the son of a prophet, the father of a prophet, the grandson of a prophet. If there's anyone who feels secure, that his kids are going to be okay, it would have been helpful, but I didn't send them. But I hope it is that I'm even in his throes of death, Allah azza wa jal records, the conversation that I worried father has with his children.

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And he says, What are you going to worship after me?

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And they said, we're going to worship your God and the God of our fathers. Ibrahim is my alien is half one God alone in submission to him. And so this is the concern of a parent. And the last meaning that I wanted to reflect on with regards to what they took is, you know, we are a society right now, in which people, millions of people are involved in watching millions of people, people who are getting paid millions, to just live out their daily lives in their homes.

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And in this reality TV phenomenon is incredible.

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Millions of people are just watching people live their lives at home.

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But one of the problems that comes with that is you're not watching poor people live their lives at home. That's not what's attractive. What is attractive is to watch the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. But the prophets on the line is, and I'm told us to do the opposite. He didn't tell us to spend our hours and our days looking into the lives of the rich and the famous. The province of the light is send them said if you're going to look at anybody with regards to the dunya, look at those who are below you. And look at those who are above you when it comes to the religion. Why? Because when you look at those who are below you when it comes to the dounia that will make you more

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inclined to not reject the favors of Allah.

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When you're driving a Honda Accord, and all you're doing is watching people driving Maseratis, you may feel that you have the short end of the stick, you may feel that a lot as I did, did not bless you. But when you look, and you see people who walk miles with no right, then that makes you more inclined to feel and to live the blessings of Ally's origin. And one of the things that I find really fascinating is if you go online, and I would encourage all of you, all of us to do this, and that is to go online and just Google global reach list, global reach list, and it will show you where you fall with your own salary

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in the world scheme of things. And so I remember looking it up, and if a person makes $80,000 a year, they're in the 97th percentile of the world.

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For person makes 40,040 $5,000 a year. There's something in the high 80s of the world, if not higher, if I remember correctly. And so you can imagine someone who makes $90,000 a year and every morning they're waking up and they're stressed out and they're upset and they feel like they have less than their neighbor and they have less than this person on TV and this athlete and this celebrity, so much less

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But Allah as it has preferred them over 99% of those who are on this earth and this person is waking up every day upset and sad.

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The province of the lightest and I'm looking at those who are below you will Yakubu tikka masala. This

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was the Fulani. We're looking for Sakina

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Voila, it was la so have you seen him seems so the province de la la to send them gave three keys

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to salvation. The first is he says,

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said,

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Keep and guard your tongue.

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The second, he said, Let your house suffice you. And the third is he said, weep over your sense. weep over your sense. And this again,

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is a continuation because the person who guards their tongue, the person who unleashes their tongue on others, the person who doesn't guard their tongue, it's as if they've forgotten that they themselves are not perfect. The person who's quick to spread the sins of others or the mistake of others. It's as if that person has forgotten that they themselves have many things that a lot as it has concealed. And as the set of said,

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if people are amazed by you,

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for innamorata Jamuna mean Jamie risala Alec, they said if people are amazed at you, then they are simply amazed at how beautifully Allah as yet has concealed your sense. Because if all of our sins were exposed, we will not be able to sit with one another. The concealing of Allah as again is a beautiful thing, but we should not become a people who forget our own sins. We should not become a people who bury them up. The lightning majority says the believer sees his sins as if it is a mountain that is going to fall upon them. Whereas the monastic sees his sins like a person sees a fly, he just swipes it here and there. Every once in a while that bothers me swipes it and that's

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it. But the leader the believer is stressed out over there since they're hopeful and allies against forgiveness. But that remembrance of those sins makes that person continuously ask a lot as needed for forgiveness. When you remember your sins a lot, you seek forgiveness for your sins a lot. If you seek forgiveness for your sins a lot, inshallah to Allah those sins will be erased. If you don't pay him he says that if Allah as a good design is good first servant if Allah desires good for a servant, he places his sins in front of his eyes

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until he enters him into paradise.

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That person remembers and remembers and fears and remembers and fears and seeks forgiveness and remembers and fears until they enter into paradise through that state.

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That is different than the person with regards to good deeds, we do them and then inshallah Tada. We keep moving forward. And we hope that a lot as you forgive accepts them with regards to their sins, we keep them in front of our eyes, crying over your sins, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he told us that of the seven horse shaded under the throne of Allah as I did on the day when there is no shade except for his, the shade of his throne is a person who remembered a lot as we get in seclusion.

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And they cried from the fear of Allah.

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The prophet SAW Allah hiding who is sending them he says, a heart that tears from the sake of Allah azza wa jal will not enter into the hellfire.

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And so spending some time where we separate from people, and we have deep self reflection, and remember the things that we've done. You know, an amazing statement from our VEDA ninja was a great companion over solar Lhasa, Selim the mean of this. He says, I wish that I were a sheep, whose family just took him slaughtered him and distributed his meat.

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And I was thinking to myself a lawgiver, you know, we just celebrated a lot Ha. And we are many of us went and we sacrifice sheep, and you might have felt bad for the sheep, but nobody ever felt jealous of the sheep. Nobody ever feels jealous of the sheep. But those How about the lion home, they felt like I wish that I were that sheep. Why? So that I don't have to stand in front of a lion they'll get an answer for my deeds.

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Many of us have our statements that are similar. I wish that I were a piece of grass that was just blowing in the wind. I wish that I was something that was just would never be resurrected after it died.

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Remembering the standing in front of Allah as the adult, remembering the things that we have done, seeking a loss, forgiveness weeping over them. These are the three keys of salvation we asked a lot as we did to grant a salvation. We ask Allah Xia to allow us to hear the speech and to follow the best of it. We ask Allah to purify our hearts and to purify our tongues. We ask Allah azza wa jal to enter us into paradise and grant us what will enter us into prayer.

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dice have actions and speech We seek refuge in the fire and what will bring us close to it of actions of speech. Aloha Marina De Luca General makabe Hammond codenomicon when the road to becoming a narrow makabe meconium Iman Aloma tiene husana Taka Sokka antihero makaha Antonio Hamada, Allahu Maximilian me Sasha Tikka Masala Benin Albania ma sciatic, when it comes to balloon IV genetic let me know your kidney motto would it be a bit dunya maybe a smile, you know, upside you know, patina, a bit of data, which I mean, I thought I know Adam and Valentina once on Allahumma Adam and Adana MC button IV Deena well, Caledonia kabara Amina

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Amina mo sirona agenda. Medical Mr. Ma Ma. Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma. Ma. Ma Ma Ma Ma. Ma. Ma Ma Ma. Ma ma ma ma muslimeen are Hamilton omoton muslimeen are sobre la hora de

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Keys To Salvation by Ammar AlShukry

Clear Lake Islamic Center

Sep 30, 2016

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