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Okay, we still not 100 100 reliable alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa

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salam aleikum wa barakato.

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one of subject that we did today is about the situation that we have across the world. And also in particular, in Bangladesh at this moment, situation is not very good. I'm sure most of you are aware of it. But it's not just about Bangladesh that I want to address. It's about the situation across the world.

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And what I feel is that a lot of people they kind of find

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when things go awfully bad, they look for a face or a few faces, and they will, they will target the anger to those few faces, those few individuals are that one face who's in charge.

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And what happens is that I think people seriously, you know, are not clued up if they do that. Because the Quran has taught us not to do that. The Quran has taught us about, you know, looking at a situation understanding it from a multifaceted point. And then being able to work from different angles. So for example, if you look at McCallum Corona, when Rasulullah sallallahu started his mission, and he had a lot of challenges, he had a lot of enemies. Now, if you look in the Quran, not a single enemy's name is mentioned. That's something that should strike you straight away. of all his enemies, like Aboriginals names I mentioned.

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Only Abdullah, have you got Okay, so you've got Abu lahab. But that was that that sort of does come down. That's to show miracle that allows which Allah said that is not going to believe and he didn't believe. But apart from that most of the other enemies that you've got, they haven't been mentioned by name. And a lot of them go by names. Why? Because with the enemies of the profit or loss and why because it's not just these individuals, but it's the action that they're doing. And there are hundreds of them, that will come later who will be the same as then

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it's actually under a 10th of them in their time that they were doing the same thing, insulting the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and you know, attacking the deen attacking the Muslims, trying to talk to the Muslims in Makkah and fighting against them and so on, so forth. So it's not about the face today and a few faces, it's about the actual evil behind it. Because if your heart is corrupted, it doesn't matter about your face. Doesn't matter how you look who you are, and once hearts are corrupted, then you will get corruption appearing on the earth. Once a heart is rectified, you will get rectification you will get good actions of the earth. When you look at musala salaam, yes, he

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had three great enemies and all three of them I mentioned by name, okay, so he Allah is using the law saying the name. But again, what the realm of deceit have said is that Nikolay Moosa, I feel that every Moses will have a pharaoh. This is a very important point here is that the Quran when it when he spoke about moosari sentiment about Iran, it didn't just tell us about a story that happened, you know, 4000 years back about Musa Moses and Pharaoh, it told us the nature of evil tyrants, it told us about how the and the nature of true men like musallam, and it told us about how, you know, each of the political situation continued. Now I haven't got time right now to go

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into the politics of Muslim and Iran. But I will do inshallah, in the series that we started now on the CEO of Gambia. inshallah, in a week by week we'll be covering and when we get to musasa, you see how much politics the Quran has got covered. It's amazing how deeply the Quran talks about politics, talks about psychology and so on. But this is not the time for it. Today, we want to talk about the situation across the world. And for that, what I want to say is that, you know, the leaders that are in the world, like Iran was a was a man who's leading, and you're going to say that Iran was the worst enemy of musalman. He was the cause of all these problems. But Allah doesn't say that. Allah

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says, Yes, he was one of the causes. But Allah says wacol al mela hoomin, Farah told me

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that there was a council behind Freetown there's a whole Shula, there's a council, there's a cabinet and Allah talks a lot about this cabinet and this cabinet the influence of this cabinet appears more than the influence of Brown and his, his,

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you know, his strict strategic plans against one solid, solid solid. So to give you one of the references of that, um, you can read a lot about this and inshallah, when we get to that in our you know, we'll cover the Sira of the province that allows them sorry, the the story about musala terrazza. We will get to that, but as a quick reference, you can just look at the ninth juice. This is Surah Al RR which is the seventh

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The Holy Quran, and you look at Ayah Number

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and Number 109, or AI number one to seven, and you will find the influence of the Council on Iran. So what Allah is saying is that there's a larger party that has a

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has an influence on the tyrant himself. So the tyrant, yes, he's a problem. But he's got a cabinet of nine people who have helped many people and they have an influence. If you look at the story of some mood, the story of

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Saleh Ali Salaam and some mood, you'll see Allah azza wa jal, he says, Can you call me this? This

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is a large region again said there were nine, you know, barons, who are, you know, evil people who are influencing the entire nation. So there's not another I didn't mention the name. But he said there are nine people in the Batman who are influencing whatever's going on in the town of Salalah Salaam. So what I want to say to you is that you might look at the a country's government, and the President or the Prime Minister. And you might think, well, that's the person that's making this and that's not true. That person is the mouth of these people. But the real brains of this person is a whole group of people. And you've got to understand that the root of the problem is much deeper than

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just targeting this one face. Because when that one person, whoever this government leader is, when he or she is replaced by another person, see what happens in most people, I've seen this. And every four years we have election, right? Or every four years in America, or every five years or whatever, you know, we have elections. And what happens is that, you know, people people say, Oh, yeah, this is the new leader. Yeah, he's giving me promises. Yeah, he's gonna make a big change. Yeah, yeah, let's vote for him and whatever. And then they do that. And then they say, this guy, you know, the fed up of the of the previous guy, the fed up of him, and they know that he's an evil this that that

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blah, blah, blah, blah. And when you leave, they're saying, Alhamdulillah Mashallah. And I've got a new leader now who beat me promises, and this guy slowly becomes no different to the last guy. So all it is, it's a facelift. That's all it is. It's a facelift. So it's the same body with a new face, same body with a new head. And if you look at these rulers, in many of these countries, I'm not saying all of the countries, but many of these countries, whichever president or prime minister comes in, and I want you to pay attention to the way they come in as well. Because I'm this is not for me, this is from a white American. Right, Michael Moore, if you read his book, stupid white men,

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and if you've ever come across that book, is a book you can buy by Michael Moore. It's called stupid white men. Now, this is an American guy who's writing this is not me, so please don't hate me. Right? Like, you're gonna hang Africa, the Moldavian, Malachi, fine, right? This is him writing this. And what he wrote is, and I read this book from cover to cover when I got hold of it, and this was in 2001. He's written his book in 2001, when bush first came into power. And what he wrote clearly was that he followed you know, I'll go, who was who was against Bush, Michael Moore was with Al Gore and his party to try and get you know, are going to power. And in the end, Bush comes into

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power. But the crucial thing that this person writes is the, the amount of cunning tactics. And these are against the American people against their system. And this is the top man, the president of the top democratic country in the world, the number one

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democratic country in the world here, America. And I did that because my some of my brothers across the world that say, Merdeka, Ma, you know, so these the top American, you know, the democratic country with one with its president, what they've done is they've rigged the polls, and he's given proof in there. He's provided proof of how they will propose. In fact, what happened is that bush wasn't gonna win the election.

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So what did they do? They they went into an Allahu Allah, I don't know, but this is this man. The thing is, if this man is lying, if this Marco is lying, then one simple thing is the American state or the government should have put him to trial. Yes or no told me. He said that they've lied to get into power. He said they've rigged the polls to get now this is not a small allegation is making against them. This is a massive allegation. And guess what the man has not been challenged once.

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In our 1213 years, he's not being challenged once.

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Not even a trial not even being called into a court district or even, you know, a case against him. Not even imprisonment, nothing.

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He's even written a second book after that, after the, you know, the first one that he wrote, and what did he say? He said that bush wasn't gonna win the war, or win the elections. So they went into certain states, and they switch the buttons around green to vote and red not to vote. So you basically have to punch the green if you're voting for this person and read not to vote, but they switch the colors around.

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So people who wanted to vote for Al Gore, were actually voting for bush. And they didn't know. Right? And However, he proves this, you got to look at his book. All right, then they were still not going to win it. So what do you do? He told the American you know, the armies, navies that were outside of the country, and they told him to stop voting. Now, according to American law, they're not supposed to vote because they're outside of servicemen. That is all in his book, you read that. But then they gave them permission to vote. So now and what who they're gonna vote for they're gonna vote for bush?

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He still wasn't gonna win. He was low in numbers. So what did they do? They in a bush, his cousin is running Fox News. So what happened? Is there still counting in Florida? They're still kind of this is 2001. They're still counting in Florida. Yep. And as they're still counting their television, Fox News says that bush has won the elections.

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Now they like they're having

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they're going mad inside their house. Win when you still county in Florida. So how did that happen? Well, a day before the announcement was made Fox News just made the announcement. And America started to celebrate.

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Now this is documented stuff guy does not stop I'm making up right. Then the next day comes windows, if you remember, there was a bit of a cold thing where Freud put up a farce. And they said, How did they you know, count it? How did the counting, we haven't counted our votes and all that. In the end what happened? Everything got mocked in the mud muddied in the waters, that nothing happened.

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Nothing happened. This is in the not even the High Court, Supreme Court, nothing, nothing, no one did anything. Why? Because it was written according to those you know that Muller found, you know what I said that, you know, the cabinet, the people behind these faces, who have decided that this is the man that we need, and when they say this is the man that we need, that is the man they're gonna get, by hook or by crook, that's the man they're gonna get. Now, he stayed in office for two terms for eight years. He said, and now one highlight industry is if you, if you contemporary America, everyone says that, you know, America's Got the system, this land in this country, and

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England's got the system. And so if they can do this in America,

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and if the American someone like Michael Moore, who's a white man, and he's talking against it, and no one's listening, not even, not even anything has happened after he's spoken about this, right? If this can happen in America, what do you think Bangladesh is doing? Do you think Bangladesh is a no you vote yes, I will make sure I will leave my position, I will not come to power tomorrow, using the doing that. This last time when this last government came into power in Bangladesh.

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It was unheard of. It was unheard of in the history of Bangladesh, that not a single person with a beard, or a hat or you know, molvi, or mowlana, or chef or someone who's religious, not a single one of those got into power is unheard of.

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Imagine this is a Muslim country. And of course, they've got leaders who are, you know, who've got beards, who are who are, you know, religious and so on. And every election that has happened, few of them get into parliament. This is known in Bangladesh, every few you know, and you know, they tried to do the best for their people, whoever they are one of the party they are, this last time they had a vote in areas where it was clear that this person who's a mowlana supposed to get into power, he never got power, how people don't know, where the whole area is supporting him, you've got like more than 80 90% of his supporters. And none of them got in power. And Bangladesh should have woken up

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then what is going on? Because how is not? I'm not I'm not saying that? You know, they definitely have rigged the polls, but there is a real serious question mark here. This is a serious question mark about what is going on. Now. I'm not just talking to Bangladesh, guys, you know, every single country around the world, you know, your your Bashar Assad in Syria and your saddam before that, and your Gaddafi and whoever else you've got, right. These are chosen people, my friends,

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you know, whatever. However, they and whenever they have US election, even even though they have an election now, if they have an election and imagine people who are serious about the deal, which means that when I say serious, I'm not talking about blowing things up. And I'm not talking about terrorism, we're not talking about that. I'm just talking about practicing people who want to worship Allah who don't want to

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You know, do anything corrupted, who wants to just be be normal in the in the daylight, if a whole group of these people get into power, I can guarantee you that tomorrow, there's going to be a massive allegation about them that and the simple thing you just say is, are we found a link to al Qaeda. And because they've got a link to our corridor, that's why this is a terrorist organization. And we have to take them down. You know, I'm seeing lots and lots Oh,

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that's what it is. So if you find any religious people that come into, and it's happened, it's happened before, like in Algeria, right? They didn't let him stay in power in Palestine, Palestine, they were democratically elected. This was by democracy. This is by their own system, by democracy. They were elected. But they said straightaway, it's a terrorist organization. Hamas is a terrorist organization. So you just don't let them stay in power. In Somalia in Sudan, the same case repeated again, as soon as you get these people coming in? Well, no, we don't want to what Who is this saying? You don't want to because democracy is supposed to be the rule of the people, by the people,

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right? For the people? If that's democracy, that means that means according to democracy, this is what's supposed to happen, right? According to democracy, if you have, Okay, fair enough, if you have a whole group of, you know, people who are who are just normal, you know, like one of these parties, right, and, and again, power fine. Again, you get in power, but if he's was supposed to be some Islamic minded people that should gain power, if you got Jewish people, they should just get in power, if it's Christian, they should gain power. But what happens here is that there, there seems to be an agenda behind that certain people can't get into power, because it becomes a threat to

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these secret councils that are running, you know, these countries, it becomes a threat to them, and they can't stay in power. I mean, you told me this right.

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According to democracy, and this is the this is the whole fallacy of thing, I want you to think about this. If a whole group of pedophiles, if our group of pedophiles went to one part of the world, let's say they went to an island, and they declared that this is pedophile Island, right? They say that this is our island. And this is us. And this is who we are. And this is how we were born, how our minds think and who we want to be, according to their system, those PDF files in whichever Island they want, whichever country they want, if they make the majority, and if they make their votes. And if they one of them gets elected, then he should by the gym, democratic law, he

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should be elected, and he should be empowered, and he should become the president. But you know what, the whole world would not accept that right? Now would not say that. But hang on a minute, why is it now that you're not going to accept that when when you haven't even questioned your your system? The system is a thing that you need to re examine. I'm not saying democracy is flawed. I'm not saying that. But there are serious questions about about this democracy, because in democratic countries, you know, I read the whole book about I don't know, if you guys had a problem with US law is that we don't read much. You just seem to just look at the news. And if you just look at the

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news, you know, it doesn't matter what's coming out of that TV, and what's coming out through many of these internet channels. They're all orchestrated, most of them are constructed by the same people. So they're making you think what they want you to think.

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So if I tell you right now, there's a book called Don't think about the pink elephant.

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Don't think about the pink elephant? What's in your mind? Tell me content? mattina? mind?

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What's in your mind, God? pink elephant? Exactly.

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You understand?

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The old books, they don't think about the pink elephant? Are you thinking about a pink elephant? That's the first thing that comes into mind. Why? Because there are many ways of getting you to know and believe and think what, what they want you to but what you don't want, you don't want to but again, it's so reverse. It's all reverse. And they've done it without you thinking. So what I want to say to you is that if you read books, is far better to understand what's going on than to look at what what the screens are showing us. And unlike some of these other you know, like, whether it was biased or not bright bias Press TV has been taken off, why is it taken off? I mean, come on, if you

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don't tell them to be less biased, or have a have a word with the murderer, but to completely ban them from from, you know, satellite, or having an air of this? There's a question mark, again, what is going on? There's a book I came across about democracy. And that book had about 10 different theories against against democracy. And one of the thing was that if you look at democratic countries that are more democratic countries than other countries, so the question is, how democratic are you? There's a serious whole debate about how democratic Can you be because what is it? What is it? What is it that makes you democratic? But what I want to say to you is that in

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Bangladesh, in many of these of these countries, when they go into power, the whole question is, were they seriously elected? is one big question. I'm not saying the word. But there is a big question mark about the process of it.

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Second thing is when they are elected, when they are elected.

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Any of these governments, what happens is that they get into a cabinet, and they get into a parliament. And it's this close knit circle of people who decide what's going to happen to the country. Even though uncertain issues, the whole country would not want it to happen. For example, tell me this year, which individual which middle class individual in the whole of this Western Hemisphere, wanted the bank crisis? You know, the other recession that we're in the double recession that we're hitting in right now, I'm trying to crawl out of, yep, tell me which low class middle class upper class whoever you know, is a decent person would want to know, the whole rebate system.

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And you can read this, you know, what the banks in America, and it was a, like a domino effect across the whole of the world, the whole world went into recession, because of a few big banks, you know, Morgan, and, you know, some of these, you know, great sort of banks in America, which no sound mind would say that they wanted this whole bank developing of this crisis to start and who's who's backing that up? It says governments, these governments knew they knew that these banks are creating a bubble.

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Another bubble is getting there, the lending and the borrowing to such extremes, that soon the bubble is gonna burst. And they knew it. You know, I watched documentaries, where, you know, it was clear by authorities that they split from the American cabinet, they spoke out, there's a woman who spoke out against this is all on YouTube, you can find it right, spoke out against this five years before the crisis that do something about it. What did the government do the government again, put the sheet over over the, you know, wool over their eyes, and in the end, just let it go on because then they're benefiting benefiting from it as well. And since they're benefiting, you know, they

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don't care. They're getting money from the banks, the banks are providing them. And then when the banks pulled everyone down, right, tell me this. What kind of justice is this? The government who suffered as a result of these banks is the same government that comes and bail the banks out?

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Does that make sense? You banks, these these big chiefs and be big cats inside these, these corporations, they took your country down, they put your country into recession, they put the world into recession. So now this government of this country and of America and other countries, they are the first ones to say that we're gonna bail out these banks. And you know, the Royal Bank of Scotland, all these other bankers go NatWest or whoever it is, is going to go bust. Right. They will say, you know, what, we're gonna give them some funds to stay stay alive. I mean, what is going on? Again, there's a big question mark. I'm not saying you know, it, you know, you come to a clear

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conclusion, but there's no question about what I'm saying to you is in Bangladesh, or in all these other countries, there's a great network. When Allah mentioned musala, salaam, he mentioned Iran, but he mentioned who measure qarun there's a reason why cardrooms name is there twice or three times in the Quran. Why? Because qarun was the greatest financial backing for Iran. Iran was the politician. He was the political man. Our own was his finances. He had the money he had so many keys to his treasure boxes, and to his you know, to to his the amount of monies that he saved is that you needed he he need You know, sometimes, you know, you have a guy coming out and he's got some

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bodyguards. Yes, some are just some bodyguards come out here. So you might the guy who might have like 1010, or eight bodyguards, around had apart from any bodyguards, he might have had

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qarun had given full employment to a group of about 10 individuals who are very strong, right? They're very muscular and strong. 10 a group of 10 people, approximately, he gave them full employment, you know what the employment was full time was to just carry his keys.

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That's how many keys he had. He had so many keys 10 men always had to carry his keys. You want to read about this? Then?

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Look in the Quran in surah casas the 28th

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Sutra and look at our number 76 you will find you find to see there. Now he was the financial backing to Pharaoh. But there's a third individual dimensions, who's Harmon? Now Harmon was the Mason. Hammond was the Mason and he was the person into making these wonderful buildings. Right? So he was the architect, the the person who was on the land, who was making these building buildings and monuments, who is making it an awful amount of money, but also was able to fashion these wonderful buildings and high towers from which fit around stood and he controlled Minnesota. He can

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trolled Egypt. So now there's three, there's a three sort of way thing is the politician. There's the, there's the finance man, or the or the person who's the economic person, or economic part. And then you've got the, you've got the architect, you've got the Mason, the builder, and not just a normal builder, here, he's talking about a huge commerce that he's got going on going in Egypt. And perhaps many of these pyramids were behind him, and Allahu Allah. But perhaps some of these or some of these monuments were behind him. And now in the world, you've got all these three, any government needs these three parts, especially these governments that are ruling, they need to be empowered,

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they need to be important to the political face, you need a person, you've got to obviously the cabinet behind it. And then you've got the financial backing that you must have. And then you've got the other one have a now I want to tell you one thing, you know, the Bank of England, right? Can I give you a question? Just Just know who owns the Bank of England?

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The Bank of England who owns the Bank of England wanted me and

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Who? The government? Yeah, yeah. Wrong.

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you go researching. The government doesn't own how you think about this. What are you generally Bank of England? and England doesn't own the Bank of England? What are you talking about? How can England own Bank of England has been the government's own Bank of England? How can the people of England, not on the Bank of England? Now they don't?

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You know, when I first saw this, I thought, What? The Bank of America who owns the Bank of America, you think is America you think is the government America? Nope. How then did America borrow 700 billion $700 billion from the American bank, the bank of america or the Federal Reserve? Right, $700 billion. Recently, they borrowed to try and get themselves out. I mean, obviously, it's all you know, it's all a big game anyway. But the fact is, why would a government borrow from his own pocket?

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Because they listen again, how can you borrow from your own pocket?

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The fact is, that all these countries that have got a bank of like Bank of America, you've got Bank of England, you got bank or something else. They're all owned by this one family is the Rothschild family,

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the Rothschild family across the globe, they own all these banks. You can search this, you know, and you will find, you know, what I'm saying is not true, because I actually went myself and start to search and stuff. And I found Yes, they are the owners of this. So you know, when I said to you, Harun, I'm telling you that there's a big, big financial backing to many of these countries. And who is telling me this, when you've got, and I'm sure a lot of you into Freemason or whatever, I'm not saying that they are, you know, controlling the world, whatever. I don't like this conspiracy thing that gets up people's nostrils and go so badly that he's giving you a headache, right? There might

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not, you know, you got to put me to the bone when it comes to this. And there there is a definite, like I said, as a council behind furong. So they were making their rulings behind fear and Iran was being influenced by them. So I'm not going to deny the fact that there is some some secret individuals behind all these governments that are orchestrating the government's I'm not going to deny that. But who they actually are, whether the Illuminati, whether the Freemason, whoever they are, well as they are, or parts of this organization, you can't tell I can't and I will never be able to tell because it's supposed to be secret organization. And the point of being a secret

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organization is that you'll never know the truth. But we can at least make a common denominator, which is there's definitely a backing and an influence of influential people behind many of these governments. Right. And when you take these three things in consideration, now you go to Bangladesh, you're going to see that whoever is in power, this moment is just the face of what's going on. There's a whole groups of groups of people that are giving backing. And I'm telling you today that what is happening in Bangladesh, a lot of innocent people being killed who want to protest. That's all it is they want to protest against what the government has decided.

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It is obviously you know, it's a big question mark, the way the international amnesty in the world is, you know, looking on but no one's talking about it. The media is quiet when this happens when the media goes hard, because 80% of the media is almost orchestrated, or run by one particular family. And I'm talking about world media. Here are a couple of few few individuals. That's all it is, right. And if you if you seriously don't know that, then you've got to wake up and find out who's controlling the media and they will show in the media, what is important to whoever they feel is important. It might be more important for you to

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Know that in South Wimbledon today, in one of the streets in one particular house, there was an old lady whose name is Granny Smith, and her cat got stuck on her tree in the back of her garden, and the firemen had come down, and they took her cat down, and then a granny smith smile. That's more important for you to know, than 35 people getting killed, in short in some part of the world and the dying, do you understand? If you haven't woke up to see what they're feeding you and what they're telling you to know? That then seriously, we were blind, we're blind to what is going on. Now, I'm not saying that everyone is corrupt out there. Please don't go to the extreme because otherwise,

00:30:41--> 00:31:10

you're not going to be able to sleep. Not everyone is corrupt. There's a lot of good people also, in many of these governments, I have to say this because even Allah azza wa jal has said in the Quran, when he mentioned Iran, he said that amongst your own cabinet, close people, his family, there was a man who stood up and who was still talking good. So please don't paint them all in one brush. Right? So Allah says that in Surah, casas surah number 28. Sorry, sorcerer, number 20.

00:31:11--> 00:31:13

So the costs were 28.

00:31:15--> 00:31:42

Sorry, but the number 40 and item 28. So the movement, so the movement and number 28, you will find wahala Raja movement Allah said the believing man in the family of Rome, what stood up and he said these good things. And you can read the chapter in there and see what what good things are saying. So I'm not saying they're all corrupt. Please don't be these are not I want to call them foolish Muslims. What do they either they either love you too bit, or they hate you do too bit. Don't be one of these Muslims.

00:31:43--> 00:32:22

Understand that, you know, understand that they can be different colors in different shades. Now, in Bangladesh, the problem is a lot more greater than what you see. And it's not just Bangladesh, I'm talking about here. When I tell you these problems, I want to reflect on every single country, you can find the same problems. Their main target is not these people who are coming to protest, or this legislation that they made. No, their problem is a lot lot lot deeper. Their thing is that if your democracy in the world today is liberal democracy, it's not democracies, liberal democracy, you got to understand where it's coming from. Because democracy could be anything democracy could be, like I

00:32:22--> 00:32:42

said, if a group of pedophiles were to get in Ireland, they should have got into power and told the world that Yeah, we have the right to become beautiful. But the world's not going to accept that if a group of let's say government who are terrorists, and who are real terrorists, and they get into any part of the world, and they themselves, they feel they were the pirates, whoever they are, they elect themselves, the whole world's gonna say no, no, we can't have that. That's fine.

00:32:43--> 00:32:46

But the same thing is what about the opposite side?

00:32:47--> 00:33:22

both extremes, like the pedophiles have gone to one one side, and the terrorists and they and the others have gone right, right means these right wing, the left wing, right? who draws the line in between who tells you who are the middle path people, right? Now let's get back to the situation. Their problem is not not what they're doing. Their problem is that you've got if you want to become one of these leaders, and I'm telling you this, please go and check to check through these. I'm not gonna give you names of, of governments and organizations, I won't tell you this, if you don't dine with them. And if you don't drink wine with them, you're not going to get into power.

00:33:24--> 00:33:25

clears that.

00:33:26--> 00:33:49

If you don't dine with them, and if you don't drink wine with them, you're not going to get to power. I've got my own. You know, I've got a close friend of mine, who's in Enfield, who years back, right. I will tell you this. And I don't know you might say stuff hula sitting in the masjid. But I will tell you this happened 20 years back, this is not today. 20 years back, he was into organizing football teams.

00:33:50--> 00:34:28

Right football leagues. And he organized them for the Arab. You know, he got big. He started with small small leagues. And then he got big, big, big until he saw the countries. So he started to make, you know, arrange matches between countries and countries. So he eventually made an Arab sort of, you know, league kind of thing where the Arabs were playing with one another. And it went to you know, there's a big, big match. So there's like 32 different olds, about 16 different countries that are playing with one another. And it made a massive league. And this is all happening in Arabia. So who got into the finals in the finals got, I think it was Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Saudi

00:34:28--> 00:35:00

Aramco in the finals. Now he's arranging all of this most of his costs are taken up in the initial part of everything is doing the final match. Whatever comes out of the final match, whatever comes from those tickets is his profit. Everything else is his cost to cover the thing, right? So this is 20 years back to I'm telling you, so he gets invited by the Saudi Royals, to go into the palace of the Saudi kingdom and to go

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

and celebrate with them. The fact that Saudi Arabia is going to be playing in the finals of this Arab League, so he goes there. And when he goes there, what happens is that they offer him wine.

00:35:15--> 00:35:31

They offer him wine. This is Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, right. So they give him wine. Now he is he's a Pakistani friend of mine. And he looks at this.

00:35:32--> 00:35:48

And his guide. Now that is non Muslims there who are drinking as well. And there's some Muslims who are drinking, and these princes are drinking as well. And he's offered it and he refused. He said, I'm a Muslim. Now by saying he's a Muslim, he insulted them. Allahu Akbar,

00:35:49--> 00:35:54

he insulted these guys. They thinking, you telling us you're Muslim.

00:35:55--> 00:36:36

We Muslim as well, like, you know, it's alright to drink a little bit. And he didn't drink. But he was appalled at the fact that he is in the most holiest part of the world, whether this was in good areas, wherever he was, right? He is one of the holiest parts of the world, where these people are the custodians of the Kaaba, and custodians of The Two Holy Mosques, and they're offering him wine in their palace to drink. Right? So anyway, whatever that happened, he came out, they're not drinking, and now they want to have a winner anyway, they said that the the match when is going to be played. They said, they announced that the king himself is going to come I think it was fad at

00:36:36--> 00:37:14

that time. He's gonna come himself, and he's gonna watch the match. Wow, you know, this was like big, big news, you know that most of the Saudis were gonna fill the stadium up because the king is there, right. And on top of that, put the icing on the cake, the king announces that he is going to pay for all the tickets. So bihon of law is going to pay for the tickets, right? So that's great. So the Kings having himself and all the spectators and all the salaries, get free tickets. So you can imagine the whole stadium is packed with Saudis watching this. And what happens in the end is Saudi Arabia loses the match.

00:37:16--> 00:37:44

What happened after that? Well, the king, no cow, the king walked out. And the king, you know, just went out, wasn't very happy. He's, you know, whoever came with him, the officials came with him. They were as well, they were very happy to salads and very happy over. And then my friend went after them, you know, and said, you know, well, the king said, He's gonna pay for all the tickets. So I want my money for the tickets. And they said to him, What are you talking about tickets? What are you talking about tickets? No. King say no pay, no pay no pay.

00:37:45--> 00:38:23

He was told that the kids not gonna pay. Again, not having a good news not is not in a good mood. They're not gonna pay. So our friend but you know, he will start chasing them and chasing them chasing us and no, King say no better, no better finish, you're not gonna get no pay, right. So he went to the British Embassy, because he's a British National, he went to the British Embassy. And he went to the consulate. And he told himself, this is what's happened to me. This is millions of pounds is not small money, millions of panties, all his profits, everything he's gonna make is in this game. And the counselor told him he says, Listen, Mike, listen, God, you got done in mind, the

00:38:23--> 00:38:29

kingdom that just done you when you sign up, and get back on your back and go is best in your interest to get

00:38:31--> 00:38:39

right and so he had to leave. And this is my friend who's very close to me. He lives in Enfield who's talking about this. And I'm not gonna give you his name, but

00:38:40--> 00:39:06

he just listened to you think la how La la la la la, la, la, la, all the things that you hear. You wouldn't expect them to be dining and whining in those things in La la la la, you don't know what some of these guys are doing. King fat built, right? This is in his time he built a boat. That was a streamliner that was special for him. And there's pictures of this, you will find it you might find it across the internet. This is a special cruiser just for him. He built it for himself.

00:39:08--> 00:39:27

This is in the 80s ability, where he had a button in a in a in a swimming pool. He had a swimming pool, he had a button next to him if you press this button, right, the whole swimming pool, the water would get sucked out and all the tiles would turn over. And this swimming pool would turn into a dance ballroom

00:39:28--> 00:39:30

with lights disco lights going on.

00:39:31--> 00:39:43

And this private cruiser costing to build in the 80s $75 million $75 million.

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

Right. And you think you think this is small thing. What I'm trying to say to you is that these governments have got locked behind her going on that you need to search. Now the crisis of Bangladesh or any of these countries doesn't stop at these things. They will not be able to flash them.

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

lives and do what they want. If honest Muslim, practicing Muslims are on the face of the earth,

00:40:09--> 00:40:43

you know, genuine, good, honest practicing Muslims, because what will a practicing Muslim say? A practicing Muslim says Don't waste your money. A practicing Muslim says don't show pride, a practicing Muslim says don't you go against, you know what Allah has ordered enough for and and what's in the Quran was wrong in the Quran says the Quran telling you to be good, the Quran telling you to be honest, the Quran telling you, you know, don't cheat one another. What did these governments do? Right? What is it? All these governments have done this right in the West? Right? They've gone into these countries even today, even today, you think about the credit crisis of

00:40:43--> 00:40:57

Africa, that we know today we there, we try to make aid for Africa, right? Are we trying to kill ourselves to try and raise 20 million pounds for Africa? You know, whenever these big aids go along, right? 1 million, 2 million for Africa and the poor people, how did these people become poor.

00:40:59--> 00:41:34

These countries that are made the monies went into Africa, and the likes of Africa, and they robbed Africa of his riches, they're robbed of his minerals, they're robbed of his diamonds, they're robbed of his gold, they're robbed from the things are underneath the ground. Right, they bolted back and they went into countries, they said, they said you know, your bananas that you're selling, this is stuff that you go and find out right yourself bananas that you're selling, you know, instead of you selling it for 10 pesos in here, I'm going to give you 20 pesos for your bananas, which is nothing to me is like 20 p for all these bunch of bananas, I'm going to take you back to my country, I want

00:41:34--> 00:41:59

to sell it for like one pound 52 pounds for the same thing that I paid for 20 pounds, right? So he's gonna make double the money, he gives it to me, I monopolize the entire entire bananas. So the only people who grow them ananas who live there whom Allah given the bananas to whom Allah had said, you know you for you, I have grown these bananas on this part of the earth so that you can live off these bananas, those same poor people now can taste the bananas.

00:42:00--> 00:42:08

This is real stuff and going and going all across the world. Same thing happen in Bangladesh with the fish. You cannot the poor people can't eat fish there.

00:42:09--> 00:42:44

And rich people like us in these countries. We've got all the fish that they should have had in our in our fridges here, and half of them are going off in the fridge in freezers all across these these bizarre shops that you've got, they will come to us same thing in Pakistan say no these countries, these rich people are coming in monopolizing the market, bringing them back and making them but then you know the leftovers demand they got leftovers, they sell them back to the country. I mean, you think what kind of, you know, Allah, Allah azza wa jal has has made this you know, clearly clearly forbidden that you deprive people from his own food and you take it from the you monopolize the

00:42:44--> 00:42:48

first then you go resell it to them that was dead in the first place.

00:42:49--> 00:43:02

So unless say you were a good farmer, let's say you stand up in Pakistan or in Bangla use cannabis in no way, do you know what they'll do, they'll go to all my neighboring farmers, and they'll they'll buy them out, and then they'll, they'll kill me off, they'll kill my whole trade off,

00:43:03--> 00:43:13

target to play with them. If I don't play with them, I've lost I'll lose my entire thing. Because I won't be able to sell any more bananas, they'll monopolize the market in such a way, they'll sell it at a lower price than what I can sell it.

00:43:15--> 00:43:50

And if I then if I then say to them, I'm gonna play with them from part of the game. And the whole country losing out Now where do you stand? What do you actually do? My I went to you know, I've been traveling in and out to Bangladesh, right? So this, my chef's brother, he's got this, he's got this small store, right? And he's selling like, you know, small things, you're talking about five to 10 tech ethics, right? So he's selling like some powders and some, you know, Grant grounded muscle and so on. So I said to him, why don't you take it to a bigger bigger thing? Why don't you make a mil and you know, make it big? He said to me, he said, Listen, he goes, you want to do anything? halaal

00:43:50--> 00:44:11

in this country, you do anything? halaal in this country, right? He said you can't do unless you stay as small as me as What are you talking about? He then told me how he went, he got a mill. He made 100% 100% grounded, grinded, you know, powder powder, sort of, you know,

00:44:12--> 00:44:20

you know, spices and so on. And when he went to get it certified, the guy wouldn't give him a certification. Why? Because he didn't give him baksheesh

00:44:21--> 00:44:24

No, baksheesh you know, baksheesh

00:44:25--> 00:44:59

tip bribe, or whatever you wanna call it. He didn't give it to him. I said, What do you want? What do you want money for? I'm genuine. You can see it's genuine. Just just stamp it off. And I said to him, get out of here. And he goes to the same marketplace, where there's people who selling 50% mixed with with other dodgy stuff, the mixing the red, maybe it could be from bricks that they grind, not from anything, right? The grinding and the selling it they get the 100% certificate because they're giving him the boxfish and he goes, do you think it's awkward to moron you complain and he laughed on my face.

00:45:00--> 00:45:30

He's laughed at me. He goes, he goes to me, he goes, and he goes, you know, when you go past these past all these, you know, in Bangladesh for a few years, I mean, it's been happening for a long time. But for few years back, it's been really bad that you got you get stopped at certain places and the copper stop you and they start looking around your car, they asked for your license, and you better pull out 100. Taka, you better pull out 200 take a quick and fast give it to him in his hand, and he let you go. I said, You know, I said yeah, he does corruption. He said to me, You think you think that he was laughing at me saying you don't understand what's going on? Tell me what's going

00:45:30--> 00:45:41

on? He said, Do you think that that kapa, who's a foot soldier on the ground? He's the only one that's taking it. He goes, he's not the only one. He's got his senior officer above him, who's told him that he better do it.

00:45:43--> 00:46:06

And he is cut. The senior officers told him his cut he wants this was cut at the end of the day. And I said to him, Well, why don't you go to the guy above him? He laughed at me. He said Do you realize because he doesn't realize he goes the MP started off. The MP tells the headquarters in his demand the police headquarters, my cut is dismissed 20% from everything you don't get I want this month by the end of the month.

00:46:07--> 00:46:22

And then the headquarters starts with all the police force from you know all the different departments and they go down to the ground floor, the guy who's on the foot soldier, he's probably getting a small cut out of it. The rest of his going right right up to the MP and the president Prime Minister themselves, they know what's going on.

00:46:23--> 00:46:55

They know what's going on. As long as Bangladesh, this is Pakistan, all these other countries, the same thing is like so you want to try and do something halaal you can't do it now who's the biggest problem? The biggest problem, my friend is mean you who's a decent, good practicing Muslims, Muslim, we don't want to kill people. But we've been accused of that. Why? Because you know, eventually what they want to get to. And I want you to understand this, when they called our school Salallahu alaihe salam and they called him a terrorist. And when they call him this or that, that about him, it wasn't only an attack on him.

00:46:56--> 00:47:05

It was attack on the message that he bought another message. It was an attack on the message itself, the attack is on a law.

00:47:06--> 00:47:46

You got to understand this is not just banking, this is across the world. They attack is the Quran itself. Because what they will eventually say is that the Quran, Allah forbid, I mean, Allah save us from seeing that time, but it's coming, guys and Kenny is coming is there tackies are not just Bangladesh I'm talking about across the world is to say that the Quran is the manual that teaches Muslims to be terrorists. Now we're not terrorists in the first place. But they will say that is called anti Jesus. And it's already happening where they're starting to brew in blogs, and they test it now and again to see the reaction of people. And when they will say that eventually they will say

00:47:46--> 00:47:58

that ally himself May Allah forbid, and May Allah save us from seeing those days, they will say that Allah is the one who is teaching and who has taught the Muslims how to be terrorists, now they will end badly.

00:47:59--> 00:48:08

They will get to that and they get into that. See in Bangladesh, one of the bloggers that said, he said that even if Allah comes down, we'll hang him as well.

00:48:09--> 00:48:46

And if you know last week, he said, even if Allah comes down, we'll hang him as well. Right? They've gone to that state. Now who are these bloggers, these bloggers are atheists. These bloggers are people who've got no D no religion inside them. And they hate religious people simply because we do not like Xena. We are against adultery. The Quran is against adultery, allies against adultery, the messenger Allah was against adultery. These people want adultery. They want fornication, they want you know, fascia, they want this pornography, they want, you know, the satellite things to show them all this and we don't want that. We want decency. We want these people to grow in decent homes. You

00:48:46--> 00:48:49

know how many people's lives are affected because of the pornography.

00:48:50--> 00:49:01

We are against this, you know, the system instead of going to countries or bribing them are going countries and they're taking the market and monopolizing that Islam says is wrong. You should not deprive the people of its own riches.

00:49:02--> 00:49:16

They want to do this, who's stopping them who's the biggest crisis is these people who are good, decent practicing Muslims, and if they carry on continuing saying what they're gonna say, they won't be able to draw people, they won't be able to do what they're doing.

00:49:18--> 00:49:55

And in the end, we will for the people we're really for the people we just want people to get on with their lives and have honest decent trading going on in the market. And these bubbles are created in the banks there is no way Islam is gonna accept Islam is against Riba is again, usually the whole countries, every single country of all these countries, or all the countries across the world that have a Bank of England, Bank of America, Bank of Bangladesh, Bank of Pakistan, you know what, all of them, all of them are running odeabank we're saying that is the wrong way to run the world. To run the world the wrong way is wrong, is robbing people. Innocent people have been robbed

00:49:55--> 00:50:00

of their lives through the systems of usury and interest upon interest, abandonment.

00:50:00--> 00:50:34

When you repossess people's houses, just because they were going out for a simple lending money just to lend a bit of money, you then eventually catch them. And you take them away. You give them give them credit cards and you tell them spend what you like and when they spend too much, you then tell them that we're going to repossess what you've got is haram. It's something wrong. It's a it's injustice on human beings. And that's what these nice innocent Muslims are saying. That's what the Quran says, stay away from Riba. So their problem is that they can't continue with Riba and usury. And they can continue with the game. If the Quran continues, and it is good, decent Muslims

00:50:34--> 00:51:18

continue. So the attack is where the attack is not just Bangladesh, across the world that attack is the mother is the mother, Asus to Allah, the scholars, the preachers, the people who are giving sermons, the people are telling to be good. They are the people who are the target. Why? Because they're the nucleus. They're the last standing people who are in the way of them doing whatever they want. This is a real score in the world. It's not just Bangladesh, guys, is across the whole of the world. So what do they do, they give you music, they'll give you pornography, they'll give you freedom of unison your ego, they'll give you girlfriends they'll give you free lives, they'll tell

00:51:18--> 00:51:49

you that you can do what you want in your in your closet. They're telling you you can go what you want, go where you want, when you want, you can listen to who you want, when you want, but just don't forget those don't make sure that you disobey the government. Yeah, that's all. But you can disobey your parents. You can declare who you want, as long as you make sure that you are still under the thing. So you cut your hairstyle to what you want. You cut your hairstyle, do what you want, you dress how you like, you talk how you like you watch what you want, and you've got all this freedom and all that. But then one thing is don't stand in front of us. So when we tell you to dance

00:51:49--> 00:52:16

to dance, and when you tell it to wear certain things you will I'm not saying that they're all corrupt like this. But there is a big influence across the world that has started. And the biggest thing that really gets to you know, what gets their nerves is they've made this and this is this isn't conference, they've actually said this. They've said this in a conference in in rehab, right? This is when I think Clinton visited rehab about

00:52:17--> 00:52:54

I think a decade ago. He said this. And this is one thing they can't understand is that they've taken everything of this guy's life. Right? It might wonder I was wondering, isn't there taking everything off this guy's life that made him completely how they want him to rip him off of everything that he has in his life. There's no religion left in his life, right? So these guys smoking these guys for them drugs these guys on it's called his music girlfriends. What about clubbing, dancing, drinking? You know, everything you name it is arrogance the way he was, you know, he thinks he's Mr. Macho Man, whatever he is, right? So he even cars and fast cars and whatever. So

00:52:54--> 00:53:00

he's everything right? The minute they swear at his profit, the guy wakes up

00:53:01--> 00:53:34

to say, What did you say? You forgot my prophet. He can't even say name properties and you start my Prophet Muhammad. He can't even say his name properly. But he wakes up and he starts to join the protests. And he goes crazy. And he starts to say no way are you going to swear on my property, the same guy who's got no beard, who's got you know, so back inside, who's cutting his eyebrows, who's probably got studs, who's probably going you know, who was raised in credit, he's gonna go grave engraving. Then after Juma he's gonna do that on Saturday night still, he's gonna still do that Brian Juma he go comes out. And he wants to come out and he wants to protest and he wants to show

00:53:34--> 00:54:14

that he is still got faith inside him and his eyes burning inside him. And what they can't understand is how this guy what is he inside him what is inside him that makes him wake up when they swear at the Prophet when they swear to Allah when this read the Quran and they've come down to the whole factor that it's the only people are standing down people are revived the man is all these shakes show us mulas modalities right that's why they became target. So after 911 see 911 itself was a big propaganda I'm going to spend about another sort of five to 10 minutes maximum nada inshallah by nine that would have been done. Okay, so as maximal spend time with you

00:54:15--> 00:54:58

911 was a big propaganda, right? I don't care what wherever you want to say but there's one thing that's definite and the 911 one thing that is definitely which is that there is no way there is no way with the amount of intelligence services you've got in the world. So this was a net that apparently is supposed to be some Arabs or some other people across the world who have been planning for weeks and months and came to America to hire a plane to get on there and to crush it into this this you know, Twin Towers. Thing is, if you if you're telling me right that the intelligence service never picked anything up, CIA, FBI Mossad and the MIT and all the other intelligence have

00:54:58--> 00:54:59

known picked it up you

00:55:00--> 00:55:39

You are telling me the biggest Jackanory story in the world? There's no way the intelligence services couldn't pick this up. They knew my theory is this, that, you know, I know a lot of people saying that it was an inside job, okay, you can call it an inside job, fine, right? Either that, or the other thing is that they knew that this was going to happen, and they allowed it to happen. They knew this was going to happen. And they allowed it to happen so that tomorrow The next day, they could say that we need to go into these countries, and we need to do something about it, and start this whole war on terror. Right? Whatever the case is, there's no way you can tell me that all these

00:55:39--> 00:56:04

people Oh, Chris straighted, this and the American will totally blind until the moment it happened. And all the other things that you got that nothing adds up or I just thought, you know, the man going to the moon doesn't add up how he gets to the moon. And he know, he's so slow on the moon, in his help me, calm breed, right, except through his oxygen, I push the flag down. And then when you push the flag down, the flag is waving like that.

00:56:06--> 00:56:06

You see that?

00:56:08--> 00:56:09

What did you did just take the helmet off

00:56:11--> 00:56:13

and got the air in on the moon?

00:56:14--> 00:56:52

How does the flags wave like that? You know, and how do you have three shadows on the moon when you've got only one sun, and all that. So the way that might allow them i don't i don't believe at that time they went to the moon the same way the 911 thing there's so many other bhawan talk about is post 911 whatever has happened is this targeting of what the target is the target is is not terror and you start terrorists and whatever the target is that you get to become a liberal Muslim. That's what they want. So they want you to become a Muslim who's liberal like like someone like me, who's got a beard like this, you know, is not very good. You know, I have to have a short beard

00:56:52--> 00:56:54

recruiting one like you know,

00:56:55--> 00:57:32

you know, if I have like nice trimmed beard and I like you know, like, you know, Sue on a boo on and I basically go to Juma now and again and I'm like, yeah, Aki Aki, I'm gonna do something for the Muslims, you know, but I'm nagging Naveen, I'm so liberalized, and I'm not I'm not good for nothing. I now miss my prayers now. And again, and I'll you know, whenever I want to go on holidays, where I take my suit off, and I put a swimming suit on, get into beach and start diving with the women there. So as long as one I'm one of those guys, then you know what, that's the Muslim that we want. It says as a Muslim one. But the moment you become a good practice now you want us to stick by the

00:57:32--> 00:58:11

good morals of the Quran, you are a problem. You are a problem and the people who preach You are a problem. And that's where the real war is. So in Bangladesh, right now, when the when the blinder has been turned like you've got this atheist, so blogging, there's no justice, nothing's been said about them. There's policemen who are killing people on the street. No media, no reporting anything outside of Bangladesh, right? Inside bondage beginning these reports of how many people and I think the latest was, I think one of the news, newspapers in cyber monday said 145 people, another soul said 100 to 107, whatever it was. So the thing is, is over 100 people have been killed innocent

00:58:11--> 00:58:45

people without any without any guns without any soul without any knives or anything. They are completely innocent come out to march and they've been shot point black in broad daylight. In short, nothing is being said, you know, there's a big question my bravado and say to you is that the government is being backed up by a lot of people behind them. And you've got an orchestration of many different governments backing one another up because there is a clear agenda. I'm not saying they're all part of one and please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that all governments across the world in this room, but I'm saying that there is many organizing things behind that. What What

00:58:45--> 00:59:21

should we do now? That is a crucial thing in the last few minutes of this number one is please make dua for your brothers right it's not just Bangladesh is across the world as well philosophy for you know, Iraq, for Syria, what's going on in Syria at the moment was going you know, many parts of the world Okay, wherever they wherever the Muslims are mallozzi make make, you know, a good a good outcome for the Muslims and for the innocent people across the world. But please make dua that's one thing, please help and support them in any way you can. And support I'm going to tell you support the nucleus of all of these, you know, all or everything we do. It's not the most, you know, the

00:59:21--> 00:59:57

most Yeah, the most are not their target either. Because the mosque is just a place of worship. You don't do much except you pray to Allah and that's it. The mosque is not the target. The target is the madrasa because the mother sighs the nucleus that teaches you what the Quran says and what the Suna says that that monster teaches you what the deen is, and that's the real thing. So I'm going to ask you to support across the world. You know, good mothers, you're not talking about you know, we're not talking about people who've gone to an extreme please don't get me wrong. There are people who are decent, good, right. I want you in your own ways to support all of these others to support

00:59:57--> 00:59:59

the people of these models to support the old

01:00:00--> 01:00:18

patients that are on the ground who are trying to do good for the people support them and realize no wake up. That's one thing. But on top of that, what I want you to do is we need people to go into the systems. We need people going to system not today in Bangladesh, you know,

01:00:19--> 01:00:52

monitor Mana obaidul hub obaidul hub is not alive, right Rahim Allah is my teacher. He was the Imam of baitul mukarram Mosque the government mosque in Bangladesh in Dhaka, right when he was standing as an Imam, there is a tree Imam is a legend, legendary Mahmoud only passed away about six, seven years ago. But you know what they tried to get rid of him when he was on the member. He's in this place. They tried to get rid of because he was speaking the truth as the truth as it is his speaking, government officials were right in front of money who tell him the truth of what the government is doing. Right. And they didn't like they tried to get rid of him. They couldn't because

01:00:52--> 01:01:28

the public went against them. They had to wait till he died when he died, the elected a new Imam who was the puppet. Right? The new man was the puppet who talk according to what the government that they've got the new man in that position. And there was a Mufti. I mean, in Bangladesh, in Dhaka, he was a great individual, again, who was who was trying to do a lot for the people of that country. And he was a politician as well. Again, he's passed away ramaala last year, he passed away. And these are the few individuals that were there who are standing now, currently, you know, whoever they've got locked up, and so on. The last few individuals have got them locked up, and then are

01:01:28--> 01:02:00

thinking of hanging some of them. what the situation is that if we don't get people who are genuinely good Muslims who are going to get into politics, who are going to I'm not saying that the system is is right. But seriously, if you don't find a way to do something, either you work outside the system, and you're trying to establish something for the Muslims, or you work within the system, and you're trying to do something for the Muslim Don't be like these Muslims who say this will Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo. Don't even go near them. Don't vote, don't attack, don't, don't even put your finger in there. You become Catholic, the minute you do it, you lose the man. Don't go through that.

01:02:00--> 01:02:30

Because these guys, they're doing nothing for anyone. They're just sitting around. And you know, just talking about the dream empire that Allahu Allah money's going to come. Now I'm not saying that don't work for the Empire. If you want to work for the fine, you work for it. But don't stop the people who are trying to work through the system to try and do something as well. We need people in every single angle to try and do something on a political level across the world. And it will not look guys the final thing I'm going to say is that we are not fighting for Bangladesh. We're not trying to stand up for Bangladesh, we're not standing are fighting for Pakistan, we're not fighting

01:02:30--> 01:03:07

for, you know, Syria. We are We want justice for the world now just almost as well. For the whole world for the Jews, for the Christians, for the for the you know all the people who are believers in Allah or not believing in Allah. And I'm going to give you a reference of this and this will conclude the talk here. When Allah azza wa jal said he wants justice. He didn't say just for the Muslims only, he said for humanity and the if that is true, the Hajj 22 soon number 22. And number 40. You look at that Allah azza wa jal has mentioned about synagogues. He's mentioned the protection of synagogues, the protection of places of worship, you will find it there. So that's my thing that

01:03:07--> 01:03:19

we are fighting and standing for what and again, it's not fighting as in physical fighting. We are standing up for what we are standing up for the entire world for the justice of humanity and allows us to bring the best in this world.