How do we protect Islam from corruption? – The Revivers of Islam

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Every religion

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you know, the great challenge after the foundation on offer the main profit messengers, they have great challenge was the people who start cutting them and teaching them to, to, to then justify origin is a very, very clear one is when the people

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hired to the religion, something from their own culture from their own understanding or the remove something from the religion to the religion is not conveyed to the people is pure it will reveal always corrupted with some mixing idea then for some something together misinterpretation of people do. Second thing is when people don't make a religion relevant to the people's time and space.

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So, when you do this, then religion actually loses its importance because people have question the call to that time and space and if you don't answer them, you know, then the people are having no new father Liam. So these two problems or will happen in the religion in Islam from very beginning, you know, the way the professor doesn't bore the people, he he made an argument that the religion remains either pure as possible to emphasize that you know, the religion is based on the Quran and Sunnah and he prays the people who will come to a mandala and they will make effort to purify the region from whatever had been attached to it make it clear always coming back to the Quran asuna and

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there were Quran said that in whenever you have dispute, you know come back to the Quran and Sunnah to this was second thing is that whenever Islam is in a new era a new space a new challenges

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among the older model should be people who should answer those questions are new so they're coming to in the light of the new challenges. So in Islam always will be automa who will purify the religion and also who will make religion more relevant to the time and the society that is a very very important to like follow up remember hanifa from Allah His time you know great challenge was that a bastard Empire the newly established

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Muslims are needed law

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you know detail the law you know things you know closest properly if they don't have good mind what will happen is then the Muslims will need to borrow from Roman law

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or hanifa you know stones mixer for many people around him in and he really in a mix of details of Islamic law very clearly. So then the muscles become independent in all those areas and they don't need to borrow from anywhere else.

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Similarly, Mata Zilla you know these people they brought their own reasoning to religion and they start testing things in the region and with their own mind to what actually shows their mind they accept whatever is not acceptable acceptable their mark to their mind, they reject the Quranic teaching and teaching other person hasn't become subject to the reasoning of Mata Zilla many things from the religion has been rejected because it is not good to their reasoning. And in many Newton's was introduced into religion because it makes more sense to them. So they're they're all Ummah who came in face the challenge? In answer their questions, you know, people like mama haven't hung but

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under Abolhassan archery, a woman surah ma 3d people like them, then there are hyper time when a Greek philosophy, you know, corrupted the mind that people occupied so much, that people did not agree like anything, the reason it is not acceptable to Greek philosophy, then people love as early. And then after that, in the time that they came, and they really criticized Greek philosophy very strongly, in our view is currently arguments that how weak it is in its argument. So in every time they have been, you know, making effort to purify the religion, and to answer the questions of their time.

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We live now in our time,

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in a week, it is not right for us to do the same thing, whatever hanifa has been doing. Whatever hanifa did, that was best for his time. But we don't have the same questions necessarily. It is not for us to copy razali or raazi over Tamia, they understood that time is best and they did the best. What we need to do is really we had to learn the Quran asuna make effort to purify the region. Second thing we have to learn from the history of these people, that how they understood the questions of that time, and how they made effort to address those questions. The way Do we really need also to we're but not the same question, because we have different questions. What all many

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automatic mistake really the key of discussing the same questions

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so like 101

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Hello Today discuss the question of whether Quran is created or not. Because that was a question put by Mozilla, he answer now you will see in many, many rosol many automa the key to the same thing but appreciate the Quran. This question now does not arise, nobody has this question you have to take the questions and answer them. In another question at the time.

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People discuss about Greek philosophy. Now their philosophy is not there actually there are more question come from science.

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More questions now coming from the history, Islamic history, more question from the Bible for the Prophet, that why prophets Allah, listen them killed all people for a minute coryza why the professor married Ayesha, when she was so young, why he has so many wives. So there's these questions coming, the questions are primarily for our science at the theory of evolution. And you know, children believing that evolution theory, it is scientific theory in many, many ways. So, we need really to understand the first thing we need to do is study the process properly. And then after that next and purify the region. Second thing to study the life of these people, Muslim

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reformers, how the reform in that time how they address the question of their time. Now we need to know that a question of our time, not the same question our time and then the answer them in a way, which kind of make the mind content which can make people to remain Islam, which can remove the dyes from the heart or other people, but you will only learn this thing once and really we need people like you live in the West,

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in your mind should not be seem like an Indian person. Indian people have different questions. You think in my society? What am I you know what Muslims need to hear what non Muslims also need? How can I teach them about Islam? So their confusion goes away, then that misunderstanding is removed from their mind. We need to do this to this way you learn from this history. But what is problem is many to start copying the history. Don't copy it. Okay, space and time never repeated. So those questions are not going to be repeated. But you can learn from that history. The reefer bizarrely understand the question of his time he answers in a time you understand that question of his time.

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And he addresses those question. Let me understand the questions of my time. What are the theory that occupy the mind of the people in my time, you know, create doubt in their mind misunderstand their mind, how they influence are influenced by orientalist how they're influenced by Western writers, how they influenced by science in all these new philosophies, and they make a doubt What's wrong? And let me study that. And let me answer these questions in the light of the Quran and Sunnah to the people, you know, their belief, their faith in Islam, because much stronger we need in every generation or more like that. People love that. So in this course, inshallah, that what I'm going to

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teach that how the older ma reformers in different centuries, a different time, you know, they have been really doing the work of reform, in a way. They kept disallow from being corrupted. They saved Islam from being corrupted, you know, and then how can we learn our lesson from their life and from, you know, the achieve mercy that they heard, you know, do their life