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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the predictions of the Prophet system for political stability and peace for the future, citing historical events and figures. They also mention the importance of peace and stability for political power and the ultimate goal of a culture of peace and stability. The sharia system is also discussed, with a focus on its potential for political stability and a desire for a culture of peace and stability. The speaker emphasizes the need for political stability and happiness for the world, as well as the importance of finding unity in one's life and protecting family members.
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A beautiful Hadith in Sahih Muslim will be explaining a shout Allahu Allah, the prophets Assam said reported by novembre the Allahu and that in the Allah to Allah Azzawajal out of the FARA a to machinery or her warmth of arriba ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala rolled up or unfurled the earth for me. So the whole earth was in front of me for a tumor, Sharia kaha, Omaha, Reba and I could see the most Eastern and the most western, the whole world I could see it in front of me, and that from the east to the west, and what in the Almighty say a blue mukha Mirza de minha. And Allah is going to give my OMA the dominion over all that I saw from east to west. Now, hadith is going to go on we're going to

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give a shout out bit by bit. First and foremost, obviously, the fact that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has been blessed by Allah subhanho wa Taala to have this type of knowledge we all understand that admits that's our Prophet system. What does the Nebby mean? nnB is somebody who gives you news, never that you don't know. And Allah subhana wa Taala has given whatever he chooses to give of the InMail hype. And the Prophet system himself told us this that I don't know in my life, except what Allah has given it to me. And this is one example of what the prophet system has been given. He's been given predictions of the future, he's been given knowledge that no one can

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possibly know, unless ALLAH SubhanA, Allah has blessed him with this knowledge. So one of the things he predicted because Nebby somebody who predicts the future, he gives you a prediction, one of the things he predicted is that my OMA is going to control the Dominions from the east to the west. Now, second point Subhanallah how precise, he didn't say from the north to the south, he said, from the east to the west. And if you look at the expansion of the OMA, it was from the east to the west, it didn't go up north or down south all the way. It went Eastern to Western. And within 100 years, Islam was already in what is now China. And within 100 years, Islam had already conquered under two

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switches, the western most that's the West Allah's, there was no land, they knew beyond that. And a third point here, that's our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is giving us a prediction of a political or civilizational nature. And he's giving this at a time when the world is persecuting Islam and Muslims. So he is saying, Don't worry, a time will come when you shall have dominium. As far as the eye can see, you're going to control from the east to the west. And this shows us that one of the goals of the Shetty is stability in this worth in this earth. There's a big controversy amongst the various you know, interpretations and movements that should we even have some sense of

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political civilization or is our religion, just anybody and rituals. And at the end, that's it. And if you look at the Hadith of the Prophet system, there is no doubt there's an element of political stability. There is an element of giving us a shout out or good news that Islamic civilization is going to be supreme. And this shows us that there's nothing wrong in fact, it is a part and parcel of this idea, as in one Hadith when the people were being persecuted in Makkah, the Prophet said, um, said, Are you being hasty? Do you want immediate help for Wallahi? I swear by Allah, a time will come when a lady will go with her shepherd with her flock with her sheep from Sun add to Hydra moat,

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and she will fear none except ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Now, what exactly is he predicting? He is predicting stability of a land that is so massive, you're worried about Maccha we're going to control to the very ends of this land, which is Yemen. So he's giving a prediction, that is a civilizational prediction that there's going to be strength in this world for the Ummah, there's going to be peace and stability for the ummah. And this shows us again, this is the reality we want a place and a line, we want a civilization that has our values as reflecting, you know, peace and stability. There is nothing wrong. In fact, it is of the goals of the Sharia. And, in another Hadith

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that the profit center said that Laya blue Honda Honda AMRAAM Marbella Khaleda wonder how this matter meaning the religion of Islam, it is going to go wherever the night and the day reaches everywhere in the world, there is going to be this matter meaning Islam, and this is factually true. Every land on Earth has Muslims, every city and every major city and civilization across the globe. There are Muslims there. So we learn therefore, that it is human

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In nature that you don't just Yes, of course, the primary goal is gender who can deny that? Of course, the primary goal is the reader of ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. But don't we also want stability? Don't we also want political, you know, a tendency in this world? Of course we do. So that's a part of also been a Muslim. And that is why our Prophet system is giving us good news. While Islam is being persecuted. Yes, he also tells us Don't worry, there's Jana, when Amara and his mother and father yah, students were being tortured. At that stage. He's not telling them Oh, don't worry, there's gonna be Medina, who cares at that stage at that stage, don't worry, your place this gender,

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that's our ultimate constellation. But there's also going to be a worldly constellation, there is also going to be a reality that don't worry, this land that you are being persecuted in, you're going to be dominant over it, this land that right now you don't feel safe, a time will come where there will be so much safety, a young lady will travel and there is not going to be any highway robbers, there's not going to be any kidnappings and Subhanallah this shows us that one of the main goals of any land is peace. One of the main goals of any civilization of any political power, it is peace, because that's how he said it, a lady is going to travel nobody's going to harm that lady. So

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the Prophet says that um said that Allah azza wa jal showed this whole world to me, and I saw the east and the west, and Allah will give the dominion to my ummah, to all that he saw, what we're doing, it will contain a motto will appeal. And Allah has given me the two treasures, and Mara will be held up the red and the white. What does this mean? The two treasures the red and the white. Our scholars say that this is an immediate reference to gold and silver, so red here, then the gold is like reddish or yellowish, right, and Abele silver. So there's the immediate reference to the OMA having lots of gold and silver. However, there's an indirect reference as well. And that is at the

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time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The Roman Empire was the empire that was minting gold coins. And the Persian Empire was the Empire minting.

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Silver, right. So the Roman civilization had the dinar, dinar rose, and the Persian civilization had the digital home. And the rest of the world would have to employ their currencies to use gold and silver. So what the prophet system is saying, Allah has promised me the red and the white. Not only is it a reference, that you'll have economic independence, but there's also a reference you're going to conquer these two civilizations, you're going to be in charge of this land. And that's exactly what happened because for the Arabs, the Roman civilization was Syria primarily, right because the Syrian land was immediately that was the Roman civilization. And for the Arabs, of course, the

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Persian civilization completely conquered the Roman civilization, half of it came to the Muslim ummah, and the Persian civilization, all of it came. So the Prophet system is predicting not only political dominance, he's also predicting economic wealth and stability. And once again, this is a goal, not the primary goal. Nobody should say this. The primary goal is always Jana, and the pleasure of Allah, but don't we want political stability? Don't we want economic stability? Don't we want happiness in this world? And then next, shouldn't we as a civilization, aim for a land in a place where we are secure, our faith is secure, our living is secure. So when Islam is being

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persecuted, when poverty is extreme, the Sahaba at the time of the process of the default was extreme poverty. He's telling them Don't worry, a time will come when you're going to control the east and the west, a time will come you will be given more gold and silver than you can count. Then the Prophet SAW Selim said, we're in this ultra be the almighty then I asked Allah subhana wa Tada for my ummah, I asked him in this version, which is the version of Autobahn he asked two things. And in another version of a similar Hadith, the version of Subhanallah I thought I've been cited, he asked three things. So there's the same Hadith but in this Taliban one is I'm Muslim, it's two and

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then in the version of a Buddha with the history so I mentioned that the two and then the three as well as for the version of Sahih Muslim, it says that I asked Allah subhana wa Taala the almighty number one, Allah you Lika happy Senate and

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that my own must not be destroyed by any one famine or plague. Okay, so first request, by the way, the fact that prophets ism, his doors are primarily not for himself for his ummah. We know this from this hadith and many other Hadith, the primary doors for our prophets and some were for his own

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No, he would be begging and crying Allah He would be crying in tahajjud praying for his ummah he will be constantly worried about his Alma Yara Almighty Almighty, so many Hadith about this. And here once again we have this that I'm asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for my ummah. And we all know that when Allah gave him one dua that will be completely answered, guaranteed. He saved that dua for his OMA, he didn't use it for himself, and that will be his shefa. I don't know Obama on the day of judgment that he said that every prophet has been given one dua that Allah has said you will get it. And every Prophet used that dua in this world. As for me, I have kept this promise from Allah kept

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this dua I never used it in this dunya and I'm going to use it on the day of judgment for my ummah, that Allah shall forgive my entire Ummah that testified La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, that's my DUA and that da has been given that eventually every person who says the Kenema shall be forgiven. So the first thing he asked that, Oh Allah, let not my ummah be destroyed by one

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complete calamity like one plague one famine. I don't want my OMA to be gone like this. And so this is the first draft because civilizations at the time it was well known when there's a drought or a famine when there's an infestation when there's a plague that comes we just lived through, you know, the our Coronavirus here, you know what Hamdulillah we had some knowledge of medicine whatnot. But you all know what happens when a plague comes or when calamity comes? Generally speaking, it's possible for an entire civilization to be wiped out. So he said oh Allah I asked you that you don't cause my OMA to be destroyed entirely by a famine or a plague number two that will allow you sell it

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to either him I do want min Seiwa and footsy him for establish a bail data home and Oh Allah, let no enemy come and attack my OMA and yesterday habita Tom, it will translate metaphorically as an eliminate them completely. I don't want an external enemy to come and eliminate us completely. Now, as I said, the hadith of Taliban has only two but the third version is going to who that the Prophet system said that will Elijah Allah Azza Han Boehner whom and it will Allah do not cause my ummah to internally fight, do not cause my OMA to fight amongst itself. So he asked Allah subhanaw taala three things Number one, don't cause my own mother to be destroyed entirely by a pestilence a plague

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of famine. Number two, don't cause an external enemy to come and eliminate the entirety of the Ummah and then number three don't cause my OMA to fight amongst itself. So the prophesy ism said we're in Europe by Allah yar Mohammed, my lord said yah Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in neither party to call on for inner hula Euro do when I make a decision and decree none can cancel it, none can get rid of it. And we're in need or three Touka Leo Matica and I've answered you your request for your own. Notice Allah is saying you're requesting this for your own mind. Oh, it's not for you. So you're requesting it or it took a little Motyka your attire that you wanted for your mama, I'm gonna give

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it to you. Number one that was a little earlier. I do want to see what unforeseen effects that we have a lot on that sorry, not only can we send out an AMA I promised you they're never going to be destroyed by one famine, one plague it's never going to happen your entire OMA is not going to be destroyed yes pockets but not the whole Ummah number two that I also give you love to send it to Allah him I do woman see what unforeseen face that we have a lot on, they're not going to be destroyed by another enemy outside however, and and this Hadith also says whether which Tamara or the human authority her even if the entire world gathers to destroy them. I've given you this, they

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shall not be destroyed as an entirety they're never going to be gone. And that has never happened despite so many, you know, battles in the past and whatnot never has the OMA even the Mongol invasion, people thought it is gone but No, Allah has protected this ummah and it shall remain protected until the day of judgment, but then the ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, however, as for the internal issue, had dire corner about the hula hula Cobra on West Bay about the homebuilder there will be fighting internally and your own is going to destroy other portions of the OMA and your own ma will even take prisoners of war from your other parts of the Ummah and our Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said, either will they say fulfill Almighty wants the short sword is unseat within my ummah, it shall never be lifted up until the day of judgment. So this hadith tells us some bitter truth

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and that is, Allah did not answer the

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or do offer wisdom known to him. And Allah said that is going to happen. Your own mind is going to fight each other, your own mind is going to harm itself. Externally, I protect you. And from natural disaster, I protect you. But within themselves, you will harm each other. And that is something you have to deal with. And the prophecy isn't predicted to us. For the first time when the sword is unsheathed, there will be perpetual fighting within the Ummah until the day of judgment. And that sword was unsheath in the time of ideal, the Allahu Akbar and the Battle of Safina in the Battle of German. That was the first time the sword was unsheathed the Civil War took place. And ever since

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that time,

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we've always had to deal with internal issues. So Allah subhanho wa Taala also demonstrates that, yes, our profit systems MACOM is very high. But just because he wants something he does not get it. That's why he said, once I make a decree, there is no canceling it. And I've made a decree that indeed, you might get this, okay, I'll give you that. But this issue of internal fighting, I have made a decree and this is the reality of Allah's decree, there must be a wisdom that we don't understand or know. And we trust in Allah's judgment. Final point, brothers and sisters, why is the process telling us this? What is the wisdom of telling us this? The wisdom is that we have, first

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and foremost a sense of optimism, the future is better for you. That's what he told the Sahaba when they're being persecuted, the future is brighter, you will have political stability, you will have economic stability. And then secondly, that to warn us to be careful, don't be deluded into thinking that there won't be any trouble there's an arms and to give us that warning, the primary harm will be from within, not from without. And if you look at the around us right now, subhanAllah, we have allowed so many internal issues to cause the OMA to be in the state that it is and even where there's external issues happening, frankly, without getting too explicit. It is because internal

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elements have allowed it to happen. It is because there are people amongst us that have allowed external issues to be taking place. Otherwise, we have enough of a clout and enough of wealth and enough of power, that if we were to be united, no power on earth could stop us. But because we're internally divided, internally bickering and because segments are allying with outside and external forces, then we see what we see. So it is a warning to us that we should try our best to find that unity to not bicker amongst ourselves because our internal downfall will be our primary downfall. And this is what happened with the collapse of the collapse and other issues that are spoken about.

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Inshallah We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to keep our hearts united. We strive for unity as much as we can in our own lives. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to protect ourselves and our families and to give us that sense of reserve and that sense of promise that we have been given in this hadith

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one heavy Lena photo gentlemen, one half the awardee was good enough. Guess

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what the going on? I don't

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why I lean