How Long Did Muslims Rule In Spain

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Most of us are aware that Muslims were ruling Spain for a significant amount of time. How long exactly? When were Muslims ruling Spain?

Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick answers.

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How long did Muslims rule in Spain?

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When we go back into the annals of time, we recognize the fact that Muslims ruled in Spain for an amazing amount of time. They entered with todich urban Ziad in 711. And we're finally defeated in 1492 with the handing over of Granada. So that's 781 years.

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If you think about that, in terms of Canada, Canada is celebrating 150 years of its rule and the United States 241 years. So compare 152 41 to 781 years, Muslims had a profound impact on Spanish Portuguese society. We recognize the fact that in terms of population, the majority of the Muslims in spain, and portugal known as Al Andalus, were actually the local population.

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There were Muslims from North Africa, from the Middle East who came to that region, but it was the it was the Spanish people themselves, who had embraced Islam. And up until today, Islam and Muslims has a powerful impact on the society, even though it was considered to be something that was against the development of Spain, and Muslims were exiled from the society itself. The most famous food in Spain by ear, which is a mixture of food is actually it's from IKEA.

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What is left over your remains you put together of your food and you mix it up and you spice it.

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The largest tourist attractions in Spain today are the Muslims, the language, the customs, the traditions, the architecture, it is so impacted by Islam that you cannot help but see the presence of Muslims in Spain up until today. So this rule is still actually going on.