Yasir Qadhi – Towards Understanding Surah Yusuf – 08

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The use of Allah's image is rushing to safety and the use of his body is used in a series of stories, including a woman attempting to seduce him and a woman who wants to use his body to commit a deed. The segment discusses the emotional and behavior of Islam's lust towards sex and desire for sex, including the use of shamans and negative consequences, including false accusations and false charges. The speakers recap the history of shamans and their negative consequences, including the use of false accusations and false charges, and describe various ways in which women use love to seduce their slave and impress with their own actions.
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hamdulillah Isla is niram

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, Camden, Kathy

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Urbana Masada to

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be the most global Kareem. I set him on a coma to LA

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and welcome to another episode of our exciting series towards understanding. So, I am your host, he has said in our last episode, we had discussed how the wife of Aziz tried to seduce use of Allah His setup and how he resisted her temptations. In today's episode, we will continue the story and discuss how she attempted to seduce him yet again. And how once again, the prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salaam, attempted to throw her back and repel her and how they punished him for his innocence. Stay with us. lock on the canopy.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, we are still talking about the story of use of alayhis salaam. And we were at the point where the wife of Aziz is attempting to seduce use of Allah, his serum to commit that evil deed with her. And we mentioned that the Quran clearly says she had a burning desire for him. And then the Quran says, and he had a desire for her, where if not for the fact that he saw the evidence from Allah. Now here, as we said, a lot of scholars found this problematic, but a lot of others did not find it problematic. And this seems to be the stronger position. Now we can understand this portion in one of two ways. The first way is that we can

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understand that use of either his seller did not have any desire for her. But he would have had had you not seen the evidence from a law. So because he saw the evidence from a law that prevented him from having a desire, but the more realistic interpretation, and the one that appears to be the strongest Allah says, and he also had a desire for her. And were it not for that evidence that he had, the two desires would have met and they would have done the deed, but the evidence that he had, ie the knowledge that he had, prevented him from following his desires. So Allah does not negate that he himself had desires for her. What Allah negates is that he didn't act upon those desires.

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And for us in this story, and in this version, there is much benefit and wisdom, use of Allah, his cinema is not an angel, use of Allah Islam is not superhuman. He is a human being. He feels the same emotions, the same lust, the same desire that any man would have felt in that situation. Therefore we sympathize with him, we feel his pain and anguish. And yet, even though he had that lust, he controlled it. And that was where the righteousness comes. Not that he didn't have lust, not that he didn't have the emotions. The true piety came when he fought those emotions, when he control those emotions, when he kept those emotions in check. And it was the knowledge of Allah subhana wa Taala,

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the fear of Allah the love of Allah that caused him to control those emotions. And my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the lust of sexuality is so powerful that the only emotion that can keep it in check is the emotion of the taqwa of Allah. So, Yusuf Alayhi Salam kept it in check and did not act upon it. And Allah says, whatsoever called Bob, the two of them raised one another. Imagine the scene, they are locked up in this house all alone, and the two of them are racing one another. Even though the physical goal is one and that is the door. The spiritual goal could not be farther apart. The spiritual goal is exactly opposite. The physical goal is one and that is the door, but use of

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alayhis salaam is rushing to safety. He is rushing away from evil, he is racing to gender, while she is racing to the doors of jahannam. While she is racing, physically wanting to force him to do that deed with her. The two are racing to the same destination, but Yusef is wanting gender and she is wanting the fire of *. Look at the difference between the two. Also see how the lust that she had caused her to act in this manner. Also see how is it possible for a human being to be so much taken by that lust, that they physically want to force their desires upon another person and imagine what man could have

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refuse such a temptation, what man could have done so, except for the fact that that man is chosen by Allah, he has a love of Allah and a fear of Allah in His heart was sterba called Bab wakad that coming so human, she held on to him physically. And so hard was used of running away, that he rushed forward, and she pushed him back so that the, the the very shirt that she was of was wearing, tore apart. so anxious was use of the fleet. And so anxious was she to keep him back that a physical tearing occurred, the tearing of the shirt of use of and lo and behold, what else is a little pop? They were surprised to see their master and owner, the husband and his own master at the very door.

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This was a surprise, it was unexpected. And it is assumed that the master returned unexpectedly. He wasn't supposed to be there. But Allah azza wa jal will that he returned at a time, he usually does not return, and the only one who would have the keys also to go all the way in, and the only one who would really and truly be the most hurt and the most offended and the most angry by what he has seen. All of this was the will of Allah. What else is Ada dub, they were both surprised and shocked to find that his master and his owner, the owner of use of alayhis salaam, and also the husband of the wife, at the very door. immediately she says, All that emerges out of the vehicle soon, what

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will be the punishment of somebody who wanted to harm your wife? Look at the way her mind is thinking. She is caught in the act but with a devious and cunning mind she has what an evil mind she has. She is caught with his shirt in her own hands. And yet she has the the the the audacity to immediately blame him. But what does she say? She says she doesn't say he tried to hurt me. She doesn't say he did this and that she said you must punish him what will be his punishment? In other words, she jumps immediately to the verdict, not even is he guilty or not. Look at her devious mind, you must punish him. He tried to do something evil with me. Also notice, she doesn't accuse us of of

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doing the evil. she accuses us of a wanting to do the evil and there's a difference. Because if she had accused us of doing the evil, that means she's to has done an evil even if it was forced upon her, and she does not want that chain. So she doesn't say use of has done something. Rather, she says use of has attempted to do something. So she says what will be his punishment, except that you put him in jail, or you torture him, you whip him and you lash him. So immediately, she accuses us of the crime, and such as the mind of the criminal, that he automatically accuses the most innocent person of the crime that he himself has done. What is the response of use of it his solemn, he

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doesn't just sit back. He doesn't just stay there. Immediately. He says, Call the hero within the NFC. He says she is the one who tried to seduce me. Use of alayhis salam attempts to defend his honor. He doesn't allow things to remain, he gets angry, and his own innocence rises. And immediately he says this is not the case. This didn't happen. She was the one who tried to seduce me. I didn't try to seduce her, or the hero or the NFC. So now the husband is stuck here his use of shirt torn, there is his wife hold the use of shirt. She says use of did it. And she and he says she did it. Who is to be believed? Allah says what shahida Shah? He don't mean as

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a witness of her own household testified? Who is this witness? Some of the scholars they claimed that this was a baby that spoke miraculously. But this does not seem to be the strongest response. Why? Because if a baby had spoken miraculously, not that allows the widget is not capable, of course, allows the widget can make a baby speak recklessly. But if a baby had spoken from the cradle, there is no other evidence needed. If the baby had said he is innocent, or she is innocent, that is all that is required. But rather it is not a baby that spoke from the cradle. Rather, it is a relative of hers, Shay, the shadow Medallia of her own relatives, perhaps a cousin, perhaps

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somebody else that she was related to that you cannot doubt his testimony, he's not going to automatically want any harm for her. So he's trying to show that somebody from her own household gave a very just a verdict. And some scholars have interpreted this to mean

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this was a member of her own household that knew her feelings for use of remember this is feeling that is going on for many years. And he wanted to defend use of against his own relative, but he didn't want to say she's guilty. Rather, he said something that as a general rule, look at the evidence. See for yourself, what is the case? So he gave an intelligent response. He didn't point to

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fingers at one of the two himself. He told the husband, you point the finger, you look yourself and see, who do you think the guilty party should be. And so he gives a general ruling. He says, if the shirt has been torn from the front, this means she is telling the truth and use of his like, meaning if use of wanted to do something he would be facing her use of would be facing her and attempting himself on her. So she's defending, she would have torn from the front, how is she going to get behind him if she is facing him. And he says this witness. And if the shirt is torn from the back, this means he was the one running away. This means she was the one attempting to seduce him. This

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means he was telling the truth. And she was the one that is lying. So this is a very beautiful testimony from a person of her own household saying that, look at the evidence, look at yourself and see for yourself who is right and wrong.

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This also shows us that

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when you look at something, to decide who is right and wrong, for example, a judge in an Islamic State, you should look at all the evidences, don't just take the word of the people in front of you. That's one evidence, you take it into account. If somebody says he's guilty, then he says he's guilty if somebody confesses, but if there are evidences that show that certain person is guilty or not, those evidences also need to be taken into account. And in our times, we can extrapolate this to fingerprints, to DNA samples to forensic science. All of these things play a role in our study. We don't just dismiss them and say, Oh, this is not allowed. No, we use our common sense. We take

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into account what modern science tells us is a a legitimate clue, a legitimate evidence. So he gave a general ruling. And he said, No, this is a point here. Some of the scholars say how could the man have testified when he didn't see anything? Allah says he testified shahidullah Shahid, the response? Firstly, he didn't point fingers. So this is not a witness in that sense. The second thing, he has been a witness many years, he knows what's happening. So he's testifying to a general trend that he has seen. He is testifying that the woman has been flirtatious with use of that the woman has tried more than once, in a very subtle way, in a not an apparent way to try to win over

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the heart of use of but she has not been successful. So he testified to what he knew. And he then gave it open verdict. And he said, See for yourself, which of the two is telling the truth. So Allah says fella Murakami's akademin duper, when the man saw when the husband saw that use of shirt was broken from the back from his behind, parlor, in the home in Katy con, he said, this is of your plots and plans, you plot it and plan this indicator couldn't have him verily, your plots are very, very evil, very large, very difficult to very evil in their scope, oh use of turn away from this or use of ignore this and overlook it. And as for you seek forgiveness for your sin, you have made a

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major mistake. So the husband overlook this. And he said, use of turn away, don't say it and ask for you. Then seek refuge and seek forgiveness to myself and to your gods. Verily, you have done a major mistake. So the husband did not actually undertake any action against his wife. Why? Perhaps he was too weak. Some men are not very strong in their personalities, very, very ultra soft, and he was overly soft, but more likely, perhaps he didn't want to embarrass himself by accusing his wife of seducing the slave so he wanted to keep it covered up and not allow his reputation to be soiled. We need to take a short break. When we come back. Michelle lozada will continue the story stay with us

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welcome back. We were right in the middle of the story of use of alayhis salaam and the fact that the wife of Aziz attempted to seduce him, and Aziz caught them literally right when she was trying to seduce him. And he laid the blame squarely on his wife's shoulders, because he realized that my wife is the one trying to seduce use of however, unfortunately, he did not take any action and this is the mistake that he made. Had he taken action, then the other option would not have happened which is what we're going to talk about in this particular segment.

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But he didn't do anything. Why? Because we said most likely he wanted to cover this up. He thought that this was a mistake his wife had done that was a one time mistake. Perhaps he did not realize, in fact, it is sure that he, he did not realize the depths of her lust for this slave. He this, this prophet of Allah use of he just thought that maybe this was a one time thing that she would forget about it. So he told her, seek forgiveness for what you have done, and get over this and use of turn away from this, don't mention it to anybody. Now a point here that some of the scholars mentioned, as a point of interesting fact, when Allah subhana wa tada describes the plots of women, he says,

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Your plots are very large, very difficult in the case you couldn't have him. And when Allah describes the plots of shaitan, he says indicate that shaytani cannot infer that the plots of shaytaan are very weak. So shaytans plotting is weak, but women's plotting is strong. Not that I really believe women are more evil than men out of the villa. But for men, for men, the plots of shavonne are easier to overcome unless they come through a woman because for for a man, the greatest temptation is that of a woman. So the temptation of a woman, the plots of a woman are much more difficult for a man to resist then the other plots of shaytaan and this is something that we can

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understand simply by how these plots are described. So we now have to talk about what happened after this and as is our usual custom, we will first recite the verses and then inshallah to either make an explanation of them. So we will recite from verses 30 to 35. And as I said, it would be good if you have a coat on with you and follow along with us.

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Or with a Billa human are showing up on Illa Jean Bismillah hiwatt man walking, walk on a nice watch.

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Phil Medina, Timo atolla as easy to draw, we do.

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So in this series of verses from verse 30, to 35, Allah subhana wa tada begins another segment of the story. And Allah then moves the story from the house of the wife of Aziz, the house of Aziz and his wife, to the city itself, the city in Egypt. And Allah says, the women of the city began talking, they began gossiping, they began talking about this new scandal. Somehow news has spread. Allah knows how they heard about it, perhaps some of the other slaves, perhaps some of the other members of the household, they began talking about this. And they said, the wife of Aziz is attempting to seduce her own slave, and give herself to the slave. Indeed, love has entered her

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heart to the greatest depths. Verily we see her to be in manifest error, she has made a major mistake, she has fallen into a very big problem. So despite the attempts of Aziz to make this matter, quiet to keep it Hush, the news spreads. And this shows us a number of things of them the evils of gossip, the dangers of spreading slanders, and lies. And this is something that we in our religion are told not to talk about. Even if something is true, we don't spread it to other people for no reason. We don't spread gossip, even if the gossip is true, we don't backbite about people's sins, even if those sins are true, it goes against our religion, it goes against our cloud, because

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when we do so, more evil spreads, even if we see an evil, we keep it hidden, and we keep it between the person whom we saw and ourselves, we advise them directly. There's no need to embarrass them and humiliate them by spreading a personal sin in public. But as is generally the case, gossip spread, and the women began talking to one another, and they began saying that indeed, she loves him violently, she has tried to seduce him. Now, some of the scholars such as the famous scholar will take him, he says, this one phrase, attempts to show in 10 different ways, how the women mocked the wife of Aziz, how they disparaged and how they ridiculed the wife of Aziz. So they really rubbed

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salt onto her wound in 10 different ways. How so? He elaborates The first of these ways. They don't mention her by name, they don't say so. And so the second they point out her title, the wife of Aziz, so she is not an average woman on the street. She is not just a rich lady, she is the wife of the minister. The third, they mentioned she is the one who was attracted and not the other way around. She is the one who started and not the other way around. The fourth, they say her own slave, not just any slave, but somebody whom she should treat with the most contempt. She This is her her slaves that she should get to do her menial chores, and instead of doing her chores, rather, she is

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attracted to him in a sexual manner. The fifth is that they indicate the depth of her desire by using the word shall hoffa, which means love has entered into the depths of her heart, and a lust for love Sheva, by means a sensual love and not an innocent love. The sixth, they say, to law we do. And to law we do means that she is the one attempting to seduce him. And the seventh, they use it in the present tense, meaning that this isn't something of the past, she is still attempting to seduce him, even right now. And the eighth is that they imply that she was not successful. And so this is even more humiliation that she only attempted she didn't get to the goal, because this shows that

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she failed. And this is even though the crime is evil, but if she had done the crime, at least she would have gotten something out of it. But she was humiliated in the attempt to do so. And the ninth is that they say in we all of us have a surety that and then they say Nah, we aren't we see her to be the 10th thing, feel bodily moving in manifest error. So it will tie him in the short phrase he he extracts 10 ways, how they ridiculed and they humiliated the wife of Aziz in this attempt to seduce us. So obviously, the news spreads back to her.

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women come and tell her, you are now the talk of the town. You are now the target of the gossip mongers. Everybody is talking about you, and how you attempted to seduce your own slave and how you failed in that attempt, and how foolish and evil you were in what you did. You are the wife of the minister, and yet you did this. So her own friends and her own community and her own social network now begins to gossip and giggle behind her back and obviously like any woman, she feels very angry and very enraged. So she says so Allah says falam semiotically mercury him when

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She heard of their plot. But what is their plot? They don't have a plot apparently. But you see, no, they do have a plot. They do have an evil intention. And she is a woman. And she knows that intention. She knows that intention because she knows what she would have done in their own place. She is a woman and she thinks like a woman does. So what was their plot? Their plot was to see the slave and to know what was the big deal to know the details of the story. That was their plot, even though they did not verbalize it. So she's so Allah says when she heard of their plot for them, send me I'd be McKinney hinda out of select la hinda she invited them she held a general banquet and she

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prepared for them a feast she prepared for them at a general banquet, and as was the custom and it is still the custom in many places when the banquet is finished. Now they are now sitting down and she has prepared a a type of if you like sofas and chairs and they are now sitting comfortably and now is the time for the desert and the desert comes in the form of fruits and with the foods comes the knife to peel the fruit. So this is what she has done and unfortunately right at this stage or time has also run out so inshallah tada in our next episode, we will continue right from this very place where the the dessert has been prepared and the fruit and the knives have been given to each

00:26:27 --> 00:26:32

and every lady. We will see what happens in our next episode. Until then I hope to see you then was said I'm

00:26:34 --> 00:26:34

about to catch you

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses a few verses in Surah Yusuf where he shares details on how the wife of Azeez attempted to seduce Yusuf AS yet again and how he threw her back and repelled her and how he was punished for his innocence.

There is much benefit and wisdom in this story – we see that Yusuf AS is not a superhuman. He has the same emotions and feelings of lust as ordinary humans. True piety is exhibited when he controlled those emotions for the fear and love of Allah.

When they both tried to reach for the door to escape amidst the physical altercation, they were surprised and shocked to find the master and husband at the door. When she sees her husband, she turns the tables around by asking him to punish Yusuf AS in the event of an attempted misdeed being committed by him.

What is the response of Yusuf AS? He attempts to defend his honour and says that she was the one who tried to seduce him. The husband is in a state of dilemma when a person from her own household came forward to provide a clarification and testified appropriately. 

How was it done? Listen intently to discover the result of this clarification.


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