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Q&A – Being Tested While Others Get Everything

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Haifaa Younis

Channel: Haifaa Younis

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Bismillah your Walkman you're watching

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says how do you keep your game slash sincerity? And trust in a warm, strong? When you want to be tested with your health, family, and one CV,

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see other non practicing Muslims get everything they want and brag about their happy wife. Big House children that behave, exit. In other words, casing.

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I will turn the question number one, don't be number two,

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jump down.

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Because that's what happens.

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Don't put on Facebook, you were invited to this big wedding. And you put all your features.

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Or you want a vacation in Hawaii?

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Because there is people who cannot.

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And it affects the heart as well. I can tell you that affects the heart.

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That's number one. So then the number one is we

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number two for that person was affected? My answer? Simple. Look at the rest of creation of

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a slice. You want me to start counting his tests?

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Where do we start?

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Why don't you start? Was he working?

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Yeah, the combs.

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If he had wounds,

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did he lose children? You lose? Why did he lose diamonds

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in his family, neglecting people make fun of

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people walking. People Wait,

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was he asked to do so many things that he cannot do? Yeah, even some of

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the one who are so comfortable around, get up, stand up and swallow. Lester nachi.

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Who's more beloved to one than

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the fact that what it gives you gives you life that like gives you the beauty of this life, meaning money, children, wealth is not a sign that you are beloved.

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It's actually most of the time. On the contrary, it's a test.

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And this is one of the things that we have to start changing. And I think I gave more than one talk about this test in Islam is not only on

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its testing staff is not only unwanted conditions,

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if I am rich on being tested,

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if I go on these tests,

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if I'm healthy, I'm being tested. And if I'm sick of being tested,

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if I have children and being tested, I had no children and being tested. why I'm saying this and I'm so comfortable, and are so confident

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there's a lesson

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when whenever you wish shutter

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was a missing software. We will test you and the good and with bad shot, shot something that I don't even like it. I don't want to hide everything I want.

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You have a good day in laws is a test and you have a very good laws Isn't this amazing parents

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and parents who you wish they never were your parents is a test because every situation requires a response require a kind of a burden, a kind of worship of worship. My worship when I am tested with health is different than my worship when I am sick. It's both test.

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If I have health which we are all destined to

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do you think we are doing it do right?

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versus when I am sick? I was my relationship.

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Which one you want, but don't ask for it.

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When we are tested, we are closer to look at my son and my daughter.

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No one gives me that

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fact that what did these people do? It doesn't mean they're better than me or what like them.

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But if I am feeling this way, what should I do? That's a natural.

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Part Two, three of the poison the heart

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number three, known InfoWindow period for your cell phone

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because they are affecting your heart.

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Follow me, even if they are your family, minimizing

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your start feeling this way about the people on TV, they have more than I do. Why and I am a better Muslim than them and they are helping the company.

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Move away.

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It's not impossible. Sometimes we don't worry.

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Because I don't want to be what will I do?

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But this is this relationship is dangerous with affecting the art. You can see