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The speaker discusses the history behind April Fool's Day, including the loss of the Muslims' war due to the distraction of the tongue. They also mention that the day is not a normal day, as it is a day after the Mahdi's Day, and that Muslims do not believe in lying or causing harm.

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Got this day coming up with that is called April Fool's Day.

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People apparently they crack jokes, prank people say things that are not true. One of the things that you should study is that the Muslims actually got deceived on this day in history. And they lost a big war on this because of this, and perhaps it might have started from that, but whether it has, or it hasn't, you gotta know that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he did joke Sahaba did joke, but the jokes were within boundaries. So you have to be honest with a joke. You can't be racist with a joke. You can't hurt feelings with a joke. You have to be in a sense, saying the joke so that it's not aimed at people to lower them down, or to get back at them or especially lying and saying a lie.

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You shouldn't do that. And even if you're making a joke about all jokes, somewhere another going to hurt someone, or may hurt someone but it's got to be something anonymous, so that people don't take it personally to themselves. Now, on this April Fool's Day, it doesn't give anyone the right to go around playing jokes on one another, and saying things that are actually happened that haven't happened, because these are lies and Muslims don't actually do that. Now you remember that the tongue is something which Allah azza wa jal has created, and he's going to be accountable on the Day of Judgment. If you use that in the right way, then the hamdulillah if you use in the wrong way,

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then you could actually be gone 70

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light years or something inside Jahannam just because you you said that wrong thing just because you use that tongue in a wrong way. So we Muslims, we don't believe in lying or deceiving people. We don't believe in belittling people making mockery out of people. We don't believe in lowering people being sarcastic for whatever reason we don't believe in making pranks when others are hurt and so on. So this

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day that comes which is April the first just regarded as a normal day there's no such thing that we do. Remember that Allah azza wa jal is watching and with that whacker, Donna Anil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen