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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The upcoming Winter Olympics has potential consequences such as injuries and loss of jobs, and a news program where a man is tapped out of a mosque. The segment also touches on a recent video where a man was tapped and threatened on the internet while touring Africa, and a success of a design show on the internet. A woman named Tamina Dottie sold a job to Jimmy, while a young Muslim man was shot by a shipwrecker and is being targeted by Illuminati.
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Are you waiting for a death that is sudden?

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Are we dead? For sure ra EB tava are you waiting for that John? He's the most evil of those things that are awaited of the future. The John, what you're hoping for the John what are you waiting for the job these days, you know the youngsters, they learn half the deen from the internet. They learn it it's a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is if they learn it from a trusted source that's fine if they learn it from some crackpot

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it's gonna damage them. So, there are many crackpots out there and in many crackpots

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you know, it's a crack What do you call crackpots? In other words, you got anything else?

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Now, some time I want to some some sorry, tapped is tapped.

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So that that guy is tapped out what did he say? He says, he says that said, you know, the Jarl is here that Charlie's here I am the prophesies. gotta listen to me. Illuminati, Freemason, they're gonna get you brav

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man these guys are sickles. sickles that the brothers had tapped in the head and what they did not this Ramadan Ramadan before that the Olympics was happening in London Olympics 2012 Olympics, these guys made movies they made so many clips that the Illuminati and the Zionists are going to blow up Big Ben and the parliament in 2012 Olympics time inside London and he was Ramadan time and he was going like a craze everywhere

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I mean He came as someone dropped a letter to the Secretary of the mosque and the Secretary the mosque pulled me up said have you read this tomorrow apparently is Joomla and they even put a fabricated had this next to the

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Prophet said I'm gonna say it's fabricated but the Prophet said when there's going to be two lunar eclipses in the same rubberdam boom boom and Friday is going to fall on you know middle of the month and there's going to be someone at Walla Walla bada boom

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you better run I'm telling and they were spreading this that crazy through the mosque and intimidating people and telling them and on the internet when I went to Africa we I went on the internet and I was just checked out the why is this all about and I found videos after video these guys who are tapped, right they're telling you the telling you that they know the Illuminati is gonna get you in the Freemasons that this is 2012 this is the year of designers this is when they're going to show the prominence and the one I had when I

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was gonna get you because they seen this sign and this movie and that video and that clip and this part and they put it all together and they make it look real.

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And man it was getting a big hype for ya Allah so anyway the next day it was a Friday the bombs was to go off for I don't know what bomb in their head is supposed to go off right? It never happened. say Alhamdulillah it never happened. Right? So I went back on into for what they're gonna say so one of them said they said oh, we got the date wrong. It's gonna be next week.

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You are crazy man. Anyway, next week I waited till next week right so next week they said it's gonna happen it's gonna happen it never happened

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for okay what they're gonna say right now scroll down so others say and you know these guys they get in everyone dissing them they say you you know load of potatoes and you're tapped and you're this and you're that right? They're saying all the words of fun and word they can talk about and you know what they wrote that they said that? Oh, it's gonna happen in 2012 but it's not gonna happen. We got it wrong. You see is not the Summer Olympics. It's a Winter Olympics.

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Ah, okay, let's wait for the Winter Olympics. Oh wait for the Winter Olympics 2012 Winter Olympics K. And they started all again. Illuminati this design is traditionally Goldie's show us show us on the internet design 2012 2012 20 to 20 Joe it's all gonna happen boom someone's gonna happen and design is gonna come out and and you're gonna it's gonna come out they're gonna take over the world one new world order

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I said so I was the prophecy You never listen to me tough love tough love tough love that's all they want to say to you do not say to you tough love for not listen to them. You know what happened after that 2012 winter when we leave here by

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what was you all about? Now they're still on there they're still saying Illuminati didn't make new videos out there putting up the jobs coming the jobs coming Did you know that you know Tamina Dottie from the Prophets time he got shipwrecked is a Hadith the Muslim right these guys are

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I'm telling you they are proper talk I'm gonna move with a better word for that. I want to go to the next level sorry sorry

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but enough nobody's numpties ask the numpties

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so they go to the next level these numpties what do they do? They just want to make your life miserable.

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These guys are saying to me Mama daddy Radi Allahu Anhu there's a hadith about the Zhao that he actually he shipped actually got wrecked and it was an island and he actually sold the job. So he came back to Rasulullah Salah viruses and got him to report to everybody what he saw he wasn't an island some minor radius or mega ship wreck for one month he went came back another month and he reiterated that he societies must be fine. You know, these shapes are saying on the internet

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to all these numpties. You want to say that saying that island. Right, Jimmy? Listen to man. Now the island where he got struck margin wasn't Arabia. It was Britain.

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Britain Yeah, German Britain. The doll is here. You know, the doll is there. Why are you talking about and these kids, youngsters, they all get all hyped up about it. We know we know he's coming. He's coming. And then they got paranoid. They got option paranoid or you know that 2012 Summer. One friend of mine working for a Muslim organization. He said he said chef he said I feel like taking all my stuff into a van. And this is true. He said this to me. He said in London he's in London is talking to me so that I want to shove my van with as much things I can get inside here before the bomb goes off. And I'm gonna get my family inside there and I want to drive as far as I can towards

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He seriously said that. He said Scotland because you guys apparently are out of data. You're out of the world. Do you live in the mountains? Yeah. He said that now if people get crap, why? Just because of some theory. Rasulullah sallallahu he told us what we did. Lou fascia. EB in Tonga? Are you waiting for the journal because the journal is the most evil of all waited things. My friend My young friend don't get excited about the job. The job is not someone you get excited about. You're supposed to get fearful of the job. And that's supposed to make you do more Armel for Allah because the Day of Judgment is coming. The whole point of our prophets Allah has been telling you and me

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about the job is because he wants you to move and do your actions before the child comes not because you're gonna sit there two three hours on the internet trying to look after YouTube video after YouTube video after YouTube videos. Oh my god. Oh, God is gonna knock on my door soon. Oh my god. My credit card I used to know who I am and the cameras on what you mean. Oh my god.

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