Did she Die because of this!

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Don't ever after a sin turn to Allah and say, Oh Allah because of the sin Don't punish me the ACA just punish me in the dunya. Don't ever do that. Don't ever do that. Okay? The reason why I'm saying this to you is, there's a woman who actually called me a few years back, right? There's a woman who called me a few few years back, he tried to reach me. First at my local masjid, she finally reached me after a few months, she left her phone number at my local Masjid. Then they gave it to me, I rang and she said, Sheikh McLaughlin, I'm in a real bad state. And then, you know, I spoke to her and she said, she's done something bad, okay, she's done something bad.

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Now, I told her look, just seek forgiveness from Allah, you know, just just do your toolbar. That's it finished. And then in one of the conversations, she said, she said to me, she said, I made dua to Allah, that it is going to punish me then he should punish me on this earth. And I thought, no, don't make that to her. Don't make that to her. Taha never. In the Hadith, he says, that if you're going to ask Allah just ask Allah for half here, Oh Allah, just give me relief. Just let me off. Those who are Allah, you know, you're gonna punish me. So punish me here punish Ye, man. While you do it yourself, Allah has got the full authority to let you off, no matter how big your prime is,

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Allah can save. SAP zap has gone, full sentence gone full sense of how far gone full punishment of the earth gone full advantage of the dunya the cover of the grave of the dead does not help her everything gone one moment if he wants to. That's the Lord you're talking to. It's like, basically, you know, when you're in trouble, imagine you're in serious trouble, right? And you're gonna go to the courts. And then they say, the Prime Minister of the country, or someone really big and powerful, right? What's to say to them? Look.

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You know, some of these guys, they get off with big times, you know, I'm trying to say like, you guys know what I'm trying to say? Certain princes in our country. You know what I'm trying to say? Stuff that they did in America. You know, I'm trying to say you guys get government say they get off with a lot of stuff Monday, there's some powerful person behind us today. Just let the whole case go. Let everything finished. You know, that person is getting into getting laid off. Allah azza wa jal can forgive you for everything. That woman called me and she said that I said, No, don't make that dua. She said, Yes. I've been persistently making a dua that, that I don't want to get punched

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in the afternoon if you're going to punch me in this world and punch me in this world. And I thought, no, don't make that dua. You know what happened? After a year or so? A year or two? Right? She messaged me again, I should make dua for me, I've got cancer.

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And for No, and she had serious cancer. She had a few children behind her. And about another year later, he passed away in nandrolone and Roger and I kind of think deep in my heart if that woman had not sincerely made that she said she made that brought to Allah in tahajjud time and you know, you know moments when you close to Allah she said, What if you're gonna punch me in the punch me on this earth? And I feel that that, you know, whatever her fate was, because she never had a problem with her body before that.

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And I believe that, you know, and she died quite young. And I feel why do you make that draw? Because there was a, there was the Sahaba, who's making Doha and they said, Oh Allah give me server Allah give me some of the parcels and said, Don't ask for southern if you ask the southern you're asking for problems, because you can only have patience in God problems. He said, ask Allah for half year ask Allah for relief. Now ask Allah for Saba, don't ask Allah for Cebu Don't Ask Don't say Allah give me give me the patience to endure this. Don't make a dua like that. Just say just say oh Allah just just give me relief. The best drawl you can make is Afia which is really for Afia in

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Arabic, Allah give me relief or login really ask for the best. Ask for the highest you can ever ask for