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The transcript describes a story about Surah II, the founder of Islam and the influence of the military on the country. The speaker describes how the military used force to prevent the return of the children of Israel to Egypt during the time of the occupiers, and how they eventually turned it off. The speaker also mentions a disturbing image of a woman in Egypt who had a dream of returning to their country and was killed by the military.

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Benny is Surah II who are Benny Salah eel

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is Surah e is not the country they are the place there. No, it's Surah Al is yaku and it means Abdullah by the way, the slave of Allah

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Surah Al is Yahoo the name of another meme for Yahoo and Allah actually named them Israel in the Quran in surah Allah Imran could look py Americana Hilda lemony is Surah e la Illa Maha Rama is Surah e Lu Allah NFC. There is a story behind that verse in Allah Imran all food was lawful for the children of Israel.

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Except what Israel eel made a lawful for himself.

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The second verse, which refers to a coop as a straw eel, because also other verses refer to your coop as your coop

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Olay can Latina and I'm Allahu La Mina nabina. Mindo Reethi Adam homie man Hammond ma know him, woman do Reethi Ibrahima, what is Surah eel?

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So what Maria

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is wrong in or Yahoo is the son of Isaac,

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the son of Ibrahim

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is wrong in

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Israel, or Israel, or yaku had 12 children

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two from different mothers and 10 from the same mother

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Jusuf use of

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his brothers blotted

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to get rid of him, and I don't want to go into in depth here because I look at my time my time is almost up.

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He ended up in Egypt.

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To make the story short, he became a leader in Egypt. But they tell you historians they tell you Egypt at the time was occupied by a foreign force.

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At the end of the story of use of

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if you read the last few pages of Chapter use of chapter 12, I believe

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it hub will be coming in so you had an Punahou Allah, what He Abbe de basura Tony be at least come in, take my shirt, place it in the face of my Father, he his vision will be restored and bring all the family because there was a famine and Palestine and Egypt was the only place where you may get food. That is how the children of Israel entered Egypt. So they entered Egypt at a time when Egypt was occupied, who held the occupiers to save the whole country from famine?

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Benyus Rai, so, when the Pharaoh and that is why, if you read chapter the use of carefully you will find the title of the ruler in Egypt King, not a few will call Mary and the king set.

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By the way, this was discovered later on, he is late. When Napoli on the fringe general went to Egypt and talk with him, a crew of scientists and they discovered what is known to be the Rosetta Stone had a Russian champion that a scholar called champion the scientist.

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They were able to enter Brett, the ancient hieroglyphic Egyptian language. Now they can read it they discovered all of this, that at the time use of was actually helping other people, not the Egyptians. Well, Egypt was occupied so help the Egyptians as well.

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But when the Pharaoh regain power

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now the children of Israel increased in numbers multiply.

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They were well established. They had children.

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They tell you from few to 300,000, something like that many.

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Now, the pharaoh

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or the Egyptian rulers, they looked at bene Israel to the children of Israel

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being helpers of the occupiers. That's one beside the earnest Egyptians that is to which is racism. So they decided to enslave them

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Look at verse number four.

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In future I will not fill out the way

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stopped a photo if I mean who knew that before

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whom who is stuck in his room? You in our home can I mean a little move CD, Allahu Akbar.

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it was written in the Scripture,

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which Jacob left for his children,

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that they will become slaves in Egypt, but Allah will send to them at deliver

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a promise. I'm going to send somebody who is going to lead you out of bondage, who's gonna establish you on earth, who's gonna migrate with you somewhere else and you will be established in earth.

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Shaitan got to the field.

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This author by the way, and it's not a fairy tale. This other thing soon and Illumina say a famous Hadith just share Google Hadith will Fatone or go into surah Taha Hadith will Fatone, the hadith of will Fatone defeated

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the Pharaoh kept seeing dreams Actually, according to him nightmares, that the fire came from Jerusalem

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and burned or entered all the houses of Egyptians and did not burn one single house of the children of Israel.

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The Muslims at the time by the way,

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the Muslims, they were the Muslims, they were the people of la ilaha illAllah. But at this time, the quality of la ilaha illallah was very similar to the quality of la ilaha illa Allah we have now

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amazing the similarity between the two nations

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and that is why the schoolers they say caddell peran Ye Hakuna Musa the Quran was about to be about Musa and Bani Israel. Why? Because this is where you were supposed to learn.

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This is where you're supposed to take lessons.

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So the Pharaoh kept seeing that nightmare.

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He gathered his people. I needed interpretation of the stream for this dream for this nightmare. So they said to him Listen,

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Benny is Raji, the children of Israel. Our slaves

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are talking about the birth of a child

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who will return your Empire who will Nunu who will be the reason for your destruction? What should I do?

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Slay all the newborn

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toddler photo if at a minimum you that before Abner home. Why is tahini so?

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Remember now the surah is worth counting. Allah has promised imagine he started killing all that baby boo, the newborn the boys I'm sorry, the boys boys just the boys, the girls No.

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But after quite some years, the

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comb, Mela, the the elite, the people who benefit from the corrupt system from corruption. They said Listen, you're killing all the boys. Now who's going to be our slaves who's going to be doing the dirty work serving us?

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So they convinced him they said listen, if we just kill them one year, leave them one year even if that delivers born in the year, which you are not to kill them. He's not going to have enough manpower to support him.

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So that is why he started alternating one year killing one year letting them know and this is by the way why Aaron the brother of Musa was born and we don't hear anything about him.