Haifaa Younis – Q&A – Being Tested While Others Get Everything

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of trusting oneself and not missing out on one's opportunities. They also mention the danger of friendships being affected by tests and relationships being damaged. The speaker emphasizes the need to change one's behavior and stay true to oneself.
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Bismillah your Walkman you're watching

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says how do you keep your game slash sincerity? And trust in a warm, strong? When you want to be tested with your health, family, and one CV,

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see other non practicing Muslims get everything they want and brag about their happy wife. Big House children that behave, exit. In other words, casing.

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I will turn the question number one, don't be number two,

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jump down.

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Because that's what happens.

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Don't put on Facebook, you were invited to this big wedding. And you put all your features.

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Or you want a vacation in Hawaii?

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Because there is people who cannot.

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And it affects the heart as well. I can tell you that affects the heart.

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That's number one. So then the number one is we

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number two for that person was affected? My answer? Simple. Look at the rest of creation of

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a slice. You want me to start counting his tests?

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Where do we start?

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Why don't you start? Was he working?

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Yeah, the combs.

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If he had wounds,

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did he lose children? You lose? Why did he lose diamonds

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in his family, neglecting people make fun of

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people walking. People Wait,

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was he asked to do so many things that he cannot do? Yeah, even some of

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the one who are so comfortable around, get up, stand up and swallow. Lester nachi.

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Who's more beloved to one than

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the fact that what it gives you gives you life that like gives you the beauty of this life, meaning money, children, wealth is not a sign that you are beloved.

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It's actually most of the time. On the contrary, it's a test.

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And this is one of the things that we have to start changing. And I think I gave more than one talk about this test in Islam is not only on

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its testing staff is not only unwanted conditions,

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if I am rich on being tested,

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if I go on these tests,

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if I'm healthy, I'm being tested. And if I'm sick of being tested,

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if I have children and being tested, I had no children and being tested. why I'm saying this and I'm so comfortable, and are so confident

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there's a lesson

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when whenever you wish shutter

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was a missing software. We will test you and the good and with bad shot, shot something that I don't even like it. I don't want to hide everything I want.

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You have a good day in laws is a test and you have a very good laws Isn't this amazing parents

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and parents who you wish they never were your parents is a test because every situation requires a response require a kind of a burden, a kind of worship of worship. My worship when I am tested with health is different than my worship when I am sick. It's both test.

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If I have health which we are all destined to

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do you think we are doing it do right?

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versus when I am sick? I was my relationship.

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Which one you want, but don't ask for it.

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When we are tested, we are closer to look at my son and my daughter.

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No one gives me that

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fact that what did these people do? It doesn't mean they're better than me or what like them.

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But if I am feeling this way, what should I do? That's a natural.

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Part Two, three of the poison the heart

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number three, known InfoWindow period for your cell phone

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because they are affecting your heart.

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Follow me, even if they are your family, minimizing

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your start feeling this way about the people on TV, they have more than I do. Why and I am a better Muslim than them and they are helping the company.

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Move away.

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It's not impossible. Sometimes we don't worry.

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Because I don't want to be what will I do?

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But this is this relationship is dangerous with affecting the art. You can see

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