The Rise and Fall of Bani Israil

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Luckily, in either mettam and obasan, who fell in love up bill I usually in China, he alone Moodle kamisha had you to her due

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to asthma? No.

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To be honest,

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I wanted to pause here and incorporate a very interesting explanation of the beginning of surah Islam. And this is something that is relatively modern as I will explain. If you have a Koran By the way, it would be nice if you check your Koran right now the first pages of sort of Islam, if you have some type of Quran app or something, please take a look at that so that you can follow along because this is now another interpretation of a very classical set of verses that some many rhythm of our times actually more and more of them are interpreting surah Israel as being one of the signs of Judgment Day. And if you begin from the surah it starts off with the issue of Superman or the

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extra update the issue of Israel and the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala bless the Bani Israel and that he gave them some some power in the land. Now, the verses then go on, walk albina either Benny is sorry either Phil kitabi Latif seatoun Phil or Lima, Mahabharata and this is verse number four of surah Islam. Okay, follow along. These are very powerful verses. We albina elaborate so we conveyed and decreed to the children of Islam in in the Kitab. What is the Kitab? here most of our other mastered the local my fourth, we decreed amongst the low head mouthfuls, that to whom to the bunny throw in lead to see do nothing out of the marble attain. You shall cause facade in this world

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You shall cause facade twice let off sildenafil all the Marga chain one attire Luna rodu, one Kabira and you shall reach a degree of great haughtiness Zulu one Kabira. Interestingly enough, Allah uses the same objective for fear own in the phenomena. You have an NF Allah Allah Phil rd. So Allah is saying the bunny is wrong he will have two periods of Might and there is that they will

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honor or abuse Which one?

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abuse when it I don't know no one can be wrong. Okay. You guys all follow me everybody on the same page. Okay, now we move on.

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For either john or why do Oh lahoma. When the first of these two promises come? When the first time that you shall rise up, you shall be dominant, you shall have Lulu and cause facade. What is facade? facade is corruption. facade is killing facade is subjugation of people facade is lots of chaos wherever you are, this is facade will law hula you're a bull facade in the moon. Okay, that

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upsets you? This is facade, facade is caused by corrupt people by evil people. So Allah is saying, when the first of these two times is going to happen, what is going to happen? Think that Jaguar, Jaguar Buddha, Houma, ba la comida Jelena Ali bacsinszky odede We shall send against you an army will come a group will come against you. They are our creation our servants are about the learner. We created them you didn't create them by the learner. Only that cintia did they have great military might they are strong home they're not the weak home we'll be back soon shaden Fajr suhaila de and they managed to go and probe even into your houses they're gonna go on all the way destroy all the

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way till your houses were kinda dumb of ruler and this was a promise that indeed took place It is a true promise what kind of why the Marula everybody clear so far. Okay, now

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from luck homolka writer I lay him then we give you back a car a new chance. We'll give you another chance. And we caused you to have a victory over your enemies from Morocco Morocco Allah him so from being subjugated from being humiliated What happened? You rose up again You rose from the ashes and you developed power. And what I'm the dinar combi and while in Weber Nene we gave you blessings. You know how to civilization children wealth.

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Watch I'll now come back Sarah Neff era and we made you powerful in numbers. Your accent on a funeral means your manpower or your strength or your military mind all of this is allowed here right so you became a mighty nation. So Mara kurata Allah him one did not commit while they were beta watch. Rhonda Fiora in centum Sun tamale unfussy. Come here Bani Israel. If you do good, it's only for yourself you will do good. What in a certain fella Ha. But if you do evil, it will be used against you. You have power. If you are faithful to your commandments, if you obey Allah, you will benefit yourself, your nation will thrive, you will become more powerful. But if you misuse that

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power, and if you subjugate others and cause tyranny and facade, then that will be taken away from you when I said to him further, for either a white hero when the hero or the alpha doesn't mean does not mean the after after the hero he means the end of the to the second one the last one for the hula hula is the first one the hero is the last one does it mean the hero the hero after no that's the misunderstanding that people might have one day don't understand the meaning of Africa here for either

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one the final of these meaning the second because there's going to be two times that they will rise it right when the second and final time because there shall not be a third time of power. You have been you saw in Allah has decreed you shall come to power and be a civilization twice. The first one will kind of walk them through them. It is a done deal. The second one when it show happened fader jack Why don't hear it. Leah Sue. How come there is a missing phrase here and that missing phrase we should say it is understood by the context that Allah will send another group of people and they will cause your faces to become sour. You will find that because when you're hurt when you're

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irritated when you're angry, when something happens to you your faces Scoble Leah Sue would you have come after they were beaming with pride? They will now become scowling with anger Leah Sue would you have come? Now here listen to this. What he had a whole mess Dida comma, the Hulu award

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and they shall enter the masjid which messages the audience

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alcohol there's no estate of the masjid here is not Mecca and within Oxon wadiyar, the whole Masjid and they shall enter the msgid masjidul absorb karma, the hadoo who murrah as they entered it the previous time. Come on.

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What do you tap the Roma hello to Viola and they will destroy whatever you had taken over with your Hulu, whatever you had done, whatever you had built, whatever had been constructed with your Hulu, whether you tap the room either with HBO, all of it will be destroyed and taken away. And then Allah subhana wa tada says, I set up boom and your hammock on your Lord might have mercy on you while in return. And if you go back to your evil ways, we will go back to our punishing of you that's what it means you if you go back to your evil ways, we will go back to punishing you by john nurjahan, Neville Katharina hasira and we have made jahannam a place for the kuffaar to reside in jail. Okay,

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everybody followed the translation. Clear? j yet okay. You all understood the translation. Okay? What is the Tafseer of this page of surah is wrong. So here is one example that honestly so many of our modern scholars are rethinking through because the Quran is so explicit. So you see where I'm heading with all of this. You all understand where I'm heading. There are dozens of modern roadmaps that have already said I'm not the one saying but not a single Adam 70 years ago held this view how could they win the political world was very different 70 years ago, you guys know what happens if it two years ago? Not a single item ever felt a desire is a prediction of the future. Every item that I

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have read, I could have missed some but 40 read Mr. That I've read the new classical adversity, everyone is considering these two.

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been there done that

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from the past? And why would they not because in their time frame the bunny is wrong. If there is no hope of another nation coming. They are scattered throughout the world. There is nothing that combines them so they read these verses. They read history and common sense there's nothing to make fun of nothing too dismissive attitude. I would have done the

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Same had I been alive 100 years ago, 1000 years ago, that's human beings don't make our own ama infallible, I can be wrong and they can be wrong, they can be wrong, I can be right I can be right they can be wrong, this is the nature of human beings. These are the MA pretty much all of them, they said what these two are do have already taken place in the past done deal. And then they deferred as is to be expected because there is no jamaa, they different which of these two, and some said that the first of these was the Assyrian exile of seven to two bc when the Assyrians attack the remnants of the original kingdom of Israel that was founded by Babu I'm sorry. Yeah, Toto tender

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wood and Suleiman, the ones who actually founded the original kingdom is Israel, it then splintered into two and then the last then these two disintegrated one of them remain one disintegrating one remain, the one that remained was finally gotten rid of by the Assyrians who attacked him at 722 BC. And then

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another group came, and eventually, the Babylonian expulsion took place under Nebuchadnezzar, both on Assad Nebuchadnezzar in 597 BC. So this is one interpretation that the first of them was 722 BC, and the second one that was 597 BC. Others have said, this is very popular as well. And this is the position of even some of the top your own some of the top your own. This was their position that the first of these were the hula, hula is 597, when the Second Temple was destroyed, maybe one day we'll have a longer history about the bunnies, right? There were two temples, the original Temple of Solomon, that Allah azzawajal bless. So they man with that the jinn helped him to build a

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magnificent structure that people could marvel at because it wasn't built by humans only. So this was the jinn help. So they man built the most magnificent icon in the whole world at that time. And this was destroyed in 722, by the Assyrian invasion, and then they built a second temple. And the King Herod built the other temple, which was then destroyed under the Roman destruction of 70, ce ii 70. See, after Jesus Christ, right, so from 722, there was no temple, then King, here, or heroes built the temple again. And it was there for a few decades. Then in 70 BC, the Romans came and destroyed the temple. And the Wailing Wall that we see today is the only remnants of the second

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temple built by King Herod or King hero. As for the temple of surah, Eman, nothing remains what actually nothing.

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What we have is the Second Temple, one wall, and that's the Western Wall. And that is the Wailing Wall that you know, that was built around the time of Jesus, and that is now the wall that they go and they worship and so many of our tablet rooms set. The first is the expulsion of bought and sold, because both of us are massacred them, it was one of the main massacres of the band is ill, and he was somebody who has any, basically almost exterminate them that they had to flee to various places in the world. And then in the Roman expansion as well, in 70, ce II, another wave took place j, this is the classical interpretation that the two have already occurred.

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You understand where I'm heading with this, there is a modern interpretation that a number of prominent or odema from across the globe and I mean, there are a number of names, but most of these are not to the level that we understand.

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footnote here, generally speaking, students of knowledge stick with them with us they they graduate from so if their teachers said that they will remain that way. So to break away from the tradition is not something that is typical, understandably so and I'm not encouraging that. So whatever your teachers taught you, whatever you read it been cathedra and poverty and do some shady and whatnot, you will stick with it and keep on keep on replicating hamdulillah there's no problem. Some people are willing to rethink through and break away sometimes that good, that's good, sometimes that bad, I'll be the first to say not every breaking away is good. And those are the MA who tend to do this.

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Obviously they have to face their backlash and and whatnot, but at the same time, they're the ones who produce some very interesting ideas such as the one I'm about to say, a number of prominent scholars in Egypt in Villa de Sham and further have seen a number of places. They are saying, why are we assuming that these are in the past? The Quran doesn't say so in fact, the Quran only says one of them what kind of why then my flula the first one has taken place. As for the second the Quran does not say that it has taken place. Why are we assuming it as take

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Good place. And now you'll see exactly where we're heading with this right? What other so the first one would then be most likely the first destruction of the temple. That was when the glory of the original Kingdom completely gone. And they have never had that type of political stability up until when we all know up until when.

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And so Allah azza wa jal is saying from mera la Komal kurata la him, we give you one more chance and you were victorious over your enemies Well, I'm the dinar comm we helped you we aided you, you had government aid, you had the largest endowments from the biggest superpower in the world, you had everything you could have ever wanted. Right? Which are now come Axanar fear. You couldn't have asked for more. With all of this, what did you do in lesson two, lesson 2 million for SQL, if you acted properly, that would have been for your own work in a set term fellow

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for either Java or wire.

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So then when the second time comes, Leah Sue would you come means there's a missing phrase like we said, another group will come and this group will

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eliminate the is that you had. And you shall see that your rule and your facade and your evil did not help you. And you will see it and your faces will demonstrate that Leah Sue hokum. Now, here's the key point that allows them to make this stuff see what here the whole mess Judah karma, the hadoo who was among

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the group that is being referenced here. It is not alien to

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most of the oxygen. This group has already conquered Mr. oxa at some previous point in history. And now they are conquering it again, while the whole mess Judah karma the Hello, who was a monk

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who conquered Jerusalem once before and wants to conquer it again.

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So this was a complete different long tangent that needed to be done when it comes to a shorter side the sides of judgment.

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He can't